Always Jason has had a crush on Damon Nixon ever since he figured out he liked boys After one fateful day at summer camp Jason s dream finally comes true as he and Damon begin meeting in secret But the water

  • Title: Always
  • Author: Khloe Knight
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jason has had a crush on Damon Nixon ever since he figured out he liked boys After one fateful day at summer camp Jason s dream finally comes true as he and Damon begin meeting in secret But the waters of this new relationship are tested when school comes around and the weight of this secret becomes heavier than either boys expects.Enter Dean Hardy When the new openly gJason has had a crush on Damon Nixon ever since he figured out he liked boys After one fateful day at summer camp Jason s dream finally comes true as he and Damon begin meeting in secret But the waters of this new relationship are tested when school comes around and the weight of this secret becomes heavier than either boys expects.Enter Dean Hardy When the new openly gay bad boy takes an interest in Jason the stakes rise and it seems like there is no way to keep Damon s secret and be happy at the same time Will Jason and Damon overcome the pressure of being together Or will Jason decide he doesn t want to be someone s secret any longer

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    1 thought on “Always”

    1. This was free. Thank God for that! I thought I was going to like it, I really did. But Damon pissed me off so much. Look, I get that it's hard for some kids to come out, I understand that. But I don't like what he did to Jason. I'm not a fan of open relationships although I'm pretty sure this was more like cheating.Still, the writing wasn't bad and I did like Jason, sorta. So I'm giving it 2.5 stars. Maybe I'll read the sequel.

    2. A short story of Jason and Damon. Jason is gay and out, and suffers the bullying of high school jocks, while Damon suffers in the closet, carefully trying to avoid any hint that he is gay (and hopefully, desparately, in love with Jason). When new student Dean, a transfer from California, asks Jason out it ignites Damon's jealousy and brings about the conclusion of this story.I found myself vacillating between wanting to dismiss this short story as an angsty YA coming out story, and really buying [...]

    3. High school coming of age and out of the closet M/M romance with a geeky out and proud guy with a secret first relationship with a in the closet football player.Jason never thought he would ever have a chance to be with his childhood crush, Damon Nixon so when they end up working at the same summer camp and making out in dark corners, he is slow to understand what it means when they finally go back to school. The first day is not good to either of them because of bullying and the arrival of anot [...]

    4. Really good!!I loved the characters in this book. Damon,Jason, Dean and even Clair were great. While Damon and Jason had max chemistry together, Jason and Dean did too. Which should he be with but you know where his heart is at and you just prey that he doesn't get hurt anymore then he has been already. We have all been in Jason's shoes at one point in our lives. Being hidden and wanting to be with that someone and willing to let them lead and accepting what ever he is willing to give. Feeling y [...]

    5. This was really short, and though I'm usually left wanting when I'm enjoying a novella that ends too soon, this felt complete and unhurried. I liked all of the characters and the love-triangle aspect was really great and not at all annoying (as I usually find love-triangles to be). There was sweetness and sexiness and a villain, too.I will say, though, that it seemed a little far-fetched and these high school-aged guys acted a bit more mature, introspective and perceptive than I think teens are. [...]

    6. First book I have read like this but it was well written the characters are lovable especially Dean, I really like that kidI was really proud of how Damon dad react and not judge or disown his son. This was a really cute short story.

    7. I enjoyed this story. It was short, but complete and you could feel for both the MCs. I look forward to Dean's story.

    8. 1. The formatting of the book was terrible. 2. The narrative was not well written. Sentence structure, vocabulary and grammar were lacking. This short story needed an editor. It's clear there wasn't one. The author had you jumping into memories without any warning which made it seem disjointed, confusing and scatter brained, until you're like, "Ohhh, this is a flashback" The formatting (or lack thereof) I mentioned above added to this.3. Damon is an asshole. There was a very casual attitude towa [...]

    9. This is a short little story that packs a huge punch. I really loved the story of Jason and Damon.Jason is out at school and has had a huge crush on football player Damon Nixon for years. He never would have thought that his dreams would come true and that Damon would ever be interested in him, but it happened over summer break. When school starts back up, Damon has to be careful not to be outed. When Jason gets beat up in the locker room, Damon can't do anything to stop it. Jason understands bu [...]

