River Rising

River Rising River is the twenty eight old newly single father of Amelia He is determined to give his daughter a different life after his own was filled with abuse and heartache After escaping his abusive husband

  • Title: River Rising
  • Author: Brittan Kunsman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • River is the twenty eight old, newly single father of Amelia He is determined to give his daughter a different life after his own was filled with abuse and heartache After escaping his abusive husband in the night, he accepts his brothers offer of sanctuary A new town brings a new job, school and faces that begin River s unplanned pursuit of happiness, but when the pastRiver is the twenty eight old, newly single father of Amelia He is determined to give his daughter a different life after his own was filled with abuse and heartache After escaping his abusive husband in the night, he accepts his brothers offer of sanctuary A new town brings a new job, school and faces that begin River s unplanned pursuit of happiness, but when the past becomes present River s new found strengths are put to the ultimate test.

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    1 thought on “River Rising”

    1. I loved this book. It was emotional and heartfelt. it made me cry, laugh, growl and left me with the biggest smile.I loved River, and Julian. All the characters had a captivating personality. I even loved drew.This is truly a story about love, being beaten down and with the help of family and friends, being able to rise above hate and violence.This is a must read!But, it needs an editor lol

    2. 3.5Editor. Editor. EDITOR!!!! *screech*Alrighty, having got that off my cheste editing is atrocious. While I will gripe about bad editing it doesn't usually stop me from reading something but this book almost got abandoned because of it. There were so many different things that were just wrong but what probably bothered me the most was possessives with no apostrophe before the s. Every darn time I think. *whimper*Second thing that got me was the crying. I cry. A lot. So I know what that is like. [...]

    3. Sad to say I had to DNF this one for now. It's just not doing it for me. I can get passed the editing issues because let's face it, I read enough that commas and extra words don't really bother me. I just at this point can't deal with a suck, it's driving me crazy. And while I know he's had it tough and my heart hurts for him, it does, he just keeps reminding me of those damn whiney women in het books, and I just at this moment, while the raging bitch is in full force, I'm just mad irritated.Mar [...]

    4. First of all, this is a really good, emotional, well characterised story.BUT, as other reviewers have stated, Who the F*** proof read this and please, whoever you are, you need to he put out to pasture. Terrible, really awful.Ordinarily, a little bad proofing doesn't offend me, but this download was actually abysmal. The past tense of "drag" is "dragged", "drug" is medication. Far too many "to" and "too" mix-ups, far too many duplicated words. In the end it all distracts from an otherwise great [...]

    5. WHO THE HECK PROOFED THIS BOOK??!!?? They should be SHOT!! A great story that made me cry AND laugh but the MANY ERRORS in this book started to TICK ME OFF!!! I think this book is the WORST I've ever read, it ruined the English language!!! I'm proud to say that my senior advanced English teacher was the Gerber Baby, Mrs. Cook and she would have given this writer an "F" for ruining this story by not having it properly edited. Whoever published this book should be ashamed of themselves!!!! I would [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this story and probably would have given it four stars if not for the very large number of errors in the text. Missed words, wrong version of a word (to instead of too, etc.), repeated words or phrases, missing punctuation (brothers instead of brother's - there was no possessive punctuation period). In a few spots it was difficult to understand what a sentence meant due to the missing text, etc.

    7. It's not actually a terrible story, but it's tainted by the constantly weeping MC, smartass 6 year old (who sounded more like a thirty year old), and the numerous SpaG errors that litter every single page. Also, the most interesting storyline of embezzlement went exactly nowhere.

    8. If a book makes me cry, laugh and at the end leaves me with a smile, it deserves a 5* rating even if it really needs some editing!

    9. First off, yes the editing is horrific. Sentence structure, missing words, duplicate words and long ramblings that needed a leash. The story is a good story. Even with the editing issues there was still a flow to the story. There was a definite end to the story and it happened long before the words stopped. It dragged on and each additional piece of information felt tacked on to clean up one more ending. The thing was the endings were for secondary and tertiary characters. (one ending was for a [...]

