Bad Elephant Far Stream

Bad Elephant Far Stream Bad Elephant Far Stream is an elephant s life story told from her own perspective through her own eyes Inspired by the life of a real elephant known as Topsy it follows Far Stream from her birth an

  • Title: Bad Elephant Far Stream
  • Author: Samuel Hawley
  • ISBN: 9780992078607
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bad Elephant Far Stream is an elephant s life story, told from her own perspective, through her own eyes.Inspired by the life of a real elephant known as Topsy, it follows Far Stream from her birth and capture in the wild in Ceylon in the late 1860s, through her transportation to America and thirty years with the circus, which ultimately led to her being labeled as bad Bad Elephant Far Stream is an elephant s life story, told from her own perspective, through her own eyes.Inspired by the life of a real elephant known as Topsy, it follows Far Stream from her birth and capture in the wild in Ceylon in the late 1860s, through her transportation to America and thirty years with the circus, which ultimately led to her being labeled as bad It s an unusual and uncompromising novel that explores the questions What is it like to be an elephant trained for human amusement What does such a creature think What does it feel What does it yearn for Bad Elephant Far Stream takes the reader on a voyage of discovery to find out.

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    1. A tremendously moving book written with a combination of painstaking research and heart. Hawley is a gifted writer who paints a vivid picture of the life an elephant from her capture to her death. Telling the story from the elephant's perspective is not gimmicky or childish; do not expect a simple book. The writing is clear, compelling and beautifully paced. I both wanted this book to end (to stop the suffering) and not end (to continue peering inside the mind of this amazing creature.) One of t [...]

    2. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.A difficult book to read, as it does contain descriptions of the brutal treatment of these magnificent animals. This book is very well-researched on the early circus/menagerie days in the United States. Far Stream, captured in Ceylon as a young elephant is transported to America to feature in many venues; after learning her routines she seems to settle down into her lifelong captivity. But the endless mistreatment of captivity takes [...]

    3. Samuel Hawley Author & member of ALL ABOUT ANIMALS Reading group) "Bad Elephant Far Stream"This is a meticulously researched and well told story of Circus Elephants in the USA in the late 19th & early 20th centuries. It is based on the true story of Topsy, a circus elephant who became dangerous through abuse and ill treatment, and was executed at Coney Island in 1903. The author has incorporated the real experiences of other circus elephants of the period, into his narrative.It is a wel [...]

    4. The story of Topsy the elephant may not be a happy one, but it is extremely well told.Written from her perspective, Samuel does a great job of showing us the world from her eyes and limited understanding. From her birth in the forests, to her capture and transport to the cities, to life as a trained performer in the 19th century circus circuit, the one constant is that our species displays a stunning lack of compassion.Several times, I thought of how the Ringling Brothers-style of circus has fal [...]

    5. This book has haunted me since I read it. The story of "bad elephant" Far Stream/Topsy is told from her point of view, and what she suffers for the financial benefit of her various owners/lessors/handlers is heart-breaking. Samuel Hawley really displays the magnificent brains, emotional depth (yes, emotional depth), and stunning strength of these amazing creatures, and shines a harsh spotlight on their treatment in the 19th century traveling circus. I have made my husband sit and listen to me te [...]

    6. This extremely well written novel really makes you stop and think. It was very well researched and put together, leading to a seamless whole. It is simultaneously haunting and enchanting, leading you through the life of this remarkable elephant. Hawley broke my heart with the prologue and I spent the entire novel with my heart on my sleeve. His low key descriptions paint this world infront of the audience, allowing them to immerse themselves fully into the tale. The characters in this tale were [...]

    7. This was tremendously difficult to read, as my heart broke for Far Stream and all of the other elephants currently being tortured in circuses around America. But this is a book that everyone needs to read, especially before buying tickets to a circus with elephants in it. I've always been passionate about elephants and circus elephants, but this book brought me to a whole new level of understanding. I'm so glad that this book was finally written, as people need to know what happens to these elep [...]

    8. I received a free copy of this book from the author via LibraryThing Members Giveaway program.It was a bit difficult for me to read this book as it is a moving, sad story and is told from Far Stream's perspective with her limited understanding. Anyway, that makes the story vivid and gives us a bit of how an elephant views the world, and how every parting, sacrifice, and reunion stirs her emotion.Although I found it rather difficult to keep track of time in the story, I found this well-researched [...]

