Caged Wolf

Caged Wolf WARNING This sexy violent paranormal romance contains werewolf bondage highly inappropriate use of motorcycles knotting and a shotgun named Little Bo Peep Adult readers only You ve been warned The

  • Title: Caged Wolf
  • Author: S.M. Reine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WARNING This sexy, violent paranormal romance contains werewolf bondage, highly inappropriate use of motorcycles, knotting, and a shotgun named Little Bo Peep Adult readers only You ve been warned The biker gangs passing through Lobo Norte don t scare Ofelia any All those men are the same scarred, homeless, and broken just like Ofelia They ve become a blurWARNING This sexy, violent paranormal romance contains werewolf bondage, highly inappropriate use of motorcycles, knotting, and a shotgun named Little Bo Peep Adult readers only You ve been warned The biker gangs passing through Lobo Norte don t scare Ofelia any All those men are the same scarred, homeless, and broken just like Ofelia They ve become a blur of forgettable faces watching her strip She takes off her clothes, takes their money, and wipes them from her memory instantly But Trouble is different A biker with a wolf tattoo and tortured eyes, he sees beyond Ofelia s tough disguise to a fragile woman within She s drawn to him like she s never been drawn to a man before at least, not since she survived hideous torture at the hands of her ex boyfriend that left her scarred physically and emotionally She can t forget Trouble And she definitely can t push him away There s magic between them that neither understands But maybe if Ofelia and Trouble can find the truth, they can release each other from the chains that bind them to Lobo Norte, to the Fang Brothers biker gang, and to the dark secrets in their pasts

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      251 S.M. Reine
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    1 thought on “Caged Wolf”

    1. 2 starsThis was just all sorts of weird, I love me a good shifter read, and when you mix it with cage fighters and bikers, it almost was too good to be trued that’s what it was in my case at least. Sadly this wasn’t anything like what my imagination made up, it’s hard to explain, I kept on imagining a depressing desolate town in the middle of nowhere, where the rejects are sent and the perfect place to hide. Lobo Norte was a town to meet all your vices needs; sex, money and drugs. Ofelia w [...]

    2. Kindle Unlimited series Sexual quotient: If you're brave enough to read this on your daily public transport commute then you might want to consider a heavy disguise.Soundtrack: Walk this world youtu/vzIE4j3TOlEAnd yes, I shall read the next book.

    3. Well, through a good portion of this book, I had a lot of moments like thisI had a hard time understanding what was going on with Ofelia. Her background and everything about her was such a mystery that it was hard to really get to know and understand her. She works as a bartender and stripper at the only bar in Lobo Norte. Werewolf shifters/motorcycle gangs come from all over to participate in the cage fighting that goes on here. It allows them an outlet. Ofelia has seen it all so these burly me [...]

    4. Though the devil is surely in bondage, freedom always lies within his reach if only he will allow himself to take itI really enjoyed this book, it is a hot & steamy start to a new PNR series.Ofelia is a enigma at the start of the book, she is introduced as a bartender/stripper but as the story develops we discover more about her. She is feisty & likeable as a character. I liked her a lot & I loved her chemistry with Trouble. She is still very much a mystery at the end of the book, th [...]

    5. It took me way to long to read this one. Or maybe it was just me. I was behind the premise and the blur. But when the truth of the read came to light. I was disappointed. I WAS CONFUSED. I do not like to feel confused when I read. I want to enjoy what I'm reading. There were things that I had to question and then had to double back to clarify. Not so much a must read.

    6. Caged Wolf won't be for everyone. It's dirty, gory and a bit disturbing. Rather a True Blood vibe.I, for one, found the world Reine has created to be intriguing and look forward to reading more.

    7. Confession time. When I realized Sara Reine had a PNR book on Netgalley, I dropped everything and grabbed it. I was really curious to see what she'd make of it. I've read and enjoyed her UF series, but I'm not a fan of YA so I skipped most of her Moon one. (I like it, but girls aren't really interesting for me.) As an author (I believe) she moves pretty well among different characters and types of women. You don't read the same thing or about the same "person/ality" twice in her books. They are [...]

