Callahan's Con

Callahan s Con The discreet little bar that Jake Stonebender established a few blocks below Duval Street was named simply The Place There Fast Eddie Costigan learned to curse back at parrots as he played the house

  • Title: Callahan's Con
  • Author: Spider Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780765341655
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • The discreet little bar that Jake Stonebender established a few blocks below Duval Street was named simply The Place There, Fast Eddie Costigan learned to curse back at parrots as he played the house piano the Reverend Tom Hauptman learned to tend bar bare chested without blushing , Long Drink McGonnigle discovered the margarita and several se oritas, and all the otherThe discreet little bar that Jake Stonebender established a few blocks below Duval Street was named simply The Place There, Fast Eddie Costigan learned to curse back at parrots as he played the house piano the Reverend Tom Hauptman learned to tend bar bare chested without blushing , Long Drink McGonnigle discovered the margarita and several se oritas, and all the other regulars settled into comfortable subtropical niches of their own Nobody even noticed them save the universe.Over time, the twice transplanted patrons of Callahan s Place attracted a collection of local zanies so quintessentially Key West pixilated that they made the New York originals seem, well, almost normal The elfin little Key deer, for instance with a stevedore s mouth or the merman with eczema or Robert Heinlein s teleporting cat.For ten slow, merry years, life was good The sun shone, the coffee dripped, the breeze blew just strongly enough to dissipate the smell of the puns, and little supergenius Erin grew to the verge of adolescence Then disaster struck Through the gate one sunny day came a malevolent, moronic, mastodon of a Mafioso named Tony Donuts Jr or Little Nuts don t ask He d decided to resurrect the classic protection racket in Key West and guess which tavern he picked to hit first Then, thanks to very poor accessorizing she chose the wrong belt and no, we re not going to explain that one , Jake s wife, Zoey, suddenly found herself in a place with no light, no heat, and no air And no way home The urgent question was where precisely where but that turned out to be a problem so complex that even the entire gang, equipped with teleportation, time travel, and telepathic syntony you can look it up might not be able to crack it in time.And while all this was going on, Death himself walked into The Place But this time he would not leave alone

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    1 thought on “Callahan's Con”

    1. Wow, this was an excellent ending to the Callahan's series. (At least among available audio.) It was at least as strong as the first. It was the perfect culmination of the Florida move with the excellent nod to Lawrence Shames. The characters finally feel completely developed. The wit was first rate. I just loved it!2015: On a re-read, the Callahan novels are still delightful, but are starting to feel formulaic.

    2. I picked this up for something to read because I remembered the original Callahan stories. It was a fun read that flowed along like those currents in the Florida ocean.It is a light hearted science fiction slash fantasy if that is your taste. There is no stress or strain and all the characters are entertaining. Give it a try.

    3. Saw Callahan's Con on the New Arrivals table during my last library trip & had to give it a try, hoping for something better than Callahan's Key or Callahan's Touch - both of which I've read, but can't remember which is which (or much else about them, other than a general feeling of disappointment, for that matter). Bad news - the swearing parrot is back. Worse news - there's now a talking Key Deer as well :rolleyes: As you may know, the group of misfits from NY state is now in Key West, and [...]

    4. The Callahan series continues to get less and less interesting. The book is not bad, per se, but I no longer feel like the Callahan crew is a group that I want to hang out with (some of whom are kind of out of the mainstream); rather it seems like a group of weirdoes who we are supposed to revere as superheroes, but whose actions no longer merit reverence. Many of the characters introduced in this book are flatly disrespectful to folks with speech problems: they're stooges for Spider Robinson to [...]

    5. A ridiculous but charming plot with the usual suspects and a few new ones. "Shared pain is lessened. Shared Joy is increased. Thus we refute entropy." -- Spider RobinsonAll of the stories touch on that motto/principle which is a key factor in their appeal for me. Robinson weaves multiple literary references with awful puns together with an odd ball assortment of incredible characters who exemplify diversity and community. The deus ex machina of most stories and the novels is the establishment of [...]

