Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

Daredevil The Man Without Fear This classic tale explores Matt Murdock s formative years detailing the relationship between him and his father and the events that led to the fateful accident that created Daredevil

  • Title: Daredevil: The Man Without Fear
  • Author: Frank Miller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • This classic tale explores Matt Murdock s formative years detailing the relationship between him and his father, and the events that led to the fateful accident that created Daredevil.

    Daredevil The Man Without Fear manwithoutfear ManWithoutFear, your guide to the Daredevil universe since Daredevil Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki FANDOM Matthew Michael Matt Murdock is a man who was blinded as a young boy by a radioactive substance that fell from a crashed vehicle, and even though he lost his sight, his other four senses were heightened to a superhuman level After his father was murdered by mobsters, Murdock dedicated his Daredevil The Man Without Fear After watching the Netflix production of Daredevil I thought I would give the source material a look Never having been a huge fan of the character as a kid I was happy to see that the comic is every bit as good as the show, maybe better when you consider the amount of backstory the comic provides. Matthew Murdock Earth Marvel Database FANDOM This is an abridged version of Matthew Murdock s history For a complete history see Matthew Murdock s Expanded History Early Years Daredevil s life is a mix of joy and tragedy The story of Matt Murdock began with his father. Daredevil film Daredevil is a American superhero film written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson.Based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, the film stars Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who fights for justice in the courtroom and on the streets of New York as the masked vigilante Daredevil Jennifer Garner plays his love interest Elektra Natchios Colin Farrell plays the Man Bull Daredevil Cat Hulk Scarlet Witch foe Hannigan Daredevil I When Man Bull broke into a building in Chinatown to steal the Golden Bull, security guard Hannigan called for back up. Marvel s Daredevil Netflix Official Site Blinded as a young boy, Matt Murdock fights injustice by day as a lawyer and by night as the Super Hero Daredevil in Hell s Kitchen, New York City Watch trailers learn . Daredevil A man blinded by toxic waste which also enhanced his remaining senses fights crime as an acrobatic martial arts superhero. Daredevil Matthew Murdock Characters Marvel Earth s Mightiest Show Paul Rudd tells us about the final moments of Marvel Studios Ant Man and the Wasp Earth s Mightiest Show Bonus Paul Rudd, who Plays Scott Lang Ant Man in Marvel Studios Ant Man and the Wasp now available on Digital HD and coming to Blu ray October th , drops by Marvel HQ to tell us just how much he knew about the film s final moments Daredevil Rotten Tomatoes Matt Murdock Daredevil As for Daredevilwell, soon the world will know the truth That this is a city born of heroes, that one man can make a difference.

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    1. Solid reading!This TPB collects the original miniseries “Daredevil: The Man Without Fear” #1-5Creative Team:Writer: Frank MillerIllustrator: John Romita, JrE DEVIL YOU DON’T KNOWThere are times when Matt is glad to be blind. People depend on their eyes for almost everything. They miss so much.I knew about Marvel’s Daredevil. I have read a crossover with The Magdalena. I had watched that mediocre movie, but until I watched that TV masterpiece made on Netflix, it was when I really got to k [...]

    2. After enjoying the latest version of the Daredevil story with Netflix's new series it seemed like a good time to revisit this 1993 origin reboot that Frank Miller did for the character. It holds up fairly well although this story is more concerned with expanding the old story rather than making any changes to it. Miller avoids hitting on the major events of DD's life in order to focus on detailing the time between the accident that blinded young Matt Murdock to the first time he puts on a mask t [...]

    3. The journey that transformed Matt Murdock into Daredevil had many twists and a few key people. His love for fighting came from his father, but he promised to be better than his Dad by not fighting. His life changed when an accident sprayed him with chemicals costing him his sight get giving back more than most people could imagine.Matt Murdock's origin story is one I'm fairly familiar with even though I have rarely read any Daredevil stories. It was interesting seeing Stick training Matt after h [...]

    4. FULL REVIEW NOW AVAILABLEMy only connection to the Marvelverse comics for the longest time was with their X-Men. It was only recently--thanks to the movies--that I began to enjoy what other Marvel heroes could offer I go insane for Captain America LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE. Now, like most people in the early 2000's, I barely remember the film adaptation of Daredevil starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner but everyone agrees it sucked major balls. All I can remember is that I did like its soun [...]

    5. Introduction: Now, to be honest, I had never read a “Daredevil” comic book in all my life. The only way I knew about Daredevil himself was through the movie starring Ben Affleck that I saw years ago. However, after I saw the movie, I decided to check out some “Daredevil” comics and I stumbled upon Frank Miller’s version of the classic vigilante called “Daredevil: The Man Without Fear!” First of all, this is basically a retelling of Daredevil’s origin story since Daredevil origina [...]

