The Highlander's Bride Trouble

The Highlander s Bride Trouble Mary Wine keeps the adrenaline pumping Long and Short ReviewsHer clan is in chaosRaised by her father and brother Nareen Grant is strong confident well educated and skilled with a bow and dagger It

  • Title: The Highlander's Bride Trouble
  • Author: Mary Wine
  • ISBN: 9781402264863
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Mary Wine keeps the adrenaline pumping Long and Short ReviewsHer clan is in chaosRaised by her father and brother, Nareen Grant is strong, confident, well educated and skilled with a bow and dagger It s a tumultuous time for Scotland, and events conspire against her Betrayed by her family, she makes her way alone, until she lands in the lap of Saer MacLeod But sh Mary Wine keeps the adrenaline pumping Long and Short ReviewsHer clan is in chaosRaised by her father and brother, Nareen Grant is strong, confident, well educated and skilled with a bow and dagger It s a tumultuous time for Scotland, and events conspire against her Betrayed by her family, she makes her way alone, until she lands in the lap of Saer MacLeod But she wants no help from a savage man of the Isles.And rivalries are deadlier than everRaised on the rugged Scottish Isles, Saer MacLeod is considered fierce even by Highlander standards He s enchanted by the independent and headstrong Nareen But when an old feud endangers her life, Saer s fascination with her escalates into a ferocious desire to protect her and claim her for himself.Praise for How to Handle a Highlander Mary Wine weaves a tapestry of action, sweet and spicy love scenes, clan culture, a touch of humor, and a twist and turn here and there Long and Short Reviews Well written and filled with delightful repartee, this is a feast for medieval fans RT Book Reviews

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    1. Nareen Grant has had enough of letting other people dictate her life. Sent away by her brother to her cousin who then attempted to find the highest bidder for her virtue, she is living on her own terms as a lady’s maid to a spoiled laird’s daughter. Determined to submit to no man, she is unprepared when she catches the eye of Saer MacLeod, and fights to resist her attraction to him.A man considered savage by many, Saer is intrigued by Nareen’s spirit and fearlessness towards him. When she [...]

    2. An enjoyable historical romance, The Highlander's Bride Trouble was a lovely book. I really liked this book and I enjoyed reading it.Nareen was a good heroine. She was strong enough to survive what her greedy cousin put her through and was determined not to leave herself in a vulnerable position again. However, there were a few things about her that bothered me. 1) From her experience, she decided that all men were terrible. Kind of understandable, but it was a few months experience versus the y [...]

    3. Originally Reviewed For: Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyBack to the Highlands! Mary Wine is fabulous! In Book 4 of her Sutherlands Series Mary tells the story of Nareen Grant and Sear MacLeod A story of family connections, and a clan rebuilding. And of one man who can't let one special woman escape his grasp.Nareen Grant ran wild over her father's land but it seems she was just a little too wild. When danger lurked and she needed protecting her brother sent Nareen to live with an Aunt [...]

    4. 4.5 stars out of 5 starsThis was my first historical book by Mary Wine but it won't be my last. The author's writing style is fluid and engaging and just plain wonderful. She has a way with words that really makes you live in the moment. The characters in this book have depth and are interesting. Saer MacLeod ranks as one of my all-time top five favorite leading male / hero. How can you not love an underdog who is respectful but demanding, gentle but a tough guy and possessive without being suff [...]

    5. 3.5 starsI have read all of Ms Wine's highlander books and I have enjoyed them. Some more than others - this one definitely falls into the "others" category. I think my major issue with the book was the heroine, Nareen. I had a really hard time liking her. She was just so stubborn and inflexible - she had such a negative attitude and was a very "I know what I know - so don't confuse me with the facts" type of person she refused to even consider marriage to Saer, because she "knew" she couldn't t [...]

    6. I must confess: I love this kind of book, this story(many times written and rewritten) doesn’t seem to bother me in the least. By cons, if the heroin uses ill will or is simply too naive, I will loose interest quickly. It’s not the case in this book and on the contrary Mary Wine is able to present us a strong and very spontaneous woman in the character of Nareen. Despite her troubled family past and their shenanigans, Nareen only wants to be free and make her own choice: which one to choose [...]

