Code Name: Kayla's Fire

Code Name Kayla s Fire Kayla stands in the eye of a hurricane Past and present are on a collision course and her tactical experience won t save her She s the target on a serial killer s radar The media brews a storm of con

  • Title: Code Name: Kayla's Fire
  • Author: Natasza Waters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 216
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  • Kayla stands in the eye of a hurricane Past and present are on a collision course, and her tactical experience won t save her She s the target on a serial killer s radar The media brews a storm of confusion, pointing at the warriors stationed at Coronado To catch the killer, she has to relinquish hope, and the Navy SEAL protecting her.Navy SEAL Thane Ghost Austen isKayla stands in the eye of a hurricane Past and present are on a collision course, and her tactical experience won t save her She s the target on a serial killer s radar The media brews a storm of confusion, pointing at the warriors stationed at Coronado To catch the killer, she has to relinquish hope, and the Navy SEAL protecting her.Navy SEAL Thane Ghost Austen is forced to choose between Kayla and his duty If he deploys, she ll die If she returns to Canada, he ll lose the woman who cracked his armor, and exposed his heart Her abusive past is holding her hostage There s two battles to be won to light Kayla s Fire and extinguish the Shark s Life broke them both in half, but together they re whole, and he ll walk through hell to keep her The conclusion to Ghost and Snow White s fight to survive in, A Warriors Challenge series.Natasza s newsletter nataszawaters subscribe to

    • Unlimited [Romance Book] ✓ Code Name: Kayla's Fire - by Natasza Waters î
      216 Natasza Waters
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    1. Captain Thane Austen and Kayla Banks. The Ghost and Snow White… The Ghost had lost his soul long ago. Too many years of seeing the worst that humanity had to offer had encased his heart in ice. Until he met a beautiful brunette with fire in her eyes.The fire in Kayla’s eyes came from Hell. She brought it back with her when she left. Kayla had lived through hell and survived, but that was all she did. Survive…“Life broke us both in half, but together we’re whole. That’s what I’ve be [...]

    2. 4-4.5 Stars!A lovely read! Admittedly, I was a tiny bit disappointed because I was hoping there’d be a little more Shark action. It’s not that there wasn’t any, but I would’ve liked a little more action thrown in is all.For those who’ve read book 1, book 2 leaves off a little after book 1 with the Shark still on the loose and Kayla & Thane having their lover’s spat. I won’t go into an extremely long review about what I liked because I don’t have enough time to list all of the [...]

    3. If I could give negative stars, I would! This was the most ridiculous book I have ever read! It was extremely tedious to read, and the constant push pull between the characters was STUPID! No sooner does Ghost tell Kayla he will never leave her, and he leaves. I bought it the first time, but this happened all through the book. Then we have Kayla who, if it weren't for bad luck thus chick would have no luck at ALL!!! The robbers in the jewelry store was so freaking stupid and unbelievable I laugh [...]

    4. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. After reading Code Name: Ghost I waited eagerly and maybe a little impatiently for the second & last part to Snow White & Ghosts story. The waiting was certainly worth the wait. I started reading this book this morning & only moved off the sofa to make coffee until I had finished!!Let me say I loved reading Code Name: Ghost. I had a big book hangover after reading it. The story of Ghost & Kayla has stuck with me since reading it. But what a cliffhanger it en [...]

    5. Absolutely adore every thing about this book Except Kayla, the main character. The story carries every single thing one could wish for in suspense. The twists and turns surprise, shock and keep you biting your nails and turning those pages! I was personally amazed at the depth with which this author can write while juggling so many different threads so deftly! That's why it was such a disappointment that Kayla's character was SO unsympathetic. She never showed even a hint of kindness toward Than [...]

    6. There was nothing redeemable in this book for me. Not only did it take me two freaking weeks to read it because I struggled so hard with the storyline I just grew to loathe the two main characters. I get itd the author doesn't let you forget itKayla has severe emotional trauma that she is so far in denial about even remotely acknowledging she somehow finds it perfectly okay to treat Captain Austen like a piece of garbage through the entire book. And this great guywho was Commander Austen in the [...]

    7. I gave myself a couple of days to try and get some distance and perspective on this book. Reading this book is akin to riding a mechanical bull. You are happy, you get mad, and then you get even madder as it bucks you to and fro. You hang on for dear life, because darn it, you want to know what bloody well happens. Be warned, this book may make you want to throw your book/reading device against a wall. You love it, you hate it then you love it again. I want to mark it down a star because it made [...]

    8. 3.5 StarsCode Name: Ghost should be read before reading this book. In part one you were riveted to the pages and story of Commander Thane Austen who is a Navy Seal and Kayla who is a tactical specialist that came from the Canadian military. It was written with such depth of the life of Navy Seal's both on and off of the battlefield and also of the effects of PTSD. There were many loose ends from the first book, Kayla who is damaged pretty intensively on the inside and suffers from PTSD from an a [...]

    9. I loved the first book, but this one, OMG, it kept me on the edge of my chair and frayed my nerves pretty much from the Prologue. I knew it HAD to end with marriage, all books do, guy gets the girl of his heart, right? There were so many tense, and down right nail biting situations, separated by a small calm before each storm, that I was not sure by page 363 that they would survive whole and together. How do two so emotionally damaged and stubborn souls find and trust love. Kayla is strong wille [...]

    10. 5 Star Read: Natasza Waters did it again. If I thought Ghost was my boyfriend in the first book, my ovaries exploded in this installment. Ghost was patient, kind, understanding, and selfless. How I would love to make this fictitious character a real man and all mine.You don't know how many times I shook my kindle and growled in exasperation at Kayla's antics. At one point when I learned along with Thane her lie by omission, I seriously though she was beat over the head with a stupid stick (zero [...]

