Wildflower The best songs come from broken hearts Sixteen year old Bird Barrett has grown up on the road singing backup in her family s bluegrass band and playing everywhere from Nashville Tennesee to Nowhere

  • Title: Wildflower
  • Author: Alecia Whitaker
  • ISBN: 9780316251365
  • Page: 146
  • Format: ebook
  • The best songs come from broken hearts.Sixteen year old Bird Barrett has grown up on the road, singing backup in her family s bluegrass band, and playing everywhere from Nashville, Tennesee to Nowhere, Oklahoma One fateful night, Bird fills in for her dad by singing lead, and a scout in the audience offers her a spotlight all her own.Soon Bird is caught up in a whirlwindThe best songs come from broken hearts.Sixteen year old Bird Barrett has grown up on the road, singing backup in her family s bluegrass band, and playing everywhere from Nashville, Tennesee to Nowhere, Oklahoma One fateful night, Bird fills in for her dad by singing lead, and a scout in the audience offers her a spotlight all her own.Soon Bird is caught up in a whirlwind of songwriting meetings, recording sessions, and music video shoots Her first single hits the top twenty, and suddenly fans and paparazzi are around every corner She s even caught the eye of her longtime crush, fellow roving musician Adam Dean With Bird s star on the rise, though, tradition and ambition collide Can Bird break out while staying true to her roots In a world of glamour and gold records, a young country music star finds her voice.

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    1. To see full review clickhereNote: This review is brought to you by Patty Beagle who only reads those books I feel it's bad about reviewing because it's like kicking a puppy.Apparently, I have to review another sucky book.I don’t get why I never get to review good books. But MJ says I can only read kick the puppy worthy books. Books that are so bad, you almost feel bad about reviewing them poorly.Whatever. If that’s what I have to do, I’ll do it.his book involves country music.I like countr [...]

    2. See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten!Diversity Rating: 0 – What Diversity?Racial-Ethnic: 0 (a character with brown skin has all of one scene)QUILTBAG: 0Disability:0Intersectionality: 0Like many little kids did, I dreamed of being a singer when I was a wee thing. I wrote songs in my notebooks, I sang when I thought no one could hear me, and lbr, I still sing in the shower without caring if anyone hears me. When a Hamilton song is on and you know the lyrics, you sing along. It’s simply how [...]

    3. Another fantastic book from Alecia Whitaker! I read and loved The Queen of Kentucky back when it came out in 2012. What I remember (and love best) about Whitaker's writing is that she writes about teen girls in the midst of forging their identities and struggling to come to terms with who they are, and she's done it again in Wildflower. And, once again, she had me feeling the feels. So much I don't want to write this review because I was so busy enjoying the novel I forgot to take notes on what [...]

    4. Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker was a perfect addition to my summer reading line-up. I enjoyed Bird’s story from the very beginning and journeying with her during her rise to fame was both rewarding and memorable. Definitely a great contemporary Young Adult novel that shouldn’t be missed by fans of authors such as Sarah Dessen, Jennifer Echols and Leila Howland.At the age of sixteen, Bird Barrett has enjoyed traveling with her family singing bluegrass at small honky-tonks all over Nashville. H [...]

    5. This a a fun, clean YA fiction without the usual suspects. For instance, Bird is not orphaned. In fact, the story is a solid building block for a series, featuring 16 year old Bird, the youngest surviving of the B family who travel around in a Winnebago and do Bluegrass gigs in dives. Okay, so yeah. There is one of the usual suspects which is a tragic death of her 5 year old brother 10 years ago. This is not the main story but the reason the family took up music. Their pastor suggested they find [...]

    6. Closer to a 3.5 - This was in my first book box. I enjoyed the story, but it was a bit predictable. I can think of many students who would like it.

    7. I really enjoyed this book! The theme in this book was to follow your dreams. Bird, the main character, was in a band with her family for her entire life since her younger brother died. It was a way for her and her family to distract themselves. But the band gets split when the president of the biggest music label notices her, but only wants her and not the entire family band. The author passes the theme throughout the entire book by making Bird make choices that could change her entire life. Ra [...]

    8. This was such a fun, quick read! As a music lover, I really enjoyed this book. Bird was very likeable and I was rooting for her the whole time. I loved it!

    9. Review originally posted here at Paper RiotUnintentionally, 2014 has been the year of country music books for me, and I love it! I grew up on country, and it’s still the main music that I listen to, so when I see a book that features it in some way, I snatch it up. Therefore when Gwendolyn Heasley (author of Don’t Call Me Baby—check it out if you haven’t!) recommended Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker to me, I immediately requested it on Edelweiss. It did not disappoint! I refer to this book [...]

    10. In the book, “Wildflower”, written by Alecia Whitaker the main character, Bird, faces some challenges that are very difficult for her to deal with. Bird gets discovered by a record label and has to decide between breaking up her family’s bluegrass band or become a recording artist. I did not enjoy how she acted once she was discovered. She seemed to act better than the rest of her family even though they were the reason that she was discovered. Also, she always acted as if everyone else’ [...]

    11. Wildflower is the first installment in a squeaky-clean YA Cinderella trilogy about a sixteen year old who goes from traveling around in an RV with her musical family, Partridge-style, to being a bona fide country star.I have nothing against nice or sweet, especially in real life. But Wildflower was like cotton candy topped with marshmallow fluff and sprinkles. Bird and her family are polite and kind. They pray before concerts. Bird's brothers are only a tiny bit jealous when an A & R guy com [...]

