Peppe the Lamplighter

Peppe the Lamplighter In the tradition of Lois Lowry and Paul Fleischman Elisa Bartone s Caldecott Honor winning book gives children a glimpse into American history and the immigrant experience This is the story of Peppe

  • Title: Peppe the Lamplighter
  • Author: Elisa Bartone Ted Lewin
  • ISBN: 9780688102685
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the tradition of Lois Lowry and Paul Fleischman, Elisa Bartone s Caldecott Honor winning book gives children a glimpse into American history and the immigrant experience.This is the story of Peppe, who becomes a lamplighter to help support his immigrant family in turn of the century New York City, despite his papa s disapproval Peppe s family is very poor, and though hIn the tradition of Lois Lowry and Paul Fleischman, Elisa Bartone s Caldecott Honor winning book gives children a glimpse into American history and the immigrant experience.This is the story of Peppe, who becomes a lamplighter to help support his immigrant family in turn of the century New York City, despite his papa s disapproval Peppe s family is very poor, and though he is just a boy he needs to find work Being a lamplighter is not the job his father had dreamed of for Peppe, but when Peppe s job helps save his little sister, he earns the respect of his entire family.Supports the Common Core State Standards.

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    1 thought on “Peppe the Lamplighter”

    1. An evocative marriage of text and image, both Elisa Bartone's moving (albeit at times rather desolate and upsetting) narrative and Ted Levin's realistically brilliant and atmospheric accompanying illustrations perfectly mirror and complement one another, with pathos, with grace relating a story that according to the dust cover is based on the author's own family history. Bartone's narrative flows gently, although at times with much sadness, evocatively describing a by-gone era with a thoughtful, [...]

    2. Peppe works, against his father's wishes, as a lamplighter in Little Italy. He is young but he must work to help support his many sisters. One night, Peppe is too discouraged to light the lamps and his sister is to frightened to come homen Peppe save the day?The illustrations are beautiful and are true to the time period. I also appreciate the family dynamics of this story. The father's pride shows the high expectations that immigrants often had for America. Peppe had to grow up fast in order to [...]

    3. Peppe the Lamplighter is a beautiful historical fiction picture book. It's filled with engaging, beautiful and authentic language. This story is about a little boy named Peppe, who is trying to help make money for his family in Little Italy, New York. He comes from a family of immigrants consisting of a dead mother, a frustrated father and six sisters. Peppe does not let his situation define him and shows real persistence in trying to find a job. His father was saddened at first because he thoug [...]

    4. Peppe's mother has died and his father is sick. So Peppe searches for a job to help support his family. When he gets a job as a lamplighter, his father is angry and says, "Did I come to America for my son to light the streetlamps?" Then he walks out, slamming the door. Peppe continues to light the lamps but begins to feel that it is a bad and worthless job, due to his father's continued expressions of disappointment and anger. One night he decides not to light the lamps and his sister does not c [...]

    5. The 1994 Caldecott Honor book is filled with page after page of beautiful illustrations telling the tale of the search for the American dream.Peppe's large Italian family immigrated to the United States. His father was sick and his mother was dead, thus with little money, they settled in a tenement on Mulberry Street, As he only male child in the family, Peppe sought work and found a job as the lamplighter.In frustration his father lashed out night after night expressing anger and pent up disapp [...]

    6. "Peppe the Lamplighter" is a sweet, wonderful story about a boy who struggles to help support his immigrant family after they move to New York City. This book exposes students to concepts and realities of immigration, history of past immigration movements, and a diverse vocabulary, and thus is best for students in grades 3-5. This book could, obviously, be connected to social studies lessons regarding immigration and American history, as well as how those topics are relevant today. Elisa Bartone [...]

    7. 1994 Caldecott Honor - Favorite Illustration: When Peppe finds his little sister sitting beneath an unlit street lamp.I love the beautiful illustrations in this book. They fit the tone and the time frames wonderfully and definitely help tell the story of a young boy struggling in a new country to help feed his family. However, I don't like the story. I think Peppe's father is a jerk and it doesn't really make sense why he is so angry with his son for taking a job to help the family. I understand [...]

    8. A gorgeous reminder that all work is honorable and that the words we say as parents can make or break a child. I highly recommend this one.

    9. I really liked the story and the lovely paintings. I am not sure why the father was so unreasonable, but perhaps he couldn't get a job himself and was a bit jealous.

    10. I found myself drawn to the underlying message of the dignity to be found in each person's work, no matter how menial it may seem.

    11. Peppe the Lamplighter is a book about a young boy who lives in Little Italy. He lives with his father and many sisters, so he to find work to help sustain his family. He has bad luck at first trying to find a job, but he ends up getting a job as the town’s lamplighter. He is so excited to have this job, but his father is verbal about his disappointment at Peppe’s decision. One night, Peppe feels so ashamed at his father’s disapproval that he decided to not go out and light the lamps, so th [...]

