State vs. Lassiter

State vs Lassiter Life is great for Jake at the start of State vs Lassiter the newest tale in Paul Levine s award winning series Jake s law practice is boomingHe s crazy about the new woman in his lifeHis one time del

  • Title: State vs. Lassiter
  • Author: Paul Levine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Life is great for Jake at the start of State vs Lassiter, the newest tale in Paul Levine s award winning series.Jake s law practice is boomingHe s crazy about the new woman in his lifeHis one time delinquent nephew Kip is getting A s in schoolWhat can go wrong Oh about a charge of first degree murder When money goes missing from client trust accounts, JakLife is great for Jake at the start of State vs Lassiter, the newest tale in Paul Levine s award winning series.Jake s law practice is boomingHe s crazy about the new woman in his lifeHis one time delinquent nephew Kip is getting A s in schoolWhat can go wrong Oh about a charge of first degree murder When money goes missing from client trust accounts, Jake confronts his banker, Pamela Baylinswho also happens to be his lover She accuses Jake of skimming client funds he accuses her of dipping into the till She threatens to report him to the State Attorneyd within hours is killed All the evidence points to Jake, who is charged with murder Is this the end of the linebacker turned lawyer

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    1. Jake man Jake! I've been waiting for Jake Lassiter; it's just been far too long without him. But why and how does he get into these predicaments? Oh, mostly because of women and this one, this one is no exception. But who would know that his present babe would put him in handcuffs and up for murder one.Yes, the family is fine, all's well there except he has to solve this rap himself? Thought that was what the police do. Of course, if the police solved ite charge and Jake's welfare wouldn't be so [...]

    2. Perfect book for flying from Illinois to Santa Rosa, CAarted it at boarding & even with in-flight conversation had it finished in the motel that nighta page turner with a basic 250 pages that takes Lassiter thru a failed love life to a murder trialetty good procedural details along with the comic Lassiter observationsDoc Riggs makes a small appearance, but unfortunately, brings very little substance unlike the early novelsI loved it when Doc Riggs was Lassiter's "Meyer" to Lassiter's Traviso [...]

    3. Paul Levine showed why he is one my favorite authors again! If you haven't read his JAke Lassiter or Solomon vs Lord series,do yourself a favor and start ASAP.

    4. 4.5*Life is good for Jake Lassiter, ex Miami Dolphins linebacker turned lawyer,…until he wakes up on the beach with the hangover from hell and no memory of how he got there. He and his lover, Pamela Baylins were spending a romantic weekend at the Fontainebleau Hotel, courtesy of a grateful client. A call from Jake’s accountant, Barry Samchick, the previous evening regarding discrepancies in the client trust accounts, with large amounts of money being transferred to various places, had caused [...]

    5. Paul Levine has written four books in the Solomon & Lord series, and four standalones. But perhaps my favorite of his books is the Jake Lassiter series, in which this is the tenth entry. Jake, primarily a criminal defense attorney and after twenty years of dealing with cops and prosecutors, now finds himself on the other side of the defense table: as the defendant, charged with murdering Pamela Baylins, his trusted, very personal banker and erstwhile lover. The book opens with Jake being rud [...]

    6. The tide is lapping toward Jake, and a sand sweeper will run over him if he doesn’t get up from the beach. But the mouthy nature of our hero immediately asserts itself, although once awake enough to reflect, even he realizes he doesn’t know how he came to be lying here at daybreak or why. A unique beginning that made me want to read more.The gap in Jake’s memory, and the circumstances the police can construct of his past night, make Jake a prime suspect in a murder. The author’s experien [...]

    7. I am a fan of Paul Levine's Lassiter series, because every book featuring the ex-NFL player turned Miami lawyer offers a twisty plot, snappy dialogue and some great descriptions of life in Florida, many of them hysterically funny and also true. Usually the books feature an A plot and a B plot and occasionally there's even a C plot. But not this one. In this book you get only the A plot, which is about Lassiter being accused of murdering his girlfriend/banker, and that's it. More's the pity, beca [...]

    8. This book was sent to me as an ARC in exchange for a review.Paul Levine is quite a popular author and this book is rated very highly in reviews on the bookselling sites. People clearly like the characters and story. Jake is a former pro-baller and presented as something of a romantic and a good guy. He’s raising a teen nephew after the death of the child’s parents. He’s a smart ass with the cops from the moment they step into the scene despite grieving for his dead girlfriend lying on the [...]

