I'm Working on a Building

I m Working on a Building Everything becomes clearer in reverse because sometimes things have to be taken apart to be understood In the near future an exact replica of the world s tallest tower Dubai s Burj al Khalifa is b

  • Title: I'm Working on a Building
  • Author: Pip Adam
  • ISBN: 9768086473898
  • Page: 408
  • Format: None
  • Everything becomes clearer in reverse because sometimes, things have to be taken apart to be understood.In the near future, an exact replica of the world s tallest tower, Dubai s Burj al Khalifa, is being built on New Zealand s West Coast It s an exercise in economic stimulation and national confidence building after a run of natural and financial disasters Catherine iEverything becomes clearer in reverse because sometimes, things have to be taken apart to be understood.In the near future, an exact replica of the world s tallest tower, Dubai s Burj al Khalifa, is being built on New Zealand s West Coast It s an exercise in economic stimulation and national confidence building after a run of natural and financial disasters Catherine is the engineer in charge of making sure it all works She feels there is something wrong in the plans Or is there something wrong in her I m working on a building follows Catherine from the top of the tower to a geodesic dome in a park in London from the Grand Lisboa in Macau to student accommodation in Wellington from a South Auckland theme park to the Pompidou Centre to reveal the way chance events can undo the best efforts of human beings to plan and build their lives and worlds.PIP ADAM gained an MA in Creative Writing with Distinction from Victoria University in 2007, and a PhD in 2012 Her work has appeared in Sport, Glottis, Turbine, Landfall, Lumi re Reader, Hue Cry, Metro and Blackmail Press, and she received an Arts Foundation of New Zealand New Generation Award in 2012 Her collection of short stories won the NZSA Hubert Church Best First Book Award for Fiction in the 2011 NZ Post Book Awards.

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    1 thought on “I'm Working on a Building”

    1. Complicated, clever, challenging, this is a novel that makes you work hard as a reader, but in a good way. 'I'm Working On a Building' is refreshingly different; it seems to break all the rules, yet ultimately comes together as a satisfying story. All the boring bits are left out; the reader is given snapshots of the main character's life, at various times and from various points of view, and has to piece it all together. Catherine, the engineer protagonist, is a fascinating character - intellig [...]

    2. I'm really impressed by this and I enjoyed it. The vocab is a delight - engineering terms which have multiple common useage meanings which give the reader new insights as the story progresses plus metaphors which work hard - both for the place or object being described and for the character's perception of it. Really clever. The cumulative effect is hypnotic. And thought-provoking.

    3. there are some lovely moments but they're few and far between. not a fan of the style of prose. that style includes this style i'm using now. a style reliant on repetition. and a style that is one (short) step from the characters calling each other 'sis' and 'bro' so we can see that they're related. ** this is a book club book which is good because it is possible i'll get more out of this once i discuss it with someone. maybe.

    4. I occassionally do book reviews for Booksellers NZ, and consequently they will, now and then, offer me books. I decided early on that I would never say "no" and I would always review said book within a few days of receiving it.This is not the sort of book I would normally pick up - the storyline sounds quite interesting, but it lacks the fantastical element that I generally favour. However, it has proved to be an interesting reading experience and it is always pleasing to step out of my comfort [...]

    5. The most striking thing about this book is definitely its cover and the way it reflects the back to front nature of the novel.The cover kept tangling me every time I picked the book up - I was always opening it upsidedown or back to front. The point I suppose.As you read the first few chapters you quickly realise it's not going chronologically forward but it does take a while to realise that you are going chronologically backward and that the book will never return to the first story to tie up t [...]

    6. What a brilliant book, I love it and I wasn't sure I would from the descriptions of it (ie centering around civil engineering). I really enjoyed the reverse chronological order of it, as each chapter took me back in time in Catherine's life it felt like a mystery was being revealed. These lines in chapter 8 made my heart pause "All the sounds of the normal things were gone. All she could hear was the deepest noise of the Pacific plate locked against the Australian plate, trying to push under it, [...]

    7. Adam says in the author's note, 'This book began as the creative component of a PhD which asked: in what ways can the language of structural engineering inform, alter and enlarge fiction?' Great concept and brilliantly executed. The novel unfolds in short chapters of reverse chronology, imagining a New Zealand that has suffered a financial crisis and as an economic stimulus plan is building a replica of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. One of the engineers on the project is Cather [...]

    8. This was a fantastic little read. It is written backwards, which is both confusing and delightful. Reading this book I felt like I was counselling it, looking for signs of its broken childhood, knowing that in the next-previous chapter some dark secret would be revealed. I was not disappointed.Do not let the order of the chapters detract from Pip Adam's somewhat prophetic voice. My highlight was her chapter about a city recovering from an earthquake. I also really liked and understood the North [...]

    9. I really really wanted to like this book. But it was just a bit too clever for me. I'm sure an English class would have a field day dissecting and dismantling it for discussion purposes; there are lots of very clever literary tricks in it. But ultimately, too many tricks to make it the engaging story that I wanted it to be.

    10. Not a very long book but quite complicated to follow. I almost had to read it again from the finish to start to make sure I had followed it properly! Still very enjoyable, enough that I had to google the buildings I didn't know.

    11. I took a while to decide what to rate this short book. I read it twice to understand what it was about. A very complex, facinating story and it takes a while to get used to events going backwards in time. Overall I enjoyed it for its difference.

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