Spun In this funny and touching novella bestselling author Catherine McKenzie returns to the story of Amber Sheppard It Girl and celebrity train wreck from McKenzie s reader favourite novel Spin Life ha

  • Title: Spun
  • Author: Catherine McKenzie
  • ISBN: 9780692025161
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this funny and touching novella, bestselling author Catherine McKenzie returns to the story of Amber Sheppard, It Girl and celebrity train wreck from McKenzie s reader favourite novel, Spin.Life has been rough for starlet Amber since leaving rehab She s been two years sober, but no one seems to believe her not the gossip media, not casting agents, and most certainlyIn this funny and touching novella, bestselling author Catherine McKenzie returns to the story of Amber Sheppard, It Girl and celebrity train wreck from McKenzie s reader favourite novel, Spin.Life has been rough for starlet Amber since leaving rehab She s been two years sober, but no one seems to believe her not the gossip media, not casting agents, and most certainly not her spotlight loving parents With her friendships ruined by betrayal and her career at a standstill, Amber s just trying to get her life back on track It doesn t help that her former love, movie star Connor Parks, keeps trying to draw Amber back in, not just to their relationship but to his hard partying ways One fateful night, Amber breaks down and agrees to join him on board his private jet as it readies for take off a decision that will change her life forever and expose her to a whole new level of scrutiny and heartbreak.

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    1 thought on “Spun”

    1. 4 1/2 StarsSpun is a novella, 2 hrs 47 mins (or 140 pgs), and is a spin-off of a previous book called “Spin”. I haven’t read Spin yet (but plan to now) and had no problem following this story. I wish all attached stories could manage to do this. Amber is a former child star struggling to get her life together. She is the classic tale of child star turned wastrel. She fell in love with a bad boy, has been in and out of rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, has a strained relationship with h [...]

    2. Opening Line: “This is how it starts. It’s the end of a long day, one of those craptastic ones you wish you could fast-forward past the bad parts…”Holy hell this was good! Not what I was expecting and full of surprises; it's a love story and a tragedy. Its little girl lost and I wish it had been longer. Spun is (unfortunately) only a novella but jeez what a story Catherine Mackenzie weaves in the pages provided.As a huge fan of Spin I was super excited to read this sequel which focuses o [...]

    3. I just love Catherine McKenzie! I have enjoyed all of her books! This is a short sequel to the novel Spin. Spin was the first book by Catherine Mckenzie I ever read. I loved it!! Spun is just as fabulous. Except it is too SHORT!!I love how the characters react to life’s inconsistencies. The emotions are so true to life. The reader just wants to help guide them along and keep them on the straight and narrow.Five out of five stars

    4. When Catherine McKenzie sent me an email asking if I would like to review her new novella Spun – a sorta-sequel to her smash-hit novel Spin (really, if you haven’t read it, I recommend you do ASAP because it is a very special novel) there was no answer but yes. Of course! The idea of being back in the Spin/Spun universe sounded fantastic! And I was quite intrigued to hear from Amber, who we met in Spin. It’s been a while since I read Spin, so my memories were a bit hazy, though I have sinc [...]

    5. Amber Sheppard has lived her life in the public eye since she became the "It Girl" following her smash television show The Girl Next Door when she was only fifteen years old. She became emancipated at age sixteen and involved with her co-star, Connor Parks. It didn't help that Conner was eight years older than Amber or that they had a toxic and enabling relationship. They were in love. For a while Amber was able to move on after her television show and made several movies. She was even nominated [...]

    6. The Good Stuff Enjoyed the scenes between Amber and Kate. They have a complicated but intriguing relationship The speech Henry gives at Connor's funeral was beautiful and honestFabulous insights about the paparazzi and the famous and wanting the rich and famous to fall hard I am so glad Catherine wrote this novella, as I wanted to know more about AmberRealistic character development. I was intrigued by Amber in Spin, but I fell in love with her in Spun Wickedly funny, yet heartfelt and honestDid [...]

