Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots A girl asks her mother copious questions in this tale that encourages readers to follow their dreams

  • Title: Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?
  • Author: Carmela LaVigna Coyle Theresa Howell Mike Gordon Carl Gordon
  • ISBN: 9780873588287
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A girl asks her mother copious questions in this tale that encourages readers to follow their dreams.

    • Best Read [Carmela LaVigna Coyle Theresa Howell Mike Gordon Carl Gordon] ☆ Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? || [Graphic Novels Book] PDF ✓
      244 Carmela LaVigna Coyle Theresa Howell Mike Gordon Carl Gordon
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Carmela LaVigna Coyle Theresa Howell Mike Gordon Carl Gordon] ☆ Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? || [Graphic Novels Book] PDF ✓
      Posted by:Carmela LaVigna Coyle Theresa Howell Mike Gordon Carl Gordon
      Published :2018-012-26T08:47:22+00:00

    1 thought on “Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?”

    1. Well, this was a very cute, amusing, and sweet short rhyming story with adorable illustrations. Wonderful illustrations! Mike Gordon is named on the cover as the sole illustrator, but on the back inside cover, his son Carl Gordon is also given credit; it says they’re a team.My favorite things were the pictures of the (cutest ever) dog and the picture that includes the tee shirt that say: “My other job is a princess.” The last page is a huge gimmick, but I’ll accept it and enjoy it becaus [...]

    2. Cute! There's nothing really remarkable or "new" here, but it's still sweet and fun, especially for girls interested in princesses. The message is a tad "cheesy" but it's also a very good one: being a princess has to do with what's in your heart, not where you live, what you do, or what you wear! I really enjoyed the little activities this particular "princess" does with her friends and family. The last page had me laughing and rolling my eyes, but it was also kind of adorable and I think little [...]

    3. What a fun book to read. The use of rhyme is clever as you traverse the pages with the lead character. I like the use of small detail in the images that allow for conversation about how do you know she is a princess? I also enjoyed that the images were linked to the text which would allow for an emergent reader to use multiple strategies to decode. The author I feel creates a very authentic character in that her emotions and quirks fit with how a inquisitive little girl would act. Even though th [...]

    4. I liked how this book reinforces a positive image to the child. I think when you read this book with your kiddo they will be able to see it is okay to be different and not perfect like a princess. Princesses still follow the rules and have to clean their room just like any other kid. Which also reinforces that anyone can be a princess.

    5. Summary: Do princesses ride tricycles or climb trees? Do they even have to do chores? A spunky and inquisitive little girl asks her mom all sorts of questions about what it really means to be a princess. Through simple, yet original rhyme, a mother and daughter get to the heart of what it really means to be yourself.Potential Audience (reading level): EarlyGenre: FictionTopic: Loving yourself, realizing that we are all unique and specialSpecific curricular uses: I would recommend this as an inde [...]

    6. Aww.I have no idea why, but i have been digging up some of my favorite picture books lately. naturally, they end up here. naturally.My stepdad gave me this book when i was.i must have been 5 or 6. The beginning of the book is a spunky little girl asking her mother the question that names the book. 'do princesses wear hiking boots?' The little girl (who is as princess-obsessed as i used to be) is answered by her mother that princesses aren't very different than she is, what it means to be yoursel [...]

    7. genre: picture bookaudience: k- 2ndreading level: earlytopic: non-traditional princessestheme: every little girl can be a princess, the princess lies within the heartcurricular uses: read aloud, independent reading, shared readingliterary elements: repetition, call and response, rhymingillustrations: cute characters, supports the textthoughts: I like the mirror at the end of the book because the children can look and see that they are all princesses no matter what they look like or how they dres [...]

    8. Genre: Picture BookAudience: K-2nd Topic: Non-traditional princessesTheme: Every little girl can be a princessCurricular Uses: Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Independent Reading Reading Level: Early Readers Literary Elements: Repetition in call and response, rhyming Illustrations: Cute characters and bright colors. Illustrations support the text. Additional Comments: Fun book to read with children. Love the ending: has a mirror that children are to look at to show that they are princesses, too. Lit [...]

    9. This is an adorable book! Much like, "Good Night, Princess Pruney Toes," this story chooses to portray text in an interesting way. When the little girl speaks, the text is portrayed differently from when the mother speaks. Because of this, I could use this book in a lesson about text. Also, each line of text ends with a word that rhymes with the previous line of text, so this book could be used in a lesson about rhyming words. For a cute little touch at the end, the author added a page with a mi [...]

    10. We've read this so often it's memorized! My daughter loved it so much she ate our first copy when she was two. I came in after nap time to discover it torn to shreds with bite marks taken out of many of the pages! We repaired it with a lot of tape, but later just replaced it because we loved it so much!

    11. This is a fun, rhyming story about being a princess, or at least pretending to be one. Unfortunately, a couple of pages were torn out of our book (we'll have to let the library know!) I made up rhymes to complete the missing pages and I think we got the intent of the story, if not the actual words. It's a fun book to read aloud with younger children and we enjoyed reading it aloud together.

    12. I love this book!! I am not a fan of the big "princess" rage amongst little girls. Disney princesses are cool, but telling your little girl she's a princess and having her wear "princess" clothes.t my thing. With any luck, my daughter will be more tombboy than Princess and that is a message in this book.

    13. A very cute book for the princess who wants to be a "princess" but also wants to stomp through the mud. Very simple story, but then, especially with the younger kiddos, that is what you need.I paired it with a "Self-Rescuing Princess" shirt once for a great gift for a little girl who fits the above description.

    14. I do believe CC is in love. It's a book about a "princess", it has a puppy in it, the princess likes to get dirty and hang upside down, and in the end there is a mirror so CC can gaze at her own princess self. Talk about reaching your target audience.

    15. The princess wants to know about how princesses generally behave and asks all kinds of great questions, and of course, princesses can do anything right!Sister book of "Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs?"

    16. This is a cute little book where a little girl asks her mommy what princesses do. The mom has a witty remark for every question. The thing I love is that a princess is who you are on the inside. My 2 year old daughter enjoyed the end where she got to see herself in the mirror of the book.

    17. This is a cute Princess book that shows that being a Princess doesn't always have to include dresses and tiaras. The book touches all different kinds of girls and shows that even tomboys and girls that love to get muddy and dirty can be Princesses too.

    18. This book is probably more meaningful for those who have their own inquisitive little princesses. In some ways, I could see this as a behavioral book. In others, I see it as a snapshot of a fun-loving little girl. It's not my favorite, but it's not bad.

    19. I read this recently at a baby shower. It is the sweetest book about how girls can be both sugar and spice, love bubble baths and making mud pies. Normally I shy away from books with "feminist agendas" :) but I don't think this is one of them. It is just cute and funny!

    20. A little girl quizzes her mother about princesses and discovers that the key to being a princess is in each of us. Illustrations are fun and the girls enjoyed findng her pet on each page doing different things.

    21. I saw this book on the shelf at our local book store and it reminded me of my daughter- a pretty little princess who wears pink and tiaras while digging for worms to go fishing with her dad She always loves when we get to the end!!

    22. Abbi loves this little series! I really love it too that they include special time with daughter and daddy in them!

    23. Wonderful story! Raising duaghters is a great, challenging, sometimes difficult, rewarding and always precious previlege.

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