The Secret Hum of a Daisy

The Secret Hum of a Daisy Twelve year old Grace and her mother have always been their own family traveling from place to place like gypsies But Grace wants to finally have a home all their own Just when she thinks she s found

  • Title: The Secret Hum of a Daisy
  • Author: Tracy Holczer
  • ISBN: 9780399163937
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twelve year old Grace and her mother have always been their own family, traveling from place to place like gypsies But Grace wants to finally have a home all their own Just when she thinks she s found it her mother says it s time to move again Grace summons the courage to tell her mother how she really feels and will always regret that her last words to her were angry oTwelve year old Grace and her mother have always been their own family, traveling from place to place like gypsies But Grace wants to finally have a home all their own Just when she thinks she s found it her mother says it s time to move again Grace summons the courage to tell her mother how she really feels and will always regret that her last words to her were angry ones After her mother s sudden death, Grace is forced to live with a grandmother she s never met She can t imagine her mother would want her to stay with this stranger Then Grace finds clues in a mysterious treasure hunt, just like the ones her mother used to send her on Maybe it is her mother, showing her the way to her true home Lyrical, poignant and fresh, The Secret Hum of a Daisy is a beautifully told middle grade tale with a great deal of heart.

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    1 thought on “The Secret Hum of a Daisy”

    1. I looooooved this story! Absolutely beautiful! I story about healing, family, and finding a place to call home.

    2. This is a beautiful, powerful book. It tackles, delicately but profoundly, the loss of a parent and how a child can heal and move forward into some sort of new life. It's about making peace with the past, making sense of the present, and making meaning of the future. The characters in this book will stick with me for some time to come. They are skillfully brought to life by the author, who manages to make them live and breathe and ache and heal in an utterly convincing and affecting way. Now, th [...]

    3. I won this book from and really enjoyed it!This is a beautifully written story by first time author Tracy Holczer.A wonderful middle grade book about a young girl named Grace who tragically loses her beloved mother but discovers family she never knew. Her sadness and anger slowly change to acceptance as she learns more about her grandmother and her mother's past.This book is as precious as "Daisy" in the story.Thank you to Penguin Canada for sending me an advance reading copy.

    4. "Take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life. You were only waiting for this moment to arise." - The Beatles This song was in my head the whole entire time while reading this book. This book was very good. I didn't know much about it going into it which I really liked. I was surprised at how beautifully written it was and the metaphors with the cranes was something very unexpected. A very beautiful and touching story!!

    5. A beautifully written story about losing a parent and the guilt and denial that comes with it. It's about family and home and building a new life with Grandma in the After.

    6. It's SO clear that I have become a twelve year old reluctant reader boy after all the reading I've done. It's gotten to the point where I would rather read a 120 page football book than a 300 page one about a quirky girl. Personally, I vastly prefer historical fiction or time travel, but I read Angela Darling's Crush books, adventure novels, and goofy books like Rylander's Code Zero because I know there will be lots of readers for the books, and I'll have spent my scant money wisely.When everyon [...]

    7. Tracy Holczer’s The Secret Hum Of A Daisy is a powerfully poignant middle-grade contemp, full of love, heart, honesty, hope, and beautiful writing. Twelve year old Grace’s mom has always kept them on the move, never staying in one place too long. Grace believes they’ve found their forever home with Mrs. Greene and Lacey, but her mother says it’s time to go. The two argue and Grace’s last words to her mother are angry, sad ones. After her mother’s death, Grace is sent to live in her m [...]

    8. My heart is full from reading this beautifully crafted story of loss, friendship, family, and finding your way when the world seems to have been turned upside down. The plot captures you from the very first line, the characters envelop your heart, and the setting makes you feel like you've found home. When I reached the last page, I returned to the start, not wanting to say goodbye to Grace. Beautiful from beginning to endd more post-it noted passages than I had post-it notes! The "secret hum" o [...]

    9. Slow-moving and sometimes painfully poetic, this book inches toward its foregone conclusions. I can't see many young readers sticking with it, though it seems to have gathered a lot of adult admiration.

    10. This book is so special! It's a beautiful story about loss, grief, and growth! I cried a lot(a ridiculous amount tbh) but every tear was worth it to get me to the end of the story. This is a book that will forever be imprinted in my heart. I hope that everyone who picks this up will enjoy it as much as I did and take away the warmth and love that wrapped itself around me

    11. *I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*This book was so endearing. This is labeled as a middle grade novel probably because the main character is twelve, but she definitely didn't act that young. I couldn't imagine being only twelve and being an orphan (since her dad died before she was born.) Then, she was ripped from her current home and into the home of a grandma that she had never met. This was the same grandma that had forced her own mother out of the door [...]