    6. The collected first 3 works about this world, The Callahan Chronicles, gave a good introduction to this unusual community of decidedly odd individuals. Although I missed some intervening books that I couldn't find in audio editions, that was not a barrier to getting into the swing of this later setting. The central character here is the regular participant, guitar player, and singer/songwriter from the bar scene of Callahan's,on Long Island, Jake, now the keeping a bar of his own, The Place, in [...]

    7. I've read at least a couple of the earlier books in the Callahan's Series -- collections of stories, as I recall. I obviously missed some key events between those and this novel, but the novel did a good job of allowing a reader so situated to catch up.The characters and their abilities are in many cases gloriously weird, but also three-dimensional and easy to care about. There's a nice change in (expansion of) perspective re one character. The plot is suspenseful throughout, but increasingly so [...]

    8. Humorous circumstances, wild solutions, imaginative aliens, and outrageous humor have always been the hallmark of Spider Robinson’s Callahan series. Much of that humor is the so-called “lowest form of humor” in that it often involves pun stacked upon pun. But since some of the characters critique or twist the “groaners,” the whole process seems clever and amusing. Callahan’s Con takes place a little over a decade after the quantum twisting of Callahan’s Key. In the latter adventure [...]

    9. I don't know where to start with this. It seems to be a mash-up of more than one genre. There's the Crazy Florida Genre that is currently championed by Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey, the Crazy Ass Mystery Genre I associate with Donald Westlake, the Poorly Thought-Out Time Travel Genre (all tv time-travel stories), and the Pointless Fantasy with Bad Puns that seems to be the bailiwick of Piers Anthony. It was all I could do to finish this so I could write about it.Well, it did get a bit better towa [...]

    10. Another adventure at The Place, Jake's bar in Key West, Florida. In this one organized crime finds Jake and the crew and tries to run a protection racket. Poor Tony Donuts Jr aka Little Nuts, he thinks it is as simple as walking into the bar and telling them he wants their money. In trying to extort them he 'kidnaps' Erin until her parents pay up. Jake of course goes to the rescue of his daughter, but clever Erin had a plan the entire time. A plan that involves a lot of time travel and supposed [...]

    11. I had pretty good fun with this one. It's a big story, all over the place. I really enjoyed the bits with Tony Donuts. I wasn't completely impressed with the interactions with Erin when she was two years old, because that leads to temporal gaps that can't easily be explained. For instance, if she's gone back in time to two years old, that means she was unsupervised for at least that much time back when she was two. This doesn't seem realistic. Then, a merman who lives at the bottom of the pool d [...]

    12. There is no such thing as a bad Callahan's book, but this one was less fun than the others.Spider just isn't very good at writing bad guys, so whenever he introduces a villain into a story it always tends to drag the story down.Then you add in the fact that whenever he forces the Callahan's crew to go out and interact with the real world they tend to come across as way out of their depth and a bit feeble. The constant mentions of if anyone knew what really happened at Callahans they'd all be dra [...]

    13. The biggest reason I almost didn't like this book is entirely the publisher's fault: Nowhere on the cover or the introduction there's any indication to be found that there's bloody ten books with these characters before this one.And, therefore, the way all the characters are so madly in love with each other just annoyed the piss out of me; Maybe if I'd read the books before, and seen these relationships develop, and learned to love the characters myself as they love each other, I would have felt [...]

    14. BIG FAT SPOILER WARNINGThis might be the one and only book of the series I had issues with. No really. I get it; the series had to end, Spider had to move on, shit was hitting the fan in his life and he wanted to put these folks to bed. But DAMNIT, WHY THE FUCK DID HE KILL DOC? And WHY **that** way. I mean, he twisted himself into pretzel shaped assholes to save Jake’s wife when logically SHE died, but then to off the one character I loved so deeply that when I read the end of this book I sobb [...]

    15. This book is really more like only 2 1/2 stars. Anyone who is just starting to read this series should start with Callahan's Crosstime Saloon and ride the series downhill like the rest of us did. Hoped for better especially considering that it is the last book in the series. Stuff that felt new at the beginning of the series has gotten old. The talking parrot was funny, the talking dog was entertaining, the talking deer is boring. The product placement has also become irritating. The story is se [...]

