A amante

A amante O jornalista Ben Casper paranoico e obsessivo E a maior e mais compulsiva das suas fixa es Diana a bela mas inacess vel mulher dos seus sonhos Quando ela encontrada morta ap s uma queda da varanda d

  • Title: A amante
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9789898626417
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • O jornalista Ben Casper paranoico e obsessivo E a maior e mais compulsiva das suas fixa es Diana, a bela mas inacess vel mulher dos seus sonhos Quando ela encontrada morta, ap s uma queda da varanda do seu apartamento, as autoridades n o hesitam em considerar que um suic dio Mas Ben conhecia bem Diana e sabe que ela nunca se mataria Convence se de que a amigaO jornalista Ben Casper paranoico e obsessivo E a maior e mais compulsiva das suas fixa es Diana, a bela mas inacess vel mulher dos seus sonhos Quando ela encontrada morta, ap s uma queda da varanda do seu apartamento, as autoridades n o hesitam em considerar que um suic dio Mas Ben conhecia bem Diana e sabe que ela nunca se mataria Convence se de que a amiga foi assassinada e embarca numa aventura arriscada para conseguir prov lo O jornalista descobre, por m, que ela levava uma vida dupla, e medida que outras pessoas envolvidas na vida de Diana morrem em circunst ncias question veis, torna se evidente que algu m n o quer que a verdade venha ao de cima E, a menos que Ben desista da sua investiga o, ele pode ser o pr ximo a sair de cena.

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    1 thought on “A amante”

    1. I normally enjoy James Patterson books - I find them to be easy, quick reads full of suspense. But this one was awful. The characters were under developed, silly and annoying. The constant "thoughts" running through the main characters mind got distracting and irritating, and the events were so far fetched they bordered on laughable. Not at all worth reading. Maybe it's just me, but I find a lot of his recent books to be lacking. Perhaps he needs to go back to the basics of writing himself, and [...]

    2. Benjamin Casper was a political journalist – his best friend Diana Hotchkiss (who he was in love with) worked for the CIA – but it was when he witnessed Diana’s plunge from her sixth-floor balcony to her death that life as he’d known it came to an end. Ben was determined to discover what had happened – he knew she wouldn’t commit suicide, so obviously she was murdered. But who – and why?As Ben searched for answers, he knew there were people out there who didn’t want the truth to [...]

    3. I feel I have to write a review of this book to answer all those who gave it low ratings.Maybe James Patterson will read my review and know how delighted I am by his use of psychological disorders -- Aspergers, OCD -- to filter the drama. "Monk meets James Bond," if you will.Finally, a truly flawed and tormented man seeks justice and truth despite having to overcome serious emotional and psychological handicaps. He's also a savant and intellectually gifted in ways not portrayed in the Cross or M [...]

    4. My just-finished gin-and-tonic may have put me in a generous mood, but I'm going to be a bit more upbeat about the latest effort from James Patterson than others are. At the time of this writing, 93 reviewers had rated the book on , 38 of whom gave it just one star, 11 gave it two and 10 agree with me at three. "The book is simply drivel," one reviewer said. "This was a waste of money to me," said another.I don't disagree with either one, but unlike a few reviewers, I managed to finish the book [...]

    5. The main character was an editor (and owner) for a newspaper in Washington D. C. He was the most irritating character that I have come across in a very long time. He was a total kook. He was "investigating" the murder of a friend. The whole thing was just ridiculous. The narration was lacking as well. I don't know if it's because the narrator had just captured the character's total essence or if the narrator was annoying too. The main character kept making these ridiculous movie/t.v. references. [...]

    6. I'm normally a huge fan of James Patterson. I even like most of the books he “co-writes” with other authors. I say “co-writes” because it's pretty obvious most of the writing isn't in his style. That said, they are usually pretty good reads._Mistress _was written with David Ellis, a new writer to me, and after _Mistress_, not one I will read again.The plot and story are not bad, pretty much what you can always expect from James Patterson. However, the telling of the story is like nothing [...]

    7. I have read all Patterson novels and I'm sorry but this must be the worst one yet. At page 100 and can't wait for this to end. Very boring and it better heat up soon or the book will be going in the bin. New Lee Childs Reacher novel out later this week and do hope it's better than this latest offering from JP.Ok so after page 100 this book got a little better and warmed up a bit. I found the regular references to US presidents and more recent actors and films to add no value whatsoever and becam [...]

