His - the Full Series

His the Full Series A chance meeting between an inexperienced workaholic and a worldly heir to a vast fortune ends in a night of passion It was just supposed to be one night but the connection Daniella James and Hayden

  • Title: His - the Full Series
  • Author: Octavia Wildwood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A chance meeting between an inexperienced workaholic and a worldly heir to a vast fortune ends in a night of passion.It was just supposed to be one night, but the connection Daniella James and Hayden Slate share isn t just physical There s something between them that neither one has felt before And just like that, Daniella finds herself falling head over heels for a mystA chance meeting between an inexperienced workaholic and a worldly heir to a vast fortune ends in a night of passion.It was just supposed to be one night, but the connection Daniella James and Hayden Slate share isn t just physical There s something between them that neither one has felt before And just like that, Daniella finds herself falling head over heels for a mysterious, charming man she knows little about.Then Hayden does the unthinkable.Heartbroken, Daniella vows to forget about Hayden, but she can t get him out of her head When he forces himself back into her life, the strong willed young woman resistsbut Hayden isn t accustomed to hearing the word no.Little by little, Daniella delves deeper into the sea of lies and deception upon which Hayden s life is built She learns about him and his family than she ever expectedd a thing or two about herself as well.This book contains explicit adult situations.It includes His For One Night, His For Now and His Forever plus a special bonus scene

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    1 thought on “His - the Full Series”

    1. First offThe grapes. Whad up wit dat?SecondI mean,c'mon dude. Puh-lease! You buy the girl a gift and don't take the price tags off?!!!!And chick, what the hell? You accept this?I could go on but I'm Sad, so sadLastly.Ah well, moving on.

    2. I just happened upon this book on and the synopsis looked good I literally read this book in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. Quite possibly the best novella I've read. It's sexy and hot, as I usually expect from novellas, but it is also a complete story. When it ends you don't feel like you've only read half the story. Hayden is a sexy beast and I loved every scene with him. Daniella is figuring out that there is more to life that academia and her teaching career. I absolutely loved the wa [...]

    3. What the fire?You know the saying you get what you paid for, well it's true. I'm so sick of these heroines who come across as passive idiots but are categorized by the hero as being strong minded. My thoughts are apparently the author forgot to write that in the book and she left passive idiot instead. Overall, if you are bored with nothing else to do but read nonsense then this 50 shades imitation is for you.

    4. What an awesome book. I absolutely loved the characters. The story line was great. kept my interest all the way!

    5. This is a fairly short read and is left on a cliffhanger. Whilst it was an easy, uncomplicated, story to read, it just reminded me of so many other books that I have read recently. Hayden is the son and only heir of a billionaire who doesn't do the girlfriend thing but instead has mutually beneficial relationships with women who are in to what he's into - that being that they are willing to be a sub to his Dom. He doesn't particularly like working for his father, an international dealer in Fine [...]

    6. I am not really sure what to say about this book. It was a good distraction book for me. Sometimes I come across a book I just want to read just cause of the title and this happens to be one of those books.Hayden the billionaires son controlled by daddy but wanting a separate life as a chef. Daniella a professor at the local college that was wanting to get rid of her V card at the age of 28 but in all her life she never thought she would enter the one bar that could make that happen. Hayden and [...]

    7. I enjoyed the writing in this book, but the rating reflects the fact that the sex scenes just made me shrug. I feel that if I like the background plots more than the sex in a book that's primarily erotic, there's a problem. I wasn't a huge fan of the fact that Daniella was a virgin who had amazing sex right away--one of my pet peeves, I guess. If a heroine is inexperienced, I prefer someone who has had sex before but not often Gives it a bit more realism (to me) when the sex is mindblowing. Othe [...]

    8. His for One Night starts when Hayden Slate picks up college professor, Daniella James in a bar. Daniella went to college at eighteen and at twenty-eight she is still there and still a virgin. After several drinks, confessions come tumbling out of her and Hayden, a billionaire's son helps her out with her problem, with an agreement that this is a no strings attached one-night stand.The next day he shows up in her office at the college and the fun and funny relationship begins with lots of spicy h [...]

    9. This was bad. The male was hardly male. He was suppose to be close to forty but sounded and acted like a teenager. Daniella wasn't as bad. For a short story it progressed quite quickly. A clichéd meeting in a bar, a virgin 28y/o, a billionaire, bad banter and you've got your story. Daniella fell for the immature Hayden after their first encounter. He claimed to like it rough but would take it slow for the inexperienced, enticing enigma that is Daniella. Yeah laying it a bit thick there. The sto [...]