    12. Somewhere between the melancholy of rain falling on a stream and the sense of rightness on a sunny day in California. Maybe a little bit of both. A young girl's search for answers using clues she believes to be from her dead mother leads her instead into a new home and into herself. The combination of poetry, astounding imagery, and words that are appropriate to the age and situation of the narrator creates a book that both adults and young adults will be able to take something from.

    13. Although I bought it went it came out, I've avoided reading this book because I knew it was sad. I wasn't in the mood for it. It is sad. I cried through parts. Secret Hum of a Daisy is a lovely, quiet book about family, loss, and how creative expression can heal. Remarkable book.

    14. Absolutely gorgeous gem of a middle grade. Full of heart and hope and tears. Holczer skillfully unfolds her MC's emotional arc on the rusted wings of birds, the bright petals of daisies, and the soft velvet muzzle of a newborn foal. A beautiful read.

    15. This was a very cute book that was thoroughly enjoyable. I like the character development of her grandma and Grace herself. I think that the writing was quick paced and everyone knows how much I love short chapters so that's also a plus. Finding out that her grandma was the deliverer of the different treasures and not any other character was sort of a letdown but I did see how the author was trying to find a way to really bring Grace and her grandma together. I wish that they could have explaine [...]

    16. "If only words could build a path to where you are." I read the book "The Secret Hum Of A Daisy" and the genre of the book is realistic fiction. This book is one of my personal favorites.This book takes place in San Diego during the school year. This is important to the story because Grace's mom dies and she has go live with her grandma that she has never met before so she doesn't want to go because she has heard unpleasant and terrible stories about her grandma. This book is about a girl named [...]

    17. ***Spoiler Alert*** Can you imagine how it feels to have someone you love like your mom die and have to live a person you have never met and a house you have never been to. The Genre of The secret hum of daisy is Realistic Fiction. This book is really good and one of my favorites.For all of Grace's life it has just been her and her mom. One day Grace's mother passed away. So she was sent to live with her grandmother but she has never met her because when Grace's mother was pregnant with her mom [...]

    18. Review also found at kristineandterri/2I received a copy of this book by entering and winning a giveaway. In return I will give an honest review.This story is marketed as a middle grade tale however I think that by doing so that there is a greater population of readers who may miss out or skip the opportunity to read this gem. The theme of love, loss and home reaches a far greater audience then the younger readers. These themes are common to all people regardless of age and I know this story wi [...]

    19. I really liked this one! After Grace's mother's sudden and unexpected death, Grace is sent to live with the grandmother she has never known. She doesn't want to be there, and does her best to be a brat so that her grandma will let her go back to live with her best friend. But in spite of herself, Grace becomes attached to the small town where her mother grew up, and all of the people that knew and loved her parents. As Grace grows to accept and then love her new life and the woman who has taken [...]

    20. Poetically written, this is the story of 11-year-old Grace and how she has to come to terms with her mother's death. Grace holds onto her anger toward her grandmother she has never met like a coat of armor. Even as Grace lives with her grandmother, she is cruel to her. Grace has moved fourteen times with her mom, and each time, mom would set up a treasure hunt to learn about the new town they lived in. Grace thinks her mom has left one last treasure hunt after her death- Grace sees signs everywh [...]

    21. "A lyric about love and loss." So says Richard Peck on the cover of this magnificent book. It's rare to find a novel that takes such care with its characters. I loved every character in this book, and what I loved most about them was that I couldn't predict what any of them would do. They were total surprises.I also really loved the poetry, especially the poem from which the title gets its name. Tracy Holczer is an excellent poet!

    22. Set aside a few evenings to read this story so that you can savor it. The story of Grace's search to find home after the death of her vagabond mother, is so perfectly crafted that you will want to linger over lines that are particularly beautiful. This is a story about loss, but it is also a story about finding your way and creating a family for yourself within a community. I loved this book and I hope the Newbery committee does, too.

    23. I absolutely loved this book. Grace and her family and friends will stay with me for quite some time. .While the story was very real, there was just enough magic to be uplifting. This book would pair wonderfully with A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd.

    24. When a 12 year old loses her mother, she not only has to grieve the loss but come to terms with truths that dislodges her equilibrium. Sometimes dark but poignant in a unique way. Loved it!bookcrossing/journal/1

    25. This is a story of self-discovery. Many teenagers struggle when their previously held convictions are challenged by the real world. Grace thought she knew all about herself and her mom, and then her world was turned upside down. It's a tough journey, but worth the trip.

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