Zandor Meet Zandor Steel He s spent the past year in Italy acting out just about every sexual fantasy he could dream up But it wasn t all fun and games Zandor was there to oversee construction on a posh casi

  • Title: Zandor
  • Author: M.J. Fields
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Meet Zandor Steel He s spent the past year in Italy acting out just about every sexual fantasy he could dream up But it wasn t all fun and games Zandor was there to oversee construction on a posh casino resort playground for the rich and famous But rumors of trouble with this brothers has him worried, and Zandor heads home to help out It s the least he can do Jase anMeet Zandor Steel He s spent the past year in Italy acting out just about every sexual fantasy he could dream up But it wasn t all fun and games Zandor was there to oversee construction on a posh casino resort playground for the rich and famous But rumors of trouble with this brothers has him worried, and Zandor heads home to help out It s the least he can do Jase and Cyrus had been Zandor s mentors When it came to women, they taught him to avoid attachments and to know the difference between lust and love So when word of at least one of his brothers being ready to settle down arrives, Zandor hopes he can talk some sense into him before it s too late Until he runs smack into resistance Southern Bell, Bekah George may just be the match Zandor has been looking for in the bedroom She s neither intimidated by, nor afraid of his preferences But as he starts to let his guard down, and consider the possibility of there being to life than mind blowing, non committal sex, Bekah reveals a side of herself Zandor doesn t want to see Was he right to avoid entanglements, or has he already fallen to hard to let her go

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    1 thought on “Zandor”

    1. Zandor is the third installment in M.J. Fields’ Men of Steel-series. Zandor is the third out of four brothers to fall head over heels in love and it was a one hell of a ride to see him reach his happily ever after. Even though this is a series, I believe this might as well can be read as a stand-alone. The couple from the previous books does appear, but I don’t think you have to read the previous books to enjoy this one. After spending some time in Italy, Zandor Steel is back in Jersey to ge [...]

    2. Ok I freaking love these books! They get better and better! I'm afraid Zandor may be my new Cyrus! The ending of this book was left wide open and I for one hope the author takes advantage and gives us several more books! 5 stars is not enough!

    3. Zandor.oh, how I love you! You are a naughty sexy man! And I loved your story!!!! Bekah is perfect for you, smart, mouthy, sexy and beautiful! I think you met your match with her! I loved her getting in to trouble by Zandor every time she swore! I couldn't get enough of their story and I believe the author told it with such fine detail that the scenes popped right out if the book!!! The love scenes were incredibliy written and had a HUGE WOW factor in them! Can't wait for the next brother in the [...]

    4. Zandor is by far my favorite of all the Steel boys! He's so damn honest, "cleaning the coffee pot." I was, too, probably for longer than necessary but I had ti*s on the brain, "And thinking of ti*s." Zandor the boy has some interesting reactions, "oh my God. I was in a damn thong and tank! No wonder he was checking me out. I quickly grabbed my robe and threw it over my body. That poor man. "I'll wait while you shower." I swear I heard a growl escape his chest when he left my room." I love how Be [...]

    5. Infuriating, cocky, self-absorbed, lacking in humility, and the kind of man you hate to love. Yes! That is Aleszandro Steel Zandor to his friends and family.Yet, he is full of life, good intentions, with a heart of gold, and a sense of responsibility for his family that few men have. He adores his family, still minds what his mother says, but he is a stick of dynamite sitting next to an open fire - at any time he might go off and then watch out!When Bekah enters his life, he only needs a few min [...]

    6. 4.5 Sizzling Zandor Stars I really enjoyed this book. I believe that MJ is honing her writing skillsmore and more in each new book. This book was by far the best of the 3 so far. And Zandor? What an incredibly swoon-worthy male. He was so willing to change it all for Becka. Every single thing. And I loved that about him.Poor Becka. Was knocked down so often by her military dad who never let her forget what a disappointment she was to him. Not once. Becka's history isn't pretty. She's lived a lif [...]

    7. Boy Ms. Fields just keeps getting better and better with this series. Whewis was one amazing manZandor Steel. I thought it couldn't get any better than Cyrus' book but let me just say.Well Done Ms. Fields!!! ;)In the previous books, Zandor was definitely the comical relief and always seemed like a complete clown to me, but that was sooooo not the case in this book. Zandor knew who he was and what he wanted without a doubt. And what he wanted was Bekah!! He was definitely not spastic like Jase in [...]

    8. First I am totally going to gush about the performance. I think this is one of my most favorites by Wen and Kai. Not only is Wen's voice yummy and makes a girl feel all the feels, but Kai's accent or southern-ness in this book was awesome! I love it, I want to re-listen to it like right now. Now the book, oh lordy bee its HOT, and funny and fresh. I laughed out loud so hard with the scene with Bekah and her roommate, making the sounds as if Zandor was giving her the business OMG that was so funn [...]

    9. Zandor Steel is one hot piece of eye candy! I thought Jase and Cyrus were hot, but I think their brother Zandor has completely stolen my heart. He shows his "Kitty" that's she worth so much more than what she's been told in her past. A broken girl, saved by a guy that's just like her in so many ways. I loved how he told her that there was nothing wrong with either them, they were both just very sexual beings and were perfect for each other.Once again, we get to hear from all of the Steel brother [...]

    10. MJ Fields has done it again!!! If your looking for a dominant alpha male book to read here it is!!!!!!Zandor is a man that knows exactly what he wants in life till he meets a sassy southern bell. Miss Bekah George! Zandor wants her in every way possible but he has to convince her that he's worth it. Her past has left her hurt and without self worth. When these 2 get together oh the fireworks that light up the night!! It's hot and steamy and you'll fall in love with Zandor Steel!

