Celestia CV-02

Celestia CV Episode A world divided A ship under construction A military scrambling to prepare a defense A moment that everyone hoped would never come The Earth Defense Force must find a way to defend their worl

  • Title: Celestia CV-02
  • Author: Ryk Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Episode 8A world divided A ship under construction A military scrambling to prepare a defense A moment that everyone hoped would never come The Earth Defense Force must find a way to defend their world against invasion by the Jung Empire More importantly, they must protect their newest ship, the UES Celestia, as she may be their last hope.

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      156 Ryk Brown
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    1. At the end of the last book, the Earth was now under control of the Jung Empire and the Aurora barely escaped capture. She is very low on fuel and must find some immediately. This series must be read in order.Brown uses this episode to tell how Earth fell to the Jung Empire while the Aurora was trying to find its way back to Earth. The Celestia is the sister ship to the Aurora. We are introduced to some new characters in this episode. The ending caught me by surprise and is a cliff hanger. Brown [...]

    2. The 8th instalment in The Frontiers Saga more or less sets the stage for what you could call “part 2” in this book series. I have seen some reviews saying that this book is 85% filler. I disagree with this statement. It is true that much of the book do not tell the story of the Aurora, Nathan Scott or his friends but it does tell the story of how Earth fell to the Jung and, as I said already, sets the stage for future things to come. I am sure you can already guess from the title of the book [...]

    3. With this installment, it seems like Ryk Brown might be growing up as an author. I've enjoyed the previous entries in the Frontiers Saga as competent adventures in space, with no silly trappings like a sense of pacing or a desire to structure stories with a beginning, middle, and end. His universe isn't entirely original but is fun, and the space combat is one of the better systems I've seen people use — the ways in which his core FTL and warping mechanics apply to that are particularly invent [...]

    4. Really enjoyed this one. The author is getting better at story telling. I felt the difference in style added to the overall plot and made me feel the story as a whole more complete and less like previous novels in the series. I have enjoyed each and every novel but have never seen the quality at this level from this author. It was an amazing read and a very large improvement for Ryk Brown.I must say from first page to last I did not put the ebook down. Very few authors can have me enthralled fro [...]

    5. From My Newsletter Number 49:This review is on Celestia CV-02 from The Frontiers Saga Episode 8 by Ryk Brown. It is part of a continuing series of ebooks that have been very entertaining from the beginning. I anxiously await each new release with high expectations. Episode 8 is what I was expecting in Episode 7. The Aurora has returned home and found that the Jung has already invaded and conquered Earth and Nathan Scott and his new crew is too late to prevent it. Nathan has serious doubts that h [...]

    6. More sillinessWars aren't won with a single ship, a single elite division, even a single great commander. I refer you to either the Napoleonic Wars or the American Civil War and Napoleon Bonaparte and Robert E Lee respectively. Waging war is a team effort and if your entire society isn't on board, you can expect to lose your war. I refer you to the unprepared Red Army of 1940 versus the Red Army of 1944 and the famous "Destruction of Army Group Center". The Soviet Union suffered millions of dead [...]

    7. I thought, after reading some other reviews, that I would not like this book because it basically catches us up with what happened on Earth. New people, new groups, new politics I felt vested in the Aurora's story and didn't want to start over. I'm glad that I don't have a problem admitting when I'm wrong about something because I was wrong about that!! This was fantastic! It was the perfect time to marry past to present and move the story forward. Excellent installment and it did not disappoint [...]

    8. In this book the ship with a full crew has returned to Earth and found it taken over by the Jung. The ship immediately jumps away when it receives a message that instructions it received were a trap. They jump away and then reassess and position themselves to intercept radio signals sent months ago from Earth. Then the story goes into explaining what happened while the Aurora was gone and how the Jung took over Earth. Still a good story. Can hardly wait for book 9 and others.

    9. To start, this is book eight in the series - you need to start with Book 1, Ep.#1 - "Aurora: CV-01" (The Frontiers Saga) as this is not a standalone read.What usually happens with continuations of a series is they start going downhill as the author has either exhausted his or her creativity or the story should have ended long ago. That's not the case with this series, as you have the exact opposite effect: it slowly started getting better; long-time readers of the series should enjoy this one, a [...]

    10. POTENTIAL SPOILERSThis is the first book in the series that I haven't completely enjoyed. Granted, I know Mr. Brown is setting up the next chapter so to speak, but there is a huge amount of the book that centers completely around a whole new set of characters. In addition, he sets this up as if the crew of the Aurora is watching past events due to the distance of space. But he narrates events that they could not possibly have seen or have knowledge of. This leaves the reader in the position of n [...]

    11. The Frontiers Saga series is a fun read but only if you are getting it free from your library. Celestia CV-02 is a direct continuation of Frontiers Saga #7 The Expanse. This episode covers the fall of Earth to the invaders called the Jung Empire. This really isn't a book in itself but rather a chapter of a larger space opera. One of the failings of this series is that Jung have no voice. The reader sees the universe through the eyes of the protagonists only. Also there seems to be little time in [...]

