MINDFULNESS ATENCI N PLENA Psicolog a y Autoayuda Este libro si lo pones a prueba tiene el potencial de transformar de forma fundamental tu experiencia de vida Si alguna vez has deseado detener el parloteo de tu mente concentrarte con mayor facili

  • Title: MINDFULNESS ATENCIÓN PLENA (Psicología y Autoayuda)
  • Author: Andy Puddicombe Andrés Guijarro Araque
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Este libro, si lo pones a prueba, tiene el potencial de transformar de forma fundamental tu experiencia de vida Si alguna vez has deseado detener el parloteo de tu mente, concentrarte con mayor facilidad, experimentar una mayor sensaci n de calma y de bienestar, o simplemente poder dormir por la noche, entonces es tiempo de ampliar tu espacio mental Esto es meditaci n, pEste libro, si lo pones a prueba, tiene el potencial de transformar de forma fundamental tu experiencia de vida Si alguna vez has deseado detener el parloteo de tu mente, concentrarte con mayor facilidad, experimentar una mayor sensaci n de calma y de bienestar, o simplemente poder dormir por la noche, entonces es tiempo de ampliar tu espacio mental Esto es meditaci n, pero no como la conoc as hasta ahora Aqu no tienes que recitar nada, ni sentarte con las piernas cruzadas, ni hay ninguna creencia en particular Y lo que es m s, esta t cnica tan f cil de aprender te supone nicamente 10 minutos al d a, proporcion ndote resultados que pueden cambiar tu vida.

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      159 Andy Puddicombe Andrés Guijarro Araque
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    1. Several years ago I suspended my cynicism, switched off my mobile phone and went on a two-day meditation course. After an awkward forty-eight hours of chanting, bell ringing and deathly silences I was sent home with a personal mantra and a recommendation to practice ‘doing it’ for thirty minutes twice a day. Guess what happened? I didn’t do it. Every time I sat down, hoping to find calm, I ended up compiling mental to-do lists. When the time was up I’d leap out of the chair feeling frant [...]

    2. Wow. I sort of cannot believe how much I liked this book. I have never been good at quieting my mind and that was BEFORE having kids. And since? It is so noisy- I want a break from my thoughts. Enter this book. I think I read somewhere that meditation is a gym membership for the mind. It's true, guys! I have downloaded the Headspace app and I LOVE it. It is perfect for a beginner like me b/c the app uses guided meditation. All it requires is ten minutes of your time a day. And after that ten min [...]

    3. My exploration into meditation continues. I started on February 5th when I wrote the post Learning To Meditate. Since then, I've been practicing every day, read a few books on meditation, talked to a lot of people about it, and explored several iPhone / web apps.The impact on me has been awesome.After talking to Jerry Colonna for a few hours about meditation on the snowy Sunday after I started, he recommended I take a look at Headspace. I signed up that night and started doing the Take10 meditat [...]

    4. Mi sono avvicinato titubante alla lettura di questo libro, temendo fosse basato su spicci concetti new-age, ma ho voluto fidarmi dell'autore — "conosciuto" grazie al programma Headspace — e credo di aver fatto davvero bene.Questo non è un libro sulla meditazione: è IL libro sulla meditazione; se dovessi consigliare ad una persona interessata a tale pratica una lettura introduttiva, sicuramente farei il nome di questo volume. Lo stile è estremamente lineare e piacevole, si ha la sensazione [...]

    5. Beginners Only!!This book contains very basic information on mindfulness and meditation. If you are a beginner or have been having trouble following a practice, this may contain the guidance you need. I was a little upset about the blatant commercialism of this book. The use of cute copyrighted terms like "headspace©" and "Take10©" turned me off. The book also repeatedly references the author's website where very little information is available without registering. It looked and smelled like a [...]

    6. Wonderful stuff. Everyone should listen to this guy. Mindfulness makes so much sense. I downloaded the app after GR friend Elizabeth spoke so highly of the book. After the 10 minutes of guided meditation a day, your mind feels nice and relaxed.Highly recommend.5 out of 5 stars.

    7. I found this book very entertaining, but I had two problems with it. One problem was that in listening to the vast amounts of meditation practice that Andy Puddicombe has undergone (he has stayed in many monasteries for a year or so where 18 days practice is common), I could not help but wonder how I was supposed to get to the same place as him in 10 minutes a day. I tend to meditate with dogs and a cat jumping on and off my lap, the cat, which is not a particularly cuddly cat, becomes a cuddly [...]

    8. I wasn't surprised that I loved this book, because I loved Andy's TED talk and have recently started using the Headspace website to learn to meditate. I decided to pick up this book to learn more about the approach to meditation and how to integrate mindfulness in my daily life.The book really hit those topics without being overly clinical (it even managed to make me laugh a couple times). I especially recommend it for beginners to meditation who are unsure that they have the time or patience to [...]

    9. It is the best book about meditation I've read so far. It has lots of practical examples and advice, great analogies and is written in the easy to digest way. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in meditation and mindfulness.

    10. Another meditation book that reeks of practicality. Only issue is the preaching to the choir first 3/4's of the book. If you pick a book up on meditation, obviously you understand its benefits.

