Blood Sky at Night

Blood Sky at Night Ceylon The British Empire tightens its grip on the world Attempting to deal with questions of race and identity Maliha Anderson is faced with a murder that brings her face to face with her past A

  • Title: Blood Sky at Night
  • Author: Steve Turnbull
  • ISBN: 9780953488674
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1908 Ceylon The British Empire tightens its grip on the world Attempting to deal with questions of race and identity Maliha Anderson is faced with a murder that brings her face to face with her past And it s a murder that s interwoven with international politics, that even she may not be able to solve.

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    1 thought on “Blood Sky at Night”

    1. This second short novel is a well done continuation of the series of Maliha in India in a steampunk alternate British Empire. It is a third to half as long as an average length fiction book.For me the world comes to life as I am reading the story. I visualize the alternate past Ceylon with airships, steam and voidcraft. Traveling through the streets makes me smell the spices and mud. Maliha is the perfect heroine. She is strong of mind, while not super human physically. She knows when she is mov [...]

    2. I enjoyed reading the first Maliha Anderson novella, Murder Out Of The Blue, way back in November 2014 so I was pleased at how easy I found it to slip back into Steve Turnbull's invented reality for Blood Sky At Night. Set in Edwardian era Ceylon, Maliha's second mystery is the disappearance of one Mary Carnforth. Mary, like Maliha, is a former Roedean School student, but now her position as teacher to Bali princess Ngurah seems to have led her into trouble.I liked Turnbull's scene setting and d [...]

    3. This instalment of the Maliha Anderson series wasn't as shocking as the first book, instead it was a sort of spy, mystery, thriller, with a little thievery thrown into the mix. I really liked this story, even though it's not something I would normally read, but the writing is so well done, with very little in the way of errors that I found it very enjoyable.

    4. Kindle Unlimited, writer of several sets sets ku, when sold separate may not be. Serialized type would say and a bit steam punk and mystery adventure.Maliha Anderson, Books 1-3Harry Takes Off: Books 1 - 3 Frozen Beauty: Books 1 - 3The Faraday Cage different writers, more like small anthology from voidships universeElona (Patterner's Path Book 1) different than the above, probably due a couple more installments too, more sci fi less steampunk than others}

    5. Apparently I am supposed to disclaim that I recieved this book as part of the Giveaway, but I am not recieving any compensation for this review.I did enjoy this book. It employs a non-tradional setting for the usual Steampunk Genre: India. I wish it had been longer though, it was a very brief read at only 100 pages. But despite thate I did not feel as though there were missing pieces or that it was rushed, but there was certainly opportunity to expound upon. Frequently what most authors would t [...]

    6. So, this book was interesting. The main character, Maliha, reminded me of a modernized, albeit 1900s, female Sherlock Holmes. The only complaint I have of her character or of the third person narration is that there is no explanation for how she solves the crime/mystery. We as readers are completely left to our conjecture. And the third person narrative sticks closely to specific characters leaving the reader somewhat disassociated from the world. And I'm not a mystery person so I'd have preferr [...]

    7. Apparently an easy, simple murder story. In fact more complicated than it seems. Nice story, but told a bit too fast. Most things which happen are not expected, due to not enough information shared with the reader. Of course, the reader doesn't have to know everything, but in this case it feels a bit chaotic. The connection between the events is not always clear, not even after you've finished the book. This makes the book shorter and more difficult than it should be. A pity, because I really li [...]

    8. Another well written book by the author. His character, Maliha Anderson, is intelligent, strong, and interesting. The murder is gruesome, which isn't telling any secrets, I believe, but should be mentioned. But the murder is just the beginning. This story has depth, interesting characters (I hope we see Mr. Crier in future stories! I like him very much), and the steampunk setting is well done. I enjoyed this one as much as the first, and intend to keep reading sequels as they come out.I was give [...]

    9. 3.5, perhaps.Another very good story about Maliha Anderson. Perhaps a bit light on the world building, but Mr. Turnbull (rightly) prefers to spend his space on characters, their development, and his plot. I felt that there was some over-all arc material missing between the two stories, but perhaps that is coming in a later story. I will certainly continue with the series.

    10. Great mystery which kept me guessing as to where author was going. Characters were believable and story was well crafted. Mystery fan give this one a try and you will definitely be reading more from Turnbull.

    11. I really enjoy these books. They are short and I'm sad to about to read the last one, at-least that is written so far. I hope he continues to write the series and with longer stories :)

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