Zelda and Ivy: The Runaways

Zelda and Ivy The Runaways Laura McGee Kvasnosky s newest trio of stories is an entertaining and genuine look at the ups and downs of sisterhood The fabulous fox sisters return in three fresh funny stories This time around Ze

  • Title: Zelda and Ivy: The Runaways
  • Author: Laura McGee Kvasnosky
  • ISBN: 9780763630614
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Laura McGee Kvasnosky s newest trio of stories is an entertaining and genuine look at the ups and downs of sisterhood.The fabulous fox sisters return in three fresh, funny stories This time around, Zelda and Ivy combat the injustice of cucumber sandwiches for lunch, decide what to leave the children of the future in their time capsule, and attempt to solve Zelda s writer Laura McGee Kvasnosky s newest trio of stories is an entertaining and genuine look at the ups and downs of sisterhood.The fabulous fox sisters return in three fresh, funny stories This time around, Zelda and Ivy combat the injustice of cucumber sandwiches for lunch, decide what to leave the children of the future in their time capsule, and attempt to solve Zelda s writer s block, all to the amusement of both new and returning fans.

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    1. A book my 6 yr old loved, a little old for my preschoolers. A solid reading level 4 book, this reader has a good amount of advanced vocabulary words, but not so long that it discourages a new reader. Used it for his read out loud book, which was perfect. It took about 20 mins for him to read and had just enough new vocabulary words to make it challenging. Also, it was a fun and interesting story he could get into.

    2. Stories of Zelda and Ivy are full of insight into the life of sisters everywhere. This is one of a series of wonderful early chapter books for preschool and primary school children. Each chapter is a sensitive, believable and funny story of the fox sisters and their friends.The illustrations are well designed with interesting point of view, and the style gives each image a spark of life. This author/illustrator is among the most kind, gentle, and inspiring people I have ever known, as she genero [...]

    3. This is a great series for beginning readers. The fox sisters Zelda and Ivy go on these hilarious adventures together. In this book, they are running away from cucumber sandwiches only to return home and realize that they are still there. A lesson is taught about possessions and how it is difficult to give up something that you treasure.

    4. • 2007 Geisel Winner •I thought this was ok. The illustrations are good but the roughness isn’t really my style, and I don’t like that one of the foxes (Zelda) is pink - it’s just sort of weird. The stories are ok, but I just felt kind of annoyed that their parents made sandwiches they didn’t like so they ran away, and when Ivy threw the juice on Zelda I felt sort of irritated and bad for her. Zelda was mad for a second then carried on. I guess she was being positive!Materials used: [...]

    5. I wasn't expecting it to have three different stories, that was a pleasant surprise.I think my daughter will like it, but I feel like I will need to explain to her that one story is ending and another is beginning before I start reading the next story because the chapters don't really build on each other.

    6. Cute 3 chapter story about 2 fox sisters. Each chapter is a story by itself. The story topics include running away from home, a time capsule, and a getting stuck while writing.

    7. Genre: Controlled VocabularyTitle: Zelda and Ivy: The RunawaysSummary: This picture book has three chapters. In chapter 1, Ivy and Zelda run away to the backyard to avoid their father’s lunch of cucumber sandwiches. When they realized that their parents didn’t miss them, they begin to play and write stories. Finally, they go inside when they hear music. In chapter 2, the sisters decide to make a time capsule. Ivy put her lucky doll inside the box while Zelda put her luck jewel into the box. [...]

    8. 1. Genre: Picture Book/Controlled Vocabulary2. Summary: No matter what Zelda and Ivy face, whether it be escaping from having to eat cucumbers sandwiches for lunch, trying to decide what to place in their time capsule, or coming up with something to write about, these two characters always face their challenges together.3. Critique:a. One of the greatest strengths of this title is the use of theme.b. The strongest theme in this story is that of togetherness. Zelda and Ivy are always working toge [...]

    9. Zelda and Ivy The Runaways is a small easy to read chapter book written and illustrated by Laura McGee Kvasnosky. This book is classified as an easy reader for children because the simplicity of the text! Children would be able to read chapters on their own without being distracted or challenged. This book begins with two little girls who are actually foxes and they dislike what they are having for dinner. They decide to run away into the back yard and to wait until their parents miss them enoug [...]

