Fables, Vol. 21: Happily Ever After

Fables Vol Happily Ever After In this penultimate volume of Bill Willingham s Fables the residents of Fabletown look to live happily ever after but there is a steep price to pay for happiness as Rose Red clashes with Snow White

  • Title: Fables, Vol. 21: Happily Ever After
  • Author: Bill Willingham Mark Buckingham Steve Leialoha
  • ISBN: 9781401251321
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this penultimate volume of Bill Willingham s Fables, the residents of Fabletown look to live happily ever after, but there is a steep price to pay for happiness as Rose Red clashes with Snow White Collecting Fables 141 149

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    1 thought on “Fables, Vol. 21: Happily Ever After”

    1. And so begins the end.I think I need to keep this brief, because I’ll undoubtedly wax nostalgic, poetic, and philosophical at the conclusion of Vol. 22. I guess it’s good that you can’t see me as I type, as I’m an ugly crier, and I suspect there will be a fair bit of waterworks at that point (albeit incredibly masculine ones). What can I say in brief about this volume, then? I suppose it’s fitting that a series that began with Snow White and Rose Red involved in key roles winds down th [...]

    2. Man, I used to love this series. I started falling out of love after Fables, Vol. 18: Cubs in Toyland, and it hasn't really been the same since. He just seems like a kid breaking his own toys now.The jumping back and forth between plots in this volume (and several before this) was just chaotic and frustrating. Although I liked a few of the wrap-up stories, particularly Briar Rose's, it was a messy way to tie up loose ends before the big finish.There's only one left, so of course, I'll read it. I [...]

    3. Well. That was a disappointment, especially considering the next one is the last. Nothing major really happened, it was all about moving pieces around for the conclusion. Which I hope is more entertaining than this was. Yawn.

    4. Eugh Honestly I'm just so disappointed to see what my favourite comic series has turned into. It's time to admit I've been inflating my ratings for Fables for a while, trying to convince myself it still is as good as I want it to be. But it's not. And it's actually kind of horrible to see characters I once really liked acting like complete idiots as they're ragged through this completely arbitrary and stupid 'can't fight fate' Rose Red v Snow White ultimate battle to the death bolloxing storylin [...]

    5. I know this series is in the tough position of having to provide closure for a lot of characters, and bring the series to a satisfying end. I'm just a little confused by the high body count, considering that it was long established that most popular fables could bounce back again and again by the power of their stories. Did that change at some point? In any case, it's distressing, though better than the butchery of the Unwritten crossover, which I am attempting to unread and put out of my memory [...]

    6. So, this series had some good bits and some not so good bits. I've been struggling a little with the last 50 or so issues in this series, just because it's felt so disparate and unconnected. I think the danger with any comic series that lasts this long but isn't intrinsically episodic is exactly what's happened here, the feeling that the author didn't really know where he was going. Having said that, there have been sparks of genius, from learning about Rose and Snow's mother, to the final stori [...]

    7. I've been a fan of the Fables series for years, and would still recommend it for new readers -- but I have to tell them to stop well before this train wreck of character derailment.It's possibly that the reader is supposed to believe that some powerful enchantment (or narrative force? or fate?) is leading to a conflict so insistently that all the characters take stupid pills -- because the characters we've loved for years act really irrationally here, especially Ozma, Totenkinder, and Rose and S [...]

    8. Everythings finally coming to a head. This volume has several short "Last Story" Vignettes that wrap up the stories of most of the major characters in just a page or two. The main story deals with Bigby Wolf's rampage, Mrs. Spratt and Brandish's machinations, and sadly, the final battle between Rose Red and Snow White. I have a feeling the last volume is going to be an emotional one. I hate to see this series end.

    9. This was a very awkward volume. My favorite comic book series is coming to a close with this second to last trade. With the main story nothing really concludes, but there are several sides stories that do conclude. To be honest I only like a handful of them. Warning: This might contain spoilers.The over all story I'm kind of liking because they are playing with the King Arthur tale. From the looks of it the ending could be that Rose Red uses Bigby to kill Snow White. I'm not sure that will actua [...]

    10. Ugh. I hate rating this volume so low, because it really it is a heart-rending approach to the end of a long series that I very much enjoyed. But I'm just not buying the character's actions? Like The Brandish plot line was really interesting and made some sense, but all this nonsense with Rose and Snow the transition from sibling rivalry to war, betrayal, (view spoiler)[and possibly murder here soon (hide spoiler)] was really poorly written. It just kind of happened and the reader is supposed to [...]

    11. 3 stars. Well, that wasti-climactic. I was all geared up for a showdown but nothing really happens. This volume felt like a huge buildup with no payoff. The only part I liked is the backstory of sorts for Rose Red and Snow White. Oh well's hoping that the last volume in the series will be a lot better than this one.

