The Gentleman's Madness

The Gentleman s Madness An imprisoned heart finds escape in forbidden love No pride No privacy No hope Academic John Gilliam thought being caught embracing another man was the worst that could happen Until he agrees to treat

  • Title: The Gentleman's Madness
  • Author: Bonnie Dee Summer Devon
  • ISBN: 9781619220157
  • Page: 207
  • Format: ebook
  • An imprisoned heart finds escape in forbidden love No pride No privacy No hope.Academic John Gilliam thought being caught embracing another man was the worst that could happen Until he agrees to treatment at an asylum, where a vicious attack leaves him shaken and afraid.But having all means of writing or reading taken from him That is a serious threat to his s An imprisoned heart finds escape in forbidden love No pride No privacy No hope.Academic John Gilliam thought being caught embracing another man was the worst that could happen Until he agrees to treatment at an asylum, where a vicious attack leaves him shaken and afraid.But having all means of writing or reading taken from him That is a serious threat to his sanity Then a moment of kindness from an asylum attendant begins to restore his dignity.Sam Tully feels sorry for the patient everyone calls the professor, but with a back injury that cost him his job on the docks and without the education that would have bettered his position he tries to keep his head down, and a tight lid on his attraction to men.As John prays for freedom, he grows closer to the gentle, innately intelligent Tully In spite of themselves, forbidden attraction leads to touches, kisses, and But there s something other than curative treatments going on at the asylum When John and Tully uncover a heinous conspiracy, their very lives are in danger.Warning Contains heinous crimes and frightening treatments oh, and some sweet and loving sexy times between two healthy, not crazy men.

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    1. Posted at Hearts on Fire ReviewsIs that man a vampire? Does that manic gleam in his eyes mean he is about to feed? The blurb didn’t indicate there were vampires in this story, so I promptly put the cover picture out of my mind. I do love the title, however, and was thrilled to get the opportunity to read this historical romance set in London in 1887. John Gilliam is a learned professor. He is also homosexual and damned lucky “buggery” was no longer punishable by death. It was, however, sti [...]

    2. 4.5* rounded up to 5*Buddy read with Lisa Henry and Joan. I think we all three agree on that this story is a truly well-researched historical. For me it was tone-perfect, in fact the prose often reminded me of Sherlock Holmes as written by Sir Conan Doyle. The worldbuilding was also extremely well done, not erring towards ok-homo, and not overdoing things. The plot worked smoothly and without any typical romance tropes (e.g. the separation and threat to the couple was from outside, and not some [...]

    3. *3.75 stars*I’ll be honest, I was scared going into this book. I had previously read a book which told the story of a gay man being admitted into a mental hospital for treatment. It was one of the most disturbing things I have ever read. I had no interest in putting myself through that much emotional upheaval again. On the other hand, I had also previously read a historical romance co-authored by Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee. It was The Gentleman and the Rogue, and I really enjoyed that book. I [...]

    4. As my "final" book for my personal MM historical challenge this month, once again, I got help from Heather C who rec'd this. Since I loved the first book that I tried from this author, The Gentleman and The Rogue, I thought, why notIn the beginning, I was quite shocked to find out that the story took place at an asylum. Truthfully, I didn't even read about the blurb, I just picked it out because Heather rec'd it. So it immediately brought me anxiety. I couldn't help it -- the idea of men being ' [...]

    5. ​I just couldn't wait to get my hands on The Gentleman's Madness; the latest Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon collaboration. These two are at the top of my auto-buy list when it comes to historical romances. As you already know, in most gay historical romances, the characters are able to keep their considered "deviant behaviors" behind closed doors and away from discovery. But what happens to that man who has been caught in a compromising and perverse situation? The man who has been incarcerated fo [...]

    6. This well-written story paints a realistic picture of a gentleman imprisoned in an asylum for "treatment" of his "perversion." John Gilliam is an academic. He is also a homosexual in Victorian England. His father discovers his deviance and John agrees to treatment to cure his unnatural desires. This is commensurate with the time period. (Though still an issue in some locales today!)In his second asylum (the first where he had been brutally attacked and nearly raped by staff) John experiences com [...]

    7. 4.25 stars, ebook, novella: 164 pagesBonnie Dee and Summer Devon have a distinct style. Once you're familiar with it, you know exactly what you'll get each time with their historical mm books, and yet all their stories keep their individuality, their freshness. And they never write tragedies, thank you. As Susan Elizabeth Phillips says, "Life's too short for 'dead-baby books.'"Here, with The Gentleman's Madness, the heroes each have their own inner struggles, told compellingly, believably, and w [...]