    7. THE HIGHLANDER'S BRIDE TROUBLE by Mary Wine is an exciting Scottish Medieval Historical Romance set in 1487 Scottish Highlands. #4 in "The Sutherlands" series, but can be read as a stand alone.This is Nareen Grant and Saer MacLeod's story. From chaos to love!You will forever be astounded as well as gratified by reading Mary Wine's Scottish treasure . her Highlander series. Ms. Wine weaves a tale of passion, danger, clan culture, romance, adventure, and the power of true Highlander love.A grippin [...]

    8. When Saer wants something that boy isn't afraid to go after it, "he did need the stone, and the sooner he had it, the sooner he might depart for MacLeod land. With Nareen. He refused to consider any other outcome. She would be his, if he had to use the savage side of his nature to haul her home." I was surprised by his self control when it came to his woman and her hands on him, "nae here," he growled, but she wasn't sure if he was telling her or himself. His breath was ragged, and his nostrils [...]

    9. 5 STARS!!!Mary Wine is simply amazing!I loved Nareen as much as I loved Saer. Seriously there's nothing better than reading a novel and falling in love with both characters. And Mary Wine does that for me in every single one of her books. Though, I have to admit it's frustrating as hell when they are as stubborn as these two. Especially Nareen. Drove me insane with her trust issues, but I understood where she was coming from. Really enjoyed all the arguments and repartee between the two. It felt [...]

    10. Wow I loved the synopsis but when I started reading this I thought it was going to be a simple and hopefully fun romance. What I got instead was a book filled with courage and fear, lust and love, and a whole lot of stubbornness! I simply loved the characters. The plot was easy enough to discern but it was the way that everything happened that keeps this book apart from other romance. And the characters! They were lively and full of everything that any person would want to be full of. Some hard [...]

    11. NetGalley Free BookNareen Grant is on her own. She is better off this way seeing as how her brother put her in the hands of her cousin who tried to sell her virginity. Now she works for a woman who sleeps around as her assistant because it affords her the opportunity to be on her own without a man telling her what to do. She can come and go as she pleases until Saer MacLeod enters her life. Now she must watch not only her body but her heart.This book was a bit too complicated at certain parts wh [...]

    12. Giveaway. This book had an incredibly underdeveloped and predictable plot, nothing truly interesting ever happened. I'm picky about my romance novels because I think it's very easy for them to become formulaic, it probably didn't help that I reread Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks immediately before reading this book, as that is one of the best romance novels I've ever read. I found both Saer and Nareen mildly irritating, although they did have good chemistry. I believe this book would have [...]

    13. I did not like so much the first half of this book, because Nareen seemed schizophrenic, while Sear just can not listen to her, a classic case of a dialogue between deaf. Continuing though, she seemed to me a little less "too stupid to live" and somehow I grow to appreciate these two characters and a the good storyline.La prima metá di questo libro non mi é piaciuta tanto, perché Nareen sembrava schizofrenica, mentre Sear proprio non le dava ascolto, un classico caso di dialogo tra sordi. Pro [...]

    14. Captivating 4.5 starsIt's been a while since I last read a book written by Mary Wine. Her fourth story THE HIGHLANDER'S BRIDE TROUBLE, of the Sutherlands, didn't disappoint me. It's the story of Nareen Grant, a stubborn and determine young woman and Saer MacLeod, a born bastard, who becomes a clan laird. Their mutual attraction is complicated! It's well paced, with a plot well developed and nicely written. You will love the hero Saer! It was a captivating and enjoyable adventure filled with roma [...]

    15. Another great book by Mary WineI give this a rating of 4.5 stars and give it a HOT for the chemistry. I have loved all of Mary Wine's books. Nareen and Saer are both stubborn and lovable. Their love story is sweet and sensual. The sex is hot, hot, hot! I feel like I went through every emotion with the characters in this story. If you love sexy highlanders like I do, then you will love this story.

    16. I really enjoyed the female protagonist, Nareen, she really stuck to her beliefs and did not give into the man desire for commitment, even after living with him. I also enjoyed that the hero, Saer, did not try and change they heroine, or temper her spirit, he encouraged it. I did feel the end was a bit abrupt as if there suddenly needed to be an ending. Overall, it did not effect my enjoyment of this book, which I did complete in 2 days thanks to Giveaways!

    17. 3.5 Way to stubborn chick starsI was ready to fling my kindle across the room a few times when your more than 60% into your read and the heroine is Still denying how she feels?? She just needs a hefty spanking!