    16. I've seen a few reviews that note this is more of the same of the Callahan books, but I've only read one before now, a collection of very early short stories, maybe the first of the Cross-Time Saloon stories, and that was several years ago. So this was all new to me. I was able to follow it all, even though I've obviously missed a lot of the history of the characters. It was a fun read for me, though sometimes I felt like an outsider looking in, wondering about the books I've missed. This isn't [...]

    17. Damn you for making me cry that hard. It's been years since I read a Callahan novel. it was a safe haven for me in college and for years after. I've now given them to my teenagers and hope they understand. I found this last one that I hadn't read. In the last year I've buried 4 friends. In the year before that three more, and two in each of the previous years. Now I understand why I didn't read this book until now. It was now I needed it. Thank you.

    18. Personally, this was the funniest book of the series. I so rarely laugh out loud when reading, but this one had me giggling like mad!Hop on the bus folks, time to save the universe . . . again. As well as keep a 13 year old home and not taken away by a suspicious government.It sounds like an outlandish story, but believe me, Spider Robinson makes it work and seem believable.Beware of the puns thougheeeeeeeee

    19. Started and finished this on my drive to and from GenCon 2014. This one had at least one major plot hole in it, involving their daughter without giving anything away, it appears she knew where to go before she had ever been there before. Overall, like the previous one (Callahan's Key), if you are a fan of the series, you will want to read it for completeness (especially the sad ending), but new readers will be lost, and probably will not enjoy it.

    20. This book spent a lot of time explaining what has happened in previous books in the series, which is good, I suppose, as it's the first one I've picked up to read. However, the explanations of past adventures were boring, and left me with little desire to read the rest-- the characters were OK- almost realistic, relate-able and funny (but not quite). I'll probably give this series another chance maybe.

    21. I would have to say this was probably my least favorite of the Callahan series. It seemed to lack some of the charm that the other books had. It was still good but not my favorite. I debated between 3 & 4 stars but I don't think it had enough of what I love about the Callahan series for it to get a 4. 3.5 if I could I guess. I only wish Spider would decide to write more Callahan books but at this point I kind of doubt that he will.

    22. These short stories, all tied together with a common place/cast, make you feel like maybe human beings aren't such cruel animals after all. Opening the first several Callahan books feels like a refreshing visit with old friends. You know them, and their quirks, and that if they're involved with a situation they will do whatever they can to make it better. These are good people. The in last couple of books the formula gets a little bit stale, but they are still enjoyable.

    23. There's a decent short story in this, but it's padded with lots and lots of filler and side-references to older stories that seriously detract. It's reminiscent of a Heinlein novel--unfortunately that novel is The Number of the Beast, and bears the same self-indulgent flavor. Not recommended to anyone other than a Callahan's completist.

    24. I like all the Callahan books so that I also liked this one was not surprise. Robinson writes like a cross between Douglass Adams and Robert Heinlein. Very quick, entertaining, easy reads that are pure entertainment. (I've always wished I could pun; its one of the reasons I like these books. as a complete surprise that some people are annoyed by it).

    25. There are those who wonder why Spidey keeps writing the same thing over and over until it descends from a parody of itself unto mere drivel. [return]But we keep buying and reading them, cos the first ones were so good!

    26. Entertaining, overly-self-indulgent, quick-reading tale of the Key West Callahan crew. Plots come and go; tragedy strikes, but sticks (mostly) only once. Too lazily deus ex machina, but better than last time. Not for first-timers. Decent re-readability. Heinlein — on a bad day.

    27. I've had this on the shelf for a while and finally decided to read it when I needed something lighter to read. It's been a long time since I read any Callahan's stories, and I quite enjoyed the return to that universe.Maybe not the best Callahan's story, but it was a fun read.

    28. The gang at Callahan's needs to save the universe again -- this time it's THEIR own personal (collectively) universe.How to get a wannabe Wise Guy to leave them alone?Erin, again, instrumental in a solution. . .

    29. This was another Callahan novel, more cohesive than the early novels I have read previously. And quite melancholy. It's about someone dying. Sort of. And I think it does a good job of handling that in a somewhat humorous/satirical matter without making fun of it or being disrespectful.

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