Call Me Cockroach

Call Me Cockroach Our prisons mental hospitals and streets are filled with tragic stories like Tuesday Storm s Her childhood was riddled with torturous games and violent physical attacks She was isolated from the rest

  • Title: Call Me Cockroach
  • Author: Leigh Byrne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Our prisons, mental hospitals and streets are filled with tragic stories like Tuesday Storm s Her childhood was riddled with torturous games and violent physical attacks She was isolated from the rest of her family, locked in an attic with nothing but a bare bed and a bucket for a toilet, and fed just enough to keep her alive The experts say it s next to impossible toOur prisons, mental hospitals and streets are filled with tragic stories like Tuesday Storm s Her childhood was riddled with torturous games and violent physical attacks She was isolated from the rest of her family, locked in an attic with nothing but a bare bed and a bucket for a toilet, and fed just enough to keep her alive The experts say it s next to impossible to find the soul s light in a dark past like Tuesday s They say she ll never trust again after being betrayed by the people she loved most, or silence the voices inside her head telling her she s worthless and unloved She s doomed to suffer a lifetime of depression and self destructive behavior, and destined to be drawn to people who will again abuse her, or worse she could become an abuser That s what the experts say And the thing about experts is they re usually right Call Me Cockroach is a chilling reminder of the unfortunate truth that no one survives the devastation of severe child abuse unscathed.For those of you who ve read Byrne s compelling debut book, the Kindle eBook bestseller, Call Me Tuesday, this memoir unveils what became of the gutsy little girl who spent her early years at the mercy of a sadistic mother To everyone else, it s an honest glimpse into the tormented mind and troubled heart of a damaged woman determined to overcome the debilitating aftermath of a horrific childhood.

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    1. This book is a follow-up of the excellent memoir, Call Me Tuesday by Leigh Byrne. She grew up in a very abusive home and her childhood was chronicled in her first book. The only thing I didn't like about Call Me Tuesday was the sort of abrupt ending. I wanted to know what happened to "Tuesday" (or Leigh)and how her childhood abuse effected her late teens and adult life. Call Me Cockroach follows her life after she leaves her home to live with her aunt. However, Tuesday ends up back in an abusive [...]

    2. This book is the sequel to Leigh Byrne's Call Me Tuesady. It is her own account of the abuse she suffered from her mother between the ages of 8 to 14 when she finally went to live with her aunt. Only Tuesday was singled out for abuse, and her father, while aware of the about did little to prevent it. He did send her to her grandmother and aunt's for summers, but when contacted by Social Services, he maintained that Tuesday was not being abused. Her brothers, two older and one younger, maintained [...]

    3. This could be my story:(It's hard to convince people of my mother's cruelty. She fooled so many people when I was a child and continues diminish my value to others. The only people that saw through her were a social worker and my kindergarten teacher.

    4. A follow on of the author's first book "Call Me Tuesday" and it deals with the aftermath of the childhood abuse the author suffered and how this still had consequences in her relationships. The author writes vividly and poignantly about her lost childhood.

    5. I felt as if I were reading my own thoughts and feelingsI connected with Tuesday on a personal level. Our abusers and the trauma we endured was certainly different, however the outcome was the sameI felt as though I were reading my own story and it kept me turning the pages feverishly! Thank you, Tuesday Thank you, Leigh Thank you 💜

    6. 2.5 I know. You look at what the book is, and then you look at me and you wonder "Are you heartless? Why aren't you touched by this sad story of a woman finding herself after a childhood of unspeakable abuse? What is WRONG with you?!"I liked the book. The story needed to be told. That wasn't the problem I had. It wasn't the ending, like I've seen mentioned on other reviews, for not having enough "closure". I liked that the author didn't try to wrap it all up perfectly because these stories do no [...]

    7. Again, I had a hard time reading this but still felt it was worth my time. I think once in a while we need to read books like this to remind us how good we have things. The author was so scarred from her childhood that sometimes reading about her adult life felt like reading about a train running down the track out of control because it sabotaged itself or didn't think it deserved to be a well-functioning train. That being said, I have a lot of respect for the author and what she has overcome. I [...]

    8. This book is the sequel to, "Call me Tuesday", the story of a young girl made to put up with horrendous acts by her mother. This second book was more about her grown up life. What a hard story to tell but so important. This author put a lot of work into becoming a survivor, when it could have gone so many other directions, good for her!

    9. I loved Call me Tuesday. But WHO THE HELL edited this?!? 25% in and I've found too many language mistakes. Since/sense, they're/there/their. Seriously, this wasn't self published. Fire your editor.

