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Special Interests Compared to love politics is easyUnion organizer Millie Frank s world isn t filled with cocktails and nightclubs until she s turned into an unwitting minor celebrity As if being part of a hostage sit

  • Title: Special Interests
  • Author: Emma Barry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Compared to love, politics is easyUnion organizer Millie Frank s world isn t filled with cocktails and nightclubs until she s turned into an unwitting minor celebrity As if being part of a hostage situation wasn t traumatizing enough, now her face is splashed across the news But Millie s got fresher wounds to nurse like being shot down by the arrogant bad boy she stupCompared to love, politics is easyUnion organizer Millie Frank s world isn t filled with cocktails and nightclubs until she s turned into an unwitting minor celebrity As if being part of a hostage situation wasn t traumatizing enough, now her face is splashed across the news But Millie s got fresher wounds to nurse like being shot down by the arrogant bad boy she stupidly hit on.Parker Beckett will do whatever it takes to close a deal for the senate majority leader, including selling out union labor Charming and smart on the surface, he s also cynical and uncommitted an asset on the Hill But something about Millie has stuck with him and when negotiations bring her to his office, Parker breaks his own rules and asks her out.Parker can t understand how Millie has retained her idealism in a place like D.C Millie can t believe what Parker s willing to sacrifice in order to pass a budget But as they navigate their political differences, what grows between them looks a lot like a relationship and maybe even a little like love.73,000 words

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    1 thought on “Special Interests”

    1. 2.75 stars rounded upThe Good PartsI definitely thought there was chemistry between Millie and Parker; despite their arguments and his stance that he had become too cynical. As much as I usually despise hot & cold attitude in their relationship, I have to admit that some scenes amused the hell out of me. For example the part where Parker provides references to Millie when he asks her for a date. Man, that one was a hoot! Or when Millie and Parker go for their date. That one also quite entert [...]

    2. Favorite Quote: “You’re so damn adorable, Millie Frank, I can’t believe I’ve kept my hands off you this entire meal,” he said, reaching over the table and pulling her hand towards him.I have so many good things to say about this book that I don’t even know where to start. Millie Frank works for the construction worker’s union in Washington, D.C. She is pretty passionate about her job, but likes to keep to herself. Unfortunately, she was the victim in a hostage situation at her loca [...]

    3. I've been wanting to read this for a while, based on friends' good reviews and it did not disappoint!It felt like a much more realistic view of your late 20's/early 30's than the vast majority of contemporary romances. Characters who don't have it all figured out, who are still kind of figuring out what they want and who they are! Soooo great.(view spoiler)[I really liked that the main text didn't even end with an "I love you!" Because I don't think they were all the way there yet! (hide spoiler [...]

    4. Full review coming soon. I'm a sucker for flirting via discussions of the Democratic Party's increasingly shattered relationship with the unions (one of the many reasons I'm single) and there's a lot of charm here but the hot-cold relationship bits were so forced & felt like a lazy way to create tension where there was none. Still, I did enjoy it and will check out more of Barry's work because DC politics set contemporary romance is proper Ceilidh catnip.

    5. For various reasons, I don't often go for ARCs (in fact, this is my only one so far this year). However, I saw Emma Barry's tweet offering review copies of her upcoming contemporary polical romance when I was in just the right mood for it. I contacted her and immediately started reading the book.Special Interests is a romance between two people who, although ultimately on the same side, have very real political differences. I really liked that the politics here seem to be more grounded in realit [...]

    6. Oh my goodness!!!! I'm in love with this book. If you like romance and you like politics, this is the perfect book for you. And by like politics I mean really like politics. If The West Wing was a show that sort of bored you and was hard to follow, this is probably not the book for you. But it was so the book for me. I really liked how both Millie and Parker had so much going on in there work lives and were far from perfect and happily successful. The disillusionment that comes from several year [...]

    7. Sometimes I think the voices in contemporary romance all sound the same. Then I remember the ones that didn't work for me.I can't decide whether it's that I dislike happily-ever-afters (unlikely) or that I dislike even successful formula (possibly) or that I get bored of the same thing over and over (most likely). The politics mix it up a little, and I did like that, but most of the conflict is very, very familiar. I get it, they're gorgeous and committed and all, but at a certain point the happ [...]

    8. This is a book about two people falling in love amidst the disillusionment that can happen in your 20s and 30s when you realize that you are, in fact, living your life. It's rare that people have a straight line to exactly the life they though they'd have and even when you do, it doesn't always look the way you thought it would when you get there.And this was charming. The scene where Parker starts calling references so that Millie will go out with him made me laugh and want to clap my hands. An [...]

    9. If you love a good contemporary romance with politics thrown in, you will love this book. Our H/h Parker and Millie, are actually both Democrats, with Millie being the more liberal of the two. While they both have differences of opinions and stand up for what they believe, many concessions are made in DC to get bills pass. The story is fast pace with lots of details on the political side which I found very interesting. Parker and Millie are both idealistic when the story begins, but by the end b [...]

    10. 3.5 stars. I loved the first half of the this contemporary romance for its sparkling dialogue and potent chemistry between Millie and Parker. I was thrilled to see a Carina romance that featured intelligent discussion about the tough choices of modern politics. The second half is weaker; although Parker acts like a douche bag, Millie ends up having to apologize for pulling back from the relationship. And it seemed to me that she acted adorable and vulnerable more often than she was shown to be c [...]

    11. Gave this a try based on my friend Brandy's recommendation. I really enjoyed the slow burn romance and the complex characters. Both Parker and Millie have issues to deal with and I liked seeing them make room for each other in their lives. But my eyes glazed over when they started talking about their work and all the politics involved in it. I ended up skimming most of that in the second half of the book. This reminded me of why I didn't really love The President's Daughter by Ellen Emerson Whit [...]

