राग दरबारी

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  • Title: राग दरबारी
  • Author: Shrilal Shukla
  • ISBN: 9788126713967
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Free Read [Humor and Comedy Book] ☆ राग दरबारी - by Shrilal Shukla ã
      471 Shrilal Shukla
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Humor and Comedy Book] ☆ राग दरबारी - by Shrilal Shukla ã
      Posted by:Shrilal Shukla
      Published :2018-05-06T06:49:25+00:00

    1 thought on “राग दरबारी”

    1. Shrilal Shukla's masterpiece Raag Darbari is a representative novel of the rapidly changing (or degrading) values & ethos in India's rural heartland post independence. Ranganath, a research scholar looking for some recuperation and tired of banalities in urban life, arrives in a village called Shivpalganz. Once there, he comes across Vaidyaji, a distant relation & the village tout. Vaidyaji literally rules over the village, with two of his sons acting as his henchmen & most of his cr [...]

    2. Do check out the full book review on our blog Rag Darbari by Shrilal Shukla - Book reviewShrilal Shukla is known as one of the prominent Hindi authors. The first time I have read Shrilal Shukla’s work is in my school’s Hindi syllabus. It also had mentioned of Raag Darbari, since then I wanted to read this book.This story is set in the village Shivpalganj, Uttar Pradesh; the period is of post-independence. The villager called themselves ‘Ganjha’ referring their village name.Rangnath, who [...]

    3. If i were marooned on a god-forsaken island with just one book, this is the one i'd wish to have. Hilarious, sarcastic and intense, it has the same charm even if you read it for the n-th time. The modern day "shining" India, depicted through a village in a most natural manner make it one of the best satires you'll ever come across. The book is full of conversations reading which you'd be compelled to pause for a while and have a laugh. A must read.

    4. एक अनोखी शैली है शुक्ल साहब की। शिवपालगंज सही में एक गाँव है या नहीं, मेरे लिए कहना मुश्किल होगा। श्रीमान नारायण के मालगुडी की तरह ये क़स्बा भी अपने आप में अनूठा ही है। परन्तु हर समय लगातार एक एह [...]

    5. Set in rural India post independence, the focus is on the political agitations in the village society.Every couple of pages have that sarcastic punch on the government and system, which will have you rolling. And the fun (actually sad!) part is all of the sarcastic pokes still holds true after 50 years when it was first published.Easy flowing Hindi topped with some Avadhi dialect conversations making it humorous throughout.I love books which have intelligent chapter titles. This one is devoid of [...]

    6. क्या कहें ? खुद को अन्दर से बाहर तक पूरा खुला हुआ महसूस कर के कैसा लगता है ? जैसा लगता है- बस वैसा ही लग रहा है | बहुत समय तक, बल्कि और साफ़-साफ़ बोलूं तो राग दरबारी को पढने से पहले तक मेरा ये मन्ना था कि [...]

    7. अगर किसी किताब ने आपको आरम्भ से लेकर अंत तक हसाया है, गुदगुदाया है, तमाचा मारा है, आँखें खोली है, यथार्थ दिखलाया है तो वो राग दरबारी ही है. जी हाँ, आपको इन सारी चीज़ों के लिए कई सारी पुसतकें पढनी नही [...]

    8. Raag Darbari is a lesson in cynicism. It is a heavy satire on the so called intellectuals of modern India and although the book was written in '68, it remains relevant and contemporary till date.Read it for stark dark humor.

    9. किताब में हमारी 'सोने की चिड़िया' को तबियत से झाड़ लगायी गयी है. बड़े दिनों से अंग्रेजी के लूले, भोथरे व्यंग्य पढ़ पढ़ कर मेरा सेन्स ऑफ़ ह्यूमर भी घास चरने निकल गया था. बचपन में पढे हुए तीखे व्यंग्यों क [...]

    10. One of the best books i have ever read. Awesome satire and comical book. Everyone who is interested in knowing how our great country actually runs must read it.

    11. वैसे तो 'राग दरबारी' का प्रकाशन 1968 में हुआ था। यानी आज से लगभग 50 साल पहले। लेकिन इस किताब को पढ़ने के बाद आपको कहीं से भी यह नहीं लग सकता कि इसमें इतने पुराने दिनों की बात हो रही है। शिवपालगंज को कही [...]

    12. It takes great skill to pull off satire in the midst of corruption and decadence. Rag Darbari manages to do just that and the medium of Hindi is one of the main reason behind that achievement.Set in the small fiction town of Shivpalganj, the novel moves through different aspects of corruption, gullibility and bullheadedness found in the rural folks. Shukla comically highlights the bureaucratic sclerosis in the provincial establishment and the emergence of local satraps in small towns who oscilla [...]

    13. हिंदी के कालजयी उपन्यास राग दरबारी के बारे में मैंने किसी भी साहित्यिक पत्रिका या चर्चा से अधिक गैर साहित्यिक लोगों से जाना| जब २८ अक्टूबर २०११ में उपन्यासकार श्रीलाल शुक्ल की मृत्यु हुई, तब [...]

    14. Indian democratic moment was of huge celebration in theory: a largely poor and unlettered society marching on a leap of faith by introducing universal adult franchise. And after 70 years it will not be an exaggeration to say that India has built itself robust democratic institutions. But is this success only a superficial one hiding beneath a depressing story? That is the question Raag Darbari explores; and in what ruthless, take-no-prisoners style. Rangnath, an educated youth, with grand ideali [...]

