Kit: An American Girl

Kit An American Girl Each story reveals of this resourceful girl who has bright hopes during the dark days of the Great Depression The richly illustrated hardcover offers a glimpse into Kit s world Inside this book featu

  • Title: Kit: An American Girl
  • Author: Valerie Tripp Susan McAliley Walter Rane
  • ISBN: 9781584853572
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • Each story reveals of this resourceful girl who has bright hopes during the dark days of the Great Depression The richly illustrated hardcover offers a glimpse into Kit s world Inside, this book features even full color illustrations and words of inspiration that will delight girls who love Kit.Full set of books equals 440 pages

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      130 Valerie Tripp Susan McAliley Walter Rane
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    1. One big detracting factor from an otherwise enjoyable setWhat I appreciated about the Kit books: Like the original American Girl doll books (more on this later) after the story of each book there is a "Peek into the Past" containing a few facts about the era using the story read as a springboard. There are also pictures of people/artificats/etc from that time.The stories are engaging and age appropriate. You don't have to worry about inappropriate words or other content.The illustrations are wel [...]

    2. Kit. Oh, Kit! These books were really good! I loved reading them with my sister and mom! It was very fun to go on her journey.

    3. These books are great. I really appreciate the themes of justice, compassion, anti-materialism, and perseverance in the Kit series.

    4. This was our second go with an American Girl story collection for a family road trip. It was fine, but not quite the hit of our first, the Addy stories. But to clarify: that's the opinion of two adult listeners. My 7-year-old loves this collection and has listened to it multiple times over. And I'm more than fine with that. Kit's story is set during the Great Depression. Her family falls somewhere in the middle of the crisis, not escaping unscathed but definitely managing to avoid the most painf [...]

    5. Another gem from my childhood. I loved the American Girl series when I was little and I still love them now as an adult. They are wonderful glimpses into history as well as charming and entertaining stories.Kit's book in particular shows the challenge of being a child in a very harsh, and sometimes scary, grown up world. Through strength of character and will Kit learns about responsibility, hard work, and resourcefulness, and how all of these can make hard times a little bit better.I really rec [...]

    6. As a little girl. I was opposed with American Girl. I still really enjoy the stories. American Girl really got me into reading. I started American Girl when I was 9. I loved them ever since.

    7. True rating: 4.5 stars.Aside from author Valerie Tripp (through Aunt Millie, her “expert” on Shakespeare) perpetuating the incorrect Shakespearean quote, "Lead on, Macduff" -- the correct line is "Lay on, Macduff" -- I have no complaints about this American Girl entry. I had recently watched the Kit Kittredge movie and thought it one of the best in the series, and I feel the same way about the Kit Story Collection. The two are vastly different in plot, however. The movie merely uses the char [...]

    8. This was a great book. I liked it because I knew a little bit about the topic already from my grandma, who grew up during this time period, I found to very interesting and wanted to learn more. This book is about a girl named Kit Kitteridge who is growing up during the Great Depression. Life is all fine and dandy until one day her father comes home with news that his factory closed, and he was out of a job. Kit's mother did not work either, so they were going to be losing money fast. Kit goes on [...]

    9. As most series are, this one has its pros and cons. I was, as always, delighted with the illustrations for this book. The writing itself was great, and even now I could sense how educational this series is for children. That being said, Kit has never been my favorite American Girl. I really want to like her, but she develops quite a negative attitude. I felt myself rolling my eyes a few times when Kit is too proud to accept help, and when she stubbornly focuses on the grim reality instead of ima [...]

    10. Madeline PriceThe American Girl story of Kit is a great book for young girls. I remember reading it when I was little and I loved it. I don't think American Girls are as popular today, but when I was younger they were very popular. It was also much more motivational to read because there were real dolls that went along with the books too. The story of Kit takes place during The Great Depression, it tells first hand experiences of how difficult it was to be a kid during such a difficult time. And [...]

    11. these books are the greatest! kit kit-rage is an american girl is living in the times of the depression. One of the hardest times to live in. she has her best friends Ruth, Frances and a weird boy that happens to be in her class. His name is Sterling. One day her and her friends were going into the tree house and Frances looked next store and her house got taken away form the bank. they were crying and of coarse the mother was scared and did not know what to do. kit and her family were scared ab [...]

    12. The American Girls Collection is a wonderful collection of books. I grew up reading these books and playing with the dolls. I grew up with Molly, Samantha, Felicity, Kirsten, and Addy. Kit came along when my sister was younger. As soon as I could get my hands on the Kit books I read them all. After rereading them I relived why I enjoy them so much. This collection follows a young girl Kit who's family lives in the Cincinnati area. Kit's father loses his job and the family has to think of creativ [...]