    12. Peppe the Lamplighter by Elisa Bartone tells a story of immigration to the United States. This book is a historical fiction book that tells the story of a young boy named Peppe living in Little Italy, New York. Peppe is trying to find a job to help his family, and after searching all over town, he finally finds one as a lamplighter. Peppe loves his job but struggles to feel proud as his father tells him he is ashamed, and that this was not the job he had in mind for his children when they came t [...]

    13. 1. Awards Received: This book has received the Caldecott Medal.2. Appropriate grade level(s): This book is appropriate for preschool to grade 3.3. Summary: In the early 1900’s Pepe, a young immigrant, lives in Little Italy. His mother had died and his father is sick. Because of this, Peppe has to help support his eight sisters as a temporary street lamplighter. While his father disapproves of the job, his sisters support him. Peppe’s father’s disapproval continues to bother him until the p [...]

    14. Awards: Caldecott Honor (1994)Grade: 1st and 2nd GradeSummary: Peppe and his family immigrated over from Italy to New York. With his mother dead and his father sick, Peppe felt obligated to find a job. His father didn't approve of his "street job" at first, but then realized it was actually important. Review: I think this was a very interesting book with realistic illustrations. This books explores themes of struggle and acceptance through immigration. It also shows family dynamics and how famil [...]

    15. • 1994 Caldecott Honor Book • I really love this story and the illustrations. The author based it loosely on a story about her grandfather. I love that the illustrations are so gritty and lifelike. It's a great glimpse into the life of turn of the century Italian immigrants in New York City. Materials used: unlistedTypeface used: unlisted

    16. Good historic story about a time before electricity. A young boy helps out his family after his mother dies and his father is ill. Also about the relationship between the father and son, and the father having to get over his own pride in order for his son to be proud of himself.

    17. Jacob read to us for his November Pizza Hut reading challenge.b 11/30/16Good book showing the importance of what some may think of as meaningless jobs. This book shows the effects of when those jobs are not performed by someone.b 11/30/16

    18. This is a lovely Caldecott Honor book. It truly is worthy of the honor.Peppe takes a job as a lamplighter. He considers it an important job, but his father does not. It is a great story. And every page is akin to a lovely painting.

    19. The story of an Italian immigrant family at the turn of the century told in a series of watercolor illustrations, with period details. Images are reminiscent of the Ashcan paintings of the American late Gilded Age.

    20. Lamplighting was a great first job for underage Peppe. I did not enjoy that his dad looked down it so much, but fortunately he got over it (spoiler).

    21. No son of mine will be helping people get home in the dark!It's kind of about disagreement between generations. A little boy named Peppe needs to get a job because he doesn't have a mother and his father is sick and he has six sisters and needs to support the family. He tries to get a job in lots of places, and finally the man who lights the streetlamps at night says that he is going to Italy and that Peppe can light the lamps for him so he still has a job when he returns. Peppe thinks this is w [...]

    22. Some of the most beautiful art I've ever seen in a kids book. Stunning. And a heartfelt story, too, leading to lots of discussion.

    23. Elisa Bartone's Peppe the Lamplighter is a Caldecott Honor historical fiction book that authentically depicts life in an immigrant tenement in New York's Little Italy in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The story is told in the third person with the plot centering around the life of Peppe, a young boy, who assumes the responsibility of trying to support his family when his father becomes too ill to work. Barton and the illustrator, Ted Lewin, brilliantly give an authentic repre [...]

    24. Peppe's dad is super abusive! I don't get it. Beautiful illustrations but I'm not sure what this is teaching my child. I'm wary to keep it on the shelves.

    25. Peppe the Lamplighter is about a young Italian immigrant boy that lives in New York’s Little Italy long ago. Peppes mother passed away and his father is ill, but he lives with his father and seven sisters. It is now up to Peppe to bring in money for his family, so he goes around asking people if they could give him a job and gets rejected multiple attempts. He then comes across a man who has to go get his wife in Italy and hands his job of lighting lamps to Peppe. Peppe was very excited and pr [...]

    26. This is a story about along time ago, in little Italy, before electricity, when the street lights had to be lit by hand. There was a young boy named Peppe, who came from a very large Italian family. Peppe must help support his large family because his mother is dead and father is sick. He asks all around town for work and is rejected by everyone until he meets Domenico, the lamplighter. The lamplighter asks Peppe to light the street lamps while he travels to Italy to get his wife. Peppe agreed a [...]

    27. Book type: historical fictionawards: caldecott honor summary: This book is about a family of six sisters, a brother and a father that moved to America for a better life. The mother had died when the children were young and the father was very sick. So Peppe needed money to help them get through. He searched high and low for a job, but no one would give him one. Finally, the street lamplighter said that he was going away for a while and needs someone to light the street lights while he's gone. Pe [...]

    28. This story is about Peppe, a young boy whose family immigrated to America from Italy and now live in the Little Italy of New York. This is a beautifully written and illustrated book. Peppe helps his father light the lamps in the streets so people can see. One day Peppe is feeling down how his family's occupation is that of measly lamplighters. His father asks him to light the lamps for his younger sisters,but Peppe does not want to light the lamps. Then after a talk from his father, Peppe learns [...]

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