    6. Βαθμολογία: 9/10Μόλις τελείωσα την ανάγνωση του συγκεκριμένου graphic novel και δηλώνω ενθουσιασμένος. Αυτή είναι η πρώτη μου επαφή με τον κόσμο του Daredevil, μιας και δεν είχα ξαναδιαβάσει κανένα κόμικ με τον ήρωα αυτό μέχρι σήμερα, ούτε φυσικά έτυχε να δω την σειρά του Netflix (που ειρήσ [...]

    7. Frank Miller's definitive five-issue origin of Daredevil from 1993. Young Matthew Murdock, son of a Hell's Kitchen boxer, is blinded by a radioactive isotope in a freak accident. He discovers through his training with the mysterious Stick that he can focus his other senses and perceive the world better than most sighted people. Matt's father is used as muscle for a local gang boss, finally refusing to give in. He is killed for his insubordination and Matt begins his lifelong crusade by hunting d [...]

    8. This is Frank Miller's retelling of Matt Murdock's coming of age and Daredevil's origin. While lacking the emotional power of earlier stories, this is still a solid tale of action and courage.John Romita, Jr. gets a lot of hate and I think it's unwarranted. Although cartoony, his illustration style is very good and comparable to Miller, Janson, and sometimes Mazzucchelli, which helps it blend in with Frank Miller's other Daredevil stories. There was even one vertical splash page which was awesom [...]

    9. El origen de Daredevil tal y como nos lo contaron en la serie de Netflix arranca aquí.Una historia oscura y más "callejera" que superheróica. Mi parte preferida, por supuesto, en la que sale Elektra.

    10. This is a really strange comic, because it's like an origin story, but told to people who already know the origin story. If you don't already know Daredevil's origin, this is going to be unsatisfying in a lot of ways. (Who are Stick and Stone? Why the interest in Daredevil? Why does Elektra seem really important for a few pages, then vanish from the rest of the book? How come Daredevil never gets the bad guy at the end?)Having said that, Miller does a great job of bringing together a lot of poin [...]

    11. Traducerea în română e jalnică.Deci, Daredevil, neînfricatul, e o poveste chiar mișto - e origin-story-ul lui Daredevil. E fain construită, o întâlnește și se iubește cu Elektra, chestii interesante (partea bună fiind că doar Elektra e supereroina pe care o întâlnește). Bună povestea.Doar că traducerea în română e jalnică. Cartea e faină ca produs, se vede că s-a făcut cu cap - cu excepția traducerii. Care traducere e oribilă. Nici nu știu dacă Mircea Pricăjan, aut [...]

    12. Miller takes Daredevil and tries to do one of his Year One adaptations yet again.This story takes the original Stan Lee origin and expands it with Miller`s "contributions".Nothing all that newe, nothing all that original.I just got the feeling you get when you see one dog piss on a fire hydrant and a few secondes later another dog comes along and pisses on the exact same spot? Its all just one big territorial thing.Niller is telling Lee, yeah, you may have done this before, but here I come along [...]

    13. Rating: 5/5S-a nimerit ca zielele acestea să stau cu gândul la albumul Daredevil: Neînfricatul, pe care l-am lecturat in one sitting. M-am apucat de această colecție de 5 benzi desenate, și nu am mai putut să mă opresc până când nu am ajuns la final.Nu știam despre ce este vorba în Daredevil, îmi imaginam cu totul altceva, însă am avut o mare surpriză. L-am cunoscut pe protagonist, pe Matt Murdock, un băiat extrem de liniștit, un model demn de urmat pentru alți copii. Acesta [...]

    14. I'm reading every issue of Daredevil, and I'm currently bogged down in the period when Gerry Conway was writing it. I really don't like his style, so I decided to take a break and read this limited series that Frank Miller did with John Romita Jr. back in 1993.Miller wrote this as the "Daredevil Bible," and it's similar to his work with David Mazzucchelli on "Batman: Year One." You get everything that leads up to the hero becoming who he is, and a lot of things that weren't necessarily in issue [...]

    15. Mi sono avvicinata a Daredevil grazie alla serie tv (sia benedetto Charlie Cox ❤) e quindi non sono riuscita a resistere e ho preso questo primo volume.In verità non sono molto esperta di Comics, Marvel, supereroi e varie cose quindi non so nemmeno se sia giusto iniziare da qui la storia di Matt/Devil maaa l'ho adorato! Sarà che ormai ho una sorta di cotta per il personaggio in questione e quindi era scontato mi piacesse, ma più di tutto mi ha sorpreso il modo in cui è stata narrata tutta [...]

