Baby-Sitters Club

Baby Sitters Club None

  • Title: Baby-Sitters Club
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780836816631
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Boxed Set
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    • Free Read [Science Book] ✓ Baby-Sitters Club - by Ann M. Martin ✓
      348 Ann M. Martin
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Science Book] ✓ Baby-Sitters Club - by Ann M. Martin ✓
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    1 thought on “Baby-Sitters Club”

    1. I loved these books as a teenager. I think they were some of the only books that I read. I think that they are great for teenage girls because they can really relate to story line and the situations that occur in the story.This series is about a group of middle school students that create a club called the baby sitters club. This club helps parents in there small town find babysitters for there children. The club started with four founding members and grew to ten members. Each member brought the [...]

    2. I used to LOVE these books when I was in grammer school. Me and my friends used to all be in the fan club!! I had every thing that was BSC! We even tried to become a baby sitters club. Brings back some good innocent memories!!! But as I attempt to read these as an adult I cant help but Laugh out Loud at how I thought these were like the best books in the world at that time! The fact that these were some of the books that would jump start me (an 11 year old girl at that time) to begin my what wou [...]

    3. This rating is from myself as a teen. I loved the books growing up. Now young teens want to go to HogwartsI wanted to join the BSC.It was these books that introduced me to my love of reading. For that fact alone it got five stars.

    4. I devoured every Babysitters Club book in print definite brain candy in elementary school. Looking back on the books, they're pretty awful in terms of norming. Needless to say, I didn't give a rat's ass about that in 4th grade. Sweet obliviousness.

    5. I used to love reading this series as a kid. These books weren't brand new because, they seemed like they came out in the 80s so they were kind of old for me to read but I still loved them. I think it was the first chapter book I read.

    6. I know I read every single Babysitter's Club book possible during my Middle School years. I really liked them at the time and even remember relating most to the Christy character. I always thought it would be cool to set up a club too.

    7. I think these were about the only books I read from the time I was in 2nd grade until 5th grade makes me sad that I didn't expand my reading more back then, but boy, did my friends and I have loads of fun reading them!

    8. WowI loved these books. We even made laminated BSC cards for my group of friends. Both my mom and I remember me BEGGING her to take me to the mall -- not to hang out with friends, not to shops for new jeans to tight-roll, but for the new book that came out in this series :)

    9. I have actually not read the entire set but i have read a lot of these books. I really like them and if you are looking for some light reading,I highly suggest reading one. They are usually available at the library or yard sales.

    10. I think I read every single one of these when I was younger. I can still remember each character in the series quite vividly. Ann M. Martin is a wonderful children's author and I'm so glad to see she's writing again.

    11. I LOVED these books--from about 2nd grade untilI don't know when I stopped reading them, but I know I DEVOURED them. I knew I was getting too old for them when I could get through them in a hour or two ;-)

    12. I read the entire series when I was younger & absolutely love it. I hope my daughter will enjoy them someday.

    13. i could read two or three of these in a day when i was growing up, fun, helpful, and nice to have something all about girls in a house full of boys

    14. I read every single one of these books as a child. It was what got me into reading back then. And I'm so thankful for that!

    15. Keep in mind, I'm rating this from the point-of-view of my 12-year-old self who was obsessed with these books.

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