    12. Can't stop reading the seriesBack to earth with a major broadening of the story. An Eastside view of battles with the Jung. The unfinished sister ship of the Aurora makes an appearance.

    13. Change of scenery — refreshing This book kept the action moving in a new locale. Despite setting up for the next books, this book was riveting and revisited some characters and plot points that we haven't seen for a long time. This book was a real exciting read!

    14. Fun and enjoyableTruly an enjoyable read, following the ships attempt to return home,while dealing with unexpected and expected events, let's your imagination run!

    15. Even more explosionsTake the time to read the entire series. Excellent military dare doing, solving problems with bombs and science, spies and soldiers. Mayhem everywhere.

    16. Fast pacedThe Jung spies killed it. Didn't see that coming and would have been interested in more of the backstory there. This series reads so fast. The earth battles flew by. Great writing on a complex topic.

    17. Ryk Brown messes with his readers with "Celestia: CV-02." This what-the-hell title says very little about what's going to happen. But in the tradition of a Flash Gordon serial, it just doesn't matter. Those who have stuck with him through what is officially called "The Frontiers Saga" just don't care. To me this is "The Aurora: The Baddest Space Ship in the Known Universe, Episode 8." Brown again takes a hammer to his heroes. He throws everything at them. This was supposed to be the Aurora's tri [...]

    18. The book is written as a sequence of actions, there isn't that much of sci-fi involved. I liked the books but not as much as the books which have new ideas included with some description and definition of the fictional science in the book. The series of Frontiers saga has only one idea in the whole series (I read from book 1 to book 8) and that is the jump drive. Other than the jump drive there is almost no sci-fi ideas included. It is mostly sequence of events in space with very small to none e [...]

    19. Often in long series the author feels the need to expand on previous events to provide a bit more details to the backstory. In the Frontiers Saga this is that book, most of it covers events that happened months before the end of the last book and this is effectively filling in the details. However it is done in a very clever way, by observing the events from a few lightmonths out the Aurora is able to piece together what happened whilst the reader gets the actual story in real time. We get intro [...]

    20. This book nearly made me give up on the Frontiers Saga but I'm glad it didn't. This book took us too distant from the ship and didn't relate the information to the ship at all. Its almost like it was all on its own and not part of a series. I realize we needed to know what went on on Earth while the Aurora was gone but Ryk should have made it seem as though they were witnessing it somehow weather it be old radio signals along with old light combined or some other way. It kinda felt like Ryk just [...]

    21. Probably my favorite episode in the series so far. I fell asleep early this morning after reading 90% of the novel without a break. Good to great action sequences. Very easy to visualize each scene a movie rolling in my head.I still don't have a clear idea about the Jung. Perhaps it's in the last few pages, but I would suspect not. Did I miss something? The only description I've been able to put together is tall, blue eyed, bi-pedal. Based on the battle scenes, it appears they are human or at le [...]

    22. I didn't expect to like this one at all because I knew it was going to be a catching up of the story of Earth while the crew has been away. I was pleasantly surprised though that the story was fairly compelling, and there are some lose ends left wide open for future plot that I think will be very engaging.I continue to be pleased with the series as a whole. I am spending a lot of time on planes right now going from US to Europe so this book was read mostly in single flight across the pond. It re [...]

    23. Meanwhile, back on the planet Earth. That's about the best synopsis of this installment in the Frontiers Saga. We get the rundown on the Jung Invasion of Earth and some rip-roaring space battles. Reading this series is like watching a really sequential sci-fi show (Battlestar Galactica (new), Firefly, and Farscape come to mind). I'm very glad I found these, and I encourage anyone who enjoys a good space opera to jump aboard for a fracking shiny holy frell kinda ride! P.S. This one is Good Read!

    24. I liked this book of the series a lot. The battle for Earth opened up the possibility to describe war without a jumpdrive. However, I think the Earth defence story took up too much of the book. I was more curious about just getting over with the battle details, as we all knew the outcome anyway, and see how Aurora meets Celestia which didn't happen.So, while I liked the book, I expected a different story.

    25. Destination EarthIt is good to be home. I enjoy the way that new characters are introduced in this series. If their name is given they become regulars who can only die in extreme circumstances. If their name is withheld they either die soon or quickly fade away as background characters.

    26. Good ReadVery consistent style and prose of writing with all the other books. The action is captivating and keeps you interested in every single page. Feels like an ongoing saga-which it is- a whole other world to be immersed in during leisure time. So believable and great science fiction.

    27. I almost gave up on this series after the previous episode, but this one restored my faith. Even though the main characters only played a small part in the book, the battle scenes were really well described and reminiscent of the earlier books.

    28. Felt a little cheated with book 8, only because I love the series so much! I wanted to get back to the present story (most of the book is a flashback), but it is necessary to move forward and is just as well written as the previous 7 books. Now I'm jonesing for book 9.

    29. Earth has been invaded by the Jung. Captain Nathan Scott and his ship return after feared being destroyed to receive a set of encoded orders to a point in space in preparation for their struggle against the Jung. The book was read in a mono-tone voice and contained excessive narration for my taste.

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