A Small Indiscretion

A Small Indiscretion With the emotional complexity of Everything I Never Told You and the psychological suspense of The Girl on the Train O Henry Prize winner Jan Ellison delivers a brilliantly paced beautifully written

  • Title: A Small Indiscretion
  • Author: Jan Ellison
  • ISBN: 9780812995442
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With the emotional complexity of Everything I Never Told You and the psychological suspense of The Girl on the Train, O Henry Prize winner Jan Ellison delivers a brilliantly paced, beautifully written debut novel about one woman s reckoning with a youthful mistake Named one of the best books of the year by San Francisco ChronicleAt nineteen, Annie Black trades a bleak fuWith the emotional complexity of Everything I Never Told You and the psychological suspense of The Girl on the Train, O Henry Prize winner Jan Ellison delivers a brilliantly paced, beautifully written debut novel about one woman s reckoning with a youthful mistake Named one of the best books of the year by San Francisco ChronicleAt nineteen, Annie Black trades a bleak future in a washed out California town for a London winter of drinking and abandon Twenty years later, she is a San Francisco lighting designer and happily married mother of three who has put her reckless youth behind her Then a photo from that distant winter in Europe arrives inexplicably in her mailbox, and an old obsession is awakened Past and present collide, Annie s marriage falters, and her son takes a car ride that ends with his life hanging in the balance Now Annie must confront her own transgressions and fight for her family by untangling the mysteries of the turbulent winter that drew an invisible map of her future Gripping, insightful, and lyrical, A Small Indiscretion announces the arrival of a major new voice in literary suspense as it unfolds a story of denial, passion, forgiveness and the redemptive power of love.

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    1. New Update: 3/22/2017: This book is $1.99 Kindle special today. If you have not read it --Its GREAT! It takes place in S.F. and Paris. Its my experience --that these 'special' Kindle deals --got back up to higher prices again soon. (it happened with "His Bloody Project" > one day it was $1.99 --a few days later it was $14.00+). I LOVE THIS story! Update: $1.99 Kindle special today!!! It's a STEAL!!!!!! A FAVORITE! I was fully absorbed in every detail of this novel! Every minute I was away fro [...]

    2. I almost, almost, ALMOST abandoned this. I didn’t care for the way the narrative was presented, with the protagonist Annie speaking through a letter to her young adult son, who appears to have gone missing. There was a lot of jumping around in time and different locations with different players, and I began to get twitchy and impatient. I hardly ever abandon books – I have a strong Puritan “let’s see this through” vein running through me – so I always check my friends’ comments to [...]

    3. What a great debut!In this engaging story, Annie Black documents her tumultuous young life in a letter of confession to her young-adult son while he lay in a coma, (no spoiler here) and an interesting life story it is.While Annie made many poor decisions during her youth, and yet another really asinine one later in life, she actually did make some good choices too that she includes among her memories and regrets.Complete with a couple of good twists, a mystery to solve and an obsessive old love [...]

    4. OK. I think that I will open the proverbial can of worms here. Getting the squirmy little critters back into the can will be a bit of an undertaking. Some are quite taken with this book. Some, like me, not as much.Annie Black has led quite the life going back and forth across the pond since she was nineteen years old. She sowed her wild oats and they have come home to roost, unfortunately. Jan Ellison takes us from Annie's dappled past into her present "married life with children". Ellison uses [...]

    5. Onvan : A Small Indiscretion - Nevisande : Jan Ellison - ISBN : 812995449 - ISBN13 : 9780812995442 - Dar 323 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2015

    6. A Small IndiscretionJan Ellison, the author"I suppose unrequited love is the hardest kind to shed because it is not really love at all. It is a half-love, and we are forever stomping around trying to get hold of the other half.” Why would a middle age woman with a happy marriage, wonderful children, and a succesful career risk it all to pursue an unfulfilled, unrequited romantic interest of her past?This is the main question we are left to ponder after reading this beautifully written, deeply [...]

    7. 4.25★What was it with me and this book? Was it merely really good or was it speaking with me as a friend to my own history of small indiscretions, the decisions I made about them. All right, all right, all right—big indiscretions too.For sure I loved the writing. It was a page turner but not because I couldn’t put it down, rather because of the way it unfolded with tension, confession, regret, soul-searching, and loving too, going back and forth from the past to present over a twenty year [...]