    11. What an idiot! The title of this is a joke. Should have been called Kayla's Spinelessness. In book 1 she was completely closed off, didn't show any emotions and even after she and Thane got together, she kept talking like he'd leave her to sleep with any woman who looked at him. In this one, every time a woman came into a scene where she and Thane were there, say a BBQ party, gathering at friends house, etc, she'd just give up and say "oh, Thane would be so much happier with her, let her have hi [...]

    12. Oh, Baby. I freaking adored this book.Code Name: Kayla's Fire was the conclusion of Thane--Ghost--and Kayla's--Snow White--story. And holy COW, what an amazingly powerful, gripping, emotional roller coaster ride it was. This book shook me to my very foundations! My emotions were all over the map while reading--and that right there is a sign of a talented author. Oooooh the feels I felt. The ups and downs I went through while reading--the tears I cried, the hurt I suffered right along with the ma [...]

    13. WOW!!! Would give this book 10 stars if I could!Read first book in the series a few months ago, and couldn't wait for the second book to come out.I didn't think second book could beat the first book, but I was wrong. This book is fantastic.I was that hooked on this book, that I downloaded the book onto Kindle on my iphone, and read it during morning tea breaks and lunch breaks at work. I couldn't put it down.Thane is the ultimate hero. But its not just him that makes the book. The SEAL team is a [...]

    14. Was a little disappointed with this book. I loved the first book so much and it felt like forever waiting for this one to come out my expectations might have been a little to high. I kept waiting for something good to happen but it never did. Kayla annoyed me in this book. She dropped Thane for anyone that came along. I cannot believe that she forgave her ex-husband and bought the story he told her. At times she acted very stupid in the book. The blood shark turned out to be some nobody characte [...]

    15. The continuation of Code Name: Ghost.Loved that this book covered more of Thane and Kayla. The Blood Shark is still on the loose and Thane is doing everything possible to keep Kayla safe. Then Kayla disappears on him, he finally tracks her down and vows to stay with her. Everytime it looks like the two of them will make a go of it, something else happens to distract one or the other. This is what makes the book, the constant battle with each other. We finally get the ending of Code Name Ghost, a [...]

    16. Loved this story so much! I cocooned most of the day reading after polishing off Code Name: Ghost first in less than a day. I was determined to get to the ending. Great read. I am so looking forward to reading the 3rd installment in the Warrior's series about Mace and Nina now. Please don't make me wait too long, Ms. Waters!

    17. Kayla's Fire is intense!!! I literally slept just 2 hours because I just had to finish the book. Captivating. Gripping. Nonstop suspense and action. Thane and Kayla have to fight against all the odds that come their way. Nothing can come between them. Their love and passion are undeniable. This is a very well deserving book to follow a great series starter, Code Name: Ghost. Highly recommended!

    18. wow this story blew me away, a dramatic conclusion to Thane and Kayla's story. Its a rollercoaster of emotions, had me screaming "NOOOOOOO" in parts and crying in others. Natasza Waters knows how to deliver a page turner. Highly recommened.

    19. This book was PHENOMENAL! I absolutely loved it and couldn't stop until I was done. I highly recommend this book and will be waiting on the edge of my seat until I am FINALLY able to read them all( it is going to feel like forever!)

    20. Great read frustrating couple though they were both serious dumbasses. I can't wait to read more about this team.

    21. I found the first book in the Warrior's Challenge series just a couple of months before Kayla's Fire was released - and it was a good thing seeing there was a cliff hanger, and while I knew that I'd eventually get to that HEA, the wait was hard!! I took a whole Saturday and planted myself on the couch to immerse myself back into Thane and Kayla's world and live with them through all the (crazy-drama-filled-just-wanna-shake-'em) ups and downs. There were several times I was crushed at the whole " [...]

    22. Code Name: Kayla's Fire is the continuation of Thane and Kayla story. It was a wonderful read yet at times too much drama between the leading couple especially the sparring back and fourth, how long they combatted back with each other each not giving an inch. Sometimes I felt as if I was watching/reading a tennis match with the ball being lobbed back and forth between the two that sometimes it became somewhat tedious and I found myself saying, get over it. But as with PTSD, there isn't a fast fi [...]

    23. I had read and enjoyed the 1st book and knew the dramarama the author was capable of so it was w/ a wary, "can't look away from the train wreck" attitude that I read the sequel. And boy is it an angsty hot ride to the max! Thane & Kayla made me crazy, mad, sad, disgusted, elated. And then it starts all over againd againd again Compared to the 1st book, this one reads more polished, easier to follow, and much more and better timed action. It was nice to see Kayla's relationships grow w/ retur [...]

    24. Code Name: Kayla’s Fire by Natasza Winters the second installment of her A Warrior’s Challenge takes up where Code Name: Ghost ends. You definitely need to have read the prior story before starting this one. At the end of this story, all I can say is I love Thane. He was determined to help Kayla fight her demons and was willing to fight for his happily ever after. Thane turned his considerable focus on Kayla. His heart was engaged and his intensity was apparent throughout this tale. I also w [...]

    25. Amazing. Natasza has a sick and twisted mind!You'll have to read the whole thing to see why I say what I do! Pretty fast you find out Kayla's secret. Hell Thane finds out the same day she does. He's into intelligence so not a big surprise. Kayla's flip flopping hormone's definitely play into her see-sawing moods. (I have to say kudos to Mr. Waters if he even had to deal with half as many!)I felt for Thane. He finally admits his feelings for Kayla and because of a mission loses her. Kayla has a r [...]

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