    10. Original Blog Post: multitaskingmommas/201Jason had always had a crush on Damon, the jock everyone wanted for their own. What nobody knew, Jason has Damon in his life, as the dirty little secret. Maybe in fairy tales of romance books this sounds nice and edgy, but in real life, Jason found he could not live with a lie. As he attempts to move on, thanks to hunky Dean, Jason finds he may just have a chance to try to forget his Damon. What no one expected was Damon's reaction to the whole situation [...]

    11. Actual rating 2.5 stars.I guess it could be said that it is a pretty decent read but unfortunately it's nothing special. And if you're not into these storylines where there's more than one person in a relationship or love triangles, I don't think you will enjoy it.I think if there hadn't been this thing with Jason and Damon being in love, but Damon not having the guts to come out just yet and Jason being with Dean for a couple of weeks and for Damon trying to be hetero with more than one girl, I [...]

    12. How is is possible for me to absolutely love these three guys! Jason, you are so amazing! Real, honest with yourself and so darn loving. You had a heart of gold and you were just trying to do the right thing for you. But you never stopped caring. You're amazing! Dean! Dean, Dean, Dean. How I lOVED you! You were the perfect gentleman! A truly amazing guy that anyone would be lucky to have. You were thoughtful and caring; I really appreciated that. And last but not least, Damon! Gosh, you were so [...]

    13. I thought Always was a cute short story. Jason's and Damon's responses to their issues seemed appropriate for their age. I just wish the story had been a bit more developed. Things happened and were resolved very quickly--too quickly, in my opinion. I liked Dean the most, honestly, so I was rooting for him and felt bad that he basically got kicked to the curb. And what about Clare? She seemed to be a major player early on and then disappeared, in a sense. There were definitely grammar and punctu [...]

    14. This was a well put together story. I enjoyed it a great deal. After reading some of the other reviews, I can see I wasn't the only one that didn't like Damon. I was the Dean girl through and through. About halfway through I pictured a different ending, I will admit, but the one that happened was just as perfect as any other one would have been. Jason, that character got to me on a level that I cannot even begin to describe. The strength he showed in putting up with the very real bullying that a [...]

    15. Among the myriads of gay reads this one clearly stands out. I was pulled into the story right from the first page. It's all the things I love - the high school romance, one boy is out of the closet and another one is not, the bullying issue, there's a third boy getting in the picture and so forth. Everything a good gay read needs is there. And it all is put together nicely and skillfully. The last time I was enjoying the story so much was when I was reading the Geography Club. I’m looking forw [...]

    16. Loved it!!!Jason is so sweet. Loved his character!!!! Dean was an awesome person, especially how his friendship and flirting made Damon realize the deep love he had for Jason. Jason & Damon=True Love!!! Have reread several times, and love it just as much as the first time!!!!

    17. A cute story of two boys who'd crushed on each other finally getting their HEA. Themes of jealousy and bullying, friendship and love.

    18. Real, raw and adorable. Really loved this.

    19. Really short quick read about learning to come to terms with ones sexual preference and the bullying that comes with it. Sweet story about Damon and Jason.

    20. I loved this booke mcs were loveable and the story was great one of the best m/m books ive readd ive read a lot x

    21. Freebie today, short and sweetWell it ended sweet anyway Jason has had a crush on Damon, he's a football player and popular guy at school and since the last day of summer camp (which, I'm not sure how old these kids are that still go to camp, but they're sophomores in high-school so that one threw me for a loop) anyway, since camp they've been secretly dating or not really dating but hookin up in a senseJason gets bullied a lot because he's out and comfortable with himself, making him the target [...]

    22. So mostly I'm just happy this was a *free* quick download from amazon.I didn't like that the characters felt older than teenagers. I think the author did this so she could easily write in a bullying plotline. The parents never entered the picture, which kept the book moving along but detracted from its believability. I super didn't like all the names dean called jason.It managed to hit more than a few mm buttons: size difference, jealously/possessiveness, jocks, smaller partner being the top-- s [...]

    23. High school coming out short novella read. Jason was sweet and too giving. Damon, the love of his life is still in the closet and seems to want two lives. Then Dean appears and Jason realises he more than someone's dirty secret.Not sure if it was a case of wanting what you can't have or a serious wakeup call, but Damon eventually pulls his head out of his arse and mans the fuck up and does the right thing. I liked Dean and felt a little sorry that he was not the one, but he took it on the chin a [...]

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