Bug on a Bike

Bug on a Bike Are we there yet The Bug on the Bike isn t saying He just started riding his bike one day and invited his friends from the athletic pickle to a surprisingly agile nickel to follow behind him Nobody kn

  • Title: Bug on a Bike
  • Author: Chris Monroe
  • ISBN: 9781467721547
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Are we there yet The Bug on the Bike isn t saying He just started riding his bike one day and invited his friends from the athletic pickle to a surprisingly agile nickel to follow behind him Nobody knows where they re headed, but it s a long, strange trip everyone is happy to take Chris Monroe, creator of the Monkey with a Tool Belt series, brings her characteristicAre we there yet The Bug on the Bike isn t saying He just started riding his bike one day and invited his friends from the athletic pickle to a surprisingly agile nickel to follow behind him Nobody knows where they re headed, but it s a long, strange trip everyone is happy to take Chris Monroe, creator of the Monkey with a Tool Belt series, brings her characteristic love of silly details to this rhyming read aloud romp.

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    1 thought on “Bug on a Bike”

    1. The cover is adorable, but unfortunately, Bug on a Bike didn't live up to my expectations. The bug's "friends" are rather random -- everything from a pickle to a nickel, from a frog to a whole herd of cows -- and a strange enough assortment that it hindered my appreciation of the story. And while I appreciate quirky illustrations, the illustrations in Bug on a Bike seem a bit too homemade and not polished enough for a professionally published book.However, I'm sure kids will love the weird assor [...]

    2. Cute enough story, but very long if doing this as a read aloud and the illustrations are totally not my style.

    3. This adorably illustrated picture book starts off with a bug on a bike as he pedals through the town, picking up friends to follow him but not telling them where they're going (that's a surprise at the end). If you think a bug on a bike is silly, think again. Throughout the story you're introduced to a multitude of silly characters that one wouldn't expect to be following a bug on a bike- such as an athletic pickle, a nickel, a chimp in a hat, etc.This book has a fantastic rhyme scheme. The stor [...]

    4. This delightful book is written and illustrated by Chris Monroe who has many children’s books to her credit, including the Monkey with a Tool Belt series. Bug on a Bike has a mixture of painterly watercolor landscapes and fairly simply yet detailed drawings of bugs and assorted other creatures that one by one or group by group like “ants on a log” are invited to join the trip to an unknown destination by the bug on the bike. The bug is an adorable ladybug with enormous eyes, a red cycling [...]

    5. The illustrations for this story are detailed in some places and almost sloppy in others. Certain pages look as though they have been illustrated by a child while others clearly represent the work of a trained artist. The cover is not particularly eye-catching, and I would expect it to be overlooked on a library display if almost anything else were next to it.I could never recommend using this book at story time. The rhyming text makes very little sense, and most words seem to be used only becau [...]

    6. Kids will love this adorable little character and want to get on their bike and follow along after him. One day little bug gets on his bike and goes to visit his friends (he has lots of them) and invites them to ride along to an unknown destination. His friends willingly oblige. They get caught up in the spirit of the adventure and gladly grab their bikes and get into line going? they know notbut going. This romp-rhyming book will have you scratching your head and smiling at the diversity of bug [...]

    7. The Bug on a bike begins inviting friends one after another to follow him. Bug doesn't say where they are going, but everyone follows including a pickle and a nickle. They end up in a forest where a huge birthday party is set up to celebrate Bug's birthday.The illustration on the cover is beautiful, but you do not get this quality throughout the book. Many of the illustrations are very small with a lot of empty space. This story is told in rhyme. It begins well, but quickly loses steam: "Then Bu [...]

    8. Bug on a Bike by Chris Monroe is a picturebook currently scheduled for release on October 1 2014. This book follows a bug leading everyone he meets on a long trip. As he rides his bike on friends ask if they are there yet, but the bug does not answer. When the bug finally reaches his destination, with everyone from the athletic pickle to a surprisingly agile nickel along for the ride, everyone is happily surprised. Bug on a Bike is a cute story of friendship and exploration. I loved that the bug [...]

    9. Many thanks to NetGalley and Lerner Publishing Group for allowing me to read and review this book in advance. With so many characters, BUG ON A BIKE would be ideal for a readers' theater with young kids. The repetition is also well-suited for young readers. The illustrations are a bit subtle for a whole-class reading--I'd use a document camera when reading this to a class in my library so that all the details can be seen by everyone. Kids will enjoy the surprise ending, and I appreciated the twi [...]

    10. Bug on a Bike is a rhyming story of a bug who leads an eclectic assortment of friends up, down, around, and over until they reach a big party. I read Bug on a Bike on Net Galley and some of the word bubbles were not visible to the reader so it might have been a bug birthday party. I admire writers and illustrators but this book did not work for me. The rhymes did not flow easily and the illustrations were not vivid enough for my weak eyes. I did like all the party illustrations-they were lively [...]

