The Billionaire's Best Friend

The Billionaire s Best Friend Despite a wonderful family a career she loves and great friends a void has existed in Lauren McDonald s life ever since her best friend Callie married billionaire Dylan Talbot Although they have

  • Title: The Billionaire's Best Friend
  • Author: Christina Tetreault
  • ISBN: 9780988308954
  • Page: 153
  • Format: ebook
  • Despite a wonderful family, a career she loves, and great friends, a void has existed in Lauren McDonald s life ever since her best friend, Callie, married billionaire Dylan Talbot Although they have remained close, Lauren and Callie now lead very different lives When Lauren meets wealthy CEO Kevin Walsh, she believes he could be the man to make her life whole again ThaDespite a wonderful family, a career she loves, and great friends, a void has existed in Lauren McDonald s life ever since her best friend, Callie, married billionaire Dylan Talbot Although they have remained close, Lauren and Callie now lead very different lives When Lauren meets wealthy CEO Kevin Walsh, she believes he could be the man to make her life whole again That is until the night Nathaniel Callahan, her high school sweetheart and the one man she has always loved, shows up Fifteen years ago Nate ended things with Lauren before heading off to the Naval Academy and his life with the Marines, but he never stopped loving her Now he s home to correct the mistake he made all those years ago Who will win her heart the man who can promise her the world or the man who has the power to crush her heart again

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    1. Lauren McDonald's best friend is Callie who is married to Billionaire Dylan Talbot. They have been friend forever. She meets Billionaire CEO Kevin Walsh at a fundraiser put on my her best friend Callie. She think she finally has met a man to fill the void the love of her life has left the void in her life. Her childhood sweetheart broker her heart when he joined the Marines after High School and broke off with her. The trouble was she really didn't love Kevin but he was comfortable enough and th [...]

    2. It took me a little while to get into this book. Yes, it's Book #4 in the lineup; that should've said something about me landing smack-dab in the middle of an ongoing series, right? But I have started books further down the line in some series, and generally, don't find them too hard to follow. This one gave me some trouble figuring out Who's Who? and then What's What? in this world and all that has happened to it so far.As a result, it also took me a while to 'get' the character of Lauren. Fran [...]

    3. This is the fourth book in Christina's Sherbrooke series and as with the others this was also great. It centers on Callie's best friend, Lauren as she struggles with a relationship with Kevin, enters an old love Nate. Callie thinks she is over Nate, but she stills is attracted to him whereas Kevin she has no love feelings for. When Kevin proposes marriage as a business arrangement, Lauren is faced with her true feelings. Will she marry Kevin or pursue a new relationship with Nate, who wants her [...]

    4. I’ve been enjoying Christina’s Sherbrookes of Newport series from the first book and I had to wonder how she could manage to do a book four since all of the Sherbrooke siblings were partnered off now. For this book, we get to see Callie Sherbrooke’s best friend Lauren find love.I can’t say I enjoyed this book as much as the previous three. Perhaps it is an example of going to the well once too many times. The heroine, Lauren, has been in love with her high school sweetheart despite the f [...]

    5. This story started off sounding like a typical romance: Boy loves girl, boy leaves girl for what he thinks is a good reason, but returns after fifteen years expecting to pick up where he left off.Wrong.The hero and the heroine have a serious problem with communication. They never seem to understand what the other person really meant, and why they did what they did.When Nate finished his stint in the Marines and returned, it was to find that Lauren was involved with someone else. He, of course, a [...]

    6. What a horrible story completely disappointing only bothered to read half way through then tracked to see what happened in the end and found it to be completely wrong.I have only started reading contemporary romance in the last 3 months and i really enjoy them for several reasons1. you know how they will end2. they are simple and light and nothing really bad happensIts a successful formula the idea is that you allow yourself to imagine your life like the hero or heroine In the make believe world [...]

    7. I liked this book tho I read this first it didn't stop me from understanding the rest of the series Lauren is a good woman tho she does tend to come over as a bit bitter in this story I think and rightly so from what she had gone through although she is well educated she is also dumb in my opinion the way Nate left her was wrong he should of explained himself before he cleared off to the marines but then we would of had a different story lol I did like these characters even Kevin he has been bro [...]

    8. Christina Tetreault has surpassed herself with this book Lauren and Nate grew up next door to each other they were also high school sweethearts.en Nate left Lauren and went to the Naval Academy and broke Lauren's heart .Fifteen years later He returns Has Lauren moved on ? can love be restored can they find a life with each other?? Read this awesome book and you will find out!!So looking forward to more books from this wonderful author

    9. Lauren & Nate's tale was okay, but I found Kevin a nuisance. (Of course he is, he has an ulterior motive!) The story was mediocre, not fulfilling at all, and the tug-of-war for Lauren's affections was exhausting. While there may have been chemistry between Lauren & Nate, I didn't catch it. Nice to have been able to catch up on Callie & Charlie, though.Again, please get a new editor.

    10. Once you start reading it is hard to put down.This book shows how childhood memories grow into adulthood real life situations. The book shows the difference in rich and famous lifestyles and just ordinary real love. She was in love in school and when she got out he left for the marines without discussing it with her. Years later he returns to find her with someone else and still very upset with him. After he tried to apologize he realized he had made a big mistake. She was with someone rich but [...]