    8. ENJOYABLESet in the small town of Lobo Norte a place where anyone with any sense would steer clear of lives Ofelia she tends bar and strips. Apart from the bar and a motel there's not much else. Biker gangs are just about the only visitors. When a group of bikers arrive in town it's obvious that they're dangerous and different, not totally human. Cooper a member of the fangs catches Ofelia's eye.This is a first read for me by this author, her style is earthy and very descriptive. It was easy to [...]

    9. ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.At first glance Caged Wolf looked like a book I would enjoy, and I have to say it did not disappoint. It is a gritty, action packed, paranormal romance with mature themes not suitable for a younger audience.Lobo Norte is a small town, not on any map, where biker gangs passing through stop for a little entertainment. These bikers don't scare Ofelia. She serves them drinks, entertains them at the local bar, and then sends them on their wa [...]

    10. "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."This book combines bikers, werewolves and witches in a completely wild and wicked way. The opening scenario is not a good one for our leading lady Ofelia, but clearly she has huge reserves of mental strength, and is clearly intelligent and intuitive. So when Trouble, aka Cooper walks in the door, she knows things have changed. The heat between them is palpable, especially in the barn (read and see what I mean) As we watch [...]

    11. Interesting and SteamyI've started to figure it that I like SM Reine as an author, although it took me four books to come to that realization. Go figure, I'm slow sometimes.She balances just enough steam with a boatload of dark edginess and a fast paced interesting plot. She's found the equation that makes for a perfect dark paranormal romance with the added bonus of kick arse, hot as coals and tough as nails characters.I'm completely enamored.

    12. Review Courtesy of April HollingworthThis is the first book in this fantastic new series, and I must say I can’t wait to read the next book and find out what happens next.Opening Scene:FOLKS DIDN’T COME to Lobo Norte because they wanted to.The Review:Ofelia moved to Lobo Norte to escape her past. Dealing with motorcycle gangs that pass through is nothing unusual. Then she meets Trouble. He’s sexy and gorgeous and also a werewolf, and for some inexplicable reason she’s drawn to him. The o [...]

    13. First off I will start me review by saying, if you want all your questions answered in one book: This is not for you.This is the start of a series, its told first person, so if the character doesn't know you aren't going to know, and Ophelia is confused. Ophelia is a stripper/bartender in Lobo Norte, with a past and a whole passel of scars and trouble. She lived through hell, so when she receives a Tarot card of the devil she doesn't think much of it. At the same time she meets a new biker gang, [...]

    14. This book had potential and there were parts of it I really liked but it was also a bit disjointed and the world was confusing. I'm not sure if everyone knows about werewolves in this world or not and I'm still not sure about the small town of Lobo Norte that this book takes place in. I also wanted more character development especially for Trouble who we learn very little about.I also had a bit of a hard time with the heroine Ofelia. She is a stripper/bartender running from her past. She was als [...]

    15. Caged WolfWow! Was my first thoughts when starting to listen to Caged Wolf. This is my first book by SM Reine and I had no expectations beyond it is a paranormal romance with werewolves. It was dark and disturbing in parts, but very real. I was completely drawn into Ofelia’s life and could picture the surrounds and the rich characters Reine doesn’t spoon feed the reader at each step of the story, but leaves a lot untold, which I actually really appreciated. It made me hungry for more and to [...]

    16. This book at first had me kinda pausinge twist this book has, the setting & all sorta reminds me of the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn" .y its Werewolves instead of Vampirese town & all being enchanted ectI think it was the stripper, biker bar, whore house ect ectNot exactly now don't get me wrong I do NOT think the author copied anything at all, the setting & all just reminds me of how rough it is & it is what I kinda pictured in my mind AT TIMES I think she did a great job setting [...]

    17. ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~This book was hard for me to get into. Plus I was confused half the time. The whole world building was just a cluster to me and I didn’t understand it all. I will have to say when I was trying to imagine stuff in my head I could see a few scenes from the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn” in my head and now even writing this I can’t get the song from that movie out of my head. I guess my thoughts going into the [...]

    18. Nice cover!! I like when the cover goes with the story. Now, I had a couple of issues with this read. Ofelia and Cooper have an attraction unlike no other. Ofelia has an attraction and Cooper says your mine and it is done with a kiss. Not believable in my opinion. They do not mate right away and she has some very special powers. She does not even know Cooper well enough. Not even for maybe a day!! I think there should have been some background on werewolves and how they mate and what is needed a [...]

