Orphan's Destiny

Orphan s Destiny In the bold second installment of Buettner s military science fiction series that began with Orphanage year old General Jason Wander is returning home after long years in space but to what Earth

  • Title: Orphan's Destiny
  • Author: Robert Buettner
  • ISBN: 9780446614306
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In the bold, second installment of Buettner s military science fiction series that began with Orphanage, 25 year old General Jason Wander is returning home after long years in space, but to what Earth is now impoverished following the alien war The problem the first alien invasion was merely Plan A Original.

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    1. Different Plot. Different Location. Different Mission. Same Jason Wander.Brief Synopsis:After eradicating the slug force on Jupiter's moon, Ganymede, Jason Wander returns to an earth on the brink of economic collapse. The leaders of earth are declaring that the slugs have been completely annihilated and pose no additional threat; thereby transitioning to a post-war economy of reconstruction. Needless to say, Jason Wander is a General out of his comfort zone (if he ever had one). Then, the slugs [...]

    2. Had to consider the rating here. I read the first book in the series and enjoyed it. This book picks up where the last left off at the moment. We build on the relationships and story facts that were established earlier.Before I go on, let me say that I got the audio version. The problem for me on the rating may be the fact that the reader didn't do all the great a job least in my humble opinion. That means the my entire "experience" of the book suffered. There's one character, a sergeant, who th [...]

    3. The continuation of the story started in Orphanage. This was an OK read but didn't seem to really create anything new in the storyline. Lots of action as Earth is again under attack from the slugs and need Jason Wander to pull off some more magic in defeating them (which of course he does). I will be continuing with this series but hopefully the author gives us some new stuff to read about in these.3 stars for a entertaining (even if a little disappointing) 2nd book in a series.

    4. Se anuncia como heredero de Heinlein y Handelman, pero es bastante decepcionante. No tiene la profundidad de los libros a los que homenajea, aún cuando la acción es entretenida. Creo que el problema radica en que parte de la trama es predecible, y y se asume que se ha leído el primer libro (cosa que no he hecho). También quedan muchas cosas en el aire y en algunos casos peca de ingenuo.Aún así, me gustó mucho la ambientación de una tierra casi destruida por el esfuerzo de guerra. Un muy [...]

    5. This has been a decent read. I have wanted to read this series as it was recommended when I was at the senior NCO course. Good action with some decent military components. Not quite space opera, but a decent alien vs. us story.

    6. Picked this one up on a whim and finished it in a day. I haven't read the first installment, but this story stood well enough on its own. I love sci-fi, and this novel provided plenty of action and humor.

    7. Jason Wander, having survived the Slug War in Orphanage and risen, to a frightening degree (especially to himself) simply by surviving, to the rank of general and commanding officer of the Ganymede Expeditionary Force, is relieved when a new ship arrives to take him and his seven hundred surviving soldiers home to Earth. Although he has spent the months between the defeat of the Slugs and the arrival of the Excalibur taking every relevant correspondence course that he can, including a lot of mil [...]

    8. This is a solid sequel that follows on directly from 'Orphanage' and features many of the same characters. If you liked the first book you'll probably like this one, although there is less action.The first chapter lies chronologically almost at the end of the story, and the bulk of the tale is told as one giant flashback. I guess this sets the scene for people who haven't read the first book but it does give away the plot a bit (although you can see most of it coming to be honest). Incidentally, [...]

    9. I loved the first one. I chewed on this. I don't like it. Jason develops into a kind of an Uber-GI-Joe. And I can hardly identify with the hero-ethos Buettner draws: everyone seems willing to sacrifice himself for a higher goal. And I am tired of guys who are going to sacrifice themselves for whatever. Problematic, in my opinion, are the ideological implications. Buettner wanted to write a sci-fi space-action-story for the post 9/11 world. And he came up with mysterious "slug" beeings, terrorizi [...]

    10. Review “Jason Wander” Book II “Orphan's Destiny”. In a similar fashion to Robert Heinlein and Joe Haldeman, Orphan's Destiny is something of a space war opera focused on Jason Wander who has been in combat for two books now and has reached a field commission of Major General from his lowly enlistment grade in “Orphanage”, the first book. The boogie man are slugs and the adventure is both who will win and who will die and it isn't as obvious as one might suspect. The thing Robert Bue [...]

    11. I really enjoyed the first half of the book, but felt that the last few chapters and the ending were a major letdown. The believability of the story completely collapsed for me during that sequence, as things seem to happen purely by author fiat.Because the author seemed to be deliberately setting up for comparisons to both Starship Troopers and The Forever War, with unflattering views of both stated in the afterword, it's hard to avoid comparing this book's literary quality to those two. In the [...]

    12. This is the second in the orphan series. Others have compared it to the first, but I haven't been able to get the first book. I have read the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th books in this series, and I wish I could find the others. I haven't read them in the right order either. Jason, our protagonist, manages to save the world in the books I have read, even though he is a very flawed human being. Kind of gives me hope for m own future as well as the future of the world (universe). Our accidental general makes [...]

