Trust Me

Trust Me A difficult year filled with loss and heartache leaves Allison Scott withdrawn and emotionally disconnected When she is finally ready to move forward with her life she embarks on a getaway vacation t

  • Title: Trust Me
  • Author: Kristin Mayer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A difficult year filled with loss and heartache leaves Allison Scott withdrawn and emotionally disconnected When she is finally ready to move forward with her life, she embarks on a getaway vacation to Miami, determined to find healing from the painful memories in her past.Damien Wales also has a tragic past that has left him a cold and distant person However, the momentA difficult year filled with loss and heartache leaves Allison Scott withdrawn and emotionally disconnected When she is finally ready to move forward with her life, she embarks on a getaway vacation to Miami, determined to find healing from the painful memories in her past.Damien Wales also has a tragic past that has left him a cold and distant person However, the moment he sees Allison, he s inexplicably drawn to her, and he is a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.A sunset stroll brings the two together Allison feels an undeniable attraction to Damien, but she s hesitant to get close to anyone Damien will do everything he can to keep Allison in his life, but his overprotective and domineering demeanor might just push her away When Damien s dark past begins to collide with his present, Allison s life is put in danger Damien must keep her safe, but some things are just out of his control.Trust Me is the first book in the Trust Series.

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    1 thought on “Trust Me”

    1. I hate to do reviews, but this one needed to be done. I started reading again after taking a break with work, kids, and a crazy overall schedule. I was recommended this book so I bought it thinking it sounded good. It was good, and I felt like I read it before. I haven't read much, so I went back into amazon account to see what I had purchased before and the only thing that came close was a book called "With Love" by Shawnte Borris. The stories are similar, but not exact copies. This bothers sin [...]

    2. f you can't get enough of powerful, possessive, hot, and wealthy male characters then Trust Me by Kristin Mayer should be your next romance purchase. Damien Wales comes crashing into Allison Scott's life on the beaches of Miami, Florida. Technically, she crashed into him, but that's what you'll find out in the story. Allison is a female lead with her own issues to sort through, involving a past that has left her a bit scarred, scared of trusting others, and as a social recluse. She decides she i [...]

    3. 4 Stars!If you are a fan of books with hot, rich, possessive, dominate leading men(like me!!) then Trust Me by Kristin Mayer is a book for you! Alison meets Damien on a beach in Miami. She is on vacation alone taking a break from her life of the past year. This man, Damien-freaking-Wales, is completely smitten with her. He is instantly possessive, almost scarily so. I was like "whaaaaaaaaaat is going on here??" I could just tell this story was going to hold my interest. The mysterious vibe from [...]

    4. Hmmm. Here's the things I didn't like: instant love, no romance development (strangers to in love in 5 minutes), some really immature stuff from heroine, repeatedly saying "as my mother used to say ", "drop it like it's hot" (and worst of all) "p in the v". Things I did like: best friend's character was promising, mystery element, good pace. It was almost a DNF but the mystery element kicked in and rescued it just. Not sure if I will read the next one, may do just to see how mystery bit plays o [...]

    5. While I tried to read this book With Love, the plot was too familiar and I just ended up pissed off in the end.

    6. 3 1/2 starsJust gonna write a quickie review here and give y'all my general feelings overall.I liked this book had an interesting mystery which kept me wondering throughout the book. Unfortunately that mystery ends in a cliffhanger at the end which I am never too happy with. It's not a horribly climatic one, but it leaves questions unanswered. Then there was the whole insta-love factor. These two meet and within one week, they fall in instant mega lust, followed by them not being able to be apar [...]

    7. Allison has been living her life on her own to minimize the pain of her past. Then she runs into Damien on a beach and everything changes. She starts to live her life again, and she quickly starts to fall in love with him. The longer they are together the more they fall in love, but there are forces standing in their way and it all comes from Damien's troubling past. Will she choose to save herself or will she follow her heart and trust him?Damien hasn't been surrounded by people who love him in [...]

    8. I really loved this one. Sure it was sortive insta-love but its with a major alpha, possessive, caring man so I seriously DUG IT! It also has some mystery and crazy wack people so it was edge of your seat type of book. No slow periods at all. Definitely recommend if you can get over the insta love factor. Loved it!

    9. I could not finish it. The verbiage felt awkward. I was unable to connect. I did not see what the hero found so wonderful in the heroine almost the second he saw her. Insta-love.I am not telling you not to read it. It just did not grab me. There was nothing that kept me wanting to continue.

    10. Four pages in and the writing was so bad. I keep downloading free e-books and every time I deeply regret it.

    11. I have read both books, so I can give my opinion on what happened. To me it looks like someone took someone else's idea and just expanded on it. It is the bastard child of Shawnte's book and Fifty Shades of Grey.With Love by Shawnte BorrisHer life was all set…she had everything she had ever dreamed of. Promises of forever…. But promises can be broken. Alyson Almon, or Ally as she is called, finds this out in a tragic way. The emotional scars on her heart are ones only she can feel. With a ch [...]