    11. Bug rides around on his bike inviting everyone to follow him. When they ask where to, Bug says, "It's a surprise." Several of them ride bikes, the ants roll on a log, Bunny rides a skate board and others walk, fly, ride or slither along a trail, across a river, ride a rail and through forest until they come to Bug's birthday party. There it's everything a party should be - a pool, nachos, cake, etc. It's a repetitive book describing the animals as they follow Bug to his party. Rhyming will work [...]

    12. A cumulative tale in which a bug on a bike rounds up all his friends and takes them on a whirlwind trip that ends in a birthday party.I liked the unique cast of characters and I liked that Bug was such a chill character who was happy to make the journey and enjoyed watching his friends have a good time.The illustrations are full of fun details which makes this an excellent title for reading and re-reading. PreK-2.

    13. Thanks to Netgalley and Lerner Publishing Group for early access to this title.This is a cute little book about a bug and his friends. The illustrations are a little on the amateur side, but the poetry is fun. I think kids would love seeing all the details in the drawings as they follow the bug and his friends on their journey. I wish the bug had a name, and some of the inanimate objects are a little strange, but overall its a cute book.

    14. Bug is on an adventure on his bike and collects friends as he goes. No one seems to mind that they do not know where their ultimate destination is. Conceptually reminiscent of Go, Dog, Go, the rhyming is a bit forced at times, but may pull it's intended audience through to the end on shear curiosity as to why a bug, athletic pickle, nickel, polka dot dog, and an eclectic cast of characters are on a bike ride in the first place.

    15. Bug On a Bike by Chris Monroe tells of an ant cyclist who encourages quite a few of his friends to follow him. Initially, nobody knows where the mouse is traveling to but it's safe to say that they appear quite pleased in the end. This is a great story but it would have been nice if the illustrations were bigger or proportioned towards a larger sized book. The kids enjoyed the story during preschool hour, especially the ending.

    16. 3.5 stars I enjoyed this little trek with "Bug on a Bike" and delighted in the creativity employed to create the characters that joined him. The illustrations will surely feed the eyes of observant readers. Reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, this book, with rhyming text and a slow building of bug's entourage toward a surprise destination, is sure to be a hit with young readers.

    17. Ladybug goes on a bike ride (with helmet on, of course), collecting friends along the way. No one knows where they are going, just that it must be someplace fun! Story told through rhyme, which at times feels a bit cumbersome. Illustrations include little details that perceptive readers will enjoy. It is a cute story that children will enjoy, but not an essential purchase.

    18. I shared this with my K classes by projecting it onto the screen and reading it to them. They really liked it. I asked them what they thought and they said I loved the bounce house and that all of his friends followed him to the party. They liked the dancing and the eating most. They giggled throughout the whole story and liked the rhyming, too.

    19. You know how sometimes people make up rhymes for the sake of rhyming, regardless of meaning or aesthetics? That's Bug on a Bike. The rhyming is pedestrian and the story only exists for the sake of the rhyme. The cover is cute but the story is sorely lacking.

    20. This was just cute. This bug gets all these others to follow him and they have no idea why. Why is he gathering people, for a party of course. I like that instead of sending out invitations that other bugs could ignore, he just gathered anyone available who wanted to hang out.

    21. Another winner by Chris Monroe, Duluth author of the 'Monkey with a Toolbelt' series. I read it before gifting to my 5-y.o. nephew. Illustrations are priceless . . ! Monroe also writes 'Violet Days' the serialized comic that nails the amusing childhood antics of Minnesota kids, 40+ . .

    22. Bug on a Bike was a fun tale that features repetition through the ending. The pictures have so much going on that this one would be well-suited to work on identifying objects in the bigger picture. Also, I really loved the details added to the drawings.

    23. A happy discovery at the local library that we didn't want to give back, so we bought not one, but several copies, which we have started to give away as gifts. It became an instant fave of our latest recipient too. Great rhymes, silly assortment of characters and cute illustration. LOVE

    24. The rhyming component of this story is very fun and clever! The story is long, though, and can become overly repetitive at times. The pictures are too small for a large-scale storytime, but it could be a fun one-on-one read to build phonologic awareness.

    25. Wacky fun as the bug on a bike leads all his friends on a ride to a surprise destination where all sorts of zaniness then ensues. Rhyming text flows smoothly with great read aloud appeal, love how the speech bubbles continue the rhymes.

    26. Hilarious building story of many friends following a bug on a bike to a surprise -- simple in concept, superbly executed with great vocabulary and illustrations.

    27. Whimsical rhyming book. My son thought this was very fun and enjoyed helping 'read' the rhymes. Bit of a long setup for the punchline, but cute as can be and fun.

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