Stargate A renegade young Egyptologist and a miltary officer discover the secret of an Egyptian ring the Stargate Through it they enter into a strange country that is neigher the past nor the future a country

  • Title: Stargate
  • Author: Dean Devlin Sheila Black Roland Emmerich
  • ISBN: 9780140374940
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • A renegade young Egyptologist and a miltary officer discover the secret of an Egyptian ring the Stargate Through it they enter into a strange country that is neigher the past nor the future a country peopled by alien gods and an oppressed tribe The book that inspired the film Stargate.

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    1 thought on “Stargate”

    1. Review: StarGate While I enjoyed this immensely, I cannot give a high rating to a book that was edited by a middle schooler. Wow, people. They got genders mixed up, there were dozens upon dozens of wrong words, and the grammar. So many sentences made zero sense. I cannot believe such a terrible manuscript made it thru the process to shelves. 

    2. The thing about books based on screenplays is that, just like screenplays based on books, they're just never quite as good. Sad but true. I'd like to be able to say that the book is always better than the movie, because I'm a book snob and believe in the inherent supremacy of literature, but because I am a book snob, I'm forced to admit that this isn't always the case. In fact, with book adaptations of screenplays, the case seems to be that these are works of middling to no effort intended solel [...]

    3. Looking for the storyline of Stargate the movie? This book , based on the movie, gives you that. Unlike a book on which a movie is based, however, you don't get *more* than that. The writing style is descriptive and bland.

    4. Stargate, there is nothing more to write :o) Great story, great series and SG Atlantis is my favourite team. So, this book is soo thin, the story could be wider, sophisticated, lasts only for an hour of reading :o)

    5. As a kid, my dad used to watch the show Stargate SG-1 all the time. I was totally infatuated, to the point where the theme song actually brings me to near tears from nostalgia and other such poignant emotions.That being said, it was only recently that I learned that there was a film that inspired the show. And that an actor I really enjoy - James Spader - played my favorite character, Daniel.I enjoyed the movie but not nearly as much as the television show. That being said, I still decided to re [...]

    6. This sat in a stack of books for about a decade before I decided to finally read it. Stargate Sg-1 is my favorite show so I was hoping to save this one for last. I wish I would've just read it a long time ago.I don't remember the movie so I have no idea what has been added. I did like getting more backstory on the characters I've grown to love. But the pacing was all over the place. For example, the penultimate chapter begins by telling us how good Ra is at playing this ancient Egyptian game. I [...]

    7. This is a pretty good adaptation of the film. As often happens with novelizations, there's some expansion on characters and background, which is what I enjoyed the most. There are brief glimpses of what Ra was like before he was possessed by a space alien, as well as a whole chapter from alien Ra's point of view about how he built his empire and how the rebellion on Earth happened. Colonel O'Neil and Daniel Jackson both get a bit more background, and more importantly, the other marines also get [...]

    8. I have read a lot of books that have been turned into movies. And a few books that have been adapted from movies. Some good, some bad. This one goes into the bad column. Being a fan of the Stargate movie and the subsequent TV series, I was looking forward to reading the book based on the film. Unfortunately, the book is so loosely based on the film that I was mad at the changes. The marines ran the stargate?? It was the Air Force! Some scenes were so shortened as to be barely a mention in the bo [...]

    9. Don't know why it took me so long to get around to this book. I enjoyed the movie and love all the spin offs! This book is very well written --- above average for a movie novelization. If there were no movie at all I would probably have enjoyed the book just as much. It stands well on its own. There are differences from the final filmed version of course. Books don't translated exactly to film or vice versa. But what sets the novel a bit above the movie is the chance to hear the character's inne [...]

    10. "AWESOME".Loved the film, just a great idea, the Pyramids as alien landing pads, real Chariot of the Gods stuff but better!When I heard about the TV series I thought "Here we go again" and that it would be crap, boy was I so wrong?As you can tell I'm a big fan but have never read the book until now, my loss. This goes into so much more detail and backstory, it's not exactly as shown on screen, it's better."BRILL"

    11. although written off by many as a conspiracy theory, this story is compelling and believable. I have met some people in the service in 1943 who say this strange phenomenon was a true cover-up and just think what we could have accomplished if we could have expanded on the project. The author takes readers into the thrilling happening.

