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  • Title: Britannia Mews
  • Author: Margery Sharp
  • ISBN: 9789997413581
  • Page: 463
  • Format: None
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    1. Every time I pick up one of Margery Sharp’s books I find both things that are wonderfully familiar and things that make each book feel quite distinctive.This particular book, that I plucked from the middle of her backlist, sets out the story of one remarkable woman and one London Street. It makes a wonderful entertainment, and, along the way, it says much about how English society changed between the reign of Queen Victoria and the Second World War.“There had always been this quality about B [...]

    2. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Deb, for the loan of this one. It's not likely that I would have found it on my own, but it's a charmingI'm looking for the right description, and the best I'm managing is that it's a charming coming of age story actually takes us from childhood to old age with the lead character. Anyway, I say "coming of age" because it's a story about growing up, finding out what real love is, and discovering what matters. It's almost epic in its span of time and generation, but can [...]

    3. Britannia Mews (1946) is my fourth Margery Sharp novel and probably my favourite so far. Beginning in the 1870s and taking us through to the 1940s, it follows the story of Adelaide Culver from childhood to old age. We first meet Adelaide as a curious ten-year-old exploring Britannia Mews, a London street inhabited by servants and coachmen – a street which is considered less than respectable and off limits to middle-class children like Adelaide. Returning to the Culver’s comfortable townhouse [...]

    4. I love the way blogs continue to survive the onslaught of mega-umbrella-sites. In this case, I'm thinking of Margery Sharp Day, initiated several years ago by the blog Beyond Eden Rock, and picked up by lots of readers who maintain their own blogs. Each has their own community of followers and commentators.This year Jane, for the day she put into the calendar, read Britannia Mews and as chance would have it, I picked up a copy (along with several other Sharps) just a couple of days later. I put [...]

    5. Britannia Mews is the story of Adelaide Lambert – born Adelaide Culver – from childhood to very old age. Born into a prosperous Victorian family, as a child Adelaide would sneak round to the forbidden Britannia Mews tucked between the streets of conventional middle class homes. Here the coachmen from Albion Place take care of the vehicles and live with their families above the coach houses, a working men’s pub sits on one corner. One end of the mews at this time is respectably working clas [...]

    6. This was an enjoyable read, but not as tautly written as Cluny Brown, the last Margery Sharp I read. Tracing the story of a woman born in the Victorian era through the Second World War, it covers a lot of ground. Sharp's heroines tend to have an independent streak, and Adelaide is no exception. She also has the knack of making the most of whatever life hands her. If you like historical family sagas with unpredictable heroines, you'll enjoy this.

    7. Excellent story about headstrong Adelaide Culver, and the life-long impact of the rash decision she made in her youth. Well-written and engrossing, with many great character studies. Definitely a good read. I'll be on the lookout for "The Forbidden Street," the screen version of the novel.

    8. This wasn't quite what I expected it to be so I was a wee bit disappointed with it.piningforthewest/2018/0

    9. Sometimes I thought the plot rambled a bit and some characters were introduced and dropped without advancing the plot. However, the more I read, the more I realized that this novel was written as if it were a nonfiction account of one interesting woman whose life spanned Victorian England, through the outrageous 20’s, and into World War II in London. Now, I see that I expect everything I read to have a tidy little plot with a distinct beginning and end. Life is so not like that—so many parts [...]

    10. This delightful story, written in 1946, is as fresh and entertaining today as when it was written. The life story of Adelaide Culver is intertwined with the progress of the Mews from horse stable to fashionable address from Victorian times to post-war Britain. Through it all, fiercely independent Adelaide makes her own way, from young girl to elderly women without fear or favor of anyone.Margery Sharp is a treasure.

    11. Held my interest I really enjoyed this book. I thought the characters were all well done. It was an interesting story set in a different time and place but I felt like I was there.

    12. Ugly novel with cardboard characters and the shallowest of plots. The writing is as dull and heavy as lead.

    13. I liked it. I didn't love it, but it was an ebook deal so I read it while i was commuting. It took me a while but it was entertaining enough.

    14. This is a beautiful novel. It is now my favorite Margery Sharp work. I must say the ending is wonderfully bitter sweet. I highly recommend it.

    15. I couldn't exactly put it down, but it would have a limited audience among the people I know. My mother would have loved it.

    16. When she first steps on to the page in Margery Sharp’s Britannia Mews, Adelaide has very little clue how to operate in the world. She can be forgiven at this point, since she’s under ten and is the sheltered daughter of comfortably middle class Victorian parents. Over the course of the novel—which spans more than fifty years—we see Adelaide grow into a very posed woman who doesn’t seem to change at all. Adelaide’s world rewards the stubbornRead the rest of my review at A Bookish Type [...]

    17. Back in my stay-up-late, Britannia Mews was one of the old movies that made me stay up late. I read the book then, but so long ago that it was all only vaguely familiar. Sharp gave us an old-fashioned novel, a solid story, well written and without pretensions also without "bad words" or graphic sex scenes. I like it so much that I ordered another Sharp from the library.

    18. L'ho letto con grande piacere. Una bella storia, ben raccontata, con un tocco di Virginia Wolf. Mi piacerebbe leggere qualcosa d'altro di questa scrittrice.

    19. I completely get that Britannia Mews was the main "character" in this book, but geez with all of the others created here, I just feel that the story should have been "more". I mean, what exactly did happen? Not much. Everyone just disappears into a pit - for better or worse.*****WARNING SPOILER ALERT*****Why did all of the elders just go off and die? What was the point of Belle Burnett? Why did everyone just come and go - was that the point of the book? That the place just sucked everyone in and [...]

    20. What happens when an upper class Victorian girl goes with her heart and elopes with the guy she should shouldn't? (No, he's not secretly an earl or a prince!). Hint: it's not a good choice!Compared to the hoards of historical romances set in this era, this is a much more down-to-earth take on the Victorian era, set in the slums of London. This is a lovely book with rich characters who learn and change and grow.

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