The Governess Affair

The Governess Affair This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B WIOP Hugo Marshall earned the nickname the Wolf of Clermont for his ruthless ambition a characteristic that has served him well elevating the coal mi

  • Title: The Governess Affair
  • Author: Courtney Milan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B007WIOP68.Hugo Marshall earned the nickname the Wolf of Clermont for his ruthless ambition a characteristic that has served him well, elevating the coal miner s son to the right hand man of a duke When he s ordered to get rid of a pestering governess by fair means or foul, it s just another day at work.But after everything MiThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B007WIOP68.Hugo Marshall earned the nickname the Wolf of Clermont for his ruthless ambition a characteristic that has served him well, elevating the coal miner s son to the right hand man of a duke When he s ordered to get rid of a pestering governess by fair means or foul, it s just another day at work.But after everything Miss Serena Barton has been through at the hands of his employer, she is determined to make him pay She won t let anyone stop her not even the man that all of London fears They might call Hugo Marshall the Wolf of Clermont, but even wolves can be brought to heel

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    1. 3.5 stars***Spoilers***Wow okay this story was different. The heroine Serena was raped by the hero's(Hugo) boss the Duke of Clermont. She was pregnant from said rape and Hugo marries her behind the boss's back to keep her child from being labeled a bastard. He plans it to be a married in name only to help her but they make love, which was really sweet, and they fall in love. I have to say I liked that this story was a little different as it started out with something horrid like rape(not that yo [...]

    2. Courtney Milan has become one of my favorite historical romance authors and books like this, The Governess Affair, is why. This introduction to the Brothers Sinister series is a charming, beautiful tale that I simply couldn't put down. And surprisingly, while this is a novella, a short read, it lacks nothing. A powerful story, romance, passion yes, this book has it all - including one of the sexiest, sweetest bedroom scenes ever!I fell hard for both Serena and Hugo their secrets, their tortured [...]

    3. ETA on 4-24: Free on ! Grab it!Historical romance isn't my least liked genre though it's nowhere near my favorite, but every now and then I feel the need to read something that isn't YA or fantasy and I branch out into the world of corsets, cravats, and carriages. I generally don't enjoy the time I spend there, and I often find myself at odds with fans of the genre, but thankfully this short story has high ratings because it's a tale that people who don't automatically love the genre can still e [...]

    4. Before you ask, I can tell you that NO, the Fluffy Siberian Bunnies (FSB™) have NOT hacked my account. This is really me non-reviewing this POC™. In my defense, I have to say that:1/Liz forced me to do this.2/This is the MacHalos' fault. Were it not for the bloody shrimping TBR Cleaning Challenge, I wouldn't have to get rid of all the crap stuff that's been sitting on my Kindle for centuries.3/Being stuck on a ferry for 8+ hours has the strangest effect on one's sanity.4/I'm innocent.Were I [...]

    5. Loved it!!! Just when I thought I was getting burned out (ney, sick and tired!) of Euro/Regency historical romances, I pick up this Courtney Milan novella and realize my problem might have been something else. I was just bored. But Courtney Milan infuses such flavor into her writing I couldn't stop devouring it. which is simply refreshing among the glut of today's bland and formulaic offerings. I honestly haven't been this excited to read a Euro/Regency era historical in many months now, and I c [...]

    6. Hugo Marshall is determined and ambitious. As a former boxer Hugo has squared off against any number of opponents and won. But Hugo has met his match. Serena Barton is tenacious and optimistic. She'll fight until she gets what she's owed. The Governess Affair is a novella and prequel to Courtney Milan's new series, Brothers Sinister. Set in 1835 a generation before the characters in the main series, this is an introduction to what looks like another impressive series from this talented author.St [...]

    7. 3.75 stars.I quite enjoyed this short read. First time reading this author but I will be checking out other books by her.I liked both characters. She was strong and would not back down for anything!!As you know, if I don't do a review straight away, they are usually short. Thank fuck, I hear some of you say!!!

    8. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell says:

      Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestTHE GOVERNESS AFFAIR is the fourth Courtney Milan book that I have plowed through this month. I regret nothing about this experiment, except for the fact that I have gone through all the books of hers that I already owned, so any further binges must be put on hold until I am able to obtain more books. BoooooERNESS AFFAIR is the direct prequel to THE DUCHESS WAR. I think it could be read as a standalone, but reading it was also interesting in hinds [...]

