The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I)

The Dogs Were Rescued and So Was I A new memoir from the New York Times bestselling author of The Dog Lived And So Will I Teresa Rhyne and Seamus the beagle had both survived cancer once so when Seamus develops yet another cancer T

  • Title: The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I)
  • Author: Teresa Rhyne
  • ISBN: 9781492603382
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • A new memoir from the 1 New York Times bestselling author of The Dog Lived And So Will I Teresa Rhyne and Seamus the beagle had both survived cancer once, so when Seamus develops yet another cancer, Teresa is devastated She embarks on a massive lifestyle shift embracing a animal friendly approach and trying to find her place somewhere between a hippie in a hemp skiA new memoir from the 1 New York Times bestselling author of The Dog Lived And So Will I Teresa Rhyne and Seamus the beagle had both survived cancer once, so when Seamus develops yet another cancer, Teresa is devastated She embarks on a massive lifestyle shift embracing a animal friendly approach and trying to find her place somewhere between a hippie in a hemp skirt and a hypocrite in leather high heels And then she realizes that Seamus wasn t the only beagle who needed rescuingThe Dogs Were Rescued and So Was I is the poignant yet hilarious exploration of how you move forward when you ve done everything you can and it s still not enough.

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    1 thought on “The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I)”

    1. Let me start by saying that I had never heard of this book (or author) until one of my librarian friends got it at a book signing, thought of me, and got an autographed copy and sent it down to me. This friend knew about my passion for rescuing dogs (all of mine have been rescues) and how I personally feel about our inhumane treatment of these (and many other) defenseless animals. Right away I identified with the author, except with (knock on wood) her bout with breast cancer. But I felt her pai [...]

    2. Wonderful follow up to The Dog Lived, an exploration of compassion and coming to terms with a less-than-perfect world.

    3. This book picks up after The Dog Lived (and So Will I), which I enjoyed, with Teresa, her boyfriend, Chris, and their beagle, Seamus. In that book, Teresa had chronicled her and Seamus' battles and triumphs over cancer.In order to assure that their cancers didn't return, Teresa turns to a healthier lifestyle. She becomes more aware of and knowledgeable about the cruelty and abuse of animals. This leads her to eventually become vegan and stop using products that test on animals (cleaning products [...]

    4. Wonderful sequel to The Dog Lived & So Will I. Teresa really knows how to draw you in with laughter, tears & of course beagles!!! The book makes you take a look at your own life and the simple choices that you make everyday. One of my favorite chapters in the book is when Teresa is trying to find Daphne her most recent rescue after the loss of beloved Seamus, a boyfriend & has her meet her suitors to see who she would fall in love with first. Percival the winning bachelor was saved f [...]

    5. I loved Teresa Rhyne's first book, The Dog Livedd So Will I, even though I do not normally read memoirs and am a cat person instead of a dog person(Okay, so maybe I'm an animal person). In this follow-on memoir, Teresa adopts two more beagles and becomes concerned about animal cruelty in testing and agriculture, and I was concerned she might be too strident, but I chanced it based on the quality of her other book. I am very glad I did.The book is an absolutely delightful portrayal of a passionat [...]

    6. Very torn about this book. Maybe my fault because I don't recall reading anything about the book. I liked the part about the beagles but you can keep the part about veganism. This book got very preachy to me. The problem here was too much cancer. First, she was recovering from breast cancer. Then a dog got a second bout of cancer. And she wanted to find herself a better diet that wouldn't let cancer in the door. Either for her or the dog. Thus, she found her way to a plant diet. I think she just [...]

    7. Inspired by love for her dogs, a desire for continued wellness, and compassion for all animals, Rhyne shows great inner strength as she makes a series of choices that lead her to explore a plant-based diet and transition to a vegan lifestyle. Losing the much-beloved Seamus to cancer, adopting two special beagles, and encountering Beagle Freedom Project are some of the catalysts for change. She shares her journey with honesty, giving us a glimpse into the atrocities of animal testing and factory [...]

    8. Loved this book. Teresa has a great voice. I posted this on my phone last night. I had read Teresa's prior book after finding out about it on my Beagle Group. I never knew (like Teresa) that they experimented on beagles until I got my own little boy. I cried with Teresa when Seamus had to go over the Rainbow Bridge. I laughed when she (and Chris) became a foster failure to Daphne (Doodlebutt). I liked seeing my favorite BFP puppy make an appearance (Bogart!). All in all, it was a great re-tellin [...]

    9. This book was very different than the first one. No spoilers. It takes you down the path of becoming vegan. I was worried at times that Teresa was going to become all preachy and I would not finish the book but that did not happen. Instead it made me think that I would like to become more cruelty free and I looked up the Beagle Freedom Project today. Happy to see their family is happy and healthy and I agree, we cannot save all of them but we can make changes to save many.

    10. I love books which involve dog rescue. The author talks about her struggles trying to fit in with the world around her, plus how she rescued a dog and it helped to change her world. It opened up a whole new side to her, as it does all of us. She is so forthcoming throughout the book and I recommend this book highly.I was given this book by NetGalley and SOURCEBOOKS in exchange for my honest review.

    11. This is another amazing book by Teresa Rhyne. I laughed and cried my way through the whole book. As a crazy beagle lover myself, I was so happy that Daphne and Percival were rescued by two amazing people. A wonderful story, from beginning to end. I can only hope there will be another book sometime in the future.