    8. This was a really pleasant surprise from yet another novel with lower-than-stellar ratings that I happened to love. Although the narrative had a subtle tone, there were many complex and compelling topics involving obsession, neediness, loss, love and forgiveness to name a few. It is a coming of age story of sorts, but also a portrayal of how the choices made in the past can come back to haunt you. I found the main character sympathetic and her actions believable considering her upbringing, but I [...]

    9. 3.75 Stars. Once again I'm late to the party so I will just share my feelings. I enjoyed this book. This was a definite page turner for me! A good debut novel. The only problem I had with "A Small Indiscretion" was that I was kind of confused as to what was going on in the beginning. I stayed with it and I eventually got into it. The back and forth in time in this book is not all that smooth either.Annie is not the most likable character but I understood her. We all make mistakes when we're youn [...]

    10. I felt as if I was looking in someone's window and eavesdropping on a conversation that is not meant for me or more specifically reading letters that were not meant for me to read - yet I wanted to know what happened both in Annie Black 's past and in her future and I wanted to know what would happen to this family after her past catches up with her .The narrative is a letter to her son , Robbie and many times it seems so matter of fact, almost devoid of emotion at times while it represents a co [...]

    11. 4.5/5.0 STARS – WONDERFUL!I absolutely, positively adored this book! Oddly enough, I had an extremely difficult time articulating exactly why – until I understood my love for this story was because I was so emotionally invested in it. The writing is enchanting and hypnotic, perhaps even seductive, enveloping me in a warm embrace of lusciously soothing emotions. The magical, addictive prose invoked deep emotional responses which kept me turning page after page after page after page My engage [...]

    12. A woman's past comes back to haunt her present, or secrets of the past are exposed. A common enough theme in novels, but this one is presented in a unique way; as a letter to her son who is twenty and is not to be found. I had to think about my reaction to this book and why I had trouble connecting with the story. First of all, I neither liked nor disliked the main characters, I felt a distance from them. I think the format of the novel, kept me from feeling the closeness to the characters that [...]

    13. 3 stars!**Thank you to Random House publishing for providing me with this book free of charge through a Giveaway.**"I suppose unrequited love is the hardest kind to shed because it is not really love at all. It is a half-love, and we are forever stomping around trying to get hold of the other half."At 19, Annie Black is spending her winter in London, drinking herself into oblivion and getting tangled in many complicated relationships. 21 years later, she is married to Jonathan, living in San Fr [...]

    14. This compelling story is part family drama, part mystery. Well-paced, filling in the blanks slowly so that the story unravels in a way that kept me engaged and always hoping to squeeze in a few more pages throughout the busy day, this is my kind of contemporary fiction: a bit of a stretch yet somehow completely believable. This story is compulsively readable with many beautifully constructed sentences, paragraphs and pages. Layered, descriptive writing brings it to lifewriting that I found to be [...]

    15. 4.5 stars. This is one of the best debuts I have read this year. I loved it.Here's the situation: Annie is writing her memories of her younger self spent in London. There, she worked in an office for Malcolm. Malcolm is married to Louise. Louise is having an affair with Patrick, with Malcolm's blessing. Malcolm falls in love with Annie, who falls in love with Patrick. No one really wants Malcolm, and Patrick seems to care for no one. The odd foursome takes a Christmas trip to Paris, where the si [...]

    16. A Small Indiscretion is presented as a letter from the main character to her son, who is absent for one reason or another during almost the whole narration. The gimmick works to a point. The book works to a point. (view spoiler)[Basically, Adult Annie spends most of the book reflecting on Past Annie's "youthful indiscretions," which start out with a stint in Europe in which her new (older, married) employer decides he wants to sleep with her and she's basically all "okay, I guess, because it's t [...]

    17. This was a cleverly written novel that I could not put down totally absorbing. The second person letter style worked wonderfully in capturing the reasons behind choices that were made, though it was sometimes confusing with the jumping around time periods. I do think that if someone were to indeed write a letter about their past this would be true to form. Interesting example of how split second decision can have long standing consequences. Wonderful debut. I really look forward to reading more [...]