    18. I enjoyed this book. I love a true alpha male who is cocky and speaks his mind. Howeverr 95% of this book, you have to read about a heroine that refuses to trust her feelings but appears she really wants the hero to be her hero. All in all, it was worth the purchase.

    19. This was a day read for me after being fully enthralled with this story line.The book starts will two strong willed determined main characters Saer and Nareen. Both have seen hardship and struggles through out their lives and a shaped by their past. Saer is working hard to rebuild his decimated clan while Nareen is determined to live life under her own terms after being placed under a cruel woman's care and escaping her fate of being sold to the highest bidder. Saer meets Nareen briefly at court [...]

    20. I've got to be honest I might be crushing on the bad boy Laird McLeod but of the series, this book had the thinnest plot ever. A whole lot of sizzling "Calgon take me away" scenes with very little history to go with all that "I think she doth protest too much" romance. Barely three stars (but lots of kilt action so I can't deny its appeal!).Hey, I like a little sizzle but I like a respectable plot line too. One more left in the series

    21. Book InfoMass Market Paperback, 320 pagesExpected publication: August 5th 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablancaoriginal title The Highlander's Bride TroubleISBN 1402264860 (ISBN13: 9781402264863)edition language Englishseries The Sutherlands #4other editions None foundSource:Netgalley EARCBook Buy LinksB&NBOOK SYNOPSISHas this savage Highlander finally found a woman to tame him? Nareen Grant is confident, well-educated, and quick with a dagger. So when her brother, Kael, unknowingly sends her to li [...]

    22. Full review available on All About Romance - likesbooks/cgi-bin/bookRevThere are some books that you finish and you just have to wait for a moment to let things sink in, or even just to decide whether or not you liked it. With a very predictable plot stemming from a very unpredictable circumstance for our heroine, I had to wait a few days to gather my thoughts before writing this review. While I can’t say The Highlander's Bride Trouble is my favorite book of the year, there was one line near t [...]

    23. I really liked it. Main characters are Nareen Gratn and Saer MacLeod. Nareen is the only daughter to the Grant Laird. Her brother sends her away to a cousin in the hopes of being taught to be a lady. However, his good intentions did not pan out that way. His cousin, Ruth, ran a brothel of sorts and tried to sell Nareen and her virginity; instead, Ruth was paid for pawning and groping Nareen. Nareen managed to escape and she became a maid to Abigail Ross, who is a slut, a spoiled brat and daughte [...]

    24. The Highlander’s Bride TroubleBy Mary WineThe Sutherlands #4Saer MacLeod was raised away from his clan on the wild Scottish isles. He and his mother were banished because his father wasn’t married to his mother and his new bride was too jealous to keep her around. But when his clan needed him after his father died while fighting on the wrong side of the Battle of Sauchieburn where King James III was killed, Saer took over as chief. Before he arrived, his clan had been raided, their livestock [...]

    25. I didn't like this as much as I thought I would, I had to force myself to finish it. Nareen was a pain the ass though out the whole dumb book! The polt wasn't a very good one either, I am quite partial to Victoria Roberts romance novels she have a good plot and story line this one did not. The only reason I gave this three star was because I liked the idea behind the story. Other than that I truly disliked it and had a hard time grasping why she made Nareen's character such a pain the mother lov [...]

    26. The Highlander's Bride Trouble is the first book I read by Mary Wine and I really like her writing style. I love Scottish romance adventure and Nareen and Saer's story was nice, the only thing Nareen was too stubborn and I had a hard time to really like her almost through the whole book. Saer was really patient with her and wanted her so much. The hot scenes was a little too much in this book almost after every argument. I really loved how the author end the story and can't wait to read her next [...]

    27. Brain candy, plain and simple. But it was just that: simple. (That said, uncomplicated is good some times.) Without knowing it before I started reading, I got the impression that this was a book not at the beginning of the series. It turns out I was correct. The story suffered a little from that, as if there could have been a little more description in places to correct my "I wonder why" thoughts. Still, none of the lack was so grievous as to make the story unreadable. Far from it. Solid, fun, s [...]

    28. Nareen's repetitive recital of "I will nae submit to yer will" (or variations of that phrase) got to be very annoying. Otherwise, I liked the action, the romance, and how the story ultimately played out. It helps to have read the other books in the Sutherland saga to see the inter-connectivity of the characters and to learn more about both Nareen and Saer.

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