    12. I received an ARC of this book from Book Expo.I am still mulling over my review, but I will be back to talk about what I liked and loved about this second round of beagles.

    13. it is about rescuing dogs AND animal rights / going vegan. She pushes herself too hard but i admire her spirit and energy. FUNNY in parts. Terrifying in parts too.

    14. Loved this follow-up to The Dog Lived. Honest insight into the paradigm shift and empowerment culled from the devastation and loss caused by cancer. Hooray for Seamus, Percival, and Daphne!

    15. Help!!! Someone has switched my sweet, loving dog story for a sanctimonious vegan treatise!Don't be deceived by the blurb-this is not the inspiring story of a woman's recovery from cancer with the help of some dogs she rescued. Oh, there's some parts about the dogs, and some of her writing is cute and funny (though more often it aims for cute and funny and lands on self satisfied and off putting). And as the parent of two now completely spoiled rescue dogs myself (though not from experiences as [...]

    16. This is a tough read for most people - especially those who love animals but still eat them, but I think she writes in such a non-accusatory way, and it is DEFINITELY a discussion I think we need to have. I think we need to be aware of the way that animals are used & abused, on a daily basis for our benefit. I personally loved this book. I have been a vegetarian for almost 13 years, and am non working on being a vegan largely due to this book. She brings to light aspects I had not thought of [...]

    17. For animal lovers who struggle with eating meat/dairy products and wanting to become a vegan, this book is just what you need to read. I thought my eating only dairy and little meat was a good solution, but after reading her book and learning that dairy cows are treated even worst, I might have to rethink my milk and cheese consumption. Like my plastic free crusade, finding a way to co-exist in a world where so many don't share your concern and avoiding it completely is next to impossible, this [...]

    18. This book is amazing. Theresa's story is great but the story of the rescues is also amazing. If you want to learn about how testing on animals has lasting impacts, read this.

    19. I really enjoyed reading Teresa Rhyne's The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I). This book was sent to me by the author, to review as part of a series of book reviews I provide for a friend's website/blog and personal business. The author, a cancer survivor, herself, quickly draws the reader into her experiences and misadventures, both with her own battles with cancer, and that of her dog, Seamus (and others to come). Seamus' tale, began in her previous book The Dog Lived (and so Did I), (which I w [...]

    20. I really enjoyed Rhyne's 1st book: The Dog Was Saved and So Was I, since it involves her adoption of a frolicsome beagle. Both Seamus and the author develop cancer and it chronicles the development and fight for both of them. This book continues the story, of Seamus who is fighting a relapse. The book is interesting, but I feel the true intention of this book is to both educate and further her fight against testing on animals. Following the Beagle Freedom Project and educating herself against th [...]

    21. In The Dog Lived (and So Will I), the author shared her own and her beagle Seamus’s experiences with cancer. In this sequel, she talks about adopting two beagles, one rescued from a research lab, after Seamus’s death. She also lays out her path to becoming a vegan. Although this is not an impartial assessment of adopting a vegan diet, the author’s honesty about her feelings and behavior and her often humorous takes on things make her a very engaging narrator. The book includes helpful advi [...]

    22. I had a hard time reading this book to start with, she is not very likable, but since I love animals and I had already been a vegetarian for five years I pushed through thinking It would get better. I had already read 60% of the book when she calls God stupid. That's it, she can keep her book I have no interest whatsoever to finish her stupid book. And this is the first book that I have not finished because I simply don't leave books unfinished, but I have no place for someone insulting my amazi [...]

    23. This book, "The Dogs Were Rescued (And So Was I), started out to be a good book, but I didn't read very much of it because of the language in it. Why can't someone just write a good book and leave out all the 4 letter words?This book, "The Dogs Were Rescued (And So Was I ), started out to be a good book, but I didn't get to read much of it because of the language. Why can't someone just write a good book without the 4-letter words?

    24. I liked her first book, but this one was a little too preachy with the veganism. Also, the level of babying with her dogs is intense/borderline insane. I thought I was bad but she takes the cake. Also, her writing style started to get old/annoying, although in her first book I initially liked it because it was different.

    25. Teresa's previous book dealt with her dog's and her own cancer. Teresa continues that story with her research into what she can do to keep them both healthy, beginning with their diets. Her trademark humor is still evident alongside her thought provoking questions about animal treatment and testing, our eating habits, and the state of food production in the U.S.

    26. It's funny how sometimes a book can find you. I had picked this audio book up at the same time as picking up the DVD "Vegucated". I am a foster dog mom and was pulled to the book for that reason. I love her message of becoming aware of where our food comes from and the effect it has on the environment as a whole. It was what I needed to hear put in a light. humorous way.

    27. I like her writing style and she inspired me to Embrace Plant based eating as a way of life. Living in Riverside, CA myself I always enjoy the local reference she makes to the city. I found myself not being able to put the book down at some points and then some parts really dragged on. Overall I would recommend the book, I found it to be a good read.

    28. We knew it was a great book when our human snuggled with us for two days straight while she was reading it. Sometimes there was water running down her face and we ended up getting more belly rubs when this happened. We wish she hadn't finished the book so soon. - Cherry and Rica, former laboratory beagles.

    29. Absolutely loved this book. I enjoyed reading about her journey discovering veganism and how much she supports beagle freedom project. Definitely recommend it to anyone struggling with becoming vegetarian/vegan.

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