    10. GladI was wishing for more details of what the evilther did. Very good writing though. Wish the best for her.

    11. I read this because the conclusion of Call Me Tuesday was no conclusion at all. It didn't feel like an ending that Tuesday didn't get any answers or justice for the abuse she was subjected to.I was happy to find out that this was the sequel. That I'd get to see Tuesday's "happy ever after" or at least see her brighter future. However, because this is based on real life there are no happy-ever-afters. The scars from her childhood haunt Tuesday through her adult life. It is clear to me that no mat [...]

    12. A tough book to read becomes a tough book to put down. The Black-Eyed Peas had a hit song entitled, Where is The Love. As I finished, Call Me Cockroach, I had to ask myself the same question Where is The Love? For Leigh Byrne, love would be something difficult to find if for no other reason, because she had no idea what it might look like. This book is a powerful reminder that mental illness, left untreated, can have consequences that effect a wide swath of people and last for generations. On t [...]

    13. This is a continuation of the book "Call me Tuesday". It is an account of the author after she was able to escape the home of her abuse and try to grow into an independent adult. We see that the abuse obviously follows the individual throughout their life - in ways we cannot imagine. Indeed, even the author could not understand why some dysfunction happened that seemingly was not connected to any specific event. You must read this book - is too has heartache, difficulties, and ups and downs. But [...]

    14. I loved it! The book was very well written and fascinating. I read "Call Me Tuesday" first and then this follow-up. I loved part 2. It was important to know what happened to Tuesday as an adult. She never wanted to be a victim. I would like to know what her brothers thought of the ordeal? The answers were not important to me. What was important and mattered was Tuesday story was real. She deserves happiness the rest of her life. I did however find out that love heals everything and death allows [...]

    15. Sadness,Love,Hate Why?Wow Tuesday you life was very sad and so much hate,abuse. But you strong you live it and got away. But what sad your brothers didn't want talk or remember nothing. Which I think it s lie. But you got stronger a good mom and got a very good friend. Keep strong and do you. It sad how your mom should told you something. But nothing well you try your best. And be proud for that.

    16. I enjoyed Leigh Byrne's first book Call Me Tuesday much more than I did this book which describes her life from her young twenties into middle age. The child abuse she suffered as a child from her mother has emotionally crippled her in many ways which results in phobias, problems in relationships with men, and her relationship with her children. Although she touched on her emotional problems, it seemed that too many situations were covered at a very superficial level.

    17. Great readHeartbreaking sequel to her even more heartbreaking novel, “Call Me Tuesday”. Yet it shows that even the lives of victims of such horrific abuse, through a lot of hard work, can have a happy ending to their story.

    18. Call me cockroachVery overwhelming and sad ,l recommend this book, she is a survivor and not knowing her she is a inspiration, please read its worth it and maybe you can help someone who is or has gone threw this.

    19. Painful but captivating storyTold through the eyes of Tuesday, this heart wrenching story strikes a cord as it reminds us that awful things happen to people, but through perseverance, they can survive and in Tuesday's case, discover a sense of happiness and forgiveness.

    20. InterestingStill leaves questions. Did she ever seek professional help, what about her children and that relationship or even what her brothers thought.

    21. Good readRead this book in one day. Couldn't wait to find out what happens to main character . Loved learning about her life , she's a fighter and hope she ends up happy .

    22. Great storyAfter reading the first bookOf this series, I had to read this and I’m so glad I did. Tuesday is such a wonderful character and you feel drawn into the story.

    23. EngrossingI am a survivor of abuse, albeit, not this severe. I feel kindred to the author in many aspects. Well written, easy reading. Highly recommend to anyone who is a survivor

    24. Got bored halfway through It Started out as good then took a while to get through. The first book was better than this one.

    25. Such a great personal story to share.This story was hard to imagine as true but these things happen. The author was brave to share this and it was truly a great book to read.

    26. a very raw continuation of her first book, Call Me Tuesdayis book has a semi-happy ending after several gut wrenching stories of childhood abuse/trauma.

    27. I see myself this book. I didn't know there was a name for us until I read this book. It's always haunted me on why it was always me.

    28. This is a great follow up to the author's first book "Call Me Tuesday". While this is a good stand alone book, I highly recommend reading "Call Me Tuesday" first as this will give you the basis of what comes to pass in this book. The author gives the reader her painfully honest journey through her life after abuse and the effect this had on her. She muddles through her life, through joy and sorrow, and tries to make connections between her past and her reactions and feelings in her present. It's [...]

    29. The sequel to Call Me Tuesday wasn't any easier to read. I sympathized with Tuesday and how her adult life bore a direct correlation to the childhood abuse she suffered at the hands of her maniacal mother. It's very true that you can't break the cycle of dysfunction, if crazy is your normal. Tuesday struggles to heal her inner child and make peace with her distant family, especially her parents. She goes on a pretty dark journey to discover herself as an individual and love and trust aren't idea [...]

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