    8. Historical books in M/M carry an extra weight, because despite all the issues of inequality that we still deal with, things have been worse in the past. It was only in 1973 that the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality as a psychological disorder category. For much of history, being gay could not only get you harmed by those who disliked you, it could also get you incarcerated in a mental institution by those who loved you, and who felt they were doing the best thing for you. G [...]

    9. ARC Review: The Gentleman's Madness A historical M/M romance, apparently well researched and written with the proper language of the times as well as creating the right setting. John Gilliam has been sent to an insane asylum after being discovered by his father in a compromising position with another man, something not done in 1880's England. John's account of the treatment he receives at the facility, and his mental and physical suffering are somewhat glossed over, but when the reader is given [...]

    10. No one does historical like these ladies. Every story I read by them just sucks me in and I fall in love. This one. Wow. We know men were put in asylums for their "unnatural proclivities" for a long time but you never truly stop and think about it. I thought this was a great look into it, as always with flawless research and a wonderful feel for the era. I could feel poor John's desperation and it hurt. And Tully, I couldn't help but fall in love with him. Wonderful.

    11. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*I've read a few books by these authors before so when I read the blurb for this one I was very excited to read it. I've always been terrified of (and fascinated by) insane asylums, so I was a bit afraid this was going to rip my heart out and make me go cry in a corner, but it was actually fairly light given the setting. Things could have been much much worse for John. Not that I wanted to bawl my way through this book, but I [...]

    12. I've always been interested in turn-of-the-century insane asylums. I adored Kim Fielding's "The Tin Box" and so when I saw this brand new release from Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee (whose other historical romances I've quite liked), I had to get it and read it AT ONCE.As usual, this writing duo did not let me down. This story is historically accurate, with a strong sense of place and time. If I'm going to read a historical, I appreciate if it introduces me to a world I don't know much about, and f [...]

    13. John's ability to find ways to believe he will be freed from the hell hole in which he finds himself is admirable. I was not always so convinced. I was so glad when he found Tully, a gentle giant of a man, with the same 'unfortunate' proclivities as John.A mental hospital today is a scary enough thought, but one back in the 1880s would have been unbearable. The narrative doesn't get too bogged down in too much depression or depravity, just enough to give us the sense of John's desperation and me [...]

    14. I was hoping for something like this:I got this instead:Set at the end of the 18th century, the book tells the story of John Gilliam, an academic locked up in an asylum for his homosexuality and Sam Tully, an attendant who is attracted to John. Gilliam’s stay in the asylum felt like a holiday in a low cost resort . Too happy and angst free for my taste.

    15. I've really enjoyed the other historical titles I've read by Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee, so when I heard they had released a new title I snapped it up right off.And this one doesn't disappoint---it compares very favourably to their other collaborations. The story does make you think about how lucky we are to be living during this time period, considering how forced incarceration in mental hospitals for "reparative therapy" was so common in the past.It's an uplifting story, and the obligatory ha [...]

    16. A solid, well-researched historical with a nice dose of helplessness thrown in. Of course John's not mad, and of course he doesn't need to be cured. Society disagrees. Buddy read with Steelwhisper and Joan. See the comments in Steel's reviewI'm not terribly in love with the cover though. For some reason it screams "paranormal" to me. I was half-expecting John to turn out to be a vampire.

    17. The blurb ended up being much better than the book - OR - I was expecting more of this story than I was given. The cover didn't help either I thought that the hero would be an intense, tortured semi-psycho or it would head toward some type of paranormal element.

    18. Think Maurice, but in an insane asylum. Cambridge graduate John Gilliam has been committed by his rich father to the Fairpark asylum to cure his unnatural urges. Lower-class Adam Tully is working as an attendant at Fairpark to earn enough money to buy his own ailing father a home for his waning years. Unlike the egotistical and narrow-minded doctors at Fairpark, however, Tully is gentle and compassionate. He is the go-to guy when a disturbed patient needs soothing. Tully, unlike Gilliam, has suc [...]

    19. 4.75(Free review copy provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review through the GR MM Romance Group DBML program.) This well-written story set in 1887 England could have been depressing, but it isn’t thanks to the beautiful writing style and the indomitable characters of John, who is feisty and exuberant, and Tully, who is calm and steady. John is an intellectual and professor from a wealthy family, who is sent to an insane asylum for a “cure” after his concerned family catches [...]

