Hemlock Broken hearts aren t always broken Sometimes they re just bruised Tired of thinking about her worthless ex boyfriend and the humiliating way in which they parted Martha Bigalow goes on a hike hoping

  • Title: Hemlock
  • Author: N.J. Layouni
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Broken hearts aren t always broken Sometimes they re just bruised Tired of thinking about her worthless ex boyfriend and the humiliating way in which they parted, Martha Bigalow goes on a hike hoping the dramatic hills of the English Lake District will help her to forget But as she crosses an ancient set of stepping stones, she slips and falls into an angry river TimeBroken hearts aren t always broken Sometimes they re just bruised Tired of thinking about her worthless ex boyfriend and the humiliating way in which they parted, Martha Bigalow goes on a hike hoping the dramatic hills of the English Lake District will help her to forget But as she crosses an ancient set of stepping stones, she slips and falls into an angry river Time Travel Sideways She wakes in cave, wearing nothing but her dodgy, mismatched underwear Her only company is the man who saved her life a tall, dark, and disturbingly attractive stranger named Vadim Too bad he s a medieval re enactor gone feral Or so she assumes Crazy dream or not, it soon becomes clear that when she fell into the river she left the twenty first century far behind and medieval Erde is nothing like home Now, all that stands between her and almost certain death is the crazy man with the sword And then he offers her his protection with the role of his wife Vadim is a wanted man An outlaw The last thing he needs are any complications of the female kind, but then he happens upon a strangely attired woman lying beside the river Martha is bold, outspoken, and altogether irreverent, and every instinct he has warns him to abandon her only he cannot Her allure is already much too strong Against his better judgement, despite all the risks, Vadim offers to help Martha find her way home Until then, Martha must adapt to medieval society, steer clear of the Evil Earl and his minions, and maybe just maybe learn how to trust her heart again.

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      455 N.J. Layouni
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    1. This is a fabulous book. Loved the characters and setting. Going straight on to the next one can't wait!!Well recommended great author

    2. It's not Outlander, but it's not too bad eitherMartha Bigalow is hiking in the Lake District tending her broken heart after breaking up with her fiancé. She becomes disorientated trying to return home. When she tries to cross a small river using a line of ancient stepping stones, she slips but manages to make it to the bank where she collapses. Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.When Martha eventually comes to, she's in a cave being tended by a man curiously dressed in a hood and [...]

    3. I'd like to say a quick thank you to my friend Anne for this rec! This was a really enjoyable time travel romance with elements of mystery and intrigue. I've read it several months ago and only now did I remember to update, so the details are a bit fuzzy. That means I'm going to do a reread so I can go straight to the sequel with fresh memories of the plot and characters.

    4. Thank you to Anne for the recommendation.Well, this had the unfortunate timing of being read after an amazing 5 star read, it probably only had a hope of paling in comparison. It kind of felt and read like slight Outlander fan fiction; the author got inspired after reading Outlander and tried to craft a story like it. The world the heroine time travels to is like a medieval Europe but suppose to be a different dimension. I'm not really sure because it is not truly explained. Honestly, it gives t [...]

    5. Where to even begin? There is just so much I want to say but don't want to give anything away!! First let me start by saying I was really skeptical going into this story. I've always said I don't think I can get into a book based in Medieval times wrong was I? She is a pure genius!! I was hooked from the beginning wondering what was going to come next? She had me in fits of laughter through most of it and at some points I was on the verge of tears and at one point I was ugly crying. I had the ho [...]

    6. Unlike many time-shift books, where the speed at which the heroine/hero suspend their disbelief at having leapt forward or backward X number of years is matched only by their rapid emotional adjustment to the drastically different living conditions, here we finally get a romance where the heroine, Martha, actually fights her senses tooth and nail all the way, and credibly, goes through all stages of denial, loss, and self doubt that one would reasonably expect of a time traveler, before even att [...]

    7. Bridget Jones meets Lord of the Rings.Finally! A new twist on romance. This book is refreshingly unique and impossible to put down. Martha, an independent, sassy, foul-mouthed modern day woman from England finds herself in a medieval world with no clue how she got there. Alone and helpless, she runs into Vadim, an outlaw with a taste for revenge and a past that is as heartbreaking as it is inspiring. He offers to help out the lost woman who speaks funny and wears strange clothes. Cold and alone, [...]

