Cub Not every gay teen yearns for fashion and popular culture Some boys are pure country folk and like the feel of flannel and the smell of the farm And they re neither lithe nor muscle bound but stocky b

  • Title: Cub
  • Author: Jeff Mann
  • ISBN: 9781590213391
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Not every gay teen yearns for fashion and popular culture Some boys are pure country folk and like the feel of flannel and the smell of the farm And they re neither lithe nor muscle bound but stocky boys, the ones who develop hairy chests, arms, and faces years earlier than their peers One such seventeen year old is Travis Ferrell, shy among most of the other kids at scNot every gay teen yearns for fashion and popular culture Some boys are pure country folk and like the feel of flannel and the smell of the farm And they re neither lithe nor muscle bound but stocky boys, the ones who develop hairy chests, arms, and faces years earlier than their peers One such seventeen year old is Travis Ferrell, shy among most of the other kids at school, but proud of his West Virginia roots He has not yet admitted his passion for handsome guys and his idea of what handsome is and what handsome does is not much different from him Soon he ll learn that he s not unique gay culture has a name for young men like him Cubs Lambda Literary Award winning author Jeff Mann has written a touching romance for the outsider in us all.

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    1. In a word, Cub was superb.The vast majority of small-town gay young tales generally involve the city as the goal. In Cub, you won’t find the typical gay kid desperate to escape the farm for the bright lights of the city. Instead, you meet Travis: someone not at odds with his rural upbringing, a poet and a passionate young man who isn’t like any youth I’ve read in gay young adult literature before. Travis is gay, yes, but he’s also worried that his unfulfilled penchant for kink might mean [...]

    2. Read up to 50%Nice charactersNice foodNice writingLots of hair - not a problemGood WiccansBad Baptistsunable to make myself continue at the moment

    3. This author was very good at making me feel the environment around me in the book. The descriptions of the look and smell of physical things were all around me, and I could almost TASTE that coconut cream pie:-)Also the depiction of the environment felt very authentic to me, and it gave me a good picture of small town USA, in this case, West Virginia, and the country life the MC Travis leads.Travis lives on a farm together with only his grandmother, since his parent are currently working abroad. [...]

    4. Jeff Mann’s Cub is a charming young adult novel with Travis, a seventeen year old young man living in a West Virginia small town, as the irresistable main character. Travis is a long haired, large, bearded poet who loves living and working on his family’s farm. He considers himself a Wiccan nerd, and he dreams of leaving for West Virginia University the following year, where he plans to join a small group of lesbian friends. Travis knows he’s gay, but he doesn’t look like most of the smo [...]

    5. This is a lovely story about a young man growing up gay in rural Appalachia and his troubles of finsing his own path in the world and finding someone to share that journey.It's a Coming of Age story whch can be enjoyed by young and old.It was especially interesting to look back on this story after reading Edge: Travels of an Appalachian Leather Bear which is the account of Jeff's own story.This was the HFN he wished he could have had and is poignant because of that.

    6. Cub is a special gift from Jeff Mann to all young cubs out there. It is written for young adults who feel like outsiders, including the gay mainstream community. My first thought when I began reading Cub was that Mann dug deep into his own history and experience to create this young adult romance, the central character Travis Ferrell, and Travis's journey of self-discovery. Travis is a handsome young man from a small conservative town in West Virginia. A bright thinker and budding poet, at seven [...]

    7. I would have never come upon this author, and this story, if I hadn't been assigned it as reading for the Rainbow Awards. I continually stumble across novels and authors I really want to check out through this process.The story is simple. Travis Ferrell loves living with his grandmother on the family farm in West Virginia while his parents spend a year doing consultant work in Germany. He is wonderful in school; in fact he has a scholarship to the University of West Virginia, but crowds of peopl [...]

    8. Omigod! This was so intense. The writing was just so beautiful and poetic. There were moments when I just had to close my eyes and I can picture out everything, word for word. The scenery -- West Virginia, to the woods, every time they drove, Travis' family's farm, etc. -- is so detailed and exact. The countless food mentioned as well brought a smile to my face and a loud grumbling from my stomach. Travis and Mike were just so special, so ardently unique. The kinks were very much welcome -- wild [...]

    9. This is a great YA coming of age story unlike so many of the ones I've read before. There are no jocks or geeks here, just two loveable cubs. And what's not to love about a guy who adores his granny, passionately loves southern cooking and falls for the hot young mechanic of his dreams.Great sweet, funny, and touching story I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I would have loved an epilogue because there's so much more I want to know about these guys. I definitely be hoping for a sequel.Congratulations [...]