    11. My Book Review:::Zandor is so freaking Swoon worthy.MJ did a phenomenal job on bringing us this incredible love story about a sexy man that loves his family more than anything until Rebekah strong willed and Hot as hell for Zandor.And the love scenes were smoking Hot. You have to read this phenomenal book.<<<333

    12. OMG can the Brothers of Steel get any hotter. I love Zandor and his dom ways, when he loves he loves strong and wont let anyone get in his way. Behak poor thing I felt so sorry for the way she thinks of her self just because her dad and ex put shit in her head. I was glad when she came to her senses and realized Zandor loved her. Another amazing book by MJ Fields!!!

    13. OMG!!! I enjoyed this book better than the first and second book in the series. Zandor's humor in this book made me laugh out loud and some of the things he said was hilarious.There was some minor misspelling, but other than that, our was really a good book top read.

    14. Loved all the other MOS, there was nothing wrong with Zandor but I hated Rebecca. I can't wait for Xavier's story

    15. 3.5*I liked Zandor, but he was a bit over the top at times. Bekah was a bit skittish at first, but came in to her own at the end. I'll move right onto Xavier's story.

    16. I absolutely love each and every one of these books! it is so easy to loose yourself in the stories. great read!!! OK so now after reading the book, I am even more in love with the Steel men!!!!!

    17. Let me start first by giving you are warning. **Do not eat while reading this book. I laughed so hard I almost choked on my lunch.**This is by far one of the funniest books in the series. Zandor has always loved sleeping with older married ladies for the fact that there are no strings attached. Zandor comes back home from being in London after discovering Jase has already gotten married and Cyrus has fallen head over heals for Tara. He must make the boys remember who they are. Steel's don't have [...]

    18. Men of Steel. Each one is different, yet they all share similarities. I liked Jase, I LOVED Cyrus and now I have been introduced in detail to Zandor. I loved Zandor too and enjoyed his story. Zandor is one highly confident alpha male who thinks he has the world figured out until Bekah George shows up. Bekah throws his life into turmoil and has Zandor realizing that he won’t be happy living his life the way he had planned.Bekah is a sweet broken character. She doesn’t think she is good enough [...]

    19. Sweet Jesus another deliciously hot Steel man!Zandor has been a douchebag up until now. I think when these Steel men meet their mate they flip a switch and become all kinds of hot alpha male on them - not that they were not alpha males before it is just hot to read when they project that alpha on the women they love. Bekah is not your petite chick but an average size southern bell with long blonde locks. No need to describe Zander he is just like his brother's Jase & Cyrus - HOT! It is a slo [...]

    20. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Zandor!!! He is by far my favorite of the series!! I don't even know where to begin. Zandor is so sweet but such an Alpha and Bekh is a smart, no nonsense girl who shows the world a strong side but is really a soft hearted sweet girl.Zandor feels a need to protect Bekh and when she gets ready to visit her father he finds a way to go with her. He knows she is scared to go home but he doesn't know why. Bekh is such a basket when she has to face her father, who is a total a** and [...]

    21. 2.5 starsThis is the story of the 3rd brother in the Steel family. The plot isn't bad but I just can't seem to get into this series. The books just seem like they are way longer than they need to be. I feel like there is a lot of drama that could have been avoided if Zandor got his head out of his ass and talked to Bekah. This is part of the reason his Dom status is a bit sketchy to me. Communication is very important to a Dominant. He keeps his dominant personality hidden for weeks and presents [...]

    22. Another Steel man has stolen my heart. I knew that Zandor what be a great guy, but really. He was a "you are the future that I never knew that I wanted" guy that fought for what he wanted. Bekah of course had a difficult background. Momma Joe knows all (again) and takes care of everyone in her family (extended or otherwise). Can't wait to get more on Xavier! Jase and Carly came to a happy place in their relationship (again . . .lol). and Little Bell got a tramp stamp (loved this part with Zandor [...]

    23. Zandor is what we call in Spanish a Sinverguenza, that means that he has no shame, and i`m really glad of that because i was in need of a fun book and the Steel brothers always make me feel better, i was not comfortable with him not being straightforward but hey, he has his reasons so I cant wait for Xavier, and i really need to know about Falcon, he intrigues mee

    24. I have to say I struggled with Zandor's book at times. Some of the things he said to Beckah had me cringing, I couldn't believe some of it and it disgusted me a little at times. I ended up liking Zandor ok but he will never be a favourite. This story still had me wanting to find out what happened with the couple but it wasn't one of my favourites.

    25. This book was about the 3rd son in the Steel family. I knew Zandor's book would be steamy but wow he is sex on a stick, make your panties wet ! Bekah was a little bit annoying but I grew to like her more as the story went on. I love how all the Steel men torture each other, they are so funny. Next up is Xavier, the baby of the family.

    26. OMGZandor Steel is one hot Alpha Male! MJ Fields is an amazing writer. Her books just keep getting better. Can't wait to read more in this series! These books are soooo HOT! Love it MJ Fields keep up the great work!

    27. Oh my! I think Zandor is my favorite out of the Steele men. He is loving, protective of his family and loved ones. What he does in the bedroom would drive any woman crazy. Bekah is a very lucky lady.

    28. Loved Zander and his Dirty mouth! This book was not what I expected . l found that I actually laughed out loud at the banter and crazy yet sexy things that came out of Zander's mouth. Now I am starting from the beginning to get to know the rest of these "Men of Steele"

    29. I'm not even sure how it happened but this series has sucked me all the way in. One minute I was on the fence then the next I found myself neglecting my work to see what Zandor was up to. Now off to read about X when I should be working!

    30. Wow! Best book in the series. Talk about an author that improves with every book. Love M J Fields!

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