    12. Alecia Whitaker has written a heartfelt novel about family, music, and staying true to your roots. I requested this one on Netgalley because I was intrigued by the idea of reading about a rising country music star. What I didn't expect was how much I would enjoy this sophomore novel. While Wildflower wasn't perfect, it had heart and that's what I liked the most about it. Bird Barrett and her family have spent the last ten years traveling in their RV, playing bluegrass together. The family dynami [...]

    13. Oh, I am kicking myself for not picking up the sequel when I was at the library. I was trying to be all reasonable and not bite off more than I could chew, but drat all.In many ways it's very standard YA lit: there's a girl, there's a boy, she thinks she's pretty ordinary, it turns out she has a special gift, a makeover makes her extra pretty, etc. She makes some mistakes, but things work out in the end. But what really did it for me is that Bird is so reasonable. When her brothers—she plays i [...]

    14. 3.5 StarsWildfloweris a fun, light-hearted teen read, but it falls a little flat. Bird Barrett tours with her family but is one day picked up by a record label and has to decide if it's all worth it.What bothers me is that she has seemingly no struggles in terms of rising to fame. TWO record labels want her in one night the first time she ever performs as the lead. From that point on, she basically becomes instantly famous. The plot is also sort of weird- the time and location jumping threw me o [...]

    15. Short review because I am tired/not feeling well, but I still want to let people know what I thought about the book.This book was great! However, the ending sucked. I won't spoil anything, but sadly the ending is what made me give this book 4 stars instead of the planned 5 stars. I felt the book was cut off at the last point, it could have elaborated on things, now it felt a bit inconclusive. I did love Bird, however she was sooooo naive at times. I was just shaking my head at it. She was a wond [...]

    16. This book is so good!It's about a sixteen year-old fiddle player named Bird Barrett, and her rise to country music fame. There's young love, songwriting sessions, the Bluebird Café, and cute flirting between Bird and Adam at the Pancake Pantry!AND IT'S IN N A S H V I L L E It's only my favorite place in the world, and honestly, it's what led me to purchase this book from my local Books-A-Million. Speaking from someone who'd like to be in Bird's shoes herself, I loved this story. Sure, it seem [...]

    17. I recently got back from a trip to Nashville and it was so cool to see all the references to locations that I had been to or heard of while I was there in this book. I really enjoy stories like this one where someone is plucked from obscurity and thrust into the limelight. We get to see Bird balance her new fame along with her friends and family. It reminded me of Taylor Swift's story in a way. Now that I've finished this book the cliffhanger has me excited to see more of Bird's journey. I also [...]

    18. The novel Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker is an amazing story about a young girl's rise to fame and how she copes with all the new attention and all of the problems that it brings with it. I love how all of the characters are easy to connect to and many problems mentioned in this story happen all the time in real life. The reader can easily understand the point of view of everyone in the book, and can understand the reasons behind their actions. Something that I loved about this book that seemed e [...]

    19. This was cute! I love music-themed books, and Bird was a really sweet MC - talented, in no way a diva, excited by everythingke THE QUEEN OF KENTUCKY, this is one I'd comfortably recommend to younger readers. This isn't the book if you're looking for something with a shippable romance, and I wish I'd remembered going in that it was the first in a series (the ending feels very cut-off out of nowhere), but it *is* very focused on family as opposed to relationship drama, and that was a really nice c [...]

    20. Wildflower is a good story that moves along well and I liked Bird as a character. I was interested in her life and how she handled the fame that she experiences fairly quickly. However, I only gave the book three stars because I found it difficult to remain engaged in the story. Also, there wasn't much of a resolution. Most of the threads raised in Wildflower are left unresolved by the end of it and this left me feeling a little unsatisfied.

    21. Totally boring, totally forgettable. I would set this book down and then I would forget I was reading it. I would remember it the next time I was looking for a book to read. You knew what was going to happen with adam because the book cover tells you "the best songs come from a broken heart." So I couldn't even believe that anything would happen with Bird and Adam. Everything was too easy, there was no struggle for Bird. Or at least a struggle that lasted more than one or two paragraphs.

    22. I can see this being a huge success for teens who love Sarah Dessen, Stephenie Perkins, etc. For me, Bird seemed to be strong but the moment she gets into Nashville, that strength just completely disappears. Her parents are equally bad; luckily, her brothers and their reactions to everything are very realC provided by publisher.

    23. This was actually a good book. When I first saw it I didn't feel like reading it. Then I didn't have anything else to read so I read the book and finished it in 2 days! The plot was good there was a little bit of romance which I loved.

    24. Ugh, I was almost done before I noticed the 3rd book is still incoming. Mostly trying to wait to start series these days until they're complete because by the time the next book comes I've forgotten the previous ones already. Oh, well.

    25. (Read as an ARC)Oh my gosh, this book was amazing! I'd love to rant about it, but since its not published yet, I'll hold back. =) The ending made my cry, I cannot wait for a sequel. I thought I wouldn't like "Wildflower," but it's actually one of my favorite books.

    26. 3.5 stars. Finished an ARC of this book. Really sweet story and country music is at least a newish theme, unresolved ending to set up (of course) for the next in the series. Great for tweens/younger teens.

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