Detour from Normal

Detour from Normal This harrowing memoir tells the true story of a beloved family man and respected engineer who undergoes a life saving surgery reacts to medication and improper treatment and lands in a high security

  • Title: Detour from Normal
  • Author: Ken Dickson
  • ISBN: 9781491248638
  • Page: 480
  • Format: ebook
  • This harrowing memoir tells the true story of a beloved family man and respected engineer who undergoes a life saving surgery, reacts to medication and improper treatment, and lands in a high security psychiatric ward There, psychiatrists pronounce him persistently and acutely disabled and a danger to himself and others What will happen to him and will he ever regain hisThis harrowing memoir tells the true story of a beloved family man and respected engineer who undergoes a life saving surgery, reacts to medication and improper treatment, and lands in a high security psychiatric ward There, psychiatrists pronounce him persistently and acutely disabled and a danger to himself and others What will happen to him and will he ever regain his former life A massive amount of emotion rolled into a page turner An enlightening and dare I say frightening glimpse into the world of mental health care This is a story you will want to share with the people you know and love Scary, life changing and inspiring Powerful and gripping A psychological thriller, medical mystery, and compelling drama made all the vivid because it actually happened.

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    1. My name is Ken Dickson, and I am the author of Detour from Normal. I don’t normally write book reviews, in fact, I have never written a book review. It took a traumatic life experience and writing my own book to awaken me to the world of writing and reading, and to . Now that I am here, I feel it is time to fully commit, starting with writing my first review. What better way could there be to start than by reviewing the book which brought me here in the first place?Detour from Normal begins wi [...]

    2. A bravely written memoir documenting one of the lesser-known aspects of mental health. The author was a successful engineer with no history of mental health problems, until he became unwell and required surgery for a bowel condition. In the aftermath, worrying symptoms began to surface and as his behaviour become increasingly erratic and disturbing, his family are forced to seek professional help and place their husband and father in a specialist psychiatric facility. Believing he is only in nee [...]

    3. When I was reading this memoir, I really wanted to like it. I tried so hard to like it, almost straining my mind to make the decision that this was a wonderful book. Unfortunately, while it had some unbelievably great perks about it, when it came down to it, I just couldn't bring myself to be fully convinced that I liked it.Ken Dickson, the man behind the memoir, packs a punch with a personal story. The problem I had was that, while the story was emotional and full of health information that act [...]

    4. For the past 25 years I've been a psych RN in Minnesota. While some of Ken's experiences could happen anywhere, I think he would have had a different outcome had he lived in MN instead of AZ.Our first priority for anyone suffering from mania is to help them achieve restorative sleep.My hospital uses the team approach he mentioned. A full neurological workup would have been ordered due to this severe and abrupt personality change. And I was shocked that Ken mentioned the use of a single blade raz [...]

    5. What is the true cause of bipolar disorder? What is the best way to treat it? Is our psychiatric system doing its best to treat those who suffer with compassion? Is there anything of this disorder that is of value? Can people heal? And what exactly does it mean to be ‘normal’? These are the type of questions which will pop into the minds of any reader of Ken Dickson’s valuable book, Detour from Normal.Thought provoking, to say the least, Ken’s book takes us on his own harrowing journey w [...]

    6. Detour from Normal is scary because it is completely believable. You put your life in the hands of people you love and in the doctors you trust. This book shows what happens if they are all wrong. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder almost twenty years ago and I remember how long it took to get the right doctor to give me the right medication. I've been on it ever since except when the pharmacy gave me the wrong medication and I couldn't understand why I was feeling "off". In my case [...]

    7. In some cultures in our world, and certainly in many worlds past, Ken would have been a messiah. Somewhere out there, a whole village of people is awaiting someone like the person Ken became for two months of his life. They are waiting for a man with no fear, a man with big dreams, a man with no ego, a man who sees, albeit for a short time, the true potential of mankind.Here in the West? We locked him up and called him crazy. Laughed at him through his seizures, calling him a liar. Put a bracele [...]

    8. Rarely do I read a book from start to finish without putting it down. This is one of those books. Very well written and wholly engaging, it took me on a surreal and yet easily understandable journey though the mind and experiences of someone marginalized by society as insane. That he is able to describe with such incredible attention to detail his delusions and how he was made to suffer so much cruelty and injustice at the hands of those we trust with our lives, including medical doctors, peace [...]

    9. Ken Dickson was your average 55 year old man until a bout with diverticulitis spirals his life into hell. A surgical procedure to remove a portion of his bowel begins a long journey from excellent health to commitment to a psychiatric hospital. His adverse reaction to certain medications compounded by lack of pertinent tests sends him into a manic state that eventually has him involuntarily committed.Upon his recovery, Ken is able to put into word what his ordeal was like. I'm not sure that I co [...]

    10. This is the true story of a man who suffered through manic episodes and what he perceived to be seizures following a surgery related to diverticulitis. He was admitted for inpatient treatment at several psychiatric wards. At one point, his doctor wanted to put him on Lithium; he refused and was subsequently taken to court, after which the judge determined that he would be required to be treated with this drug. Following his release from psychiatric care, he began to have serious heart problems a [...]

    11. I honestly flipped through most of this book because I felt like it got so bogged down in him trying to "help" everyone, and the descriptions of his "Utopia" were just agonizing in the detail. My interest in this book, and what prompted me to buy it, was my general feeling that the medical community often fails us. Instead of treating our bodies, including our minds, as a whole, we are pieced out to this or that specialist, and never the doctors shall meet, nor discuss our issues or care. How mu [...]