    19. Free for Kindle + A flash of those sexy abs = who could resist? And it was an erotica with werewolves. The sexiest paranormal creatures. (Sorry dragons, that's just the way things are.)I was excited to read Caged Wolf and expected sexy, intense love story. I got that but it was packed with characters and situations that were too dark for my taste. It's like bdsm contemporary western.- Heroine had scar tissue on neck and shoulders and it was pointed out often. (I don't mind scarred heroines, but [...]

    20. Free kindle read. If you're like me and downloaded this free book thinking "hot bikers and shifterswhat could go wrong?", I'm going to help you out and say EVERYTHING. Do yourself a favor and delete this from your library. This was some f*cked up stuff. The main character is a stripper in a one road town that consists of a bar, and a brothel. She was sold for drugs into a sex ring and somehow survived and ran away to be a stripper in this no man's land town. This entire story is about abuse in o [...]

    21. When a book combines some of your favourite things, shifters, vamps, witches, tarot cards, as well as bikers, add in a sassy leading lady you know your in for a ride. 'Caged Wolf' was that ride! Book 1 in S.M. Reine's "The Tarot Witches" series, it had me wanting to keep reading Ofelia has had a traumatic past, please be patient when finding out just how she receives her scars, it takes a while for her to open up, but once she does??? You may wish she didn't tell. The minute Trouble & his br [...]

    22. Este é o primeiro livro que leio desta autora e não posso dizer que me tenha impressionado muito, não gostei muito da história em si embora a escrita seja boa. Para um primeiro livro de uma saga penso que lhe falta explicações, o mundo que a autora criou não é explicito, posso dizer que pensei até ao final que isto seria ima sério sobre os fang brothers e só depois percebi que tinha a ver com as cartas de tarot. Em relação aos personagens principais, não posso dizer que tenha senti [...]

    23. It was ok although not particularly my cup of tea at the moment. It was a 5.5 hour audiobook with entirely too much erotica. It was grim/dark which I didn't mind so much, and the bdsm absolutely didn't bother me but MaleDom/femsub isn't my preferred flavor of BDSM. Over and above the BDSM the story was full of abusive relationships and codependency and that sort of thing stopped being quality drama for me a long time ago. The long arc, which gets pretty much laid out at the end, is interesting b [...]

    24. ARC received via NetGalleyFrom reading the synopsis, I was excited to read this as I love a good biker story. On top of that, it has some paranormally stuff in it, I was hoping it would be good. In actuality, I enjoyed reading it though it wasn't what I was expecting. I was a bit disappointed with the ending in terms of you never actually discover what Ofelia is.

    25. To me this was an erratic reading experience. The best thing to say is that I finished it but am still not quite sure how I feel about the way in which it ended as compared to the way the beginning and middle of the story indicated to me how it would perhaps play out.

    26. For the length of the book I thought the author did a great job on this one. I would definitely caution squeamish or 'easily spooked by the taboo' readers to proceed with caution on this particular one as it likes to straddle a very thin line of what might be deemed appropriate even for a paranormal, however, I found it to be very exciting and different. I do tend to enjoy a little walk along the taboo sometimes.Again, for the length this book allowed I found the main leads to be well developed [...]

    27. Oh la la, this was steamy! It's not the first book I have read by S.M. Reine but the graphic description this time leaves nothing to the imagination. Quite a change to the usual young adult, it has a 18+(+++) rating well needed.The story is intrigue and just a start that hopefully carries on into the next books as there are a lot of questions about Ofelia left at the end. I have read the Magecraft series already and was interested in seeing the background of some characters mentioned there. As a [...]

    28. Adult only 18+ contains werewolf bondage, and shapeshifter sex, drugs, and murder.Ofelia lives in Lobo Norte, a small town in neither the US or Mexico. She lives as a stripper, hiding from the man who sold her into sex slavery and kept her high all the time. Every two weeks where she strips, the bikers come to cage fight. More death than anything is always around Ofelia until the werewolf bikers show up and her life becomes more dangerous than ever. This is not the average paranormal happy ever [...]

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