    10. 1. Controlled vocabulary, picture book2. Zelda and Ivy: The Runaways tells the story of two fox sisters and their daily adventures. The book is divided up into three chapters which are all almost like stand-alone stories. The first is where Zelda and Ivy run away from home and hide out in the back yard because they do not want to eat cucumber sandwiches. The second is about them making a time capsule. The third is about a “potion” the children make. 3. One of the strengths of this book is it [...]

    11. 1. Picture book: Controlled vocabulary2. Zelda and Ivy are not fond of cucumber sandwiches so they decide to run away. As a result, they realize they're better off just staying at home. Zelda and Ivy also build a time capsule and Zelda aids Ivy with a Secret Concoction to help Ivy's creativity. 3. a. Content/subject matterb. The author, Laura McGee, does an excellent job of creating a controlled vocabulary story with subjects and topics that most children can relate to. c. The idea that children [...]

    12. A gentle story about the daily adventures of two fox sisters, Zelda and Ivy: The Runaways has three chapters that work as stand alone stories, but are also interconnected. In the first story, outraged by the prospect of cucumber sandwiches for lunch again, the sisters run away to their backyard, but are ultimately pulled back home by the sound of music which promises salsa dancing. The second story involves a time capsule in which the girls place their dearest items, only to replace them with a [...]

    13. Zelda and Ivy written by Laura McGee Kvasnosky is an okay book. I think this book is best suited for children in the first or second grade. The book is a very simple read with simple diction and picture books. The book is about two fox sisters Zelda and Ivy, and it is divided into 3 chapters. The first chapter is about Zelda and Ivy running away. They runaway because their parents made them cucumber sandwiches for lunch, but they didn't want that for lunch. they were sad when they found out thei [...]

    14. 1. Genre: Controlled Vocabulary2. Summary: This book is about the everyday lives of two fox sisters. They runaway in protest to cucumber sandwiches, they bury a time capsule with a lucky jewel and doll, and Ivy makes "creative juice" to help Zelda with a gift for their grandmother.3a. Content3b. This book is classified as a beginning reader book. It uses simple sentences with easy vocabulary, allowing children to advance their reading skills without confusing grammar or words. There are some wor [...]

    15. Zelda and Ivy the RunawaysReading Level: Easy ReaderGenre: Fiction, Adventure, humorIllustrator: Laura McGee KvasnoskyZelda and Ivy are fox sisters and this book contains three separate chapters of their adventures. The author does a good job setting up the chapters for this easy reader. They are not overwhelming but I think it’s a good first step for children to become familiar with chapter books. It’s a book about sisterhood and it has some humor in it that I think children will enjoy. In [...]

    16. This book was a very very simple read. It didn't really have a great "Aha!" moment or moral, like I personally like for children's books to have. Rather, the two girls would change there mind suddenly and go back on what they had done the page before. This is why I only gave the book 4 stars. I do think that the illustrations and overall stories would be great for kindergarten students or students around the kindergarten reading level. I didn't personally like this book very much and probably wo [...]

    17. Zelda and Ivy are two little fox sisters. They seem to get along pretty well, even when Zelda's plans areoblematic.This short chapter book is divided into three true-to-life adventures (one per chapter) and should be a slightly challenging read for an enthusiastic beginning reader, or a good choice to read together.There are other books in the "Zelda and Ivy" series, but this one seems to stand alone pretty well. Each chapter can also stand alone, though there are call-backs to previous chapters [...]

    18. This book is a winner of the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award. Zelda and Ivy: the Runaways is a story about fox sisters who pretend to run away. They do not go far, or even leave the yard. In this very funny book, they make plans to fill a time capsule.The colors in this book appeal to younger readers and the pictures are coloring book-like.This is also the first in a series of books. It is appropriate for students from pre-school through second grade. It is a full-fledged chapter book which will make [...]