    7. Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesSpun traces the backstory of Amber Sheppard who appeared in McKenzie’s novel Spin. I read Spin a couple of years ago so I confess that I started reading Spun with very little in way of pre-conceived story line. Spun is a quick paced novella with more action and dialogue than one could normally expect from a hundred odd pages and I love McKenzie’s writing so I was pleased that she could also pack so much into such a short format. Spun is both heart-breaking [...]

    8. I was sent this audiobook for free on behalf of the author, Catherine McKenzie, in return for an honest review. I’m actually very glad I had the opportunity to check this book out as it’s something I would never have discovered otherwise. I tend to be more of a horror fan or science/history geek, so this book was way outside of my usual genre.I found this book to be very entertaining and well-written. Since Spun is classified as a novella, it was a very quick listen. However, I really got th [...]

    9. I've been a fan of Catherine McKenzie's from her first book - Spin.Spin tells the tale of Katie, a woman desperate to get a job at the music magazine - The Line. What will she do to get that job? Sacrifice her own principles? Lie? Go to rehab to spy on celebrity 'it' girl Amber Sheppard and spill the details to the public? She does indeed head to rehab(my review) Spin is Katie's story, but McKenzie has just released Spun - a novella that catches up with Amber - and what happened after rehab Two [...]

    10. "Spun" is the novella sequel to Catherine McKenzie's "Spin." This book focuses on Amber, the starlet that Katie meets in rehab in "Spin" and is told from Amber's perspective. This is definitely a book that you will appreciate more if you read the first book first. In the first book, you really get to know the characters whereas this book just jumps right in. I really enjoyed the first book so I was excited to read this book. I was definitely not disappointed.The first book was told from Katie's [...]

    11. Catherine McKenzie does it again! She had me not wanting to put this novella down. I read it pretty much in one sitting. I have been a fan of Catherine's work since her first novel came out, which I read in the spring of 2010, a few short months after it was released. I've read all of Catherine's work, and thoroughly enjoyed every single novel & now novella, that Catherine has written. I was thrilled when I received an advanced reader's copy of Spun to read & review. Spun is a sequel to [...]

    12. In the many months since her stint in rehab, actress Amber Sheppard has not had things easy. She's kept clean but none of that seems to matter. The paparazzi are always watching, waiting for her to fall back into her old ways. Even the casting agents doubt her. And then there's Connor Parks. After all they've been through - all the ups and downs, the fights, the breakups, the make ups - Amber just can't let him go. And so, after months of pleading via email and text, Amber breaks down and agrees [...]

    13. Spun by Catherine McKenzie is a fabulous novella that packs the same punch as a full length novel. It’s a sequel of sorts, to the novel Spin, but the point of view switches from Katie to Amber.Several years have passed and Amber has managed, for the most part, to stay clean. But she’s been reduced to starring in perfume commercials and working with pretentious directors who don’t realize that she’s actually smarter than they are. Meanwhile, the paparazzi are still after Amber and her par [...]

    14. let me start off by saying, I'm moving in 3 days and I had no business blowing an entire day (that I could have been packing everything I own) reading this book, but but but -- I couldn't put it down, it was too good! So, yeah, I read this book over the course of 1 day (couldn't put it down) Start to finish the fastest book I've ever read. Also, if I'm not mistaken, the shortest book Catherine McKenzie's ever published (but I'm not complaining - I just always want more) This book is very VERY ex [...]

    15. 4.5 Stars!Oh this is just the kind of book I like - full of snark and sarcasm! This is a short Novella sequel to "Spin". I did not get a chance to read that one- BUT NOW I HAVE TO! I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would. It was very chick-lit-ish, which I love. It didn't take me long to devour this little gem.This story very much reminded me of the "LA Candy series" by Lauren Conrad - and I loved that series! I love reading about rich girls that act like brats, LOL. So unlike my ow [...]

    16. Life is rough for child star Amber Sheppard. As a six year old she told her mom she wanted to be in movies and she moved Heaven and hell to make it happen. As a teen she had a crush on a co-actor Connor pretending he was a sixteen year kid when he was really twenty-five when he played her boyfriend on a television sitcom. Then, it was the start of her down fall as he introduced to drugs and alcohol. Now sober and clean for two years after countless rehabs, she just wants the world to give her a [...]