    12. new light from personal perspectiveThis was a very informative read. I've a loved in my life that has been labeled bipolar and been through multiple rounds of treatment. Dickson's first hand account of his experiences makes it easier to identify with those who are challenged by troubling life situations. I hope that others can benefit from reading his work.

    13. first, I thought, this guy's cheese has slipped off his cracker. Then I thought he was a genius. Finally, I think he is a very strong person and justifies my resistance to doctors

    14. Wow.This is one of the most eye opening books I have read. It grabs you from the start and never lets you go. I strongly recommend this to anyone who has ever suffered from mental illness or loves someone who does.Well written and from the heart.

    15. As someone who has a particular interest in the subjects of psychology and mania, I really enjoyed this book. It is an honest, detailed account of a truly life-changing experience which happened to a normal, healthy man as a result of complications with surgery and medication. ken Dixon is an engineer by profession so comes to the subject of psychological disturbance as one who is accustomed to analysing data. His descriptions of the hospitals he was in, his treatment regime and his internal exp [...]

    16. In 2011, Ken Dickson had emergency surgery that totally changed his life. He ended up with a rare complication (possibly from the surgery itself affecting his brain chemistry, possibly from one of the many medications he took). He ended up going manic. This led to him being put into three different psychiatric wards. Once he was deemed mentally ill, he was just looked at as “crazy” and no one cared to figure out what was really going on. Detour from Normal is a fascinating glimpse into the m [...]

    17. Detour from Normal details the strong story of Ken Dickson's struggle with mania and the cataclysmic down-spiral that follows. Written with heart and a passion to not only act as a memoir, Detour from Normal steps the boundaries and also hopes to educate about the mental health system and the troubles with gaps in understanding.Ken Dickson's first novel earns my five-star rating because of the powerful voice that is present in the text. Whether discussing his own mania, his dreams while inside m [...]

    18. Incredible firsthand account of dealing with a mental breakdown, the "system", and the journey back to wellness.I was drawn into the author's story, surprised by the fascinating story telling ability of an engineer. After emergency surgery, Ken Dickson has a medication reaction producing symptoms of mania. Having a chronic illness for nearly three decades, I can relate to the lack of communication between medical facilities. Having loved ones institutionalized, I can relate to multiple hospitali [...]

    19. Read this book! You will gain a closer understanding of the author, his friends and family, his care givers (and takeaway-ers) during this wild ride through Ken Dickson's physical and mental health issues. Be prepared to be surprised and appalled at how mental health patients are treated. As I read the book, I experienced joy, laughter, sorrow, anger and many other emotions as I walked this journey with Ken. This is a story you will want to share with the people you know and love. And through it [...]

    20. While reading this book you live what Mr Ken lived, you feel what he felt. This book shows how good of an engineer mr Ken is. He built a bridge for himself to reach my heart and mind. To put it simply it s a great book.If you want to read my full review Detour from Normal Book Review

    21. Awesome!I would definitely recommend this book to all people. If you have not at least had a brush like this with the medical or mental health services, you will. May your loved ones never have to go through something like this. Health professionals are human but you or an informed loved one is your best advocate.

    22. Most honest read. I enjoyed this book immensely and couldn't put it down. I feel the author was very brave to share such personal aspects of his life with the general public. Well written and I must admit it touched my heart and made a difference in my life and this comes from someone who can relate. Thanks Ken!

    23. I think this is a very good book. I was captivated by the whole story, from a seemingly routine medical condition to MANIA. Nobody could make this up, Ken's attention to detail and complete recollection of so many experiences is amazing. I loved this book.

    24. It's astonishing what Ken remembers from his trip through mania! The reader is lead through a horrific drug induced trip through the mental health system. The tempo of the book picks up wonderfully and you find yourself turning pages in no time.

    25. WowThis is a very powerful book. We never know exactly what is going on in someone else's mind and body. Being kind might be the best treatment of all.

    26. A deeply moving and absorbing memoir that offers an inside look at our health system and how it can affect individuals and their families. Highly recommended!

    27. There was a lot I liked about this book. The author was incredibly brave to tell his story. As someone who works with cognitive dysfunction in healthcare, I often sort out cognitive dysfunction from mental health issues. I've also seen our healthcare system create more problems than it solves for people; despite our best intentions. Like other reviewers, I felt the chapters on the author's obsession with developing a utopian society were repetitive. However, it did give the reader a sense of the [...]

    28. We generally trust our doctors to administer and prescribe drugs and treat our issues. However, this book tells us how things can go wrong and the repercussions that one can face. We should all be aware this, be more diligent and assist the person facing such a situation. The support received during this time would surely not let them 'Detour from normal'.

    29. Interesting read. Was very interesting insight into the world of psychiatric 'care' and the pre judgement that exists with mental illness and how the so called experts treat it, im glad that the Author Ken has recovered and is able to give such a valuable insight into Mania it's causes and how to deal with it, this would be particularly useful read for anyone who has a loved one or is in fact themselves suffering with Mania.

    30. American Healthcare is a JokeHealthy person has surgery to repair his intestinal tract, only to have drugs he was given (combo of steroid and antibiotics) puts him in a maniac state. Incompetent healthcare providers lock him up, and feed him more drugs which make his heart skip beats. Stop treating symptoms with more drugs. I had a family member with same combination of steroids and antibiotics cause them not to sleep for 3 days and exhibited symptoms of a stroke (could not remember how to swall [...]

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