    9. Jake is back, in #11 "State vs. Lassiterd it starts out with a bang, well, a hangover, where you find Jake sprawled out on the beach, wondering how he got there and what was going on! In no time you find out, his girlfriend is dead, money, no Big money is missing from his business accounts and everything points at Jake! Add in his major business dealings with Carlos Castillo from Columbia, who is or isn't doing money laundering, well it is South Florida and the police feel they have their man fo [...]

    10. A quick read. Though I enjoyed the book I spent a lot of the first third of the book wondering how stupid could Lassiter really be. Pretty stupid, it turns out. Cringeworthy stupid, annoyingly stupid, Am I going to stop reading this series stupid. However a strong last third saved the book (and the series) for me. This is a good series but this isn't a strong entry.

    11. Cotton candy; a handful of peanutsFluff, good enough for momentary pleasure, but definitely empty calories and fleeting. 2.5 stars

    12. The author is a lawyer himself and it shows. The irreverent Lassiter is probably his alter-ego."My certificate hangs on the wall over the toilet. An ex-girlfriend once asked if I intended some symbolism with that bit of interior decorating. Nope, I intended to cover a crack in the plaster." In this book of the series, Lassiter is accused of murdering his girlfriend, and the evidence in support of that accusation is so overwhelming that I couldn't figure out how the author would ever be able to e [...]

    13. Although the plots are becoming a bit formulaic, with less time spent on the supporting cast of characters, I still enjoy every Jake Lassiter book. An undemanding quick read, and entertaining as ever, with a choice of possible guilty villains kept open as long as possible. I'm getting towards the end of the series, and I guess it will have run its course. I'm much less keen on the Solomon and Lord tangential series, as the characters are much less likeable than Jake, Charlie, Granny, Kip and Cin [...]

    14. Lassiter is a very interesting character. He is snarky and unpleasant but determined to do the right thing whatever the cost. Lassiter is an attorney who needed a few extra tries to pass the bar exams. He is from humble roots and lives with his grandmother or great aunt he's not sure which she is. This story is fast paced and well written. I enjoyed the book and I have already purchased another in the series .

    15. As always, Paul weaves a great tale of down and dirty South Florida legal fare, in which his inimitable hero, Jake Lassiter, finds himself in trouble again and twists and turns to extricate himself from it. Always surprising, never dull, and a fast read. If you've never read a Jake Lassiter story, start from the beginning! They're all fun.

    16. I totally enjoy the books in this series. I rate this one 4.8 stars because, as in all Paul Levine's books, it is well-written, fast-paced with touches of humor and characters that draw you in. I'm ready to read some more Levine books.

    17. State vs Lassiter enjoyable read. Recommend as a "take-a-break-and-get-away-and-have-a-good-read" book to just relax and come back refreshed. Looking forward to his next book real soon.

    18. A light-hearted legal thrillerA lawyer gets in trouble, then he gets in a lot more trouble. Following this crime ends up being a very good story. I liked the book a lot and think you will too. There is not a boring moment from beginning to end!

    19. Legal Who Done ItSmart-aleck attorney, Jake Lassiter, gets framed for a murder he didn’t commit. Even though all the evidence looks bad for Jake, he’s got to find the other Dude Who Done It.

    20. Good yarn not too taxing. The lawyer becomes the défendent. Of course he will win. Paul Levine is ok

    21. EntertainingI thoroughly enjoyed this book , it was entertaining and well written the characters were believable it was fast moving

    22. CompellingThis book kept me guessing the entire time. Fast paced, humorous and filled with interesting twists and turns. I highly recommend it.

    23. FunInteresting read, that captivates you and won't let go. This story twists around and around. Even when you think you have the end figured out, it takes a u turn. Great fun.

    24. Defense lawyer up for murderGirlfriend found dead in hotel room while he slept on beach. Now to prove his innocents while on trial for murder

    25. Jake in big troubleThis is a good summer murder mystery, long on smart talk and not to long on gory detail. It is good with a cold drink on a warm day.

    26. Wonderful story!I really enjoyed the book. In fact, I am a big fan of Paul Levine's writing. He is a master storyteller with a keen insight about human nature.

    27. I like Jake Lassiter.I also like Paul Levine--a lot. This is the latest in a long line of courtroom/crime mysteries that never disappoint.

    28. Legal twistsA lawyer is accused of killing his girlfriend, but how many others are in the mix. Part of a series. The beginning was a bit slow for me, but it picked up speed.

    29. Fast-paced, good characters, and my kind of humor. I really enjoyed this book and will have to look for the others in the series.

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