    12. You have got to love anything that takes you outside of the box and really let's you use your imagination on the what if and could be's - there is a lot we as humans don''t know - we don't know our own past, our own origination - so many mysteries and secrets - and this is the kind of story that will leave you with that great sense of wonder. recommended to all!

    13. The awesome original novel that became the movie! It's a little different, because things were changed in the movie, as with any book-to-movie instance, but it is a wonderfully-written, action-packed novel and a great read for anyone--not just Stargate fans. ;)

    14. Good plot, not great writing. More like young teen then adult fiction. A bit fantastic in places, in one part, most of the characters miraculously keep from getting shot. Overall, a good read, not great

    15. It was pretty much exactly like the movie so no surprises at all. I actually remember borrowing this book from a friend and having my capri sun leaking all over it in my backpack. It was pretty intersting reading it after that.

    16. I really wasn't impressed with this at all. I like the story itself which was introduced to me by the movie. The concept is great hut I found the writing to be kind of dull. I certainly may be biased by my Kurt Russell portrait of O'Neil or something but it just didn't work for me.

    17. This is not just a book about archaelogy, space travel, ancient Egypt, artefacts, great discoveries It's also about the borders we put to our minds, the stupidity of the daily routine or probably of the origin of gods too.

    18. Holy guacamole edit this book. An animal has a spontaneous change of gender. A dead character is resurrected, unnoticed. A bomb countdown counts up. EDIT.

    19. It wasn't a good book, but as a huge stargate fan I really enjoyed reading it and almost couldn't put it down.

    20. A really brilliant sci fi that mixes history with contemporary technology and ideas. I couldn't put this down.

    21. Stargate has to be my favourite film ever I recently decided to buy all the old toys etc and getting any books was a must.This book was published by Puffin Books, now one thing I love about any book the publish is they are written in easy to read English, never dumbed down too much but enough so readers of all skill can enjoy it.Clear big font means this is an easy quick read and it really did hit the spot with me. I don't tend to read books that were turned into a film or vice versa but i'm gla [...]

    22. Reading this original one-of-a-kind story has always been on the top of my to-do list. Having said that, I really feel it was less enthusiasm journey and more of "WT" events. I didn't like the idea of the pyramid being from the outer space, perhaps it's because I feel that the writer only suggest that as a way of looking down on us Arabic people, or at least that's how I feel.

    23. This is the novelization of the StarGate movie that started the franchise. It was pretty good. Books have the opportunity to explore characters in ways that movies can never match.

    24. Obviously I had seen the movie years before I even considered reading the book. And watched the TV shows. All of them. Twice (well, except SGU). The book was an extremely enjoyable read, with many little facts and details they either missed out of the movie, or I had just missed in the movie.

    25. Was this the best written book I've ever read? No. Was it entertaining despite that? Yes. I've seen the movie so I knew what was going to happen in the book but I still enjoyed reading it nonetheless.

    26. Nice novelization. This is one of my father's favorite Sci-Fi films and usually leaves it at that and just watching or reading this one story alone is sufficient. I have seen only one episode of SG-1 and all things consider I don't have to see all of the show to enjoy this one book.The details of the book are really good. I found it interesting that the mindset of the boy possessed by the creature was somewhat superior and arrogant, giving one the impression that the boy was a good choice for a [...]

    27. Une novellisation plutôt de bonne qualité dont l'intérêt essentiel sont les détails que l'on apprend sur le passé de Râ. Sinon le roman reste globalement très fidèle au film. Le gros bémol c'est surtout la happy end casse-pied franchement plus nian-nian que dans le film.

    28. It's the book to the movie. I love the movie. Enough said.(This was brought to you by the "Review your books in three sentences. They don't even have to be complete!"-campaign, sponsored by the People Against the Waste of Words in Movie Reviews (PAWWMR). Thank you for your attention.)

    29. of course I loved i because well im just like that if you give me anything related to Stargate i will most likely love it and while i was reading it i felt so much more of a nerd because i had my Stargate sweater on.

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