My Whispers of Horror: Letters Telling Women's True Tales from Ex-USSR Nations

My Whispers of Horror Letters Telling Women s True Tales from Ex USSR Nations If he hits me then he must love me I am a cow and I am a bull I am a woman and I am a man If you don t find an ideal man by your age it doesn t mean that you like girls Don t worry you can find a ma

  • Title: My Whispers of Horror: Letters Telling Women's True Tales from Ex-USSR Nations
  • Author: Olga Brine Brine Books Publishing Chris Brine
  • ISBN: 9780992033187
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • If he hits me, then he must love me I am a cow and I am a bull I am a woman and I am a man If you don t find an ideal man by your age it doesn t mean that you like girls Don t worry, you can find a man You will not be an old maid That was also when these police officers, who were meant to protect the public, became my pimps What can be deep and personal If he hits me, then he must love me I am a cow and I am a bull I am a woman and I am a man If you don t find an ideal man by your age it doesn t mean that you like girls Don t worry, you can find a man You will not be an old maid That was also when these police officers, who were meant to protect the public, became my pimps What can be deep and personal than reading what a woman wrote of her experiences Cases such as domestic violence, forced prostitution, rape, and You won t be able to tear your eyes away as you read their quiet whispers of horror, while trying to understand why this still happens in other cultures today Having these real women explain to the world what happened to them will help to raise awareness on why we still need to fight and stand up for them.Much of the world is still stuck within sadistic patriarchal standards that oppresses women And for a woman to survive in such a culture she must have enormous strength to defend her own or her children s lives from violence and oppression Read what these brave women wish to confess.

    • Unlimited [Thriller Book] ✓ My Whispers of Horror: Letters Telling Women's True Tales from Ex-USSR Nations - by Olga Brine Brine Books Publishing Chris Brine Ë
      285 Olga Brine Brine Books Publishing Chris Brine
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Thriller Book] ✓ My Whispers of Horror: Letters Telling Women's True Tales from Ex-USSR Nations - by Olga Brine Brine Books Publishing Chris Brine Ë
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    1 thought on “My Whispers of Horror: Letters Telling Women's True Tales from Ex-USSR Nations”

    1. This has to be one of the hardest books I have read in quite some time. I have read about sex trafficking, and I have read about the Holocaust. I have read about Christian martyrs, and I have read about those who have overcome horrendous obstacles. I had no idea until I picked up this book that this was how life was and is in the Ukraine and Russia. We don't hear much about the former USSR in America, and I never would have dreamed that such atrocities occurred amongst families. I was never phys [...]

    2. I received this book through a GoodReads First-reads giveaway. As I was scanning through the giveaway list I stumbled across the book and found it interesting that the authors had published it themselves. I figured that this showed the book meant a great deal to them so I entered to win. Usually I enjoy reading dark and gritty stories so this appealed to me. I didn't pause to think about how this one is not fictitious and could deeply affect me.Saying that this book 'affected' me is an incredibl [...]

    3. I thought that reading this book will be a nightmare. I almost decided to abandon it, after I buying it and reading a few of its reviews. That would have been a great mistake.Even if the subject of this book seems horrible, the stories which it contains are very realistic. I have travelled in that area from which these stories have their origins. I have seen pretty similar situations. I hate to admit it, but in those countries, women are some sort of currency. Men are trading them for different [...]

    4. ‘The screams of many women around the world are often forced into nearly silent whispers.’We all want some measure of happiness in our lives. For some of us, that is relatively easy to achieve. For many women, it is almost impossible. This book, compiled by Olya and Chris Brine, presents letters from 20 different women from Russia and Ukraine writing of issues in their lives, of their experiences of inequality, domestic violence and effective slavery. All of this in a culture in which women [...]

    5. The book 'My whispers of Horror' I won here on GoodReads. Never won anything in my life, so winning a book, getting it send to my house was such a nice thing to experience. The least I can do is holding my end of the bargain and give an expanded review now I finished reading.TitleCatchy, even when it could've been three words instead of four, by skipping 'My'.The CoverI like that it's a drawing portraying the subject well. And it certainly is different than other covers in a good way.Grammar and [...]

    6. In the intro, the publishers set up that they self published this because they couldn't get anyone else to publish it. It is their positions that these stories MUST be told so they made it happen.The same tone of desperation, no-one-will-help-us-ness is the experience of reading the rest of the book.There were brief moments where the women inspired me by showing great courage and willingness to take on the challenges in their lives to break the system, swim upstream and stand up for themselves. [...]

    7. My first thought after reading this book was wow, wow because I realized how easy I have had it after 31 years of marriage. Even though there were problems in the marriage that are always there, money, children and other assorted issues that two people will have living together. The true stories portrayed in this small but powerful book, will make you think twice about what you have ever known about women around the world or even things you didn't know. It seems to me that women living in the ex [...]

    8. This book was very eye opening. The stories were told by letters sent in by the abused women themselves.The really crazy thing is the fact that I have two Russian sister in laws (don't ask!) and I never realized that this was going on in their country.I have heard them say before "men are different there because women outnumber them so much that the women have to settle." However, I had no idea the extent they were talking about. At all.My heart truly broke for every women who had no choice but [...]

    9. Haunting and frightful. Well written even as a translation, although could have done better with the editing.

    10. I just read Whispers of Horror: Letters Telling Women’s True Tales From Ex-USSR Nations. I knew this book would contain a lot of pain, and that the letters would be difficult to read, the stories of female abuse indeed horrific. And yet horror is not the primary thing I took from this book. What stayed with me was hope born of a deep admiration for the women who wrote these letters, and a determination to continue uplifting the voices of women. Here, you will read story after story of abuse— [...]