    13. Kit may be my favorite American Girl; she's very human, but in a way that makes me relate to her rather than be annoyed by her. She tries to be self-sufficient, but isn't arrogant about it. I admired her creativity, even as a child, and thought she was incredibly brave. I wanted to have her adventures, but I never felt like they were impossible or ridiculously fantastic. There was a great sense of time and place, like in most of the American Girl books, and overall these are just very well done [...]

    14. I've always had a soft spot for Kit. I want to be a writer, and I identified strongly with her character. She was the first female character I ever encountered who was determined to be a writer. Kit wasn't frilly or girly; she was strong and opinionated and convinced of what was right and wrong. I especially love the last book in this series when she writes the letter to the editor. Also, she has a rocking hairdo. I have the doll, and I always loved brushing her hair. Plus, she had the coolest b [...]

    15. My daughter and I like these stories because they help us understand the depression. Kit's family had to be very creative when her father lost his job and couldn't find more work. They turned their home into a boarding house. Kit gets into all kinds of adventures in these books. She also learns to work hard and look on the bright side of things. Hope can go a long way when the world looks discouraging all around you. She became very thrifty. She also kept writing her little newspaper. She will b [...]

    16. I liked this book because of the way so many girls my age, younger, or older can relate to Kit in many many ways. Kit lives in the time of the Great Depression and goes through every trial that it throws at her and her family. Kit always tries to look on the upside of things as she makes new friends and makes some mischief. I recommend this book to all ages of girls that want to just curl up and let their imaginations go as they read Kit:An American Girl.

    17. I read these to my mother who is 83 and has dementia. The stories are simple enough to follow without being babyish, the characters are engaging, and the time period is of her childhood. She nodded in recognition of the descriptions of the depression. And she enjoyed the end pieces with photographs of the times. I was pleased to find this set to use for this purpose. And I myself really enjoyed the books too!

    18. Read in year of publication, December.I liked Kit, liked the era of the Great Depression and how hard that was on families and how it strained relationships. I like Kit's spunk and intelligence, her kindness and friendship. She has to adjust to an entirely different lifestyle as her home is turned into a boarding house and shared with strangers, her father leaves to find work and she has to deal with this. Good series:)

    19. I really liked Kit and I liked her stories. Knowing people who were born in the 1920's and 1930's I couldn't help thinking I was reading there story a little. In Kit Saves the Day she wouldn't have had to save the day if she hadn't gotten everyone in trouble in the first place and her best friend Ruthie disappears for a couple stories, but Stirling is there instead. Other than that I really liked the books.

    20. Alright, I have to rate and review this. Kit is such an important part of my childhood. She's intelligent, daring, kind, and confident, and a perfect role model for a little girl. I even have her doll and her books on my shelf right now. Kit Kitteredge challenges herself and her friends and strives to write truthfully and bring hope to those around her. If you're considering giving a daughter, cousin, neighbor girl, or anyone Kit's books, do. You'll definitely be thanked for it!

    21. I think that this is a great seires for a ten year old. I read them when I was 10 and I LOVED them!! I would read them over and over, but then I stopped And last saturday I decided to read them all over again! (P.S. The movie, although it is good, doesn't follow the storyline at all. Only a little bit. So read the books.)

    22. did these as a read-a-loud with my girls when they were young. so many great memories of them asking questions about this time in history, particularly since their grandparents all grew up in the same time frame. it prompted us to write letter asking them to write about their childhood experiences. treasures to be kept for generations to come.

    23. Kit was probably the last American Girl I read about. By that time, my interest in the American Girls Collection was waning; I felt that the creators were running out of ideas. Still, I do appreciate the "Kit" books for teaching me about the Great Depression and why it's important to make the most of what you have.

    24. Who can't love the American Girl series? Just as the others, Kit's story collection takes a point in time, in this case the Great Depression, and tells about life from a young girl's point of view. Kit has the kind of caring and gumption we hope all girls develop.

    25. I like that it includes hobos and it is a little scarry and that there is robbing going on. I like how Kit carries around information everywhere. Kit finds a dog and talks to it and makes it her friend.

    26. I learned a lot about depression after i read these books and then since I loved Kit so much after that I got her for Christmas. I can even tell you her real name which happens to be Margrat, I think thats how u say it

    27. My daughters and I listened to the Kit series on audio book. The narrator was really good. Stories were fun and meaningful. My older girls had read them already, but my youngest and I hadn't. I really enjoyed these books.

    28. I read this as a scouting mission for when my own little Kit & I will read chapter books together. Loved the overall message of learning to deal with life's disappointments without becoming disappointed in living.

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