The Cobra King of Kathmandu

The Cobra King of Kathmandu From the New York Times bestselling author P B Kerr comes the third volume in this exceptional imaginative adventure series about a twin boy and girl who discover they are djinns In the third book o

  • Title: The Cobra King of Kathmandu
  • Author: P.B. Kerr
  • ISBN: 9780439670234
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the New York Times bestselling author P B Kerr, comes the third volume in this exceptional, imaginative adventure series about a twin boy and girl who discover they are djinns In the third book of the bestselling Children of the Lamp series, djinn twins, John and Philippa Gaunt, are on the trail of another magical mystery As they travel from New York to London toFrom the New York Times bestselling author P B Kerr, comes the third volume in this exceptional, imaginative adventure series about a twin boy and girl who discover they are djinns In the third book of the bestselling Children of the Lamp series, djinn twins, John and Philippa Gaunt, are on the trail of another magical mystery As they travel from New York to London to Nepal and India on a whirlwind adventure, the twins try to help their friend and fellow djinn, Buck, find out who murdered his friend using the venomous snakebite of the king cobra All too soon, John and Philippa find themselves caught up in the lethal world of the Cult of the Nine Cobras, only to discover that they themselves are a target of the creepy cobra cult.

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    1. John and Philippa Guant are djinn. Their djinn friend, Dybbuk, helped a friend and the friend's dad steal old paintings from a museum. Soon the dad and friend were killed while Dybbuk was gone, by snakebite. He contacts Philippa and John, and they immediately go to help. Also, two men tried to break into the Gaunt's house and steal their wisdom teeth, which having them would give them complete control over John and Philippa. Meanwhile, their Uncle Nimrod and wise old djinn friend, Rakhasas, have [...]

    2. These books just keep getting better and better! Philip Kerr makes his writing addictive to read, and his use of third-person omniscient is masterful. Another great adventure. I can't wait to pick up the next one!

    3. Aproape că mă bucur de modul în care a fost răsplătit acel Guru nesăbuit care încercase să devină djinn luând sângele gemenilor și al lui Dybbuk. Ceea ce mă necăjește după toată aventura lor pentru a găsi regele cobră și până și întâlnirea lor cu îngerul care îi ajută dându-le doi Altundeva, este faptul că Philippa și John nu pot fi acolo pentru mama lor atunci când pleacă. Sper că vor reuși să o aducă înapoi și pe ea, cât și pe sora lui Dybbuk, Faustina. [...]

    4. Kerr, P.B. Cobra King of Kathmandu 384 p. – John, Philippa and their best friend Dybbuk travel to India on the hunt for a murderer – not knowing that they must also save their Uncle Nimrod and breakup the resurrection of an old snake cult, whose leader is bent on capturing djinn for his own nefarious purpose. A likable, well-written addition to the series. EL, MS – ADVISABLE

    5. Oh my god. What a great book. I am totally loving this series! This might be the best one yet, in my opinion. Maybe the storyline wasn't quite as gripping as the last one. . . ? But it was more enjoyable. I think the thing that really set's this book apart from the previous two, was the fact that almost every chapter was told from another person's point of view, we had; John, Phillipa, Dybbuk, Nimrod, Mr Rakshasas, Groanin, the twins' mother, Iblis, Iblis' servant and even the Prime Minister's d [...]

    6. The Cobra King of Kathmandu is the third book in the Children of the Lamp series. This series is based around twin Djinn children, John and Philippa Gaunt. John and Philippa knew nothing about their Djinn heritage until their wisdom teeth erupted. In Djinn, the eruption of the wisdom teeth brings forth the hidden magic that the child will possess. To say the least, the children were surprised to find out that Djinn were real, that their mother was a Djinn, and that they too possessed magical abi [...]

