Mother's Love

Mother s Love Mother s Love can be read as a standalone however you will gain a enjoyable reading experience if you read the complete series as there are characters in previous books that make appearances in each

  • Title: Mother's Love
  • Author: Kirsty Dallas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 121
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  • Mother s Love can be read as a standalone, however you will gain a enjoyable reading experience if you read the complete series, as there are characters in previous books that make appearances in each novel Annie Lonergan had lived through hell, she survived, now it was back and this time it wanted her son After spending far too long cowering in fear Annie is no lonMother s Love can be read as a standalone, however you will gain a enjoyable reading experience if you read the complete series, as there are characters in previous books that make appearances in each novel Annie Lonergan had lived through hell, she survived, now it was back and this time it wanted her son After spending far too long cowering in fear Annie is no longer the timid little flower she once was and will do whatever it takes to protect what is hers Dillon Montgomery knows what it takes to kill another human being, he knows the taint it leaves on your soul But to protect those he loves Dillon is prepared to do whatever necessary, even if it means blood on his hands How far would you go to protect your child READ ORDER SAVING ELLAFIGHTING BACKTORTURED SOULMOTHER S LOVE due to adult content, this book is recommended for readers 17

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    1. Another great read on this series. It had such a HEA ending for the couple, however it left Lola as a cliffhanger. I need her book right away!

    2. I was given an ARC copy of Mother’s Love in exchange for an honest review for Through the Booking Glass Book Blog.A Mother’s Love was a truly amazing book. There is no greater bond than a mother and her child. And reading this book as a mother it hit so close to home. Annie has been through an obstacle of a marriage. When she finally escaped she found peace. Or so she thought. A mother will go to the end of the world to protect her child. Annie proved this in so many ways.Dillon loved Annie [...]

    3. Sometimes it scares me when an author adds to an already beloved series. I get nervous that somehow it will change my perception of the series, the characters and worse, the author. However, with Kirsty Dallas and the "Mercy's Angels" series, each addition has added depth and served as an integral part in the continuation of each one of these amazing stories.Each installment in the "Mercy's Angels" series can be read as standalones but I wouldn't recommend it. With the premise behind the entire [...]

    4. Mother's Love (Mercy's Angels, #4) by Kirsty DallasA very good read, A Mother's Love is the 4th book in the Mercy's Angels Series.I really enjoy the first 4 books in this series.Kirsty Dallas writing is great, I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.This is the story of Annie and Dillion. It was a bit shorter then the first 4 books in this series but it was a story to be told.I love reading series where we get to see characters from the other books, like checking in with old friends.G [...]

    5. I have to say, even though i loved it, i didn't love it as much as the previous one. I liked it the least from the 3 previous books.Even though i loved the story and the characters as usual, i don't know, it seemed a little more boring that the rest of the books. At first it was fine, the normal start where we get to know our charactersa little bit more, then the romance between our main characters happened pretty quick without them beating aroundnthe bush for half the book. Wich is something i [...]

    6. Mercy’s Angels is a safe haven for woman and children who have nowhere else to go, Annie Lonergan a mother trying to protect her son and herself from her husband’s demons find refuge with Mercy. Dillon Montgomery is a strong character. He’s desire to protect Annie and her son shows her the lengths he will go to do just that.Annie’s struggle to let a man close again has her heart and mind in turmoil.Beautifully written story about the struggle to survive as normal as possible while never [...]

    7. Five stars!!!I love this whole series!! I would rate the books a ten of I could. The heroes are so protective alpha male, but gentle too. The heroines are all getting over some kind of abuse or trauma. Lastly, the sex scenes are great!

    8. BOOK REVIEW by Michelle 14th May 2015:RATING: 4.5 MERCY'S ANGELS STARS“Don’t borrow tomorrow’s fears, honey, you’ve got enough to handle today.”I do get all grabby, grabby hands when it comes to a Kirsty Dallas book. She writes emotion beautifully.Mother’s Love, just the title makes you aware of what this book is going to be about without reading the blurb.Annie has had it tough in life. The father of her child has mental issues that have lead to her running for the safety of her lif [...]

    9. What happens when a parent's worst nightmare comes true? How far would you go to protect your child?This is the fourth instalment for the Mercy’s Angels series by the lovely Kirsty Dallas, and this series just keeps getting better! In Mother’s Love, we have Annie and Dillon as our main leads. We fell in love with these characters in the first three books and so happy to see that they got their own book.Annie Lonergan is no stranger to evil. She is a survivor. After escaping the abuse from he [...]

    10. This was the most anticipated book in the series for me. Annie and Dillon's relationship had piqued my interested since book one and I had been dying to see sweet, pure Annie finally falling for the ex-soldier with a heart of gold.Yet, I was disappointed. If there's something I absolutely hate is when people (and I mean significant others) keep things from each other, creating futile friction and frustration. Sometimes, the author manages to make it a realistic dilemma, but here I was so pissed [...]

    11. LEEANN'S REVIEW5 STARSAnnie escaped her abusive marriage & has managed to rebuild a life for her & her son Eli. She has a wonderful man, Dillon in her life &feels like she is finally making some progress.But then her ex-husbands mistakes land on her doorstep & she doesn’t know where to turn.Dillon loves Annie & he adores Eli. He is an ex-soldier who runs a security company. He thought things were going greatwith his & Annie’s relationship but then Annie starts to chan [...]