    8. A lot of people have commented on James Patterson "co-authoring" with other writers. But guess what? A great book is a great book. My opinion is if James Patterson is willing to put his name and his picture (in this case) on a book, the writing must be good, and I am going to read it. With Mr. Patterson's reputation on the line, he isn't going to put his name to a badly written book. "Mistress" is no exception. Mistress is full of twists and turns on every page. I LOVE BENJAMIN! The sense of hum [...]

    9. I love James Patterson books. I stopped reading this book at chapter 10. I really didn't understand what this book was about. The killer was getting on my nerves with the movie quotes. This book was really disappointing.

    10. A struggle to completeOne of my least favorite James Patterson books. Was hard to finish. I could not get into this book. I didn't care for the main character or the direction the storyline went. Very far fetched. Did not read like a James Patterson book.

    11. This book was not the usual James Patterson - it had too many movie reference and quotes - to much U.S. Presidential trivia - just get on with the story - not one of my favorites.

    12. Loved this book! I would give it more stars if I could. I was talking about it with my husband last night and he says he wants me to read it with him. not sure if he was being honest about that or not, he tends to tease me about my voracious reading habits. In addition, Mistress was extremely hard for me to put down. The evening I started reading it, I got half way through the book in what felt like only a few hours. It's a very fast read!The book starts out where this man is sneaking around thr [...]

    13. I couldn't get into this book. After two days of reading it and not being able to read more than a page or two before losing interest, I decided to add this book to my "did not finish" pile. As with Patterson's co-authored books, you can tell that Patterson did not write this book and instead, it was written by Ellis and I think it was the writing style that I didn't like. It just seemed like the narrator was just letting off a constant stream of consciousness and not making any sort of point. B [...]

    14. WellI really thought I was going to be pleasantly surprised with Patterson's most recent suspense/thriller. I'm sorry to say, though, I was disappointed again. After the "12th of Never", I really felt I had been super critical of Patterson's writing and collaborative efforts. After reading "Mistress", though, I'm just wondering what is going on.When the book started, and I guess probably 100 pages in, I thought it was going to be a great psychological thriller. The character I was reading about [...]

    15. In the past, I have always enjoyed Patterson's books immensely. However, lately, they seem to be lacking. I found this to be true with this book. The plot for this book concerns whether the main character's friend Diana Hotchkiss committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of her apartment or whether she was pushed (murdered). If the crazy way the main character keeps relating everything to movie titles, actors and lines or to some totally esoteric trivia about one of the presidents doesn't alm [...]

    16. Mistress is a very unusual novel. The plot is complex and well-organized, and the characters are fully developed and engaging. Neither of those, however, is the reason for the appeal of this book for me. I, like most readers, selected the book based on James Patterson's name and reputation. This "jointly authored" book, one of Patterson's hundreds, follows his format - 100+ chapters of fewer than 5 pages each. Other than that and the polished quality of the writing, there's nothing of Patterson [...]

    17. I have to say that I really wasn't a fan of when James Patterson started authoring his books with other authors but this one is THE BEST double author book that he has done yet and I hate to say it but I'm being honest that this book does not even read like a James Patterson novel. David Ellis gets all the credit for this novel. The only thing that I can say about James Patterson right now is that he did a wonderful thing for David Ellis because now I am going to go out and buy every single book [...]

    18. This is my first James Patterson read and frankly I am a little perplexed. Being an author I find it difficult to understand one and two star reviews. How can a perfectly well written and edited tale garner two, let alone one star? My mother impressed on me, if you don't have anything good to say about someone or something, don't say anything. Consequently, if I read someone's labor of love and I don't like it, I just don't review it. I understand that Patterson (David Ellis) writes cookie-cutte [...]

    19. I cant believe all the varied reviews from 5* to 1* but I have to say I agree with the 4 & 5 however some peoples expectations are different so my 3 might be a 5 for someone else! Anyway it was a great book, quick events, page turner and couldn't put it down 400 pgs so for me that ranks at least 4.5 for anyone who can keep me not wanting to put the book down. Ben is the main character and finds himself in a jam when the woman he works with and is in love with takes a dive off her balcony. He [...]