    8. Love this book!!! Soooo much! Superbly written, I mean double genius writing here. And the hero- swoon- I'm a huge fan of this time period, knights and battles and castles! The details are phenomenal, the love story sigh worthy. And the heroine kicks ass when she needs too!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    9. Never say never!I have to say that this is not my normal kind of read but how I'm so glad I give it a go. Because I fecking love it!!!!I start this book not sure what to expect or how much I would like it but few pages in and I'm hooked. Everything is just different. The way the author describe it's surrounding, and the writing It made you "see" every scenes vividly in your mind. Kinda like reading a movie. A classic movie at that.Then you met the hero, Vadim. The perfect outlaw. And just like t [...]

    10. When you come across a new author you've never heard about, you never know what's in store. First, I love how this story is written, how it brings such clarity to the imagination and by doing so, tells you that N J Layouni has a wonderful gift at story telling. Hemlock is written flawlessly and fluently, keeping pace, not running off in tangents, which makes the experience reading this story so wonderful. Hemlock is the first in this Time Travel series and yes it leaves you hanging at the end bu [...]

    11. I have to say, I was hooked at "modern day woman meets attractive outlaw." Martha is getting over a bad relationship (with some loser who didn't deserve her anyway) and then*poof* finds herself in another time period, where she is rescued by the oh-so-yummy Vadim.Not only is Vadim easy on Martha's eyes, but he tells her the only way the two of them can "get by" in the local village is to pretend to be man and wife. Yes, true, and WOW. Way to crank up the tension!!(I guess couples didn't co-habit [...]

    12. Empecé este libro por culpa de la serie de tv Outlander, que tiene una temática muy parecida. Me gustaría leer la novela en la que fue basada pero como no quiero arruinarme la serie, voy a dejar el libro para más adelante. Por eso busqué otra historia que tuviera viajes al pasado y me topé con Hemlock.Al principio me costó un poco entrar en sintonía. Vadim y Martha, los protagonistas, no me terminaban de gustar del todo, pero a medida que seguí leyendo pude conectar con sus sentimientos [...]

    13. This was the first 'time-travel' book I've read and at first I found it a bit strange - how was the time-travel going to be explained? Answer - it wasn't. And it didn't matter. Martha drops into another world and instead of wondering about how that happened we are absorbed by how she reacts to it, and how she deals with her confusion and conflicting emotions when she meets a man from this 'other' world - Vadim. The author has great fun exposing the differences between their worlds, their customs [...]

    14. I loved Tales of a Traveler #1. Time travel is one of my favorite genres, and this book did not disappoint me. It is very well written; beautiful descriptions, believable characters, and a suspenseful plot line. The romance was fun too. It was fun to imagine how I would respond if like Martha I found myself inexplicably transported back in time by hundreds of years.

    15. Awesome!I loved this book! Anyone who like the outlander series will love this series as well. The writing was well done and the character development made you fall in love with each of the characters within pages!

    16. Great read. Thank you for this book. Though some parts seemed a little rushed it was fantastic. I cannot wait to read the next one.

    17. Yes, it has its flaws, but I enjoyed it so much that I don't care. A book doesn't have to be perfect to sweep a reader away. I'm very grateful to the author for the transporting experience.

    18. In "Hemlock ( Tales of a Traveler #1) " an exciting and gripping story that blends adventure, time travel and romance, N.J. Layouni transports a modern-day woman into the medieval world of Erde where she's rescued along the muddy bank of a river by a handsome outlaw. It begins when Martha Bigelow wakes up in a dark cave, lost and half naked only to be confronted by an enigmatic stranger who offers her protection and the promise of finding a Seer who may help her get back home. In this story not [...]

    19. Tales of a Traveler: Hemlock (Time Travel #1)By: NJ Layouni5/5 starsMartha feels like her life has ended as she knows it. She found out that her fiancée of several years has been cheating on her…and worse than that, she walked in on it. After bumming it for a while, she takes a walk to clear her head. On her return home, she misjudges the walking stones and falls into a gushing river, barely making it out alive, only to not be able to move from the river bank, though she is freezing. She wake [...]