    10. Deep lust at first sight? Has it happen to you? Have you ever acted on it? Have you wanted more?Sometimes people aren’t capable of anything more and Hayden Slate, leading the life with financial privileges still has to answer to his father for everything, cannot commit to anything more serious than the here and now.Daniella understands this but for now she will take it day by day for the attraction that is there. But not wanting to put up with the bullshit she confronts him and his ways.Find o [...]

    11. I don't get it. This book left me with more questions than memories of a good story. He's into BDSM I guess because he feels so powerless in his normal life. She different to him than the string of one night stands but why? The story continues to another book but what for?I felt sorry for him as he gets berated by his father and pissed that he just took it. He gave his reasons but I would have been cheering him on to fight back somehow. Maybe they will in the next book but I doubt I'll ever know [...]

    12. Another amazing novella by Octavia Wildwood. This is part 2 of the His Series. I don't think this one was as good as the first one. But I think it was still wonderful. And I can't wait to see where the third installment goes. The writing is absolutely amazing. Another time I sat down and couldn't do anything until I had read the whole book. I think from now on I'll be buying everything Octavia Wildwood writes, which is a rare thing for me to say, because the writing is just phenomenal!!

    13. Daniella works in a small college in Vermont. She had a terrible night so she decided to visit bar. That's when a stranger sat down. Hayden was in town for a few days on business. She has a few drinks and then decides to accept Hayden's offer to dinner. She has never this before but she wanted to get to know him. She never it would be for just the night but she didn't care. What's happens is both scary and wonderful.

    14. Daniella: 28 yr. old virgin who is just looking to get the deed done.Hayden: Sexy, rich, BDSM type who is more than willing to help Daniella.1+1=2 and they hit it off - spend tons of time together, fall in love, story continues in next book.It wasn't bad, it wasn't amazing. I did like it, but not enough to immediately buy the next book. I will continue reading the series though.

    15. Was hoping that the third book of this series would end up being better than the second one. Although it didn't go as wildly off the map as book #2, #3 barely kept my attention. The relationship I had grown to like in book #1 was barely present here. It was like chewing on cardboard when you expected the most exquisite meal.

    16. Although His for Now by Octavia Wildwood is told in a series of episode, which I am beginning to really dislike this episode of Hayden and Daniella's story is full of revaluations, danger, suspense, mystery, hot sex and they are still in love. What will happen in the next part? Will they escape his cold evil father and finally solve the mystery surrounding the German painting?

    17. I liked the first book. I didn't love it, but I liked it. I'm not sure I even like this one. This story is starring to get a little crazy. The male lead is losing a lit of his appeal, things are happening that are not realistic. I'm just not sure. Hopefully book three will redeem this series. Although I am not really sure how.

    18. This was an ok story, it was better at times than others. I didn't really warm up too much to the main characters, especially Hayden, for a man in his mid to late 30's he was very immature but I guess his Dad was a bit to blame for that. I've read other books by this author and would read her again despite this not being a 5* read.

    19. Octavia Octavia Octavialoved the first part of this series but this second book stretched all credibility. You butchered the villain (Mark) but not in any satisfying way. Our dominant male came off as a naive lunatic. Our 28 yo recently deflowered virgin had a complete personality transplant. Tsk tsk not happy. Hoping that things turn around in book 3.

    20. I just loved this book. I really couldn't put it down. I was gifted this for a review but would have been the type of book I would have bought.I had a lot of different emotions but couldn't understand the relationship between Danielle and Hayden.I did love the way it ended and no cliffhanger!So if you want a full length novel with no cliffhangers and a HEA this book is for you.

    21. Good ending for the seriesI enjoyed the last book in the His series. There were twists, turns, sexiness and a nice happy ending. The books are definitely short, I read all three in one day, but still a good read!

    22. Didn't love it. Didn't hate it.One thinge Kindle formatting is really strange. Not the way other ebooks are formatted. That bothered me a bit. I recommend this to anyone who reads the description and thinks it's for them. The plot is exactly what you'd expect it to be.

    23. Great readThis book was about two people who meet in a bar, one is rich dominant and looking for fun and one us a virgin looking to loose her v card.

    24. wth did I read. so stuff happened then it was over. this is what a call in between book coma breaks. 2 why did I read this and still wanna know the secret stars

    25. His #1Quick pick up, one thing leads to another and poof they are hot, heavy and inseparable with a little drama in between. I'm ready for the next book in the series.

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