Gone Girl: by Gillian Flynn -- Review

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn Review Gillian Flynn succeeds at creating a psychological thriller with her third novel Gone Girl After losing their writing jobs in New York City Nick and Amy Dunne discover that their perfect relationshi

  • Title: Gone Girl: by Gillian Flynn -- Review
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  • Gillian Flynn succeeds at creating a psychological thriller with her third novel, Gone Girl After losing their writing jobs in New York City, Nick and Amy Dunne discover that their perfect relationship is not as solid as it seems Nick decides to move to Carthage, Missouri to care for his ill parents, and Amy figures out that her parents have been depleting her trust accoGillian Flynn succeeds at creating a psychological thriller with her third novel, Gone Girl After losing their writing jobs in New York City, Nick and Amy Dunne discover that their perfect relationship is not as solid as it seems Nick decides to move to Carthage, Missouri to care for his ill parents, and Amy figures out that her parents have been depleting her trust account to recover from their own financial hardships Despite her resentment, Amy purchases a bar for her husband and his twin sister with the remaining money from her trust fund The suspense in Gone Girl revolves around the disappearance of Amy Dunne and the accusations against her husband This literary review of Flynn s novel Gone Girl covers the good and the bad to give you a comprehensive view of the story Readers enjoy a suspenseful mystery while witnessing the complications of marriage from the two narratives of husband and wife This review explains what you can gain from reading Gone Girl, and describes the type of reader who will enjoy this novel Discover secrets kept by Amy Dunne as you encounter unexpected plot twists and surprising outcomes in Flynn s latest novel.

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    1 thought on “Gone Girl: by Gillian Flynn -- Review”

    1. Reviewing 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn.When a book comes highly recommended and dripping with critical praise, something in me, I think the Americans call it being 'ornery', starts rebelling.So I start reading with a built in bias against it. (I am not claiming this is a good thing, but it is, unfortunately, how I am.)So I found this book a little difficult to get into and thought myself justified, but, truth to tell, once drawn into the story, after about midway in Chapter 2 and then it wasn't [...]

    2. i would have gave the book 5 stars but i thought the ending suckedunless of course imissed something

    3. Kept me interested the whole way through, but the ending was kind of abrupt and left me wanting more. An epilogue, at least! Going back to the library to see what else she has to offer!

    4. One of the most ingeniously plotted thrillers I have read in a long time. No male author could have pulled this off, shifting back and forth to show the different male and female viewpoints. When Part 2 kicks off - no spoilers here - it is a surprising plot twist which does shake your confidence in these characters, but as a wry and dark comment on marriages, especially the dysfunctional variety, this is one of the darkest portrayals I've ever read. Flynn's talent for crafting some poignant imag [...]

    5. I didn't finish the book. Maybe something is lost when you are actually reading the book versus listening to it, and I tried the audio version. It drug on and on, again could be a problem with audio taking longer to listen to than it would be to read. More so however, I couldn't take one more litany of cursing. I visited a spoiler page just to find out the ending and it still didn't intrigue me. Couldn't recommend this book.

    6. First third,OK pretty good. Then, OK how long is this gonna drage is chilling, I don't think I'll sleep quite so soundly ever again.

    7. Psycho mystery of a missing wife amidst a marriage gone wrong; including any and all stereotypes of the suddenly missing wife and apparently unloving husband left behind. But this story ends up surprisingly amongst those stereotypes to a somewhat disappointing ending. The plot makes you read on, but the ending makes you sorry that you did!

    8. I have to give two thumbs way, way up for a clever, intriguing story line. I like wondering how in the world a book is going to end because I can't even imagine where it will head.The characters are scary real, too. The author really had to get into her characters' heads to do this. She also made them very distinct and quirky in their own ways.I'm sad I have to give it two thumbs down for consistently keeping my interest. It took 200 pages before something exciting happened. I almost stopped rea [...]

    9. Okay.t things first! When I picked this one I had no idea that I'm in for some 'blow your mind' kind of stuff. Ms. Flynn writes about the dark side of human nature and to my astonishment stuff that could never find a way to words. It's gripping to an extent that you want to just drop everything and continue reading. Amy and nick are your regular couples but then not so regular! Unputdownable with all the twists and turns. Alsorfect endings only happen in unreal life. Real life always leaves you [...]

    10. This was my first book by Gillian Flynn and it came highly recommended. I struggled with the first half. I actually read two other books then went back to it as I kept thinking I must be missing something. The second half was better and more exciting. I didn't feel anything for either character and it felt bland. I was glad when it ended. Why have I given it three stars? Any book which I am still thinking about three weeks later must be doing something right? It could be the ending that left me [...]

