Saga #13

Saga THE SMASH HIT CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED SERIES RETURNS Now that you ve read the first two bestselling collections of SAGA you re all caught up and ready to jump on the ongoing train with Chapter Thirteen

  • Title: Saga #13
  • Author: Brian K. Vaughan Fiona Staples
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THE SMASH HIT, CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED SERIES RETURNS Now that you ve read the first two bestselling collections of SAGA, you re all caught up and ready to jump on the ongoing train with Chapter Thirteen, beginning an all new monthly sci fi fantasy adventure, as Hazel and her parents head to the planet Quietus in search of cult romance novelist D Oswald Heist.

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      230 Brian K. Vaughan Fiona Staples
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      Posted by:Brian K. Vaughan Fiona Staples
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    1. On the last issue, we all know that the guy who wrote the book Alana and Marco oh so love, was hiding them from Prince Robothead. In this issue, we find out why they ended up with the one-eyed writer and how they got there. We also got a small glimpse of what's happening to The Will, the Slave girl, and Gwendolyn.We all know during on issue #12, Marco's father died, and this took a toll on him. We all see how he's still pretty upset about it.I don't remember the name of the planet where Mr. One- [...]

    2. I'll admit, this is my first time ever following a graphic novel issue by issue.It's incredibly exciting, heading to the local comic books store and picking up the fresh issue. Being right in the discussion, and watching the series progress in real-time. I can only imagine what this would have been like with some other great works I've read like The Sandman or The Walking Dead.But it's also a wildly different experience, because it's so damn short.It raised more questions than it answered, and i [...]

    3. Oh my God The graphics just killed me in this oneThey were so mesmerizing No doubt they won the best graphic comics award Btw this series is seriously getting better, no best.I am loving it <3 So much .!! Even Grandmaa is coming in my good terms :DTBH I loved the slight humour and whitty banter between Will & Gwendolyn :DThe stalk ghost was right, their Grade 3 star sexual tension is really boring.Just have sex and start a family and leave my babies alone. :D

    4. "Over the years, we met every kind of person imaginable. But no one makes worse impressions than writers" :D I laughed out loud reading this line. Hilarious af.

    5. Comixology had a sale during Comic-Con week on Image books that were Eisner nominated and because of it I was able to update my Saga reading by several issues.I normally consume my Saga by digital trades but I opted for the digital singles because they were cheaper by dollar and the savings allowed to get another Saga issue. I discovered one advantage with singles when I finished the first chapter of what was the third volume; the singles had the letter pages intact. It more bang for my buck wit [...]

    6. I dalje jako dobro, ali malo se vrti u krug. Nadam se da će ubacivanje paparazzija imati opravdanja kasnije u priči.

    7. After this comic comes back from its yearly break, it's always a breath of fresh air. Don't get me wrong, I read a lot of other great comics, but there is truly something about this one that currently sets it apart from anything in the field. Fiona Staples is one of the very best artists out there at the moment, and Brian K Vaughan can easily be put in the same category as Alan Moore (maybe not in subject matter, but in pure skill).

    8. That author was really weird with his underwear lol. And The Will with the hair?? Ohh lala

    9. Amo este cómic, amo sus dibujos, sus frases culias lindas. Amo que sea sobre amor y que exista una explicación racional a la sobrevivencia de Lying Cat. Es lo más bacán que he leído este año. Lejos!

    10. Things deserving of five stars in this volume: the beautiful cover; Alana kicking ass as usual; Marko's mourning beard; further examination of The Will (listen to the hallucination!); Hazel's narration; the letters page.So much goodness in 32 brief pages. Happy sigh.

    11. I need to stop being surprised with the complexity and thoroughness that every new character is introduced to the story. The cat used to be my favorite but the author is competing second best.Just until the next installment that is

    12. The baby looks sooo cute, so little :). When the author (view spoiler)[shows up with piss on his whitey tighties, ew lol. (hide spoiler)]

    13. Quote: "Over the years we met every kind of person imaginable.But no one makes worse first impressions than writers."Lol, awesome!

    14. This was another great chapter in this saga. I adore the characters are the story is so well crafted.

    15. If you like my reviews check out my beauty and book blog, ReadsByAmanda! Thanks for reading! :)Saga is one of those rare comics that keeps your attention and aren't just entertaining for entertainment sakes but really good. The story is solid and both the artist and writer, Staples and Vaughan, complement one another and work terrifically together. Seriously. Go. Read. This. Continuing from Volume Two, Volume Three (which collect issues 13-18) follows Alana and Marko, along with their baby Hazel [...]

    16. Notable in this issue:1. THE ART!!!! As always, Fiona Staples delivers beautiful artwork to compliment BKV's uniquely creative voice.2. Inside the medical center, there's a flying rat moving about. And get this: It's shitting as it flies. Yeah.3. "Bone bugs" reanimate a skull and bite Kiara's ear off. I know, right?4. And the infamous author, D. Oswald Heist, makes his not so grand entrance. Yeah, it was awful. And his opening line was: "You stupid cunts here to take back my advance?" This said [...]

    17. Saga is the first comic I've insisted on following issue by issue (digitally, and then purchasing the trades when they're released), and this seems to be the story for MANY other people.I was super antsy the last couple months while the creators took a hiatus, and the return didn't disappoint in the slightest.One recommendation I have for other readers is to seek out the individual issues in whatever way you have to because reading the snail-mail letters section at the end is always an exciting [...]

    18. 5 Stars This series has really taken my interest.I love the artwork. I love the action. The characters are developing nicely.GhostsSpells.And LyingI love the humor and the witty dialogue. The narrations by Hazel are very cool.I find myself retreading every page multiple times and I want to start overe.I am really surprised at the depth to the development of the characters and the world building.I will reread them all.This is a slower edition than the rest.The gore in the action is awesome. I enj [...]

    19. I have sooooooooooooooooooooooo missed Saga. It was good to return to the adventures! I already have #14.will start that today. I normally need to read a series one after another because I will forget most of what happens once I close a book. Not so with the Saga series! It's been a while since I finished #12.d yet when I started #13 the entire saga (no pun intended) came back! Onward to #14!

    20. 1. This series literally has the best covers.2. It's like fantasy/superhero/love story/sci-fi/drama/comedy. All genres in one.3. The art is captivating and tells a story. 4. The little side frames of Hazel's narrations is pretty great. 5. I feel like people will soon have Alana's haircut. And grow horns like Marko.6. Basically all of the first and last pages of these are genius. 7. I'm glad Slave Girl finally has another name. 8. The paradise planet The Will was on was so beautiful.

    21. I was despairing of having to wait until at least April for the trade version of this to come out, and then I saw our LA reading it, and she had comics 13-17, and she let me take them all home that night! Sometimes life is very good :)Also, I'm obsessed with baby Hazel because she has mini horns and a yellow onesie that has little points for the horns.

    22. • 4 stars •We find out in this issue how our little motley crew meets the author and how The Will is getting on. I love that we finally have a name for 'Slave Girl' and that maybe we're gonna see The Will's softer side (probs not though).

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