    9. This book was recommended to me, on my prime account. It is the story of an elephant captured, trained and then discarded in the late 1800s in the early 1900s. It's told from the elephants point of view. I don't want to give too much away, but I cried at the end.

    10. This is a well-researched and written piece of historic fiction that eloquently depicts the minds of elephants as similar to and yet different from those of humans.The book opens with a scene of a so-called bad elephant about to be executed. The humans state they are doing so humanely and nothing can be done because the elephant has gone rogue and killed too many humans. The book then flashes back to see the elephant’s life from the elephant’s perspective, leaving it up to the reader to dete [...]

    11. It's the around the 1860s and in the Ceylon forests, a baby elephant known as Far Stream is playing with her siblings. With a foreboding sense, her grandmother tries to steer the herd away from danger. But before they know it, they are trapped. Man and his fire have penned them in the place they call home.Now captured, Far Stream and her sister Red Moon along with another family of elephants are on a voyage to a new land. Chained and feeling seasick, Far Stream wonders what is happening, where a [...]

    12. Luna Park on Coney Island is the elite amusement park in NY. Not yet open at 1:00 PM the unveiling of Topsy the elephant was scheduled. Elephants: Grandmother, Mother, Fear Wind, elder sister Red Moon, Darkness at Day, Far Stream, Sinkhole, Into the Mountains, Lightning, Man’s World’s son, Seven Were Taken, gave birth to Flowers for Lightning, Men had set fire to the area & were going to capture some of the wild elephants. They had tame elephants. Found the Salt is the Grandmother, Long [...]

    13. When you think of realistic fiction you probably don't think of the protagonist as being an elephant. But it was an elephant in this book. Based off of the real life circus elephant Topsy, Far Stream has a long sad story that shows much about how the circus industry was a hundred years ago.Topsy was born Far Stream and at a very early age was captured and shipped across the seas to America where she was separated from what remaining family she had left and sold into the circus industry. Througho [...]

    14. Memories and Dreams, Friends and Enemies.This is the odyssey of Far Stream, an Asian elephant caught between two different worlds: her elephant family's jungle home in Ceylon and the urban "jungle" of 19th century America as part of a traveling circus. Author Samuel Hawley has several books under his belt but this is his first novel and it's a good one. The story follows Far Stream's life, as seen through her eyes, from early babyhood and her capture by native elephant hunters, her harrowing sea [...]

    15. ‘She was born in the year Grandmother led them to the place beyond the far stream’At some time in the 1860s, in the forests of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), a baby elephant known by her family as Far Stream is playing with her siblings. Her grandmother senses danger, but the herd is trapped, by men using fire. Far Stream and her sister Red Moon, together with another family of elephants, are chained and sent on a long voyage. Some months later, they land in America, Far Stream is separated from he [...]

    16. I got this book for free through librarything giveaway in Exchange for a review. I give it 2.5 stars.Okay, so I'll be the bad one to tell that this was far from the best book I have read about wild animals and their poor life in circus and zoo. I admit that the story was well researched and depicted the time quite accurately. At first it even touched some strings of the soul but the further the story went, the more irritated I started to becomeAnd I will say nothing about an elephant being a nar [...]

    17. So happy this book exists. A heartbreaking tale about the difficult life of a circus elephant stolen from her home at a young age. This is the reality for circus animals and it needs to stop. Very happy people are beginning to see the cruelty of the industry.

    18. I received the book from the author for an honest review.This book was well researched, well written and compelling. It is gripping, heart felt, and filled with compassion as you read this unique story from the elephant 'Far Stream's point of view. Starting from her capture in 1871, in the forests of India to her death in 1903, you will read about this intelligent creature, subdued to entertain people. She received cruelty at the hands of some spectators and some handlers, not willing to learn f [...]

    19. This book allows you to let yourself be taken by the hand by the narrator (yes, the elephant of the books title, Far Stream) and observe with fresh eyes, our world, as lived by one stolen as a "child" from her family and the natural surroundings of her Asian home, brought to a strange new place, beaten and forced to "perform" for the financial benefit of her human "owners" and ultimately condemned to die. While Far Stream's story can be interpreted as a cautionary tale of circus animal abuse dur [...]