    9. DNF @ 50%. I really expected to like this one. I enjoyed The Heiress Effect. But then, part of the reason that I enjoyed it was because none of the characters were fucking idiots. So the premise of this book is a ruined governess seeking recompense from the man that ruined her, who happens to be a duke. He sends his man of business to handle it because he has better things to do. The first thing his servant does is ask what the female lead wants. The next five conversations that they have go som [...]

    10. "You could make me say it again," he whispered. "Make me say it always. Make me say it so often that you never have cause to doubt. I love you."Oh yes, again, I love it when a story turns from pretty good to amazingly good! 3 stars for the first half and 5 stars for the second half of the story."A perfect sunrise--seen once, remembered always. Never duplicated."This was a first for me but certainly not my last read by Courtney Milan. I really loved the second half of the story. In hindsight I th [...]

    11. 5I told you so KarlaStars!!Safe. Yes Serena, Hugo Marshall isSafe, and the most honorable of men. One of the softest, sweetest stories, I've ever read! Never were two people more meant to be together. I'm doing the Yippee Skippee and I can't stop smiling!Thanks for the push Jill and Dhes, it was so worth dropping everything!

    12. Grade: A+ or 5 brightly shining starsBeautiful, poignant, and skillfully written novella! I absolutely loved it!***updated to add full review****The StorySerena Barton is a ruined woman. Her dismissal as a governess position leads her to demand compensation from the Duke of Clermont. Serena will not leave empty-handed. She is prepared to fight for there is much at stake. She’s aware the duke employs an unmerciful man of business, yet she bravely resolves never to be weak again. Hugo Marshall h [...]

    13. I blame myself. My disappointment with this book is partially my fault. I just set the bar too high. I built up my own hype. I gave myself unrealistic standards for this book.I've resisted reading this novella since it was released, despite reading all the glowing reviews on it. I thought for sure it would be good, and that I would love it if I ever gained the courage to read it. Why? Because of the premise. The rape, the defilement of an innocent governess? Her strength in standing up for herse [...]

    14. 3,5 StarsSetting the stage for the following series about the next Victorian generation, Courtney Milan gives us a solid novella about two common people whose lives have been anything but common and who soon and poignantly recognise each other's hard-won inner strength, finding both healing from past hurts and hope for a brighter future in their love. Hugo Marshall, a coal miner's son and an ex-pugilist, is now the Duke of Clermont's unscrupulous right-hand, the final step in a steady social and [...]

    15. "Are you flexing your muscles for me?" she asked."That", he said smoothly, "would be vanity".What a romantic, inspiring, heartbreaking, heartwarming, wonderful, amazing tale. "If you fell out of a tree as a child, I'd clean you up and bandage your knees, and next I looked you'd be out climbing again. You never learned your lesson."Oh, she'd learned her lesson: Climb harder.Somehow, Serena didn't think that was the lesson Freddy had expected her to learn.I have a soft spot for rape-recovery tales [...]

    16. 5 STARS!!!!![image error]He didn't want to talk. He didn't want to answer any questions. He didn't know who he was or what he wanted or what dreams would come to fill his heart. He only knew that if he couldn't have her, nothing would ever be right again. And so he kissed her. He tasted her, sweet and steady against him, put his hand in the small of her back and drew her toward him.[image error]OH BOY!!!! I've got a new author!!! What a wonderful little gem this is. It's just a short novella, bu [...]

    17. ❦ BR with the awesome Kat and Nenia ❦So, The Governess Affair♬ ♪ Congratulations! ♬ ♪ You successfully entered my I don't care territory : no chemistry, not to mention that the rape issue isn't well-handled in my opinion. To be frank, the characters' behavior is incomprehensible to me. I. DON'T. GET. THEM. Add a complete and utter boredom, and what do you get? Certainly not a good romance.

    18. 3'5 Estrellas. Me ha gustado mucho, la lástima es que al ser un relato corto no profundiza demasiado en la historia, y siempre te quedas con ganas de saber algo más. Algo más de los personajes, de lo que les llevó a ser quienes son actualmente.Sin duda el personaje que más me ha gustado es Hugo Marshall, éste ex-boxeador no tiene nada de rudo o duro, es un oso amoroso, con todas las letras. Trata a Serena con una paciencia, una amabilidad y una ternura que nada tienen que ver con el sobren [...]

    19. 4.5 starsDespite my best intentions to start Nalini Singh's series, I simply didn't have the mindset and instead went for another novella whilst I'm still away from home.Finally! Finally! Finally! After a very long time; after many of my GR friends telling me to read The Governess Affair already; and after reading two or three duds in a row, I went ahead and pulled this little beauty out of the depths of my Kindle and read it in one go. Not that it was a big thing (it's a novella after all), but [...]

