Summer Love

Summer Love For fans of The Bachelorette a personalized summer romance with possible endings Summer is all about relaxing and having fun But it s even better when you find the right guy to share it with In th

  • Title: Summer Love
  • Author: Jill Santopolo
  • ISBN: 9780147510921
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • For fans of The Bachelorette, a personalized summer romance with 13 possible endings Summer is all about relaxing and having fun But it s even better when you find the right guy to share it with In this original romance, you get to choose how to find your happy ending, which can result in a kiss from one of eleven swoon worthy guys At the end of each chapter, you decidFor fans of The Bachelorette, a personalized summer romance with 13 possible endings Summer is all about relaxing and having fun But it s even better when you find the right guy to share it with In this original romance, you get to choose how to find your happy ending, which can result in a kiss from one of eleven swoon worthy guys At the end of each chapter, you decide how to continue your journey to find love, and the endings are based entirely on the choices you make while reading Every selection counts and the possibilities are endless Not ready for romance No problem There are different endings to satisfy every reader, so you re guaranteed one fabulous beachside summer

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    1 thought on “Summer Love”

    1. I used to love these kind of books growing up and this one didn't disappoint. it was cute and fun. Also a fast read. I read it all. every option and ended up with Jackson who is adorable. longer review coming soon!!

    2. You can end up with:J. R. - He is the hot (well, they're all hot) lifeguard who gave you the privilege to climb up the lifeguard tower as you chat.Marco - You spotted him reading The Iliad on the beach while you're reading The Metamorphosis. He is a wise man who wants to major in philosophy in college.Jean Paul - He is the french surfing instructor. When you nicknamed him Poseidon, he called you Amphitrite, his wife.Nik - This dog lover wants to major in animal science in college. He's funny, in [...]

    3. 1.5When I picked up this book, I was expecting myself to enjoy it immensely. Partly because I used to enjoy choose-your-own-adventure books a lot when I was in grade school and reading one now would be like reminiscing my childhood days. Plus, it also sounded like a perfect summer read. Sadly, this one was a let down. I didn't grow attach to any of the characters, not even the character I was supposed to portray. The girls were all too flirty. It was like 'Hit on me people! Hit on me!'. The inst [...]

    4. This was a cute book. I read the whole thing. Yes, literally the whole entire book and all of the different endings and choices. I just felt it wasn't right to finish it without finishing it, you know? I originally ended up with Luke, and think it was the best one I could have chosen.There were some typos, but I liked it anyway. They didn't bother me too much.Read it for yourself and let me know what happy ending you found!

    5. One thing I always enjoyed reading as a kid was those choose your own adventure stories. I remember always going to my library and asking for more. Well, I found this one and could not resist picking it up.Plot: The great thing about this book is that is can go many ways. And you choose the direction. All the paths are in summer time, so the reader gets this great summer romance. There are 13 guys who you can end up with so I’m pretty sure any reader can find their match.Did I find my match? O [...]

    6. When I was growing up, I loved "choose your own adventure books." I especially had a soft spot for the Goosebumps one. I stumbled upon Summer Love while browsing and decided to give the younger version of me some love.While marketed as young adult, the stories read more middle grade. Innocent flirtations, small kisses, nothing too crazy that you may encounter in a young adult novel. The stories are quick to read - roughly five minutes - and it was still kind of fun to go back through and find o [...]

    7. As I guy, I know I'm not the intended audience, but I liked the appeal of a "choose your own adventure" book for older readers (seriously, why aren't there more of this type of thing for older readers? Its way more fun!) so I picked it up on that principal alone. It was a fun, cute read. I was a bit shocked at how shallow some of the choices and writing was -- making choices based on looks rather than personality just seems like the wrong message to be sending. But I played along, and at least I [...]

    8. Here is an excerpt from my review: "I basically chose all the options that lead me away from the guys. Go talk to a guy or continue reading The Metamorphosis? I'll keep Kafka as the only guy in my life, thank you very much. Talk to the cute lifeguard or go eat a lobster roll? Uh, LOBSTER ROLL TRUMPS ALL. I really expected to end up with a guy despite all of my choices, but the book surprised me! There is a 'happy ending' where you decide you don't need a guy in your life, that figuring out who y [...]

    9. As soon as I saw this book I was instantly drawn to it. A romance novel with the same structure as a Choose Your Own Adventure book? Heck yeah! Gimme, gimme! And it is a great idea, the problem here is that it was not executed very well.The characters were flat and shallow and there was no develop in any of the plots. I didn't give it lower than a three simply because it thought the originality of the idea was fabulous and it did offer me some entertainment for couple hours.I would love, love, L [...]

    10. Would be the perfect beach read. I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid, and this one brings me right back. It's a light-hearted book with sun, sand, and romance. It's easy to quickly get to the endd then go back and choose other paths to see what else might have happened. I imagine my students will enjoy this one, especially when looking for a quick read. #SummerLoveMarco

    11. 2.5 stars, mostly for the concept of this book. Found this book when I was finding short stories for my brother at the YA section of the library. But there's too many book pages flippin' when I read the book and if I were to go back and change my choice, I'll lose the page number. :'DThe girls were really flirty and falling in love seemed really easy in this book. It's just a stare too long, a random quirk of a smile and they immediately assume the guy is interested in you. I wish love were as e [...]