    12. Whaaaaat is happening. I guess I could blame myself for letting so many months pass that I forget all these storylines but also this is really bonkers? And kind of needless? And why is everyone dying??

    13. Not my favorite. Everything seems bleak and evil and I really dislike the jaunty little side stories. They don't hold much appeal to me (I *hate* Jack)

    14. Even more plot set up and changing characters motivations to suit the story. The side show stories were again better - at least they had endings.

    15. It's true that not that much happens, but it's still a great build-up to the last volume! I'm not ready to say good-bye

    16. HAPPILY EVER AFTER?!?! What I believe they meant was Depressing Beyond Belief, Sucker.Actually you know what? I'm not fine. This was too bleak for me. Everything I care about is crumbling. Everyone I care about is destined to die.Everyone I hate is prevailing. THIS IS BULLSHIT.4 Stars because I once again give a damn.

    17. 3.5 starsI liked this one pretty well considering I actively dislike the Camelot story with Rose, and the whole thing pitting Snow White and Rose Red against each other. Actually, I kind of loathe both of those storylines. Rebuilding a new Camelot is interesting, but then the story is mostly ruined by bringing Rose into it. Rose finally got out of her Boy Blue depression but instead of having an extended period with some promise or anything positive for the character, she's mired in a Camelot ov [...]

    18. This is the 21st volume (the 2nd to last) in the Fables series. It did an excellent job of continuing the whole Rose versus Snow storyline that has been ongoing. It also did a great job of wrapping up the stories of many other random characters throughout the series.Rose Red has started her round table of knights in what she believes is a positive (but a bit misguided) way to rule the Fables and is determined to hunt down and kill the monster Bigby has become. Snow White has long ruled Fabletown [...]

    19. Read this along with Volume 22: Farewell. There is a sense that an ending is coming, and I can't help but feel that Willingham was trying to plan it such that it all ties in neatly by issue 150 (aka Volume 22). Short stories which tell the last stories of various Fable characters are peppered throughout the book, bringing closure to some of these characters that we'll never see again.Once thing that I just can't shake is the weirdness of this impending battle between Snow White and Rose Red. Sur [...]

    20. Huh this is a fairly hard volume to evaluate, given that we end on a huge cliffhanger before the final volume. You cannot say that Willingham is taking it easy at the end of the series --- we have several big changes to the status quo of the Fables, including several reappearances. On the plus side, all of the art of the main storyline is Buckingham (with a few pages of finishes by other artists). The other pieces (not done by Buckingham) are one to four pages, all in the theme of "The Last Stor [...]

    21. I was thrilled when I found this volume available at the library. Yay, Fables!And Rose Red and Snow White are two of my favorites. To see them pitted against each other, and to find out who is going to be good and who is not sounds like a great story. Except that suddenly, both take on personalities completely different from the Rose and Snow that we know and love. The story seems to suggest that characters swept up in a story begin to lose their ability to choose, but it really does not do enou [...]

    22. I can't even begin to describe what a disappointment these last few issues have been. I feel like Willingham threw away pages and pages of character development and growth just because he thought it'd be cool for the series to end with Rose Red and Snow fighting (for no good legit reason). I also hate what they've done with Bigby. You're practically benching your best character in the last issues for the sake of turning him into a zombie slave. Ugh! Let's get this last book over with

    23. The fables saga is drawing to a close. In this volume, many of the characters are given a last hurrah in a final, short tale. Meanwhile, the continuing story of the rampaging Bigby and the battle between Snow White and her sister Rose Red is drawing to a climax. Each of them are recruiting allies among the magical community and mustering forces for the final showdown.

    24. Due to the format of this penultimate volume, the story felt a little stilted. However, it was nice to see some characters that haven't gotten enough mention as of late. Looking forward to the final volume to see how it all ends - especially since they are doing a huge build up with Red and Snow. And one of my all time favorite characters is BACK - with a vengeance!

    25. I am absolutely dying for the final issue. This trade was satisfying, but only insomuch as I am excited by the building tension and terrified of what could be the most tragic battle yet. As Willingham's story winds down, the plot and purpose hasn't slowed any. Until July!

    26. I wanted this to hurry up and get finished! By this, I mean the series. This one was driving me nuts with lots of gloom and doom hinted at but no huge resolution. Is Bigby going to survive or not???? How about Snow and the cubs????? Tell us already!!!

    27. The end is coming. Stories are wrapping up and players are being put in place. Explanations are shared, long gone characters reappear for their send offs. Bittersweet at the best, filler at the worst. Not everything can be a home run.

    28. Não quero dizer adeus, Fábulas.Você tem esses momentos que acabam comigo. As últimas estórias. Dizer adeus. Dói.O roteiro acabou. Só resta o fim, as revelações, os fechamentos. Vindo depressa, curto e brutal.É pena.

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