    20. 5 starsLoved, loved, LOVED it. It's so hard to write a great, believable novella. It's too short, there's no time for the characters to feel real, or the relationships But here, boyWe have:1. Serena Barton, a former governess, girl with big dreams and a grudge against the Duke of Clemont.2. The Duke of Clement, a rather simple and shallow gentleman with little self-control, morals and a money problem, which led to his spouse problem.3. Hugo Marshall, the Wolf of Clemont, a boy who has plans to b [...]

    21. Love, love, love this bookSetting / Time / Genre: Regency, I think.Length: 201 pages. Series: Yeppers and I am reading em all! This is the fist. An introductory novel if you will. Sexy times: One or two scenes. All well done. There's a scene with hair pins. Just trust me on this. Hashtag worthit. Plan on reading more by the authorHell to the yeas, my friends. Synopsis in one sentence or slightly more: Hmmm, there's this governess, and this man of business and a sh!thead of a Duke, and an issue t [...]

    22. A great start to the Brothers Sinister series!This is a novella of how Selena and Hugo meet and fall in love. They are the parents of Oliver (book #2) and Free (book #4).I loved Selena and I've enjoyed how Milan writes her female leads in all the books that I've read.They are usually smart, independent and courageous. If you're going to read historical romance, you might as well read about female characters you admire and male characters that fall in love with those qualities. They are not insec [...]

    23. August, 2013 - Re-readA perfect Novella to begin her new Brothers Sinister Series.I always enjoy Milan's writing style and this short story doesn't disappoint. CM gives a strong sexy hero that I came to love along with a heroine who is persistent and smart. The banter between Hugo Marshall, aka Wolf of Clermont, and Serena Barton kept me invested and wanting more. This author's talent shines through in this delightful read. There is a scene involving hair pins that I particularly liked. Who woul [...]

    24. *3.5 stars*Lovely start to a new series. Narrator was good in the audio, and I immediately bought the next two in the series the moment I finished.

    25. Wonderful short read and an introduction to her new series, The Brothers Sinister. I wasn't ready to leave these two strong willed people. Serena is in a pickle and she isn't given up. A certain duke owes her and he is going to pay. No matter if he sics the Wolf of Clermont on her or not. She refuses to go gently into that goodnight. For Hugo's part, he has a job to do and a stubborn ex-governess isn't going to slow him down. Once Hugo and Serena trade quips however, all becomes fair in love and [...]

    26. Okay, so this is where the fact that treats audiobooks as just another edition of a book is problematical, because I've already read and reviewed the ebook and can't create a separate review for the audio. So, instead, I've added it to the review of the book, so apologies to those of you who are seeing this on your feeds for the third or fourth time!Anyway. This most definitely the review of the audiobook version which has appeared at Audiogals today.Also - my original rating for the book was 4 [...]

    27. 4.75 stars for this wonderful little story. It's short but quite meaty -- Milan gets the job done. I just wanted it to be longer, so Hugo and Serena could have more lovin' time together. But sometimes a short read is perfect, and many long books get bogged down with repetition and endless rumination. No so in this case!Courtney Milan just keeps getting better. In her first books, her characters seemed a bit too cerebral and almost unemotional, even though the plot was always well orchestrated. [...]

    28. Estas novelas históricas-románticas para mi son como una pequeña vacación cerebral. No porque sean libros tontos, sino porque realmente los disfruto y simplemente me dejo llevar por la historia.No conocía a Courtney Milan, pero después de esta precuela tengo muchas ganas de seguir con el resto de la serie Brothers Sinister.Algo fresco de este libro en particular es que la historia de amor no es entre miembros de la alta sociedad, sino entre dos personas que de hecho deben trabajar para gan [...]

    29. Written March 22, 2013A little shiny genuine gem pearl, 4 1/2 Stars.Book #0.5A wonderful story, I loved it. Two nice a bit special characters, not the richest, no one is noble, not the prettiest or the most handsome, not the most innocent, not the nicest BUT with two really, really smart and cunning brains. I got mad (stupid and mean men), got hurt in the heart ( just choose her!), I smiled (over and over), laughed (the letters), and am very pleased at last. A really good reading as so often wit [...]

    30. Una historia bonita y tierna pero con tan pocas páginas que no profundiza apenas en los personajes. Pese a ello, no puedo decir que estén mal dibujados. Es tierna y relata de forma bastante realista un hecho de abuso de poder que seguro que pasaba much en la época. Lo que me ha parecido menos realista es la actitud de ella después, sobre todo con el protagonista. No deja de ser una historia algo original, lástima porque daba para una historia más larga interesante

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