    12. This was fun! I liked that this was two people who are in sort of the prime years of their early start of their lives figuring things out. And that just because you imagined things to be one way years ago, it doesn't mean things now aren't just as okay where you ended up.Plus setting it in DC was amazing to me. I could have done with a few more DC grounding details, but overall, it was really great atmosphere and witty one liners about the people you find in DC.

    13. This is definitely more than a 3. More like a 3.5. I really liked the first half of this book a lot and overall I liked it quite a bit. I thought some parts were too "out of nowhere" though & the pacing of things was a bit off for me. Let's face it; I like political stories.

    14. Maybe 3.5 or 3.75/5 because it fell apart a little bit for me around the 80% mark but overall a very enjoyable read about people in their 20s/30s who haven't quite found all the answers yet. Plus, city setting!

    15. I really enjoyed the chemistry between them, and the pace at which their relationship developed. I thought the fight at the end was a little contrived, but their chemistry throughout was enough to overcome all that.

    16. it was okay-good but i wanted more sparks? more bickering? more antagonist behaviours?i wanted a dan and amy kind of relationship and this one was too 'mooshy goody'

    17. cute, breezy, easy and fun - it was all i was looking for when i picked up this book, and it delivered on every front. the internal conflicts didn't always make a lot of sense - this was a classic "all of this could have been resolved with one conversation" kind of thing - but the characters were winning and as a former congressional nerd myself, my heart went pitter-patter at a plot point that hinges upon the continuation of the davis-bacon act and the intricacies of a budget negotiation.

    18. Never thought I would enjoy a book that dealt with politics as much as I did this one.Smartly written, great, witty dialogue and sexiness. ;)

    19. This is a bit of a departure for me, present day and American. My main understanding of American politics comes from films: Dave and the American President and TV: West Wing, so reading a novel set in Washington I was trepidatious. However, there was no need to worry, although there was a slight learning curve for me on the political side (thank God for ) this is more romance with political undertones.Millie works for a construction workers union, and after living her life in the shadows being i [...]

    20. Let me start by saying that even though Special Interest by Emma Barry is a romance based in the political arena, it did not feel like a political book at all. It was a wonderful, heartfelt love story about two people who, yes are both involved in politics, yes are on the opposite side of the political spectrum, but they are also very real and perfect for each other really. Let me tell you why.Millie Franks is an idealist. She truly believes that she can help make the world a better place, make [...]

    21. 3.75/5I liked the first 2/3 of the this bookd then for the last little bit I was like 'wtf just happened?' I liked the slow build up between the h/h. And then it morphed into overdrive very quickly and I wasn't quite there yet. However, I did like the characters and the setting so I will be reading the next book in the series.

    22. Special Interest by Emma Barry is a 2014 Carina Press publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Millie Frank is Union organizer in Washington D.C. but has found herself in the spotlight due to a hostage situation she was involved in. Trying to get back into her normal routine and wishing the media would lose interest in her, Millie goes out with a friend and meets Parker Beckett. Parker is a workaholic trying to make budget for the senate. An instant attrac [...]

    23. 1/15/15 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this a lot. It was fun to read about protagonists with real careers. (No miraculously successful cupcake bakers here)! I also found the setting in Washington D.C. and their careers in the nitty gritty of politics quite intriguing. (Since I know little about it.)I always enjoy romance novels where adults behave like adults, and have real careers that they take seriously. This was one of those, mostly. I wish there were more of them out there, so I like to call this ou [...]

    24. Special Interests is smart and sassy. Millie the idealist meets Parker the jaded, and they form an uneven friendship on Capitol Hill. Parker is practical, working 24/7 to pass a budget. Millie is principled, standing up for the underdog. They grow to depend on each other, and something more than a friendship develops. I love the quick-witted conversations, the last-minute phone calls, the impetuous touches. Millie doesn't take any crap from Parker, and he respects her for that. I also appreciate [...]

    25. I went into this book with hope for something I don't read much. A story about late 20s something and politics.You don't know me but politics and me are far far away. Here's it's US politics, I know even less (and that's not much, let me tell you) than the French oneIt really is something I don't engage with and jt was even more obvious when I read Special Interest.Now, I'm not saying it's a book heavy on politics or anything difficult to understand, not at all so if you're interested on the sub [...]

    26. It is a refreshing book, engaging, mature, interesting and the author writes with the seasoned fluency that makes the book a pleasure to read.Having said that, the political content is informative but at the same time dry and hard to digest sometimes.I appreciate the witty dialogue and smart conversations in this book, its rare to find such books exist in the romance genre.It will be great if the author can make all the political talks a little simpler to digest will be great, nevertheless I wil [...]

    27. I think I projected my own experiences in this story, but holy freak did I enjoy the heck out of this book with the intrigue and politics. When I say I understand how drive-me-insane it is to be with someone who shares your ideologies but not necessarily the methodologies, I'm not kidding. The numerous U.S. political references and the depth with which they were discussed kind of lost me at times, but in the end I found this a smart, intense, and satisfying read.

    28. I thought it was smart and enjoyable. If you have no interest or background knowledge of D.C. wonkiness you might be overwhelmed with all of the political strategizing. I really enjoyed it and thought it added depth to the story and to Millie & Parker's characters. I would definitely read another book from this author. This book has smart, multi-dimensional, late twenties/early thirties characters.

    29. I loved this book so much. I know nothing about politics and just went to DC for the first time for New Year's (I'm nearly 30), but that didn't matter. Barry crafted characters who I cared about, who I wanted to get to know, and just enjoyed. So much. This was fun from beginning to end, I devoured it in about six hours. I can't wait to start the next in the series!

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