    20. Mistress is the 30th stand-alone novel by prolific American author, James Patterson, co-written by David Ellis. Ben Casper is a political journalist for his own online newspaper based in Washington DC. When he witnesses the apparent suicide of his good friend, Diana Hotchkiss, his grief is soon overcome by disbelief. He is certain that she would not suicide, but as he investigates, he discovers a Diana he does not recognise, a woman with secret lovers and uncharacteristic behaviour. And it seems [...]

    21. Having read this book I feel very disappointed and thoroughly cheated. I bought this book supposedly written by James Patterson and David Ellis but anyone who has read early James Patterson books will know that this is a completely different style of writing and in all honesty very low standard.How can he sell these co written books with his name emblazoned on the cover when they are a poor seconds to the early novels that made Patterson a household name and a top selling author. The story itsel [...]

    22. 4.5« O livro começa com o aparente suicídio de Diana, por quem Ben tinha uma paixão. Mas Ben nega-se a aceitar a explicação do suicídio. Este é o ponto de partida da história que vai levar Ben a descobrir que não conhecia assim tão bem Diana quanto julgava.Divertido, inteligente e com um delicioso sentido de humor.Os episódios de humor foram uma constante e afloraram uns quantos sorrisos espontâneos durante a leitura.O livro respeita a tendência que a escrita de James Patterson nos [...]

    23. Another great book by James Patterson! Mystery, suspense, and more! The main story is a mystery and suspenseful. But then you get to the end and realize the main characters background is a mystery in itself and you go on to have that mystery solved too! The main character is goofy in that he relates things to books and movies and will start talking about one thing which reminds him of something in a book or movie and that makes him think of something related or similiar in another book or movie. [...]

    24. When Diana Hotchkiss takes a header from her Washington DC apartment balcony, everyone asks the same question; “why would she do it?” The answer to one of the witnesses of the event, and a serious admirer, Ben Casper is simple; she wouldn’t. He decides to investigate her death and soon finds himself running for his life. When the government perceives a threat from whatever quarter, automatically safeguards are implemented and individual rights are ignored. Here a doomsday scenario is pictu [...]

    25. A escrita deste autor parece um guião de uma sequela de Missão: Impossível!Óptima sugestão de leitura para quem gosta de thrillers cheios de acçãomentosdemagia.wordpress

    26. Meet Ben Casper, the latest lead in a Patterson one-off novel. He is a quirky guy with much knowledge crammed inside his head, though it spills out at the oddest moments and turns the story into a tangential mess. When he witnesses the apparent balcony-dropping suicide of the woman he loves, he begins digging a little deeper to figure out what is going on. This leads to more questions about her and about those around him. As he follows the leads, people begin dying, and a frame-up is all but cer [...]

    27. I will edit this review when I finish, I am halfway through. Just wanted to make a couple remarks:1. I got hooked fast, the main character (Ben) is interesting. I was fascinated by being inside his head and thought this book was going to be a fascinating psychological thriller, but2. After a while, being inside Ben's head is more annoying than fascinating after all. The book drones on too much with what I would call "nonverbal vomit".3. Halfway in, I am starting to predict some things that are t [...]

    28. I couldn't finish this book. I made it about halfway before I was so annoyed I couldn't stand another word. It is told in the first person by a young, wealthy internet newspaper owner/journalist/editor. He "investigates" the death of his friend or girlfriend or whomever she is to him. He clearly has OCD, ADHD and is a fountain of movie, TV show and presidential trivia. He tells the story via stream of consciousness so I couldn't follow what was going on. As he's talking to a police officer, a mo [...]

    29. To start out with just let me say that I am a big James Patterson fan and have read a LOT of his books. That being said I was predisposed to really like his newest book - Mistress. Now I have to say what a disappointment this book was. The MC Ben Casper, reporter keeps being distracted and therefore distracting the reader by almost constant references to movies, actors, presidents, etc. It was enough that I was ready to quit reading after about 50 pages.The story had a lot of twists and turns an [...]

    30. I don't usually read a book with a rating under 3.5 (I have too many on my bookshelf over that) but because this was a James Patterson novel I made an exception. This book was full of action, deception, misdirection and mystery and I consider if one of his best, give it a try, you won't regret it. Great book.

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