    7. 5/5 StarsOriginally Reviewed: 28 July 2014Updated Review: 16 July 2016If you want to see more reviews, check out Keep Reading Forward and our other locations here.Children of the Lamp: The Cobra King of KathmanduIn this journey, we learn a little about a past that tells us about the future and know more about all the characters. New things are shown, and secrets are revealed.When a friend of Phillipa and John comes forward seeking help, after finding out that people have been getting killed with [...]

    8. I wavered between 4 and 5 stars for this book, finally settling on 5 due to the original thought about genies (in this book called djinn, also known as jin). The series revolves around fraternal twins John and Philippa Gaunt, who were raised as mundanes (regular humans) by their djinn mother, but by the start of this book have come to terms with being magical. This story starts with an historical event featuring an exorcism of a djinn by the Uncle of the twins, then segues to the twins' lives. O [...]

    9. The concept was good.It was the first book I read in the series. I thought I'd like it because I normally love fantasy novels and I thought that this would be good. Boy, I was wrong.While I loved the concept of the djinn, I disliked the plot,the action,the adventure.cally almost everything. The plot was shallow. It had great potential but most of the story just revolves around Nimrod teaching the genie basics to the twins and while I have nothing against that, I really think there should be a go [...]

    10. Quando comecei a reler esta série lembrava-me bastante bem daquilo que acontecia nos dois primeiros volumes, no entanto aquilo que retive deste foi muito pouco ou nada. Pelo menos nada de importância.- No inicio aparece uma rapariga cujo primeiro nome é Uma, algo que me confundiu imenso quando era pequena.- Os gémeos pedem ajuda a um anjo e fazem cópias de si mesmos- O Nimrod e o Sr. Rakshasas vão jantar fora a comem o caril mais picante do mundo- Os gémeos e o Dybbuk trabalham num call c [...]

    11. One of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [...]

    12. I was really excited for the third installment after the successfully continued momentum of The Blue Djinn of Babylon, so I was disappointed to find that this book dropped in tension. Not only was the major villain not exactly threatening, but this book began P.B. Kerr's trend of finding excuses to limit the djinn's powers of creating matter, which in itself is a godly power, so it makes sense. But the limit was not cleverly done in the book, and I found myself frustrated with how powerless some [...]

    13. Third in the Children of the Lamp series, the djinn twins John and Philippa Gaunt are in the middle of another magical mystery. Their friend Dybbuk’s best friend has been murdered using king cobra venom, and they travel to London, Nepal and India on the trail of the Cult of the Nine Cobras to find the villain. A valuable talisman is the apparent key to the solution, but its secret location happens to be in the middle of the cult’s palatial headquarters – right under the nose of nasty (and [...]

    14. I really like this book. This was my fifth time reading it and I still noticed new things that I hadn't noticed last time. This book is an awsome book about these people called djinn. Djinn are these people that have the power to grant wishes and change the molecular structure of stuff. The main characters John and Phillipa are twins and think the same thoughts. Together they go on many exiting adventures. In this particular book, they went to India to find some treasure that they found the code [...]

    15. This was fast moving and had more thrills than the second book. This book takes the children to Nepal and India and they have to use more power than they have been trained to use safely. This leads to some hairy moments, but the twins work together with Buck to find the Cobra King and solve the mystery of all the break ins. I enjoyed the twin's encounter with Afriel the angel and his explanation of how he could run interference for them in New York so that they could help their friend. Can't wai [...]

    16. Book three in the Children of the Lamp series. John & Philippa sneak away from home to help Dybbuk discover who murdered his friend and is trying to murder him. They travel from New York to London to Nepal to India and end up in the clutches of the Cult of the Nine Cobras. They must escape themselves and rescue Nimrod and Mr. Rakshasas as well. Another excellent installment in an enjoyable series.