    20. First, I want to say: FIVE FECKING STARS.Wow. This book is WOW! The storyline feels so real, the characters, the action. You think you’re in there, you feel whatever it is the characters are feeling. We meet Martha Bigalow as she’s taking a stroll then she falls into the rabbit hole and finds herself in another time. Well, alright, not rabbit hole but she actually slips on a stone and falls into the river. Vadim, an outlaw finds her and that’s where Martha’s unique adventure begins. Sure [...]

    21. Martha is on a hike contemplating her life when she slips in a swollen stream and slips on a rock, causing her to travel back in time. When she wakes, she believes she has been rescued by a historical actor and slowly comes to the realization that she has truly traveled back in time. Vadim was leery of this new visitor, believing her to be a spy sent by his arch-nemesis, Earl of Edgeway. Martha and Vadim put up a "marriage" front so she will be accepted in the Village. Both are stubborn and lash [...]

    22. *A Copy of this Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review*Due to a mix—up, computer filing error or whatever the author sent me book Two before this one, so I posted reviews of that weeks ago. Not to worry, though, as I would have read both anyway. They are well worth the effort.It is a new approach to time-travel, with this being a romance, not sci fi. Martha ,after leaving her worthless boyfriend slips on a stepping stone whilst crossing a river in the Lake District [...]

    23. Reviewer: LynnDisclosure: This ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review.I love time travel romances, but I am cautious with them. Not too many authors can make it believable and keep the storyline entertaining at the same time. N.J. Layouni does a wonderful job with both. Modern woman meets medieval man, Martha is feisty and has something of a potty mouth and she isn't going to let any man control her life again, no matter how attractive he i [...]

    24. When I started to read this book I had originally thought I'm reading something close to the outlander series but different. But I was wrong now lets make one thing clear I don't mind if a romance is clean and there is either some vague sex scene or none at all. So that was not my problem I just wanted to make that clear what my problem with this book is that its like pg. Young adolescent time romance . The heroine was'nt traumatised with the time - travel , she never suffered at all now you can [...]

    25. Definitely a light-hearted, non-challenging, escapism type of read. Martha, the sassy 20th century heroine inadvertently ends up in a non-specific, not-well-fleshed-out part of the medieval world. Not a patch on Outlander! Predictably the first person she runs into is a brooding, handsome, single man Vadim. The story follows the twists and turns of their relationship, dealings with the caricature villain the "Evil Earl" and interactions with the village. The course of their relationship strings [...]

    26. Omg I friggin loved this book I read it once with my book group and it was 4 and 5 stars from 7people then after I couldn't stop thinking about it so I had to re read my favourite parts so I read the book again it is that good people.It was excellent the writing style was smooth and easy to imagine, she depended on Vadim for everything,but then you see her adjust and learn, she grows her own independence and Vadim wow he has some self control lol he is excellent really felt for him at times good [...]

    27. Overall, I really enjoyed this book! A lot more than I was expecting to, TBH. I spent a couple of days lingering over this one, as I enjoyed the characters enough that I didn't want it to end. I completely adore the Vadim/Martha pairing in the book, and the other characters are all very entertaining. Things I enjoyed: -Believable enough plot. -Characters that you'll fall in love with. -A loyal dog that claims Martha as its owner, and no one else.-A time travel romance that'll get progressively m [...]

    28. Very disappointing. This is not Outlander but it certainly is trying to ape its success. It got better as it went on but I should have followed my instinct to bail a couple chapters in.Most disappointing is the vague history/setting. Medieval is a very broad term covering a thousand years, and the time Martha travels to is never defined. The place is fictional as are the names of the kings. So it is impossible to know how accurate any details are in terms of the lifestyles described.Martha time [...]

    29. Devoured it in one day. This book is amazing, if you vaguely like time travel books, historic books, reworking of fairy tales, romances you have to read this book. I got this book free on amazon and thought I would give it a try and I have loved every page. I loved the way in which our very 21st century girl adapts to the medieval life in which she has fallen into. I loved the way that secrets that have to prised out of the charters and the part our main charters have to play to be accepted. I a [...]

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