    16. Franky Franky Franky;is is your best work so far that I've read. Which isn't saying much haha. So the things I disliked, let's get it out of the way. The art and the Elektra storyline. Both are meh. The art isn't bad but feels outdated but everyone feels oddly shaped, almost dream-like. Then the Elektra storyline was both boring and silly and her character is so over the top it's moronic. On the good side though I always did love to see how Matt became the hero he is. It goes through different p [...]

    17. Miller takes Daredevil and tries to do one of his Year One adaptations yet again.This story takes the original Stan Lee origin and expands it with Miller`s "contributions".Nothing all that newe, nothing all that original.I just got the feeling you get when you see one dog piss on a fire hydrant and a few secondes later another dog comes along and pisses on the exact same spot? Its all just one big territorial thing.Niller is telling Lee, yeah, you may have done this before, but here I come along [...]

    18. It was okay. The backstory was interesting but the problem I had was how it was handled stylistically. Some of the illustrations were off (at one point, some blood was flat out lavender-pink) but mostly it was the narration that told the story which didn't work. The writing style was poetic, comprised almost entirely of short fragments that strung together into a story. This poetic style clashed with the action going on and completely mellowed it out. The poetry of it killed the excitement.

    19. Frank Miller version of the origin story. If you like the Netflix show you'll find a lot of the influence in this.

    20. Like many reviewers who are appearing, I read Frank Miller's The Man Without Fear because I liked the recent Netflix Daredevil series. Although I read and enjoy graphic novels periodically, Daredevil was my first superhero graphic novel, as well as my first Frank Miller. I'm providing this brief background snippet so you can judge how much weight you want to give my review. Because:The Man Without Fear was awful. Really, truly execrable. I was embarrassed reading it in public on the train, which [...]

    21. Llega a las tres estrellitas casi exclusivamente por el dibujo de JRJr, porque en historia me pareció bastante estúpida. Aunque la idea general es buena, está lleno de escenas tiradas de los pelos y con poco sentido sólo para agregar espectacularidad. Además, me parecen tontísimas e innecesarias las contradicciones con lo que el propio Miller había escrito de los personajes previamente. En vez de sentarse un cacho a pensar cómo encajar las escenas nuevas con lo que ya había hecho, se po [...]

    22. This is genuinely a great book. I started reading it mostly to see where the recent Netflix series got its inspiration from, and while it's certainly entertaining to see how various elements of this series were adapted to the television medium, the story certainly holds up on its own and even makes me curious to go back and continue reading Frank Miller's Daredevil run to see what he was foreshadowing in this book. I am generally not a huge Daredevil fan. I love what Bendis did, but most of the [...]

    23. Entiendo por qué la serie de Netflix de Daredevil decidió basarse en este cómic para adaptar la vida del súper héroe a la pequeña pantalla en vez de utilizar los cómic más antiguos. El comienzo bien resumido hasta incluir su romance con Elektra durante la universidad y la infancia de Matt Murdock, hasta su primera aparición como Daredevil, reflejan los principales aspectos y más importantes del personaje, que si bien es creado por Stan Lee, su esencia es puro Frank Miller. Hay escenas [...]

    24. I still haven't read hardly any other Daredevil, nor seen season 1 of the new Netflix series. My monthly Comics Enthusiasts Meetup group is doing this volume because it's the definitive origin story upon which much of the Netflix series is based, and apparently the two volumes that precede this one are less necessary, or perhaps Frank Miller didn't do as much of the writing?Even though I've come to hate Miller for the racist, misogynist, xenophobe he is, I can't deny how great this book was. The [...]

    25. Good but not great. Miller returns to the well, but without as much energy and excitement as some of his other work on Daredevil. This doesn't have the sweep and scale that would make it the novel that Miller wanted it to be. Further, there's not as much at stake as there was in Born Again, which just might be my favorite Miller Daredevil story. Elektra was a necessary, but slightly under-realized element of the story. Romita's pencils are nice. Worthwhile for the Miller fan and good to introduc [...]

    26. A great origin story with some really fantastic artwork. However, the books leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Characters such as Stick, Elektra, Kingpin, come and go without much explanation about their ties or motivations. This is especially frustrating to those who are new to the Daredevil comics. I hope i won't have to look long to find answers behind the mystery behind these character. But overall, the story's good and the gorgeous artwork is a treat for the eyes.

    27. Somehow I remember this one being better. It's still good, and I consider it the definitive Daredevil origin story (though that may speak to my inexperience with Daredevil), but it's not "OMG READ THIS NOW!!!!!" like I remember it.

    28. This is the origin of Daredevil by frank miller. And it is an amazing story that turns daredevil in a believable character. The art by Romita jr is also very good. So this is a must read if you like comics, frank miller, daredevil or good noirish tales.

    29. 3.5 - Solid origin story done in the well-known Miller fashion of that dark, disjointed and disturbed vigilante. The art work was interesting but at times a little sloppy. Overall a good comic. I will definitely read more into the series.

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