    12. What Would Any Mother Do?I have said at the beginning of each review I've done for this series that although each book can be read as a standalone, the reader will have a much fuller experience if all of the series is read in order. This is especially true if this installment I think, you really get a sense of family with all of the characters in this book. This book was very resounding to me as a mother as Annie who is not perfect, and has gone through so much, stands strong to protect the mist [...]

    13. I LOVE this series! That being said, the editing is killing me. BUT, it proves that a truly amazing story can shine thru no matter what. Saving Ella just about made me crazy, the next 2 books were mostly clean and such great readsMother's Love had a bit of a set-back. I was very frustrated by the inconsistency of details such as character names that were changed from one book to the next and even worse was the back and forth about whether Mercy and Dave were married or not. In book 3 Dave is ref [...]

    14. I couldn't wait for this book to come out and now I had the honor to get an advanced copie. As I knew, I really loved the book. While reading the first book in the Mercy's Angels series, I was already curious where Annie, Dillon and Eli's story would take us. And the story exceeded all my expectations. I don't want to revael to much about the story, but if you enjoyed the series so far you will love this book also.I loughed, cried and was happy with the characters.It's always fun to come back to [...]

    15. Even though this book can be read as a standalone I would recommend that you read the series as you will get a better feel for each of the characters especially in this book. If you have read the series we already know some of Annie's background and why she ended up at Mercy's and from the last book you will know that Dillon always had feelings for her. But Annie has trust issues and is also fiercely protective of her son because of what happened to her in the past. But when the unthinkable happ [...]

    16. Another awesome book, Annie had a hard time with her husband, she suffered, and was severely beaten, most of the time she took her husbands attention and endured worst beatings in order to defend her son Eli. I really wanted to see them both happy with Dillon who by the way was an incredible guy! I love this series, each one brings you almost to the point of tears due to the suffering that each lady has had to deal with but at the end the rewards are just so amazing that a huge smile takes resid [...]

    17. wow another touch down Kirsty Dallas, have loved all the Mercy's Angels series and this one is no exception. Annie is no heroin, but she is a mother who loves her little boy Eli fiercely and will do anything to keep him safe from harm. Dillon will do anything to keep them both safe. This is another beautiful love story with plenty of action thrown in. This story pulls at your heart strings and also has you sitting on the edge of your seat. I love how Kirsty pulls in the other characters from the [...]

    18. I absolutely love this series and this is another action packed, emotion tugging read from Kirsty.There is a lot of emotional depth and intensity to the story. Dillon might be a hard core ex military but his not afraid to express his love and demonstrate his feelings for both Annie and Eli. And who better to have protect those he loves than Dillon Montgomery.Through the pages Kirsty really made me feel the emotional turmoil that Annie would of been going through as a mother.Overall I found this [...]

    19. Mother's Love is about exactly as it says, a mother's love. Annie would do anything to protect her little boy, Eli, and Dillion would do anything to protect the woman he loves and her son.I love this series of books. Each books sucks you into the lives of the main characters and makes you feel like you're part of their story. I enjoy see the old characters in the new book and see what's happening in their lives.Can't wait to read Lola's story.

    20. The Mercy's Angels series is one of my top favorites. Mother's Love is another hit for Kirsty Dallas. I'm in love with all the characters she's created. You feel their desperation, pain, love you live through every emotion with them.This story especially touches you because it's a mother fighting for her child, not just another romance. You want to see this whole family happy!I can't wait for more from Kirsty Dallas. I love the worlds she creates ;)

    21. Another great story by Kirsty Dallas. The Mercy's Angels series is definitely one of my favourite reads. I loved how we got to see Annie come out of her shell and learn to trust again. Dillon is a beautiful character. There is something about men who see their non-biological children as their own that is particularly special. It's a measure of who they are. It was also good to see the other characters again. I can't wait until Lola's story comes out now!

    22. I really enjoy this series, but this one fell short for me. I liked Annie in the other books, there were hints that she was a fragile woman who loved and was protective of her son, however, in this story she annoyed me. She was a weak individual who was always smothering her son, who also cut herself short of happiness. In addition, the plot was bizarreere were too many villains, which isn't plausible.

    23. This was an amazing story. Annie, finally breaking free, Dillon going for what he wanted, and him, Annie, and Eli can now have the life they deserve. Free, of illness, pain, horror, and now nothing but pure love, protection, safety, honor, freedomfamily. I can not wait for Lola's storyFantastic

    24. While I thoroughly enjoyed this story, I just didn't feel the connection between Dillon and Annie. There was no doubt, they were right for each other, but I personally, didn't feel the love like I did with the previous books. The story did keep my attention though and I did enjoy it

    25. Loved this installment in the series, a great book which can be read as a stand alone but has more depth if you read it as part of the series.

    26. There wasn't much sexiness to this book. A lot of drama. I wanted more romance from Dillon, so I was kinda let down. But if you liked the rest of series, you should continue on with this book.

    27. Overall it's a really great book. At some points it was hard for me to keeping reading, but I really enjoyed the book.

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