    20. A free copy of this book was provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.This is the first book I’ve read by Summer Devon or Bonnie Dee. I’m generally reluctant to step out of my comfort zone, which often means I tend to stick with authors and genres I’m familiar with. Eventually, it was the summary that convinced me to take a chance and introduce myself with two new authors and a subgenre that I’m relatively foreign to.John Gilliam, aka the professor, is caught in imprudent [...]

    21. A free copy of the book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.I love m/m historical stories, so when The Gentleman's Madness became available for review as part of the Don't Buy My Love program, I jumped at the chance to read it. This book, however, is different than many romances set in the same time period (late 1800s) in that most of the story takes place in an asylum for the mentally ill. One of the MCs is a member of society, but there are no balls, social calls, [...]

    22. #O_O that cover #omg what is this #am i actually staring at a clockwork orange? #seriously, look at those eyelashes #help alex was reborn and now he's staring at me and I'm just a little bit scared #oh god oh god I'm going to diepost-readThis wasohappy. Cheerful. Not-dark-enough. It I mean, I didn't exactly hate it, but everything went too well for the MCs. I dunno what I was expecting. Some more The Tin Box, maybe? Or something a bit more bleak, which would make Tully more of a light in [...]

    23. I have to be honest and say that when I started reading this I was in my element. Beautiful writing, fabulous characters, hints of real angst. and then - Well, it continued to be a beautiful story. Plenty of tender moments, a decent sub-plot and a fairly satisfactory ending, although a little bland. All the awfulness of the past erased, everything hunky-dory and perfect. But it left me disappointed in a way. The angst was glossed over, the ending rushed. It lacked something. I was going to give [...]

    24. This book was provided by the author in Exchange for an honest review.3,5 stars.I had a very hard time rating this book. First of all the blurp isn't really precise. The description is fine: John Gilliam locked up in an asylum for his 'perverted man-lust', Sam Tully is an attendant who is attracted to John. Despite the risk of exposure they start a relationship but soon discover that all is not as it seems in the asylum.But the blurp is full of elements which I couldn't recognize in the book. Jo [...]

    25. I was given a free copy of this book by the author for an honest review.Ok so my heart broke on the first page before I even knew the main characters' nameen I was on pins and needles the rest of the book. But by the end my heart was mended and I was able to relax (thank goodness).For those who may think it is difficult being in a "non-traditional" relationship in this day and age think againy having that same relationship in the 1800's. John and Tully were brave beyond words. I mean really, you [...]

    26. This review was originally written for Joyfully Jay Reviews.4.25 starsI am a big fan of Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon’s historicals and have read most of them. So when I saw this new release, I didn’t hesitate to pick it up. This story has a bit of a different focus from the traditional historical, in that it largely takes place within the asylum. It is a fascinating look at the medical practices and treatments of the time. Not only the arcane idea that homosexuality is a mental deviancy, but [...]

    27. I loved the first half of this - the repressed sexual tension, the frustration, the fear I thought it was all really well done.But the second half felt like a totally different book. All of a sudden there's a suspense plot? I felt like it took away from the REAL conflict that I wanted resolved, which was between John and his father.And after all the emphasis on how risky it was for the two heroes to be involved, I felt like their encounters lacked a real sense of fear or urgency. I thought it wo [...]

    28. Whenever I read of historical asylums and the treatment of the patients, I just want to cry. How some of those souls suffered. This story was interesting and very well written and covered that theme as well as the atrocious behaviour of some of those entrusted with their care. It was, at times, difficult to read and intense. The MC's and secondary characters were well fleshed out and their motivations well defined.

    29. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Having previously read and enjoyed, The Gentleman and the Rogue by these two authors, I was excited to read this book. I think it is tough to write a good historical novel in this genre and they did not disappoint! Solid 4 star read. This story is set in London in the late 1800s. John Gilliam is a 25 year old scholar from a wealthy family. He is being treated at a mental hospital for “deviant sexual practices” after being c [...]

    30. 4.5 Stars This novel The Gentleman's Madness by Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee is an MM Historical novel set in the 1880's where being gay was considered to be deviant! John Gilliam was an academic who thought the worst thing was being caught loving another man until he found out the hard truth that it wasn't! He agreed to enter an asylum for what they called a deviant behaviour where he endured vicious attacks and painful procedures to rid him of being gay. His only pleasure in life was his writin [...]

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