What Do Buddhists Believe?

What Do Buddhists Believe The teachings of Buddhism are varied and it has a developed philosophical and mystical dimension but at its core is a set of propositions and practices designed to meet the concerns of ordinary peopl

  • Title: What Do Buddhists Believe?
  • Author: Tony Morris
  • ISBN: 9781862078352
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • The teachings of Buddhism are varied, and it has a developed philosophical and mystical dimension but at its core is a set of propositions and practices designed to meet the concerns of ordinary people how to live a creative, wise and, happy life This work explores Buddhism s appeal, and gives an insight into its beliefs.

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    1 thought on “What Do Buddhists Believe? ”

    1. As a starter for the uninitiated this is pretty good. Clear and concise, yet open to whatever your interpretations might be. This is written from a western perspective, by a westerner for westerners, so it shies away from getting to entrenched in the nitty gritties, which is good. It's a little critical or questioning when it needs to be and doesn't go over the top in trying to convince you that buddhism is the "one true way". Because it all depends on you. Perhaps a bit biased/defensive about i [...]

    2. Non pensavo che il mondo del Buddismo fosse così variegato.Libro scritto in maniera semplice, comprensibile traccia le linee base della religione buddistica e offre spunti di approfondimento.

    3. Brilliant whistle stop Introduction to Buddhism if you just want to get an idea of the basics. Packed full of interest for a book of only 96 pages.

    4. A nice little introduction into Buddhism in plain language, written by a practitioner in UK. Positives include simplicity, conciseness and pretty much nailing the main concepts, schools and history. Slight negative points for mentioning a couple of "Buddhist" groups that are either controversial or have been exposed as bordering on the 'cult' side of things, rather than mentioning some of the more safer mainstream groups which a beginner might do better to approach. Includes some intellectual di [...]

    5. I claim to know next to nothing about Buddhism, so reading a book on this topic was a new experience for me - a nice introductory into what the author states isn't really a full-fledged religion (for the sake of keeping at bay those who say it is, I'd have to agree, after all I know nothing on the subject. Although, now I can't say that, after having read something on it).I like the informal speaking voice the author uses, almost as if he aims to lead the reader along to a clearer understanding [...]

    6. Good book to know the fundamentals of Buddhism. Tony Morris explains very clearly Buddhism teaches how to live a happy, wise and fulfilled life. I don't agree to what he says somewhere that Buddhism died in India due to the series of destructive Muslim invasions. To begin with Buddhism did originate in India but later Hinduism took over and flourished and Buddhism just died a natural death much before Islam came into existence.

    7. It is quite interesting to be reading books about Buddhism alongside books about Taoism. Being raised primarily Southern Baptist (Christian) I have found both spiritual belief systems fascinating and refreshing. This book is a quick, easy, and informative read and I enjoyed it very much. I gave it a three however because the information is presented in a rather dry format, but if you're interested in learning about Buddhism for the sake of curiosity you will likely find it fairly compelling.

    8. Provides a summarised insight into what Buddhism is all about, history, the "Schisms" and how it is applied in the real world. The last pages also includes additional sources of recommended readings so that one can delve deeper into the subject at hand.Overall, an easy and quick read for someone who is interested to find out more about Buddhism with just 82 pages of content in a small book.

    9. This is a good, concise guide to some the the main guiding forces behind Buddhism. It made more sense once I spoke with an actual Buddhist! It's a great little guide, but I think it would improve if it had been a set of guides split into different traditions.

    10. This book is a look at Buddhism from its beginning through to Buddhism in the world today. General Buddhist beliefs are explained. Everything is explained and detailed very clearly. Sources and websites are provided for further learning.

    11. This book was very engaging. Being someone who is currently converting to Buddhism I would truly reconmend it

    12. Pretty useful if you're just starting to explore Buddhism and you want to simply understand its belief system.

    13. A good overview of Buddhist beliefs. It is good for a first investigation into Buddhism but not overly detailled.

    14. Very informative for its small size. A perfect beginner's guide to Buddhism or for those interested in learning more about this wonderful faith.

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