    20. Bad Elephant Far StreamBy: Samuel HawleyConquistador Press: 2013 Baby elephant Far Stream, born in the wilds of Africa, lives with her mother and the family herd in healthy peace. Suddenly, however, Far Stream's quiet, happy life is dramatically and forever changed when men drive, corral and then transport Far Stream and other captivated elephants. Stolen from her mother, Far Stream's life will never be the same as she is quickly transported to 19th century America to become a circus elephant. S [...]

    21. If you ask me, I can't tell you exactly why I asked this copy for a review, what I can already tell you is that I never thought I would be so deep into the story, it's sad and extremely well told, we can see the writer made his job researching for this book, but I definitely think that translating it into a book wasn't an easy task, especially when It is told from the elephant's perspective.We already know about the cruelty against animals inside circus, but this book take you different level of [...]

    22. For disclosure: I received this book in return for reading and reviewing it. I’m giving the book 5 stars because it was so beautifully written and I know that people will love this book. This book begins with Far Stream’s birth. The time she spends with her birth herd made me feel like I knew each member of her family. I had fallen in love with Far Stream and had to quit reading when the book described shipping her to America in the hold of a ship so small that the larger elephants can only [...]

    23. This is the fictional life story of a real elephant captured in India and brought to the US at a very young age as a circus performer. Separated from her family, Far Stream, as her elephant family called her, lived through many challenges during her time in the circus. She learned to trust her trainer, who then left her to pursue bigger dreams as an elephant trainer in Europe. Many other elephants came and went, some good, some bad and eventually reunited with her sister, Red Moon, and her origi [...]

    24. Now I UnderstandWhen Ringling Brothers announced that they were retiring all their elephants, my reaction was don't give in to the PC hysteria. After reading this book I applaud the PC people who started this movement and Ringling Brothers for complying with public outrage.The treatment of trained elephants is deplorable. What seems like a happy, social animal is the result of repeated beatings, and other horrific treatment, sometimes lasting for days until the elephant submits to the trainer.Th [...]

    25. I'm not even sure how to begin with reviewing this book. The author approached me offering me a copy for free to review, nothing he chose me because I had read and enjoyed The White Bone. Bad Elephant Far Stream is written mostly as a memoir from the point of view of the elephant, Far Stream, also known as Topsy. There are parts of this story that are touching and parts that are heartbreaking. It tells the story of her life from her capture to how many times she changed hands over the years to h [...]

    26. This is a colorful but sad novel about a female elephant named Far Stream who is captured as a baby in the wild and becomes indentured to be a circus performer. The author has carefully incorporated a rich database of historical fact from the turn of the last century that depicts the capture, training and forced death of circus elephants. Several months ago I went to a small travelling circus. I had witnessed their performances many years ago. This time there was no parade of animals with the el [...]

    27. This story will make you laugh at times, make you angry at times, and even make you cry.It is a superbly written story about an elephant named Far Cry and his journey from being the youngest member of his herd and his carefree existence in the wild, to his heart wrenching capture and subsequent trip to America where she becomes a lifelong Circus elephant.This book is well researched and entirely believable.The reader will experience all the highs and lows of Far Cry's life, and while this book c [...]

    28. I was given this book in return for a review. I loved this book. It was heart-breaking, so animal lovers beware; you will sob through most of the book. Topsy was captured in the wild and brought to the west to be trained as a circus animal. People expected these intelligent animals to be obedient even though what was demanded of them went against their nature and sometimes extremely difficult physically, Then when they objected or rebelled they were killed because they were "bad". The elephants [...]

    29. Although this is a work of fiction there a lot of scenarios based on real situations that occurred and have been recorded in circus journals and such. I loved how this was written through the elephants eyes! This was an amazing story that will have you laughing, crying and yelling. How in the world these majestic animals were allowed to be treated in such horrible ways is beyond me. There is an extensive list of books and references at the end of the novel which I plan to look at a bit more sinc [...]

    30. I knew that this would not be an easy book to read when I signed up hoping to receive a copy from Library Thing. I am thankful I did receive a copy and then that I read this wonderfully written story of an elephant captured in Ceylon and brought to the USA in the 1800’s. Her life, and the lives of other circus elephants, is told with honesty and compassion and often through the eyes of Far Stream herself. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to read of what life for circus elep [...]

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