    17. Kelanjutan dr the children of the lamp edisi 1 dan 2. Di edisi ke 3 ini, masih menceritakan petualangan John dan Phillipa Gaunt dengan Paman mereka Nimrod dan kawannya Mr. Rhaksasas (seorang jin yang sakti dan sudah amat tua). Masih berhubungan dengan Jin, negara2 yang masih mempunyai mitos2 mengenai jin yang kuat, binatang2 yang terkait dengan dunia mistik tersebut. Tetap menarik untuk di baca apalagi yang menggemari dunia permitos an dan per jin an

    18. Pernah mendengar cerita seribu satu malam tentang lampu yang digosok, kemudian mengeluarkan asap dan menjelma menjadi “seorang” Jin yang bisa memenuhi tiga permintaan ? Atau pernah membayangkan bagaimana jika kamu bisa mengabulkan tiga permintaan dan tinggal di dalam botol dengan DVD dan peralatan modern, kemudian menciptakan makanan piknik yang lezat dalam satu kedipan ? kedengaran asyik ya ? Hal itulah yang dialami si kembar Jhon dan Phillipa.

    19. This is #3 of Kerr's "Children of the Lamp" series, in which djinn (as imagined by Kerr) are quite real, and we follow the adventures of preteen djinn John and Philippa Gaunt. These are well-written, quite cohesively imagined, and take readers on trips all over the world (which warms my geographer's heart). Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I do like this series. I need to get the 4th for N. so I can read it too.

    20. Phillipa and John Guant start their adventure when these people break into their house and try to steal their wisdom teeth. That is a big deal, because they are djinn, and if you get a djinn's wisdom teeth, you can make them your slave for life. The thieves are caught, and they left behind a rock medallion that has a simble on it. This sends them on an adventure to catch an evil djinn cult.

    21. This book was definitely one of the better books I have read. It's not the best book ever, but I did enjoy reading it. It is about genies, or djnn, and follows the adventures of John and Phillipa. It is the third book in the series so you might want to check out the earlier books in the Children of the Lamp series. The book had interesting plot twists and was pretty good overall. 4/5

    22. Part 3 of the Children of the Lamp series. Another excellent read in children's fiction. John and Phillipa continue to learn more about their Djinn powers and what they can and can't do. This adventure takes them to India and Nepal and forces them to face off with a new enemy. New plotlines are revealed as are some character relationships.

    23. ini buku terjemahan terakhir dari seri ini hikss buku selanjutnya belum diterjemahkan dan sepertinya tidak akan dilanjutkan hiks hiks terpaksa akan agak lama mendapat buku lanjutannya (yg bhs inggris) T-Ttapi saya bisa menebak2 misi selanjutnya sepertinya misi selanjutnya untuk mengembalikan kakak Dybuck,, :D

    24. Tyler, 8 yrs old, said that he enjoyed this book more than Book One or Two. It was a good adventure he said.Quote from him:"I like how the villain is trying to get the djinn blood to turn himself into a djinn and then finds out that djinn are made of a pure fire. When he tries the spell he himself lights of fire. You will learn more about why that is in the book."

    25. menemukan beberapa typo ah itu cerita lain :pBuku ini seperti buku sebelumnya, malah mungkin tambah seru dengan adanya 'teman berantem' baru, Dybukk ("panggil aku Buck!")Bagian paling nggak banget :yuck: adalah semua bagian yang menceritakan si guru dengan kebiasaan super joroknya, e.kalau nggak ada itu, udah kukasih 5 bintang deh D:

    26. It dragged on and on. Maybe it's because there are other series books that have better character arcs, but I feel like these ones are loosely held together. I understand that the author likes to try to break down cultural boundaries with humor, but it makes some of the characters unlikeable with their foolish assumptions. It's just very meh.

    27. Book #3 in the series about 12 year-old djinn children is probably the best one so far. This is set in Nepal and India where John and Philippa go in search of the Cobra King talisman and get caught in the deadly cult of the Nine Cobras with its creepy leader. I'm eagerly looking forward to reading book #4, which I just ordered.

    28. This is a series I started before my mission and then kind of forgot about. But not that I'm reading another book in teh series, I remember how much I liked the first two. This one was great-very fast-paced and interesting story line. It left me hanging at the end, too. Hopefully I can get the next book from teh library soon. :)

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