    10. Adorably sweet romance between two men; perhaps almost too perfect, there being little conflict in this manly tale, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

    11. Brilliant. Highly recommended. The tension in the story is intense and kept me so engaged. It's beautiful to see a story about a young guy coming into his toppiness, leather, and bear (cub) identities. I love Jeff Mann's writings, sometimes a bit flowery and poetic (but I also really love that about it). My only complaint is that he wasn't super explicit with the sex scenes! I would've loved to hear more detail, instead of the fade-to-black. READ IT.

    12. I loved this book however the abrupt ending almost makes me wish I never read it in the first place. So frustrating!!!

    13. Jeff Mann has written a book for those young gay men who are inspired by Greek poets and walks in the woods instead of Beyonce and skinny jeans, making Cub is a fine, important read It’s a book for those boys out there who have discovered that they are different from many of their friends, but who also feel the division within the subculture they thought they could identify with. Their aloneness does not cease once they’ve figured out their sexual proclivities, but knowing who they are bring [...]

    14. This book is featured on Straight Girl Goes Gay - a Vimeo on Demand web series.Subscribe and watch here.Read the written review here.Everything contains spoilers! You have been warned :)

    15. Thank you Jeff Mann for giving us Gay, hairy, and muscular country boys wonderful books, full of characters that we can relate to. You know what it’s like to grow up Gay and country, what it is to want to be a masculine man, and want to be loved by a masculine man in return. I hope you continue writing these wonderful books. I very much look forward to reading more from you!

    16. (Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the author / publisher for an honest review.)I’m not 100% sure why this book popped up on our “available to review” list almost two years after its release date, but I’m happy it did. I had not read it previously and I thoroughly enjoyed it! This review is publishing two years and one day from the date of its release, so it might be a flashback for some of you, for others it will be a new book!Travis Ferrell is a chunky [...]

    17. Cub is the coming-of-age tale of West Virginian teenager Travis Ferrell, and it was—and still is—a breath of fresh air. This is a POV that was missing and is solely needed. Travis is not your classic, cliché, skinny jeans wearing, soy latte drinking kid pining away for the freedoms of a big city. He’s a hirsute, hefty young man who wishes only to trade some of his fat for muscle. He doesn’t yearn to be a heroin chic, sick-thin clubkid haunting Manhattan. Well, okay. He is planning somet [...]

    18. "Helplessness, Mike. The thing I fear most is my own helplessness. I couldn’t protect you today. I can’t protect anyone. I’m only seventeen. What can I do? I have no power. I have no money. I have no fucking influence. The thing that terrifies me the most is the thought that…I’ll fail the folks I love. Especially you. That I won’t be strong enough to save you. From danger. From assholes like Vass and Holt. And how will I be able to live my life after that? Knowing I failed you and yo [...]

    19. Então, vamos checar se Cub tem todos os aspectos que tornam um livro do Jeff Mann um livro do Jeff Mann:- Bears que adoram outros bears (no caso, Cubs) ✔- Dinâmica D/s ✔- Possessividade ✔ - Homens que gostam do cheiro natural de outros homens ✔- Citações desnecessárias e aleatórias de poesia ✔- Falar sobre a Guerra Civil Americana e enaltecer os soldados Sulistas ✔- Falar de como Rednecks são maravilhosos ✔E apesar de tudo isso, que eu normalmente adoro nos livros dele, Cub [...]

    20. This was a cute book. I imagine I would have connected with it more when I was the same age as the protagonists and not out, so I definitely would recommend this book for young queers - especially young queers who may feel intimidated or alienated by the queer community as seen in the media, which is usually flamboyant and always overwhelmingly urban. There are a lot of narratives that involve young queers who suffer in the middle of nowhere and then life improves when they go to the big city to [...]

    21. This story captures the intensity and insecurity of one's first love. It's well written, but in a light hearted way that's easy to read. Travis is an outsider in an oppressive small town, but it's also home. He finds out the hottest sexiest boy he's ever laid eyes on has the hots for him and the love affair of a lifetime begins. It's highly romantic and they are perfect for each other. Will they survive this intensity into adulthood when one is destined for college and post-graduate studies and [...]

    22. I am not going to rate this one because I think I just didn't like the story line so it is hard for me to rate the book. I wasn't feeling the withcraft part and there were several rash decisions that annoyed me. It could very well be that while I like bear/cub relationships, I did not like the plot points. Just not for me.

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