    18. Do not waste your time on this one. The only reason I read it is because the description said if you liked Girl on the Train then you'd like this one too. That could not have been farther from the truth. That is such an insult to Girl on the Train. I loved that book, especially the main character. I did not like the main character in this book at all. Actually I didn't like any of the characters in this book. None of them seemed to have any morals or self-restraint. They were all self-absorbed a [...]

    19. This book was engrossing. It was so well written!!! Loved this debut by Jan Ellison. It was suspenseful, captured my interest the whole way through and kept me guessing.The only thing that kept this from being a 5-star read for me was Annie, the main character and storyteller. Put frankly, I hated her. There wasn’t one thing I liked about her. She was one of the most self-absorbed characters I’ve ever encountered. I found her treatment of others to be insensitive and often cruel. And the fac [...]

    20. Annie is a girl who looks around at her life at nineteen years old and decides she wants something different. Something else. Something more.So she takes $200 in cash and gets herself from her hometown in California to her estranged father's house in Maine, and then on to London. Living in a hostel, she quickly gets a job as a secretary with Malcolm, a married, established (read: older) engineer. Malcolm and his wife Louise have an "arrangement," in that Malcolm procured Patrick, a lean, sexual [...]

    21. It was a quick easy read for me and I enjoyed the story, a little bit unusual in that it was written as a letter to her (the protagonist's) son to explain some of her history and thoughts about who he is and why. I could compare it to The Girl on the Train a little bit, because the main character is a young girl trying to make it alone in London and starts drinking too much, and ends up having several relationships with men and other things that she wishes she wouldn't have done.There are excell [...]

    22. ****3.5 STARS****I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book even though I squirmed and held my breath over the narrator's continuous passivity and the poor decisions that she often made in her personal affairs. Maybe it cut too close to the bone for me. :)

    23. Review also found at kristineandterri/22.5 starsI received an advanced copy of this novel from the publisher Random House via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. The expected publication date is January 20th 2015. This is going to be a difficult story for me to review as I struggled with identifying with any of the characters in the story. This may cause my thoughts to fall slightly on the critical side when I am still undecided if the story deserves it. This at the very core is a story [...]

    24. I received an advance copy from the publisher through Netgalley. There's something about the cover that originally threw me off, and I assumed that this would be a cheesy historical novel. But after reading a few reviews, I realized that this was in a fact a book of contemporary fiction. And once I started reading, I quickly got really absorbed by the story and the writing. Ellison has constructed a good story, and had done a great job telling it. It is told as a second person narrative by a mot [...]

    25. This is an emotional story shared in an intimate way. It is told in hindsight- a settled, mother of three is looking back at her nineteen year old self. Currently, her life has blown apart. As she begins to unpack her long ago memories we understand how much her past has informed her current situation. Other thoughts:The descriptions of San Francisco and the surrounding area are beautiful. As are the scenes set in London and Paris. The reveal is somewhat anti-climatic and I suspect most will gue [...]

    26. A deceptively simple premise -- Annie makes mistakes at age 19. Twenty years later those mistakes catch up to her with dire consequences. Avid readers will see the plot developments coming, but there still something quite engaging about this debut novel. I loved that it was mysterious without being a thriller. I loved the time jumps and slow reveals of important facts. I loved the unreliability of its narrator Annie as she writes her disjointed confession. Most of all, I love the play of memory [...]

    27. If you are looking for a quick read filled with action and page turning exciting drama this is probably not the book for you. However. If you are seeking a book that is extremely well written with prose that pulls you into the story as though you are there, experiencing it along side the characters, then you really should consider reading A Small Indiscretion. I loved the author's nearly lyrical writing. I felt so caught up in the story that it stayed with me for days after I read the last word [...]

    28. The book is written from Annie’s point of view, as a letter to her son while he is in a coma. It’s told in alternating chapters between the past and present. Eventually, her “small indiscretion” of the past is revealed and connected to the events of today. I liked this book but I didn't love it. It's sometimes slow and confusing. Plus, Annie is a rather odd character and her decisions are sometimes hard to understand. I doubt a mother would share such intimate details (view spoiler)[ lik [...]

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