    10. Under the dictionary term "melodramatic" should be the title River Rising. I haven't seen so many issue raised in such a short span of time since watching Days of Our Lives. The two main characters in the story, River, and his brother, Julian, had to deal with past traumas of child abuse, present fears of spousal abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, miscarriages and parenting worries, homophobia, hate crimes, embezzlement, stalking, kidnapping and murder. Plus, the two men were wrapped up in shame and [...]

    11. Yes this did have some editing errors. I'm not good at catching those things so if I seen some then they probably are bad. Yet the book story itself was wonderful. I love the characters and the various and sometime complex relationships between them. Thinking back to the very first chapter where River is so scared, depressed, and abused then looking at the last chapter filled with such happiness and contentment it's amazing the transformation of MC. Besides the romantic part of the book there ar [...]

    12. Okay, get your favorite beverage and get comfortable. You are going to want to settle in for this reading. You have just entered an absolutely incredible rollercoaster of emotion. This is a terrifically written story about love in all its forms. This will touch you in ways and places where you didn't even know you wanted to go. The characters were magnificently well developed. All the relationships were well defined and outstanding. All the relationships were interwoven so beautifully there was [...]

    13. Ok so recently I've fallen in love with M/M genre. This book took me by surprise, the love that Julian shows river goes beyond brotherhood. It's more of the love a father has for his son. River is faced with taking his six year old daughter and running from the man whose suppose to love him. River is scared of change but with is big bro Julian he can face anything. Then comes along Adam and that's where you can Que the violins.Pick it up you won't be disappointed. Beautifully written about famil [...]

    14. Wow, I absolutely love these charactersLOVE THEM!Some might not get far with this book because of the editing, but if you hang in there and just let the story drape over you, you will end up falling in love with these people.Seeing River develop that self worth was such a long hard journey, but so worth it. This was a solid story that I was fully committed to and always wanted so many good things. The capacity for River to see light instead of darkness was amazing.Loving this story as much as I [...]

    15. heartbreaking emotional but there is a silver lining at the end. River lived a life of abuse his childhood. His brother julian got them out, pretty much up till now it was a happy life until his husband started abusing him. When all he eva promised happiness.Now in the present going through divorce living with his brother now with his daughter in comes adam who turns is life inside out. Now river has a chance of a real happy family and the love he always wanted. There will be ups and down but mo [...]

    16. Yes, this book needs a desperate edit and proofread. Unfortunately that is a problem with the self-published world. But please look past the misused words and mixed up sentences to the heart of this story. This is a second read through for me, and I found it held my heart as much as it did the first time around. It may look like a rough stone, but there is a gem inside

    17. Yes, the editing is absolutely crappy. It does distract you at times. And yes again, as others have already said, this story is packed with different story threads and characters that perhaps should have been written as a couple of books. But none of that is enough to make me deduct even half a star because I FREAKIN' LOVED THIS BOOK!

    18. What a story! It is always interesting to read a story about a husband being abused by his husband. It is not something that you hear a lot about or even think happens so when l read stories like this l learn from it. And the author did it very well that it kept my attention from beginning to end. I enjoyed the ups and downs in it and the nice ending. Highly recommended.

    19. I absolutely loved this book! It was heart wrenching at times and had me LOL at others. I loved the relationships, even with the ex who redeemed himself. The father, well I'm glad how that ended. This was a complete story and it read just like a movie. Definitely on my favorites list.

    20. I loved the story and hope the author continues to write. It was the perfect blend of angst and humor. I was really cheering for the happy-ever-after. I found the story to be very well done. I did not give it 5 stars due to editing issues.

    21. This book should have ended at about 60% , the second part was so rushed and could have been a second book in itself. This book as so much potential and re-edited. The story of River is so good though.

    22. 3.5 stars. A good comfort read. A little on the sappy side and maybe everything is wrapped up a little to perfectly. Overall a fun read. Okay the book does need editing. I was able to overlook it and enjoy the sweet goodness.

    23. Ignore the typos and grammar errors and read this book. It is a brilliant work with brilliant story line, well developed characters, romance, angst, various stages of healing of the best books I've read in a while!

    24. Got about 1/3 the way into and lost interest. Probably a mood thing, not the book's fault. Will try again at a later date.

    25. I like men with emotions but at times i would swear i was reading about a hormonal pregnant women not men but over all it was an awesome story.

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