    11. The series should have stopped with book 3. This was an epilogue stretched into a book. The previous characters are just thrown into the plot, the best friend I get but the main character of this book just met one of the main characters of the previous book and wasn't really friends with the other mc of series. The conflict was so mole hill that the author had to throw a red herring with a "boyfriend" that she had yet to sleep with proposing marriage to her in the beginning. The pacing was utter [...]

    12. I came across My Billionaire's Best Friend by Christina Tetreault as one of the free eBooks I down loaded via my kobo and thought to give a try since I was in a mood for contemporary romance and it did not disappoint . It may hard to follow because this is the 4th book in a series but the story is not too complex yet. The only error I found here was the title , since the hero or heroine is not a billionaire. But the heroine Lauren is best friends Callie who is a billionaire's wife Beyond that cu [...]

    13. This time it's different. The story centers on Lauren, a friend of Callie Taylor, now Talbot. They were both school teachers in their local elementary schools until the stars fell on Callie. Lauren has met a young attractive billionaire and is dating him - until her childhood friend, boyfriend and way more returns to town after a long stint in the Marine Corps. He hasn't given up on their relationship and they meet, collide and everything else in between.The story takes a somewhat predictable ta [...]

    14. Liked the book -- dumb title! I understand the title, because I've read the rest of the series, but it doesn't fit the story for me! Unfortunately, for me, the best friend -- who is the billionaire now -- just isn't a big enough part of the story to be part of the title :-) Fun story though! Glad for the way it turned out -- although I pegged Kevin from the very beginning!I'm already on to book 5 because I bought the set, and I like the family

    15. The Billionaire's Best Friend (The Sherbrookes of Newport Book 4)The love story of Lauren and Nathaniel. Nate join the Marines, he decided that he and Lauren should no long be together. Fifteen years later he is back and want her back. Can he do it or will Lauren move on. OK story.

    16. This is Calli's best friend Lauren's story, Lauren never truely got over her broken heart from her first true love Nate (Nathaniel) when he joins the marines never to return then she ends up with 2 men asking for her hand in marriage, one a business arrangement and one for Love, which will she choose ? lots of twist and turns in this book, i also loved how we still got to visit the characters from the other 4 books in the series and got to meet new ones too, another great book Christina

    17. Really enjoyed this book. Lauren is Callie's best friend. She started dating Kevin after meeting him at an event Callie and her husband Dylan invited her to. They got along fine, but there was no spark. In come Lauren's first and true love Nate. After 15 years sparks are still there. Lauren is torn on what to do. Great story of how true love and second chances make the hopeless romantic!

    18. The Billionaire's Best Friend (The Sherbrookes of Newport #4) - PG13/RRead the first three first.Violence: noneLanguage: <50, including 2 FBombsSex: descriptive kissing, 68% in the rating skates towards R, "pressure behind the zipper" talk . I wish I had read the other books in the series because there's loads of history I've obviously missed out on.Returned for content.

    19. Do people not talk to each other anymore?Communication seems to be the failure in this novel. Lauren and Kevin didn't talk and neither did Lauren and Nate. The author seems to wallow in pointless stuff, and then all of sudden, the main character is getting a proposal, twice. Weird.

    20. Friends ForeverA true friend will always tell you the truth. The relationship between Callie and Lauren really helped Lauren to make the right decision where Nate was concerned. I enjoyed reading this sweet love story about Nate and Lauren. I read "Teacher's Billionaire" so I recognized Callie and Dylan. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    21. The Billionaire's Best. Friend (The Sherbrookes of Newport Book 4 )This was another good book about the Sherbrooke family . When you start 📚reading I promise you will not want to put the book down until you are done . Oh well I have to get started on book 5 to see what it is about . I let you know in no more than a week .

    22. I enjoyed this story and I liked the way it turned out. I'm a big fan of second chance romance, so that was my draw. I just had to know what happened with Nate and Lauren. I didn't like Kevin one bit, and it bothered me that Lauren even entertained his proposal. I wasn't a huge fan of Nate, considering how he'd left her years ago, but I warmed up to him and was rooting for the two of them.

    23. Really enjoyable read. Seemed to start a little slow for me, but really enjoy this book and this writer's style! She gets people & I recall feeling similar as I read things that happened - very realistic!Thank you!!

    24. Loved this book, 4th in her series, and it didn't disappoint. Highly recommend the whole Sherbrooke's of Newport Series. They are great, of course I might be a bit biases since I'm from Massachusettslol. Thank you Christina Tetreault!

    25. Very goodThis book was very well written and executed some very interesting story lines . The author managed to continue the friendship even though there became a huge difference in financial status.

    26. Again - too much of the "staying with the asshole because I'm determined not to be with the guy who hurt me a decade ago even though by all accounts he is a WONDERFUL person, grown up, and earnest now."No.

    27. Very good readingThis was good reading. I enjoyed the way Christina Tetreault brought Nate and Lauren together. It took awhile but they worked out their differences. I enjoyed reading about other characters in the series and look forward to reading more of them.

    28. Fairly predictable!A bit formulaic but light reading for anyone who enjoys this genre! Good character development and planning. The story flows well and the characters are relatable.

    29. Great story of true love and friendship. Everyone needs a friend like Callie that will always tell you the truth and be there for you no matter what. Nate is Laurens one and only love. No matter what happened in the past their love is strong enough to make it through.

    30. I started at the beginning of this series and have enjoyed following not only the new main characters of each book but hearing more about the on going lives of the previous main character. The stories are predictable but always include a new twist.

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