    15. "My way of joking is to tell the truth. It's the funniest joke in the world." said G.B. Shaw. And this book does a complete justice to what he said. Different from fiction that talks about allusions and hints, I like the way facts or reality is a common place in this book; however shitty it might be. This makes it humorous. Shukla captures those moments in any setting, that no one talks about, and mentions it with negligible verbiage and or floweriness. He can be compared to the comedian who wou [...]

    16. Raag Darbari (राग दरबारी) is a novel so cynical and brutally realistic in its outlook that any other work of fiction appears as an ideological dream sequence. It is one of the saddest tale ever told - the story of India after independence. No, not the partition, but the story of its moral, social, political and intellectual corruption. True to reality, all the people who are even marginally honest and fighting for justice are thoroughly lampooned in the novel by other character [...]

    17. Outstanding.Brilliant.Haven't read a better satire.Not a single line of the novel could be skipped.Each sentence is filled with wit and aphorism. Humour is so subtle and finely woven in the fabric of the story that you keep chuckling to yourself throughout while marvelling at the imagination of the author. First paragraph of the book describing a truck parked by the roadside sets the tone of the novel.Thereafter, it's a hilarious journey through the rural landscape of Shivpalganj where "Ganjhas" [...]

    18. A must read book for Hindi readers who like politics.प्रेमचंद जी की कहानियों, उपन्यासों में ग्राम्य जीवन का सजीव वर्णन है लेकिन वो वर्णन मात्र उनके जीवन, कृषि जैसे पक्ष पर आधारित है। राग दरबारी ग्राम्य जीवन के अन्य अनछुए पहल [...]

    19. Highly nuanced even though the style is a classic satire. Witty one liners and references to leaders like Nehru, Panth like they were just their to be read in the newspapers or to be heard on the radio can cover the book in sepia. Leaves the taste of raw mango pickle that most of us sourced from our dear Grandparents tinged with their wisdom and humor. Part social commentary and part piece of literature this is a book rolled many things into one.Glad I picked this one.

    20. A huge number of people consider Raag Darbari to be the funniest book they have read. This book has given me more chuckles than any other work of literature or movie. Srilal Shukla was a bureaucrat, and this book is a product of his life experiences as well as many stories he exchanged with his colleagues. He managed to put it together in an amazing narrative, which is funny, satirical, without sounding facetious or bitter.

    21. ೧೯೭೧ರಲ್ಲಿ ಪ್ರಕಟವಾದರೂ ಇದರ ವ್ಯಂಗ್ಯ ಇನ್ನೂ ತೀಕ್ಷ್ಣ ವಾಗಿದೆ ಎಂದರೆ ಅದಕ್ಕೆ ಕಾರಣ ವ್ಯವಸ್ಥೆ ಹಾಗೇ ಇರುವುದು

    22. when I started reading this book, I thought that the writer was cynical about village society. that's why there were such Harsh satires. but slowly after continuing the book I realise that the writer tries to bring the reality rather than romanticising about living in villages of India. it is an unusual novel where you will see reality and its bare truth. it is not a story about any person or place but a collective understanding of writer about failure of executing the plans at ground level and [...]

    23. पात्र 1. रंगनाथ (शहर से आया नौजवान, वैद्य जी इसके मामा लगते हैं)2. रुप्पन बाबू (वैद्य जी के छोटे पुत्र)3. वैद्य जी4. बद्री पहलवान (वैद्य जी के बड़े पुत्र)5. छोटे पहलवान6. सनीचर7. बेला (गायदीन की पुत्री)पला [...]

    24. This book almost felled me. And induced an annoying-ass reading slump. It only took me three months to finish this tale of venal power-broking. Like someone told me, the "aroma" of North India envelops you as you read this book. A little too strong, this aroma, for me. 🤔 In large part, this flavor was imparted by the nature of the English translation, which reminds me of something Ken Liu said about his translation of Cixin Liu's Three Body Problem: "The English words are arranged in such a w [...]

    25. One of the landmark novels of Hindi literature, Raag Darbari by Shrilal Shukl, is a must read for lovers of Hindi fiction. Published in 1968, it is a sarcastic take on the Indian societal and political system. Quite interestingly, the narrative of this timeless classic still holds good in the current scenario.

    26. The book makes you self introspect and realize your helplessness in the context of the way things work in India. As the Author has himself quoted an old review of the book in the preface "Apathit rah jani his iski niyati hai." A must read for every Indian, who can read Hindi.P.S. If you like the "The White Tiger" by Mr. Arvind Adiga, you are definitely gonna love this book.

    27. This is a masterpiece of hindi satire. ShuklaJi has seen government functioning and rural life from very close and is able to stitch them together in most satirical way in brilliant Hindi. However, it felt a bit repetitive and longish.

    28. एक बारात से देर रात लौटते वक्त चर्चा के दौरान मुझे पता चला कि बहुत सी अच्छी किताबो में जो मैंने अब तक नही पढ़ी है उनमें श्री लाल शुक्ल की राग दरबारी भी है। वैसे सुन तो बहुत रखा था इस किताब के बारे [...]

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