    13. The first book was very promising. I would really have liked to give this one three stars as well but the first half of this book was just no good.Humanity have just, barely, defeated an alien invasion and then they go off and drop military spending, starts to mothball the defence installations, no further defence developments and generally behave like all danger is gone? I know politicians are short sighted and dumb and nowadays they get dumber by the minute it seems but I do not want to read a [...]

    14. The Slugs return, but in greater numbers, and this time heading directly to Earth. Humanity is pretty much unprepared, it does not have many defenses against the attack. Jason Wander is again involved, and what follows is a very action packed and entertaining story. This book is funny like the others, and contains great space battle action. It starts off as a good story of Jason Wander and the survivors returning to Earth after the Ganymede invasion, wondering how to live a normal life after the [...]

    15. the second book in the jason wander series is just as good as the first! wander finds himself finally making it home after the battle of ganymede and realizes just how difficult being in command can be. he is know widely known as a hero but he comes back to a difficult time. the earth is suffering after the battle in what appears to be the worst economy they've seen in a long time. the earth now struggles to figure out how to bolster the economy while keeping some semblance of defense in the ski [...]

    16. Yet another borderline 3 star review. Like the first book, there's not a whole lot inventive or new, the plot is transparent and formulaic, and probably will be for the rest of the series.The books start "Here I am in a bad situation. I got here this way"3/4 of the book later or so and you're back to where the introduction started.The action scenes are well written, but suffer from a lot of deus ex machina in order for the hero to survive.Bubblegum milfic for the sci-fi crowd. Not bad, but nothi [...]

    17. This is the second book in Buettner's Orphan series. The first book really focused on military life and the horrors of war to save the earth and humanity from an alien enemy. This book continues the story. While there are battles in this book too, it focuses on what happens at home after the battle, and the clash of peacetime politics and the military's commitment to be ready "if it ever happens again". Which it does, of course. You know that because there are five books in the series. Duh. Stil [...]

    18. This is the 2nd book in a series of five.Jason Wander is back and he is danger of being demoted from Major General to Lieutenant if he doesn't start towing the party line by telling the public that it's OK to downsize the military. The only problem is that the aliens are still coming.Not quite as good as the first book. There's very little action until about halfway in, then all hell breaks loose. In my opinion, the last half of the book redeems the lack of action in the first half.

    19. This is book 2 of Jason Wander. The war heroes come home and are immediately involved in politics and spin. Then the aliens attack again, and it's desperate suicide mission time. The focus in this book is on the soldiers experience of coming home after the war. Then we get some intense action.I liked Jason better in this book. He was quite the whiny spoiled brat at the beginning of the first book.

    20. A solid follow up to Orphanage if a little slow to get anywhere. This book deals more with the fallout after the battle on Ganymede at the end of the first book, and then near the end it raises the stakes for the war with the slugs. (The return of the slugs felt fairly rushed to me, and how he handled the battle was a little too clean cut too.) Still a fun read and coming in at just 300 pages not a real time investment.

    21. A fun military sci-fi space romp. Enemies are basically slugs that throw themselves at us in suicidal waves. But, for the most part we don't see a ton of combat until the end of the book and some of it is space fleet vs space fleet. A good chunk of the book is the main character trying to deal with the regular military and the politicians back on earth thinking there are no more enemies to fight.

    22. A solid addition to what is shaping up to be an excellent Military SciFi series. Picks up pretty quickly where the first book leaves off. Fast paced storytelling so that even during the book's slower points it moves quickly. Takes a while to reach the action but once it does it is a no holds barred fight to the death. Looking forward to the third book!

    23. Despite going in a bit sceptical (I wasn't sure where a sequel could really go and the first chunk of the book, while great, gives no clue as to what lies ahead) I found this even more thrilling than the great first book. It escalates things brilliantly, has some great sci-fi spectacle and bluster and had me ordering up the 3rd book literally as soon as I put it down. Love these.

    24. this is the second in a series, a good fast pased simple read, about a realistic invation of the earth by a mostly unknown alien speicies. it is a very real portrayal, using old military surplus, of our fight to survive. it truly shows how unprepared earth would be in this unlikley occurance.

    25. Less action and more aftermath of the first novel, this does get dow to action again at the end, but not enough or early enough to get that extra star. Still, better then LOTS of stuff I have already read this year - cant wait to find the next one in this series - Orphan's Journey

    26. I loved this one as much as the first in this series. It's space opera and military Sci fi mixed together with the right amount of page turning adventure I love. Can't wait to get my hands on the next one

    27. Read fast and was interesting. Parts of the plot seemed a bit thin and hard to take, but overall it was fun to read, and was a different take on the classic "alien invasion" story.

    28. Unfortunately this book did not hold my attention like the first book did. At this time I don't really have any plans to read further in this series.

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