    11. An amazing introduction and step-to-step guide to mindfulness and meditation.After having read The Power of Now (by Eckhart Tolle) I really felt inspired to get more into spirituality and meditation, however that book lacked an extensive how to guide. Then I found the Headspace app (also by Andy Puddicombe) with guided meditation sessions which really helped me get into meditation and mindfulness. I read "Get some Headspace" on the side which helped me improve my meditation even better!You don't [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book for free through First Reads.3 stars.I enjoyed this book, and it provides good information to help you start a meditation practice (and a very simple practice, at that). There is also lots of information and encouragement related to how mindfulness goes beyond the meditation itself and is far from being isolated only to that 10 minutes set aside for "formal" practice.I'd definitely recommend this book for anyone looking to incorporate meditation in a very practica [...]

    13. Listened to audiobook narrated by the author. His personal stories were entertaining. I liked his simple method of beginning with "Take Ten" which is 10 minutes a day of a simple technique. I found his explanation helpful. He went into more specifics on such things as mindfulness and meditation with eating, going to sleep, walking, and running. There was more information there than I cared to listen to, but I think it would be good for those looking for technique or guidance in those specific ar [...]

    14. I have struggled with a meditation discipline for years. I've been a long-time yoga practitioner (even that phrase sounds silly) since college, but meditation (or at least the commitment to practice it) has eluded me, and as an anxious person, i'm someone who NEEDS meditation the most. I've done workshops, and classes, and read a book or two, but as with most things, without the practice, it's pretty pointless. So here comes the Headspace app that is recommended to me from a few different source [...]

    15. This book is incredible, after practicing meditation for just a couple of days I began to see the benefits of mindfulness in every day life. This book is great for anyone who wants to just create more headspace through the practice of meditation. It's a great book for people looking to get into meditation but just don't know where to start. Another part of the book that i really enjoyed was how he incorporated his life with the stories and practices in the book, and the author can make you feel [...]

    16. First off, I should say I was a Headspace user for over two years before reading this book. I believe this is VERY important in this context as a number of the points in the book I was familiar with in great detail before even looking at the cover.Therefore, while if you're a Headspace user or someone who has been practicing meditation for some time, you will be unlikely to take away a great deal, I still think you will enjoy the book. Learning about Andy's background was incredibly interesting, [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book as I found it very interesting to read about mindfulness and meditation. I got this from the library as I wanted to read about the author who heads up Headspace, and to see where he was coming from. There are some very amusing stories about the author meditation journey in here which actually helps to understand mindfulness/meditation. I have been participating in the Headspace meditation for a few months and would have found this book more helpful before I started.

    18. Loved this book, has a lot of useful techniques to use during meditation. It had made me look at meditation from a different perspective, who knew you could meditate while walking or eating? It's amazing! I even tried the online headspace meditation website, it has got some useful resources to really helps you get into the meditation, I find that mans voice very soothing. This is a great book for anyone who wants to look at meditation differently.

    19. A good guide for the layperson interested in practicing mindfulness, especially in an age where it has become even more essential to see the 'blue sky' behind the seemingly constant clouds. For the esoteric-averse, you won't find any 'mumbo-jumbo' here. Just practical ways to realising a more spacious way of being. But the road is long, make no mistake.

    20. I won this book in a giveaway. I gave it my best but just could not get into it at all. It is extremely rare that I do not finish a book that I have started but at 100 pages in I can't go any further. I am going to try and pick it up again some other time and finish it. The title was so interesting and the book certainly does not mirror it.

    21. Meh. I didn't get a lot out of this book Meditation isn't so complicated that I need someone to explain it to me is such detail. Heather -- If you want to get in to meditating, you might try some audiobooks that have guided meditations in them. Jack Kornfield's Meditation for Beginners is a good place to start.

    22. Did not alway enjoy the voice or style of the writer. Beyond that, a good primer to mindfulness and meditation.

    23. The Lack of CommitmentI will tell you a story of why I decided to COMMIT to meditation. Before November 2015, I would simply dabble in meditation. Sometimes doing 6-7 days in a row of meditation, then not having the desire to continue, and then resume a few weeks or months later. Meditation has always been on that 'should do because it's good for you' list, just like going to the gym, eating healthy, and saving money. Yet, there just wasn't a DESIRE to commit to doing it every day.The Cute Manag [...]

    24. I started using Headspace to meditate 10 minutes a day about 3 months ago, to help with the terrible postpartum anxiety I've been experiencing. I've been surprised at my ability to stick with this new habit, and at the relief I've felt from the anxiety and insomnia. I have only missed about 5 days of meditation in three months! I was therefore excited to find the Headspace audiobook as a free offering through my library's Hoopla service. This book fills in some of the gaps left by the app on the [...]

    25. I was surprised to enjoy this book as much as I did. Despite it's strong link to the application which came before it (and despite it including several reminders to download the app within it), the story of Andy's discovery of meditation offers a very useful backbone to mindfulness practice if one follows the sessions in the app. Even without the app, one learns simple ways to meditate for ten minutes in the day and leaves convinced of its benefits (and as someone who has drunk the Kool-Aid, I c [...]

    26. I really liked this book. I had already started meditating using the website and app, but it was nice to read some more background information about meditation and mindfulness. What I especially liked about this book were the stories from Andy's days in several monasteries and cases from the clinic in combination with the meditation instructions and scientific research. This made the book a nice and easy read.

    27. I have tried to work through several books of this type previously with only limited success.However this book was down to earth and Andy does not try and surreptitiously foist a religion onto you while you learn mindfulness. He explains real life experiences and case histories with the same clarity and approachability.I am now meditating regularly and also using the Headspace app.I have given the book 4 stars rather than 5 because I think certain sections could have been amplified a little howe [...]

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