    12. I went to a dollar tree and found this for a dollar. I thought it was more like "are you the one" reality show but you're actually playing in the book. You become the main character and you choose from the options it gives you. I really enjoyed it but from the 11 guys that appear in the book I only read about three but I guess I'm not really good at flirting. It was a quick easy and fast read I recommended if you're looking for something fun that you can read in the one-day. I have never read an [...]

    13. I wasn't expecting depth or anything. I figured it would just be a light, fun read. But the writing fell flat. This wasn't even moderately good.

    14. I MEAN SLOW DOWN CRAZY, SLOW DOWN.I'm feeling like the Sassy Gay Friend again. Although I got my "happily ever after" (The guy's name is J.R. and he's a lifeguard and I ONLY WENT WITH HIM BECAUSE HE SAVED A GOLDEN RETRIEVER WHY WOULD I SAY NO TO SUCH AN ANGEL?!?!), I never really connected with ANYONE. It's actually fun, you know, as if you're playing Sims and all but DAAAAAMN THESE GIRLS ARE SO ANNOYING I CAN'T EVEN UGH.Would I try to re-read this again so I could have different endings? Sure, [...]

    15. very, very horrible.edit: 10/10/2014 this book has a promising premise--like wow you actually get to choose your own boy. yeah, how fun is that?nope. it's not even fune characters aren't even properly described. the only descriptions i've ever read are: "he has six pack abs and godly body" yeah. because i'd actually immediately fall in love with a person who has six pack abs, right?the romance is also super rushed like one minute you're just getting to know each other and the next you're kissing [...]

    16. Light, Easy to read, Fun.I ended up with Dex. But I am not yet satisfied so I read the whole book. I went back to Step 1. I am too curious to find out the happy endings with Mitch, JR, Adam, Marco, Rafe, Jean Paul, Will, Luke, Jackson, Nik or by herself.I didn't find myself with the characters.

    17. A choose your own adventure YA romance? Who could turn that down? There are at least a dozen possible guys to match up with, depending on your choices, and a few of the happy endings involve finding yourself or choosing friends over guys. (There are no unhappy endings, of course.) Charming, silly, and a lot of fun.

    18. Ive read it for 30 minutes and i cri because i did not expect things to turn out like that. I finished it in 30 minutes lolI wanted to meet all the characters but. oh well that's the thing about "choose-your-own-adventure" booksI can always read again and kiss a guy hahahahaI like the idea, though. It's fun and interesting and at the same time, disappointing.

    19. It's really funny to control your own love story. It's written in a way that you seem to be the main character. I liked that. I originally ended up with J.R. Then with Jackson and with Mitch. Although it's quite funny, to me it's not a real book. The stories are short and simple. Maybe, if I feel like it, I'm going to discover some other boys!

    20. It's difficult to really praise/condemn something like this, which is basically a teen choose-your-own-adventure romance. Does it work? Not really. Is it really high-quality writing? Not so much. Is it a gimmick that appeals to the right subset of reader? Probably, and that's all that matters.

    21. It was really interesting for me to read a book from second person - and like it! Some of the endings are a little abrupt but I'm really impressed with what Santopolo has done with this book and making happy endings for all people, not just ones looking for a hot guy ;)

    22. I was hoping this book would be like the pick your ending books I read when I was younger,although it is the same concept this one sucked . It was just too basic. It took me 5 minutes to 'finish' the book,I don't even want to try again for another ending. Maybe I am getting to old for these things.

    23. I was highly disappointed in this book. It's a choose your own adventure type book, and my adventure was like 10 pages. The writing was bad, and there wasn't enough detail or character development AT ALL! Such a waste.

    24. I used this book to intrigue a group of reluctant young readers. I read to them and they loved choosing each decision and discussing their choices with a lot of laughter. If you want a good time, read this to a group of 10-11 yr olds. We had a blast.

    25. Pretty short. I got the thirteen endings in one sitting. 1. Dex. 2. Mitch (tennis guy). 3. Adam (triplets babysitter). 4. Dog guy. 5. Iliad. 6. Lifeguard. 7. Puzzle. 8. Fisherman. 9. Surfer. 10. Frisbee. 11. Lobster guy. 12. Know yourself first. 13. Girl's night out. It was cute.

    26. Fun and cute and pretty much exactly what I expected. I did it a couple of times, trying out different endings.I didn't personally do this, but I did see someone say that you can pass on all the guys and have a nice time alone, and that makes me VERY happy!

    27. This book is pretty good and the boys in the story all have quite different personalities. Throughout the story, you are given choices that in the end could end you up with a boy, a life question or just a girl's night. Who will you get? I got Nikhil.

    28. The interactive concepet is really fresh. I enjoyed the activity. Gives you a new thrill with every decision you make. But I found it quite difficult to finish (all 12 endings) since I needed to backtrack. A lot.

    29. I got this book at the dollar store so I wasn't really expecting much to begin with. Each of the stories were cute, but happened way to quickly. Overall, it was a decent bookbut it wasn't even worth the dollar I paid for it. #sorrynotsorry

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