    12. This was a good 3.5 stars. I really liked Damien. He was protective and possessive and everything I love in a male. Although at points Allison worked my last nerve she redeemed herself towards the end. THe story really picked up for me about the last 25% and I found myself really getting into the suspense part. I wanted to feel a better chemistery with Damien and Allison. With the way the book ended I will definately be reading the second book as Im intrigued with who the killer is.

    13. I found the beginning of this book a tad unbelievable. However, once they got into the relationship more and other plots started coming to light, I really started to enjoy the book. Currently reading the second book in the series and am dying to work out who "red scarf man" is!!!

    14. If you are a fan of insta love with a possessive alpha male than you will like this one. Damian and Allison meet on vacation but are both from the same area. There is some hotness and some drama but without the angst.

    15. Loved this story. This was a plesant surpriseas I was not expecting much from it at the begining. It really started to get very interesting around the 30% mark. If you like insta-love stories, this one is for you. What a cliff-hanger!!!!!

    16. Trust Me series. Trust me on this - would not recommend it to my worst enemy. Yeah, that is right I wouldn't wish anyone to endure this series - not even Trump!Ok, I'll bring attention to the biggest blunder of romance books, they fall in love instantly. Like five minutes and there is already mention of rainbows, sunshine and everlasting love. "Only you". "I never felt this way before". You sure it wasn't the hotel buffet taking vengeance. Damien, a rich millionaire or billionaire (didn't quite [...]

    17. The love that develops between Alli and Damien is wonderful, and the trust they have in each other in the face of those who want to hurt them, emotionally and physically, is interesting. I found the portrayal of Alli's drugging and potential rape, and all the after effects, well written and true to life. The only part that wasn't real is that the perpetrator was punished, which our judicial system does not do well at all.I missed the fact that this is a To be continued type of series, which I re [...]

    18. Definitely had some awkward spots. Saw a few other reviewers mention the "drop it like it's hot" and "p in the v" lines. They were funny once, maybe. Not a bunch of times. That stuff always bothers me. Awkward phrasing. Felt like someone much older trying to relate to "kids these days". lol. sorry. By the end of this book I wanted to know what was going to happen next BUT not bad enough to pay $4 for the sequel. Since my library doesn't carry this in eBook, I guess I'm stopping with book #1. Tha [...]

    19. I haven't read a story like this in a while, but I absolutely loved it. I love the chemistry that the characters have and how Damien wants to protect Alli from everything. I love the dynamics of this story as well. I love that he has tons of money but that doesn't show very often. I love how Damien uses his money but doesn't flaunt it to Alli or anyone else. The conflict was not actually between Damien and Alli, it was between Damien and the person who keeps trying to hurt Alli. This book was fr [...]

    20. OMG I have to say I finally found a book that sucked me back into reading, thank you Damian and Alli. I loved the way they meet, the instant attraction, the love at first sight, it's highly romantic and the sex is hot!!!! Sexy without being crude. This read has a good story, plot and characters. Twists and turns, galore and lots of angst. Some minor grammatical errors but nothing to take away from the story. I'm looking to the next in this series. Highly recommend especially if you love overprot [...]

    21. I don't really like insta-love relationships, but I love Kristin's writing so of course I had to read this! It took some time for me to get into it, but it was worth it! Damian was always so over protective it was like woah! But by the end it is all explained. While it didn't end in a cliffhanger, the I have to read the next one now feeling, it also didn't tell you who was behind it! SO yes on to the next one I go :-)

    22. I had a really had time finishing this book. I listened to the audio book, so, I'm not sure if that was the problem. Allison was a whiney, juvenile brat! Can you say issues? And Damien was a controlling nut job. Their conversations were childish and over barring. It was difficult to continue with it. It wasn't my favorite book. I'd pass on this one!

    23. Really good readAllison goes on a vacation to get over the loss of her parents and she meets Damien.Damien sets his sights on her and its a romantic adventure after that.There is suspense in this book as the person that killed his sister now has his sights on Allison.This book continues in Book 2 - Love me

    24. Love love love!!!This story is an amazing love story and thriller! My new favorite kind of books. They are hard to find. The love between these two is kinda cheesy but it's also sweet. This will definitely be a read again kind of book!

    25. I really enjoyed this story . Aside from the instant love I really enjoyed Damiens possessive and protective way with Allison. It also has a murder mystery that just makes this story that much more exciting. Ends on a cliffhanger and there are 2 more books in Allison and Damien's story.

    26. 26% of the way in and all the alarm bells are going off. Leading man, Damien, has all the characteristics and resources to be a controlling, abusive asshole. Allison should have chucked him to the curb when he manipulated her airplane flight.

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