The Calm Before

The Calm Before The elven city state of Airgead abounds with modern magic based technology but has not overcome its antiquated views of race and class Riagan refused to let such outdated views stop him in his climb

  • Title: The Calm Before
  • Author: Neena Jaydon
  • ISBN: 9781620043103
  • Page: 252
  • Format: ebook
  • The elven city state of Airgead abounds with modern, magic based technology, but has not overcome its antiquated views of race and class Riagan refused to let such outdated views stop him in his climb from the streets all the way to the top of society but that climb has brought than a few enemies with it.Seduced by Riagan at a party, Elisedd soon realizes he s justThe elven city state of Airgead abounds with modern, magic based technology, but has not overcome its antiquated views of race and class Riagan refused to let such outdated views stop him in his climb from the streets all the way to the top of society but that climb has brought than a few enemies with it.Seduced by Riagan at a party, Elisedd soon realizes he s just one pawn, one toy, and he refuses to be hurt ever again But try as he might, he cannot seem to escape Riagan s hold, and instead finds himself dragged deeper into a world of passion, scheming, and a growing anger that threatens to tear Airgead apart

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    • [PDF] Þ Unlimited ✓ The Calm Before : by Neena Jaydon Å
      252 Neena Jaydon
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    1 thought on “The Calm Before”

    1. 5 stars out of 5If you read the book blurb above (especially its vague last sentence about the “growing anger”) and your first reaction is, “So what?”—don’t let it stop you from buying this exciting, complex, and unusual thriller, which is far better than it sounds. The action takes place in the elven kingdom of Airgead, but this is not an ethereal place like Lothlórien from the Lord of the Rings movies. Instead, it feels much more like Detroit with its urban decay, ghettos, and vas [...]

    2. An intriguing, slow-reveal, slow burn romantic thriller set in a world in which elves are the ruling race and humans are the lowly peons. Some really interesting themes; race, class, corporate greed -give the story a dark, dystopian feel. The fact that it's set in a fantasy world is almost irrelevant. Eladio's thoughtful review has some great insights on the characters.Good writing, great tension between the two MCs and some fascinating world building by Neena Jaydon whoseis firmly ensconced in [...]

    3. Wow, I had some wrong expectations about this book!! I thought it was going to be some sort of elven, magicky, sword-and-dagger style fantasy. Instead, The Calm Before - while harbouring elves and magic and I think some knives are mentioned - is a book about politics, about ancient ideas about race, about a human revolt after being repressed for too long, and it's about business. The technology is modern-ish, and some new devices were described that were imaginative and awesome (the wristscroll! [...]

    4. Take the world we know, shift and twirl it a bit and you might get the elven world of Airgead. I was expecting a more traditional fantasy, with elves, swords and sorcery, but intstead it reads more like a different universe of our known world. There are elves and magic, but there are also technologies we know such as cars, electricity and television.Riagan is an elf who worked his way up from the gutter to be the head of a large corporation and he takes no nonsense from anyone.Elisedd is half-hu [...]

    5. 4.5 Stars.I read this for the Rainbow Awards. If I had purchased it, I probably would have dropped it, the start was so slow. However, I am glad I persevered as it is an incredible story.Riagan was someone I started to hate at the beginning. He has all of the attributes of an entitled elite and a bully. Elisedd was also someone I didn't particularly care for, letting himself be a victim. After lots of twists, one of them gets a spine and the other realizes that loving someone can be the best and [...]

    6. Reviewed by: EladioGenre: M/M Fantasy5 HeartsSee Review Here: Hearts On Fire ReviewsFacebook link: facebook/pages/Hearts

    7. The book is btw 3 and 4 stars,maybe 3.8 XD,didnt like so much the moder setting and the plot sometimes,but the story btw Raigan and Elisedd is really good and i love them both.Elisedd and Riagan met at a party,where the half-elf is working as waiter,a job is friend Fife,who is a rent-a-lad found for him.At that party they have an encounter in the storage room,Riagan thinks he's a rent -a-lad and and at the same time Elisedd doesnt understand it,but after when the older elf gives u money and a ca [...]

    8. This is a story outside my normal scope for reading fantasy. I did quite enjoy it but it took me a while for the story to overcome my thinking about the world building.I enjoyed the balance of power was with the elves and that humans were the oppressed, but wasn't sure where the 'rest of the world who were watching' were based and what their dynamics were.Raigan is an elf who has clawed his way up from the gutter. He was mean and moody, but showed his soft side occasionally. He was a bit hot and [...]

    9. I'm not a fantasy reader, but I enjoy a story here and there. For me, this book is a solid four. It's interesting and a bit different from what I read before. I like the class difference between the elves and between the humans. The author did a good job creating the world and the characters' contrasts. It has some slow parts, but the promise of something more keeps the reader engage. My only complaint it's that the last twenty percentage of the book felt rush in comparison with the rest of the [...]

    10. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5From my review: "….Neena Jaydon then does justice to such astonishingly rich world with characters just as complex and compelling as the society they live in. Alisedd is a half human half elf, a rare being whose sensibilities and own passions have left him almost an outcast to both races. Alisedd is capable of "passing" as a human, lacking the pointed ears and physiology of the true elf. He longs for love and has remained behind in the city on the verge of social unre [...]

    11. The world is starting to look like it might spiral out of control, as Elisedd, a half-elf, is caught in the middle of political intrigue that may cost him everything. There's civil unrest in the city that may lead to a full-blown human rebellion against the elven monarchy. Raigan is rich aristocrat elf that Elisedd meets - and if he thought he had problems before, Raigan is personified trouble. A really great book, with lots of danger and thrills that add scrumptious flavor to Elisedd and Raigan [...]

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