My Friend, the Starfinder

My Friend the Starfinder Though poetic Lyon s words are spare never florid for an elegantly powerful effect with silence built in allowing readers space to use their own imaginations Gammell s art begins with exuberant sh

  • Title: My Friend, the Starfinder
  • Author: George Ella Lyon Stephen Gammell
  • ISBN: 9781416927389
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Though poetic, Lyon s words are spare, never florid, for an elegantly powerful effect with silence built in, allowing readers space to use their own imaginations Gammell s art begins with exuberant shades, but when the story enters the past, the pictures are as gray as Dorothy s Kansas until the boy finds the starThe rainbow then spectacularly spills its colors over t Though poetic, Lyon s words are spare, never florid, for an elegantly powerful effect with silence built in, allowing readers space to use their own imaginations Gammell s art begins with exuberant shades, but when the story enters the past, the pictures are as gray as Dorothy s Kansas until the boy finds the starThe rainbow then spectacularly spills its colors over the boy, and the book closes with the little girl and the Starfinder looking out at the universe, filled with colorful planets and golden light The Horn Book

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    1 thought on “My Friend, the Starfinder”

    1. Ready yourself for a true story that defies belief. A girl meets am old man who tells her amazing stories. He starts by telling her of seeing a star fall and then heading into the fields to where it landed. He picked up the star and took it home. Then there was the time he found himself at the end of a rainbow, doused in colors. Readers at this point will think they are in the middle of a magical picture book story, but in the author's note, Lyon tells us that she knew this man. What a perfect w [...]

    2. Fiction With the illustrator's water color like images and settle lyrics from the author, this story tells of a little girl that visits her elderly neighbor. The man tells her how he found a star when he was young. He has kept it all this time and gave it to the girl. Later, a rainbow found him and he also gave that to the girl.I felt that this story was a little harder to understand than your run of the mill picture book. Even with this quality, the story of the little girl and her neighbor is [...]

    3. My Friend The Starfinder is about a little girl who lives across the street from an elderly man. This man tells her the craziest stories about catching stars and holding rainbows and then brings them to her. Come to find out that this is actually based on a true story of an elderly man that used to tell a young lady a bunch of crazy stories just to make her laugh. I thought this story was very heart-warming and I really enjoyed reading it! I may use this story in a classroom to teach my students [...]

    4. This book so vividly makes me think of my grandfather, who was not only a starfinder, but the best storyteller I've ever encountered. The illustrations are beautiful and I love that we never see the old man's face. This small omission allows readers to turn this old man into anyone they would like, just like I did. I will definitely be purchasing this book for myself. My three-year-old wasn't as excited about the book as me, but with time I'm sure he'll enjoy it much more.

    5. The narrator in this story is a little girl. She talks about a man she met who found a star that had fallen to earth. Then she tells how the same man accidentally ran through a rainbow and turned all kinds of colors. I really enjoyed this book for the vivid illustrations. It was also amusing how she insisted that the story was true when it obviously was not. I would use this book when talking about illustrations and about telling the truth.

    6. Amazing illustrations! Not so good of a narrative. It describes a girl who talks to the old man in her neighborhood, and he tells her stories of his adventures. In one of these stories, he finds a star, and in another, he holds a rainbow and becomes one as well! But I didn't quite understand the plot, and barely understood what the stories were the old man told.

    7. Not quite right for the "rainbow" story time, but an interesting book none-the-less. I wish the author had put in some information about meteorites and why he found himself in a rainbow.

    8. In the book, My Friend, the Starfinder, by George Ella Lyon and illustrated by Stephen Gammell, Lyon tells the story of a younger girl and the stories her friend, the Starfinder, tells her. The Starfinder is an old man and tells beautifully colored tales of his childhood to the young girl who remains nameless throughout the story. The illustrations in the text support the rather short story line. The beginning of the book has beautiful colored watercolor illustrations that paint the old man as e [...]

    9. This is a very cool story written by a Kentucky author by the name of George Ella Lyon. This book is extremely unique and really grabbed my attention. A young girl develops a sweet relationship with an elderly man. He really expanded her imagination and enjoyed telling her lots of stories. He began by telling her a story of himself seeing a star fall from the sky, he found the star on the ground and decided to take it home. Another story he told her was about how he used to love rainbows and eve [...]