    17. In this follow-up novella to McKenzie’s sensational 2012 hit Spin, IT girl Amber Sheppard is two years sober and trying her best to get her life together. No one is buying her sobriety story despite it being for real this time. Even the gossip magazines are sabotaging her recovery by publishing damaging photos taken at the most inopportune times. When the love of her life, Connor Parks, tempts her to dip back into the partying pool, Amber must decide what price she is willing to pay to risk it [...]

    18. I couldn't love this more! This story doesn't take place right after Spin left off, so there is a bit more story to tell other than the previous book from another perspective. Things change and life goes on, but does history repeat itself for Amber? How does she do outside of rehab? What happens to Camber (the cutesty name for her relationship with Connor Parks) and where does her career lead to? I am not usually a fan of novellas because I feel like if they are good, I want more in terms of sto [...]

    19. I really liked Spin. In fact, I couldn't wait to read more. The Spun comes out, this lil novella. I thought it would be about Kate, but it wasn't. This time you got a glimpse into the life of a celebrity. And not just any celebrity either. One that has lots to prove and the world to prove it to. Kudos to Amber for getting the point across and to Catherine for the short, yet, powerful story. The only sad part for me was the ending. I really hope another story comes from this. Give us more about O [...]

    20. Nothing is better than finishing reading a great book and then getting to immediately revisit them again in another book or novella, as it is in this case! I finished reading Spin in nearly one sitting and then was able to grab Spun and get right back there with the characters I loved! What a great follow up. Sometimes follow ups can be a disappointment, but in this case it was a huge HIT!!! McKenzie has a way of forcing the reader to become invested and attached to her characters because she fl [...]

    21. Spun, a touching novella, is the sequel to the novel, Spin. In Spin, we meet Amber, a famous actress, when she's in rehab, after a long downward spiral of drugs and alcohol. Spun follows up with Amber 2 years later, still sober, and still trying to get her personal and professional life on track. When a tragedy occurs, Amber once again finds herself in an unwanted spotlight of paparazzi and rumors. This story is told with humor as well as heart. A very satisfying follow-up to the full-length nov [...]

    22. I really like Spin and immediately followed it up with Spun. This is told from Amber’s POV. She’s a young starlet that took the wrong path as an adult. She finally has a better grip on life and is trying to move on and keep her career going. She’s been sober for a couple of years but no one believes her. I like that they Spun off to tell Amber’s story. I wish it wasn’t just a novella. Her story felt incomplete and definitely felt a little rushed compared to Katie story in Spin. I enjoy [...]

    23. I received Spun through first reads in exchange for an honest review. This is just the kind of book I love! It is full of snark and sarcasm but it's just too short. This is a short Novell sequel to pain which I didn't read but absolutely have to read now. I enjoyed this book way more than I thought I would and it was a super quick read. I really love the story line and the characters. It's fun and sad at the same time but has amazing character development.

    24. I read the book too quickly because it was a "Goodread". Seriously though, I loved the fact that part two was all about Amber. In Spin we just knew her as the out of control celebrity and nothing more. Spun gave you a reason as to why she was who she was and of course Connor played an important roll. I'm hoping that there might be a trilogy? Perhaps a story based on Connors life?

    25. A fabulous follow-up to SPIN that also works as a stand-alone. The storyline was gloriously unexpected with a huge twist at the end of the first chapter. I loved rooting for Amber in her struggle to balance celebrity and sobriety with life. And the ending is perfect.

    26. Loved it. super fun page turner. Amber is recovering and life isn't all that grand at the moment I especially enjoyed the ending. recommended read if you like Catherine's other books. Any "Spin" fans will not be disappointed. We even get to meet up with Kate and Henry again :0)

    27. I got this book as a First Read. I enjoyed this book and revisiting the characters from Spin. I thought it was a really good story, however I felt that it ended rather abruptly. Would have liked more resolution

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