    11. Okay. Okay. This was an incredibly tough read. It's told in epistolary form. Going into it, I knew it was going to be abuse, rape, gender inequality and the struggles of women in Russia and Ukraine, but the suffering is unbelievably real and left me feeling sick to my stomach. Reading this book made me feel like we have it easy over here in the Western world. I was surprised by how these women were resigned about the fact that so many of their husbands were couch potatoes, not lifting a finger t [...]

    12. I received this book through a GoodReads First-reads giveaway.‘In all of your situations you can find a solution that is the right decision for your life’. And with that quote from one of the stories start. It’s a phrase that covers mainly the thought of fighting, these women, who became his battle cry. Beginning because it is a book perfectly compiled, written with the simplicity that we all have to talk, but with a very large emotional burden in itself.I find it unacceptable that in this [...]

    13. Tears flowed.Through a collection of short stories/essays - this book shines the light on the horrible domestic violence crimes Russia and Ukraine women faced from abusive and alcoholic husbands – who took the vow to love and protect them, and not beat them until they die or wish they were dead. What adds insult to injury is that the majority of these women with children had nowhere to turn to escape the living hell. No child should ever have to return home after an Easter holiday to a beaten [...]

    14. When I learned I had won this book I was extremely excited. Entering into it, I knew it was going to be a hard read emotionally. Little did I know that I would not be able to put it down. I found myself immersed in the book, faced with the horrors women have suffered as if they had written the letter personally for me. The entire book flowed, not a single part made it hard to be interested in. Many parts were shocking and absolutely horrifying but served as a good wake-up call. This book sets fo [...]

    15. POWERFUL. SORROWFUL. SICKENINGLY TRUE. If you can read this book and not be horrified by the personal stories presented here, then you need to check and make sure you have a heartbeat. I'd read one or two and have to put the book down.Whispers of Horror is a collection of letters written by women in Ukraine and Russia. Written to the two authors who threw them a lifeline, gave them a voice that would be heard, gave the statistics a face. Hard-working women with children and multiple jobs who kee [...]

    16. ***I won this book in a Giveaway****This not a light or easy read. This is an upsetting and somewhat depressing (while being enlightening at the same time). The book consists of letters written by women in Russia and the Ukraine. The story is similar in many of the letters. Abusive drunk husbands treating their wives like shit. Little girls growing up dreaming of prince charming, and setting their dreams aside for men who seem great until after the wedding. I was not aware how different lives a [...]

    17. This book is hard, is difficult to read and is important. There can be grammar mistakes while making the translation, maybe even in the original language and from the same woman who wrote the book. Let´s remember that most of them do not have a good quality of life, some never went to University and some still suffering. The main point of the book is to read these stories, to understand that in the XXI Century with a world that claim that there is women power there still regions of this world t [...]

    18. What an important book to share with the world! The stories are heartbreaking and most "Westerners" have no idea the horrors that exist in other parts of the world. Just recently in the news Alexander Arefyev the men's skiing coach publicly expressed that women should not downhill ski but instead stay home and "focus on doing housework and having children". I think that attitude is perfectly reflected in this book. About a year ago I read another very good book titled "A weak American in Russia [...]

    19. Women who are in such difficult situations which are described in this book do not need much compassion as support, they feel alone and abandoned by everyone, with no place to go for help and adviceThe rights of women, their place in the couple and society are not to be ignored.Very strong and touching book, with passages sometimes difficult to read but very important issues within our society. We must not remain silent in front of domestic violence. Think about our surroundings, our friends, ou [...]

    20. The stories are sad. I do not wish these situations on anyone. It is sad that women as made to be inferior to men when women are just as important to survival as the man.With that said, I will say that the stories were repetitive. They women could have switched lives and you would have known know different. I am sure, for the women who submitted their essays, feel a little lighter to know they finally got there story out to the masses.

    21. A raw, emotional, often hard to read collection of true accounts of actual women in the former Soviet Union and their tales of struggle. From the burden of cultural norms that require their submissive, unflinching acceptance of the demands of the men in their lives to the pressures of running a household and raising children virtually alone, this book opened my eyes to the unbalance between men and women that is dictated by a patriarchal society.

    22. Difficult but necessaryThis book was incredibly emotional and I found myself only able to read a few chapters a day. While it was sad and disheartening every woman should read this book.

    23. A very engaging book about a startling topic. The book is a compilation of stories from women living in Ukraine and Russia and each story highlights the very real struggles they are faced with on a daily basis. Being a women is tough in this part of the world and I think these women exemplify why.

    24. I received this book through a giveaway.Being a fan of horror stories for a long time I thought nothing could shake me.But giving the thought that all the tales published in here are real I was deeply affected.

    25. Very powerful sad truth on what woman still to this day go through in other countries. If your brave enough to read it prepare your self for tears and severe anger after every letter.

    26. Oh gosh. I can't believe that so many women have to suffer through this torture. We still have so far to go as a species

    27. This is not a bed time read. Very informative What these women went through was just horrible. I am glad I won this book I probably would not have read it if I hadn't. I really recommend it.

    28. This is probably one of the toughest books to read. Not because of the style of writing but every single one of the letters is a fresh heartbreak.

    29. Emotional stories told by women about their lives and the terrible events that they have gone through. A sad but very insightful read.

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