    19. This story includes three chapters. In one, the sisters pretend to run away from their parents but hide out in their backyard (which their parents are aware of0. In another, they make a potion they called "creative juice" to help them think of a poem idea and lastly, the sisters try to create a time capsule that doesn't go as planned. Zelda and Ivy: The Runaways is an easy reader and is truly written in the mind frame of a child. Each chapter teaches a valuable lesson at the end, reminding child [...]

    20. I'm always a sucker for a book about running away. Zelda and Ivy don't want cucumber sandwiches for lunch. They run away and get as far as a bush in their yard. They hide there waiting for their parents to get worried and come looking for them. SHOCKA! They hear their parents enjoying themselves. They return home tocumber sandwiches.Zelda and Ivy decide to create a time capsule. They put their favorite things in it-a jewel and a doll. Then, when they begin to miss those items, they sneak out ind [...]

    21. I feel as though that is book is missing a good chunk and story and just made up rational events to fill in the story. The only enjoyment I got out of this book was looking at the pictures, they weren't bad but just okay to the human eye. This book would be good to children breaking out of the "picture book phase" and stepping up there reading level to a more progressive, mature reading format. Besides that, I really couldn't get into this book at all. I don't know if a recommendation would be n [...]

    22. Zelda and Ivy are sisters who decide they don't want to have cucumber sandwiches for lunch and that the best way to get what they want is to run away to the back garden. I love the characters, the simple, but compelling plots, and Laura McGee Kvasnosky's bright and bold illustrations. I think beginning readers might find the vocabulary a little difficult, but will be engaged enough to tough through it.

    23. Zelda and Ivy are funny and imaginative sisters. The chapters in this book are really short stand-alone stories about their everyday adventures. I wasn’t crazy about this book because even though I enjoyed each chapter I didn’t like that the chapers didn’t follow a continuous storyline. I would have enjoyed it more if each was a seperate book that was more fleshed out. It would be a good choice for parents with children just beginning to read though.

    24. In chapter one of this three chapter book, two fox sisters, Zelda and Ivy do not want to eat another cucumber sandwich, so they decide to run away from home, but they only get as far as the backyard. In chapter two, the sisters decide to put their favorite items in a time capsule that is until they begin missing those favorites. In the final chapter, Ivy has the perfect solution to Zelda’s writer’s block. Read along as Zelda and Ivy experience the ups and downs of sisterhood.

    25. "Foxy" sisters Zelda and Ivy are sick and tired of cucumber sandwiches and decide to run away in their backyard. After hearing music, they decide to risk coming back. The second installment has the girls/foxes creating a time capsule (complete with journal from their runaway adventure), and the final section has the girls/foxes writing haikus and drinking 'creative' juice. Kids will enjoy these tales and can use them to inspire writing some of their own "true adventures".

    26. Zelda and Ivy are fox sisters, probably 6-7 year-olds. The three chapters are actually three short stories: running away to their own yard, creating a time capsule with their favorite things they can't live without, and making some sort of liquid concoction. Simple stories that a K-2 grader can relate to.

    27. Fox sisters, Ivy and Zelda have adventures, and struggles like every children. First they decide to run away to avoid eat cucumber sandwiches again. They take the most valuable belongings and run not far. Later, they need to select specials artifacts to put inside their time capsule. Finally, Ivy is helping Zelda to find inspiration for her poems. Gr. 1-3

    28. Age Range 6-9.Zelda and Ivy are two young fox sisters. In a three-chapter backyard adventure the girls attempt to protest the injustice of cucumber sandwiches, pick the ideal item to go in a time capsule and discover the perfect recipe for a secret concoction.Similar Books: Ting and Ling: Not Exactly the Same By Lin, Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa by Lewin

    29. Zelda and Ivy are a nice addition to the easy reader lineup. I like their runaway location very much, and I was also amused by the way their parents handled it. My kids enjoyed it, too. It's on the upper end of the easy reader spectrum, maybe a touch more advanced than something like Henry and Mudge or certainly than Elephant and Piggie.

    30. This book is about two sisters, whom happen to be foxes; Zelda and Ivy. With their adventures and mischief, from Zelda convincing Ivy to be a trapeze artist, or decorating Ivy’s tail, to sharing batons, this book capture the rivalry between two sisters. I would use this book to teach about families and how sisters/siblings relate to each other.

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