    11. I think this book wasnt that good. Why? Because 1st thanks to the 3 subtitles or subdivisions in the book you already know what is going to happen (to a certain extend at least). Than (2nd point) the beginning was good but at some point i just had the feeling the story was kind of stuck And it's annoying Because you know whats coming but it takes way to much time until the "good/interesting" part begins And 3rd the end really sucks But i wont say why and let you discover if you still want to rea [...]

    12. I was at a loss for what to read next, being flummoxed by my library's hopeless "search" engine for browsing. Then I saw my friend Elaine's review of Gone Girl and got right on it. What a joy, and a terror, to get lost in Flynn's sociopath character. Pick this up and read it.

    13. Loved this one! I don't get how so many people didn't like the ending. I LOVED it. I watched the movie first. I loved it. Read the book, loved it more. Watched the movie again and realized HOW much better the book is.

    14. Loved this. Listened to the audio book and it was so much fun! The ending was like, what??! But it's a good ending, and given how enjoyable this was to listen to, all is forgiven!!

    15. I couldn't put it down once I got started. I knew I was not going to like the ending, and I didn't, but it was a great read and I recommend it highly.

    16. Oh boy . . . Just about all I can say about this book. It's dark, twisty, and just sick enough to keep you reading.

    17. I love, love, LOVE Gillian Flynn - her writing style is impeccable, her characters are complex and full of surprises, and the storylines she dreams up are some of the creepiest things I've ever read. My only gripe (and it's a pretty big one, actually) is that her books often lose steam in the last quarter or so of the story, to the point where I've felt for each one (Sharp Objects, Dark Places, Gone Girl) that there was a perfect ending at one point and then about 75 pages of epilogue. I don't [...]

    18. Let's start off with the writing doesn't leave much to be desired. For me, sentences matter. I like to know painstaking thought and attention went into the creation of a string of words, not just compiled linearly with the culmination being a series of (compelling) hooks. Makes it a juvenile taunt, like being rewarded candy for obedient behaviour. Excellent plot. Plain writing style (should have been improved to heighten plot and reading experience). First half of the book was unnecessary. If bu [...]

    19. Gone Girl is quite a ride! I would put it in the “beach read” category but it’s an exceptionally good one. Nick’s wife Amy goes missing and he is the prime suspect. Many twists and turns—some more believable that others—make for a surprisingly suspenseful novel. It is also a real testament to the power of destructive relationships! I did, however, grow really tired of both of them by the end and I found the ending overall really unsatisfying. That said, I couldn’t really articulate [...]

    20. I felt exhausted at the end of this book. Found the beginning slow but eventually (about a third of the way through ) I couldn't put it down. Many twists and turns kept you flipping the pages,but I found the end rather frustrating to say the least. Certain aspects for me were slightly flawed but I won't say any more for fear of spoiling it for prospective readers. Would I read another Gillian Flynn novel? Yes.

    21. I just got gone girl from my library and I am happy because I was going to pay 15.00 dollar for the book now it's free for fourteen day. Not bad, It took month to get this book. Just when I was about to purchase the book. I received a text from the library that my book is ready to be downloaded gone girl.

    22. Book discussion group sponsored by the Friends of the East Grand Rapids Library will meet the second Tuesday of each month at 1:00 PM to discuss a selection of some of the most talked about books. This month's selection is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. For adults. Join us for a disucssion of this book on May 13, 2014 from 1-2 pm at Kent District Library's East Grand Rapids branch.

    23. This book was all the rage, but I had a really hard time getting through it. Granted some of the length of time was due to major illnesses and completely unrelated to the book. I guess it was okay, the main characters were more than a little flawed. I didn't really like the way the author left the ending, it felt incomplete, so overall only 3 stars.

    24. I think i have the same thought as most, this book ended very abruptly. I'm a person who likes to have a finalized ending, not to be left hanging. I was getting a bit bored in the first section, but once Amy started telling her side of the story, I was again hooked.

    25. I love Flynn's writing in this. It was funny and goes off on labyrinthine rides into mad places. Very descriptive. Only can a victim/murder suspect start talking about memories of Oliver Twist. It is funny, witty and clever but enjoyed Nick's story more than Amy's

    26. 4 stars purely for the abrupt ending. The ending really ruined for me what was a great read. Didn't end asking questions, just really cut if off with nothing, which was disappointing. Nonetheless still a great book from a wonderful writer.

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