    10. Normally I don't like Stephen Gammell's illustrations, and I still don't like his people, but this book is actually quite breath-taking. It's full of whimsy and delightful storytelling, but more than that, it's Gammell's illustrations that just draw you in. I felt like I would fall right into space. I love how the past is black and white, but the black and white are also night. I love the use of color and how it's almost magical. I would like to see this one get more recognition, so check it out [...]

    11. The illustrations in this book are captivating. After I read it, I flipped through it a few more times just to take in more details of the pictures. The story itself is delightful, told from the perspective of a young girl who meets an oldtimer who tells tall tales with such gusto that you know they are true. The magic of this story is that every child knows an old man like this (or if they don't, they should!), and it brings back nostalgia and love for that man as well as the hope and excitemen [...]

    12. Another lovely story by George Ella Lyon with spectacular illustrations. Watercolours are so beautiful in picture books. I love how inquisitive the girl is and how unique and strong the man is. He is weird but appears so strong and silent, like he has a really important purpose in life. it is a very simple story but an imaginative one at the same time. I wish I could write this kind of picture book. A really good example of a character driven story.

    13. Best for kids ages 4 and upEarly Literacy Skills: Print Motivation, Narrative SkillsFrom cover:Dazzled, a little girl listens to her old neighbor's story of following a falling star when he was a boy. He found it, too. He put it in her hands. But that's not all the starfinder has to tell. One day something found him. It's a story too good to keep. See for yourself.Whimsical, playful illustrations are a delight for the eyes while the story is a journey through imagination.

    14. 4.5 STARS I'm not quite sure why I'm giving this such a high rating, but I just found it very magical and encompassing right away, with a great "voice" and really fascinating and creative illustrations. If I had a complaint, it's that the book felt a bit short (the ending abrupt) but I still thought it was great just for "transporting" me for a few moments into such a world of possibility and everyday magic.

    15. Children's Book (EASY):The watercolor art carries readers through the story ethereally in this touching story of friendship. This beautiful book will hold the attention of young children with its surrealistic magic and incredible detail. The images will fully absorb readers, while the words teach the valuable lessons of belief and wonder.

    16. A little girl listens to her old neighbor's stories about finding a star and, later, finding the end of a rainbow. He is changed by the experiences (his colorful skin/clothes) and she, too, by hearing these stories. Beautiful illustrations. The kind of book to re-read several times and you'll get more out of it with each reading.

    17. This book is an amazing blend of simplicity and depth. The artwork is stunning and the story is sweet. But the part that surprises me the most is how the children I read it to discover something new each time I read it.This book lends itself to multiple uses in educational settings and at home.

    18. Both Mama and Papa loved the illustrations in Monster Mama. This is illustrated by the same person, Stephen Gammell. "I like this one, Mama. If someone is reading a story like that I will say, 'the pictures are so pretty.'" I am interested in how the boy gets a purple hand. I wonder if I touch a rainbow if my hand will change colors too. I like all the different colors in the rainbow.

    19. 2008Fantasy - Picture BookThis is the story of a little girl who loved to listen to the stoires of an old man. This man told stories about how he found a star and a rainbow. This book is illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, Stephen Gammell who also did Airmail to the Moon and Humble Pie.

    20. 3 StarsI think imagination is fun, and tall tales are fun, but this book wasn't fun for me was just an old guy telling a kid while stories.hing a starol. but really? Running through a rainbow?? Some people might think that is coolbut It thought it was dull. The artwork was okay but the splatters wasn't enjoyable to me! Good news I have read better books today!!

    21. My Friend, the Starfinder is a story full of imagination and wonder. A little girl tells the story of a neighbor who caught a star and touched a rainbow. True? Who Knows?Used for "Sky and Stars" Storytime: October, 2011.

    22. Beautiful and sentimental without being cloying -- I was afraid this book would be ultra-sappy, but it managed to avoid that. Lovely language, but the ending seemed kinda abrupt; it almost felt like the last page of the manuscript went missing.

    23. I found the font choice to be hard to read. The colorful illustrations add tremendously to the effect of this book.

    24. BEAUTIFUL illustrations, great pairing with the story. We borrowed from the library and I want to buy this for the art alone!

    25. the illustrations are beautiful, the words are poetic, but there could be more to the story. i would love to rewrite it.

    26. I do love the Stephen Gammell illustrations and think this may make a lovely mentor text for writing poetry.

    27. Two stories told to a little girl about searching for a falling star and finding a rainbow. Beautiful illustrations.

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